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So make a note. National rate. Calls charged at National rate will begin with Numbers that start with these codes are easy to reach, no matter where you call from. So keep an eye out far than. But in time, hy about the changeover will be complete.

These changes affect all of us. They benefit all of os. Secret global war panel papers for Pub- liq Record Office in. But in. The Leys School in Cambridge was earmarked to. Marine - Hotel - at Salcome Regis. In spite of Britain hemg. British carrier group. V and not just a myth. It Arthur ooceheld his cfflirt has iDwninated, the period Incased with aknife in 6 th- known as the Dmfc Ages. It was found. The letters are thin and 1 layers'of broken pottery and - shaky but the stoneis the fast glass whidi had ncit been secular inscription ever found; disturbed sinoe the tete 6 tii or y at a site from the Dark Ages in 7th centuries- this country.

V-' , is where rqjrth. Many of ; the shards are from wine arid oflpots from Tintagel Castle has long been associated with Arthur. The chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth said that Merlin found Arthur as a baby here tain who spoke Latin, enjoyed foie wines, olive oil and other imported delicacies.

He was killed at the battle, of Camfann in BC,. There was delight that rival claims to have ban the site of the Bound Table appear to have been tramped. At least half dozen, other contenders in Cornwall alone. The 35cm by 20cm stone was found on July 4 by a team of diggers led by ChnstopheT Morris. The real Arthur would have ary warrior king, Geoffrey!

It could have been the 6 th-century equivalent of a Blue Plaque. The inscription is the first evidence we have that the skills of reading and writing were handed down in a non-religious context and that Arthnou was a person of considerable status. In fact, the only thing the Stena HSS willleaye you wanting is die return tri p. You must bookiat least 5 days before travelling, pay in fan at tone of booking, sip amcxBafioris, one amendment free, of charge.

Mv :r hci u i!! UK-; ii'.. Products would include Levi jeans, sportswear and electrical goods as well as food. The chain is also wpanrfing its range of Premiership football kits. Bargain hunters in Wakefield. A confrontation is unlikely.

About 25 customers from outside Harvey Nichols in Leeds were transported to Asda in a Kourous, Nino Cerruti and Paco Rabanne had their usual prices slashed by half. Dave Rannesy, 42, said: "We saw the bus and decided to have a look.

Caroline Hatcher. Justin King. It is a system that lets. We bought some Calvin Kirin fragrances in the States, had them flown over, paid taxes oh. The proportion of top-grade passes has risen in both Standards and Highers, which are taken in most Scottish schools. Admissions officers said that more students appeared to be.

Scottish students taking four-year degrees in Soodantf wffl be spared one year of fees, but some institutions have stiff beat hit by foe change. Christine Kay, foe-head of. Abertay Dundee. Whfle fewer students sat. Were-'no:' easier nor more difficultthan in previous years. The increase in the percentage of A passes this year, albeit slight, can be put down to hard work on the part of foe candidates and teaching, stall- ' NEWS IN BRIEF Actor bailed on drug claims Craig Charles, foe comedy actor, has been iotervibw ed by police in connection 1 with drug allegations.

Charles, 34, went to a London polke station voluntarily. The interview was to discuss allegations published in the News of the. Ms Jones. Peter- Sfaaye, 43, an airline worker, also died In last week's crash. The aircraft was carrying 14 councillors and four crew. Surprised onlookers watched him walk to the nearest petrol station, where he fitted some cans, before he and Iris passenger took off for West Wales.

South Wales Police said they wanted to trace thepflot who spoke with an Irish accent Gloss wears off A rnanTs attempt to paint his. Essoc, had intended to play a practical jokeon John Rusb- man. But the report wains. The survey 1 said Schools with fewer than pupils were most vulnerable to tiie loss of assisted places and least fikriy to have substantial qactowmenis. Turnover wags s. The finandal divide between the Premiership and the Football League is turning from gap to chasm to abyss.

On a single match day. Manchester United generates more money than 22 Ftettall League dubs do in a season. Eighty per cent of Premiership seats were occupied. It is bypassing smaller dubs In Division Three, total losses had doubled since , : but transfer income had haired Leeds United Newcastle, Liverpool and Everton are the biggest spenders on transfers in recent years.

Already its organisers are. Liverpool, where die. Europe's top sides believe thatthey Should , have, more. When the Fremier- - ship debs broke away from ;ihe Football League. One fring is certain. SwUmi m mhH. Most of these interpreters are volunteers who do not quibble about fee modest salary feat goes wife thejob.

Like most interpreters, she was anxious to protect her identity. I love football arid my local team, so I was desperate to do this job. The acquiredwisdom among dubs is not to buy just one - player from any one country. The cousin has been kept on by fee dub to interpret for two other Italians, Gianluca Ptesta and Marco Branca. Italian, Spanish and Japanese. He also hasa PhD in economics. Ruud GtiOft,. Dutch, French, Italian and -German.

Igor Stimac. Derby County captain: English. Italian, French and Spanish. Slaven BiKc, Everton: English. Serbo-Croat and German. Dubs who hire managers from overseas often find that they come wife impressive linguistic gifts. Ruud Gullit, who was at Chelsea; speaks five. He did, though, order them to speak only English when bilingual relations in the dressing room became strained. By contrast, few English players feat have gone abroad have shown any aptitude to learn the language.

One year on from Labours. He expressed quarter of all such arrests at concern, however, feat half Premiership and Football the arrests took place outside League games. Aston YtDa grounds, and at fee-rise in had fee most ar rest s for violent offences, affray, wife 22 detained. Chelsea ed," he said. The maximum lished for England and Wales punishment for breaching a fay fee National Criminal restriction order requiring an Intelligence Service, showing offender to report to police at a drop in arrests for all he time of a game rises from offences from to There's educational software built-in too.

Helping your children to understand maths, speak foreign languages and appreciate fine art Together with Encarta, file famous on-line encyclopedia. MODEL Balance of E There is no way of knowing which sites in Britain might be dangerous, even though strict licensing of the kinds of waste allowed to be dumped has been in place for 20 years.

The new research, published today in The Lancet. But research shows that while home births for those with low-risk pregnancies compare favourably with hospital births, those with high-risk pregnancies would be better off in hospital. Britain has one of the safest rates of home detivety in the world. The fatality rate for tobies bora at home in- this country is about one in L, compared to seven in 1, in Australia, two in 1, in the United States and three in 1, in The Netherlands.

The National Childbirth Trust says dial this is not a problem in Britain, where mothers are more Strictly monitored during pregnancy and where it is usually easier to get them into hospital if things start to go wrong. The number almost tripled from 4, in to 13, last year, while almost , chose to go info hospital. All women having a first baby are advised to go into hospital and, if there is any possibility of a complication,they are told not to run the risk of having die child at home.

Ms Chorley. Ellis, without the badc-up of hospital staff and equipment. She didn't hqve any gas and air with her for pain relief, so I had to manage without. As the baby was bora at South London, were huge. Ms Chorley said. Not only was Ellis born into a tranquil environment, but die was able to meet her brother in asetting that made him feel safe. Both parents benefited too. James Wish- eart, a surgeon, and -John RcyJance, tigs former, chief executive, were ordered to be struck off. Another surgeon, Janardan Dhasmana, was banned from operating on childrpn for three years.

A public inquiry has since been. The parents want this kipd of tragedy never to happen again;". Australia 16p Ireland ii»p Brazil J2P! Japan I8p. France T4p ] N. Zealand 20p Gemiany 14p 5. Africa 36p. We have no hidden charges, no blind spots - just a winning formula.

FreeCall E3—«k:! Miss ; Sims, 29 — she has reverted to. She was said yesterday to be shocked. Leeson, who is 30 months into his sentence for fraud, has been moved to the hospital wing of Changi jafl. John Koh, the lawyer acting for him in Singapore, has lodged a plea for early release. Speaking from Jakarta. Rogue Trader. They were big, but they were unreal and they changed price with astonishing speed.

Coutts, as a trainee. In an editorial,. Atthe moment we are waiting to see toe response. But at the moment I dim know if that will be possible, as I have not been able to speak to anyone on toe subject, l am still in a state of shock. T was toe rising star. There were trips to Japan and Hong Kong, and rowdy drinking parties in the best Singapore bars.

But then, I knew it was also for me. Miss Sims was to have married Keith Horiock, Unpublished statistics from the Public Health Laboratory Service show that, four years ago. More than 30 per cent of Staph. Overuse ingapore is causing toe problem. You can also edit and store them on your PC.

Her mother, Sarah Daniels, Hie coroner, Otivsr Frank! Mrs Daniels wept as she told how she had left her home with Martha at about 8am an September 4 and driven five miles to Sporle,. She parked at the back of the house, leaving Martoa awake in her car. Daniels started work at. Atf 9am,, toe noticed Martoa was asleep. The product mutt be new, coraptau ad ewdSito fbrtnmedtandaivBry Md enter ockjded. The Right Rev Richard Holloway. He said the Church was proceeding down the path to fundamentalism and that it was in danger of losing its traditional Anglican identity.

Bishop Holloway, who has previously expressed interest in pursuing a political career in the Labour Party, said he barely slept on the night following the vote at Kent University. It is very difficult to be a lesbian and gay Christian. Of the bishops canvassed, about 10 per cent responded to the survey; half were conservative or evangelical and half liberal.

Also available: Victorian Style not come here with an agenda that they were determined to put through in a structured way. The conservatives were determined to oppose this. Witholding that seems to be very serious. It dates from Mr Zhivkov was almost certainly involved in the decision to assassinate the dissident Georg!

Markov on Waterloo Bridge. In September , the former Communist Party chief was jailed for seven years for corruption. He was allowed, however, to serve his sentence under house arrest in a sprawling family home at the foot of die Vitosha mountains. There he lived, surrounded by high walls, pine and fruit trees. He claimed to survive only on his pension but on my brief visit, there were two four- wheel drives parked in the yard and a large domestic staff. In February , this mild punishment was farther eased by a successful appeal.

He continued to open his fan mail, and to visitors he would denounce with passion Mikhail Gorbachev, the former leader of the Soviet Union, as the man who brought about he collapse of communism. Petar Stoy- anov. Ludmilla, was made a poDlboro member at the age of 3Z Various sons-in-law. By November his feudal socialism could not be sustained. Mr Zhivkov was replaced by Gor- bachev-style socialists who, in rum, gave way to self-enriching socialists.

Now the socialists are in opposition and Mr Zhivkov, their old mentor, is dead. Onj Uaushe. It is now where foe stte security forces are exactig an overwhelming reverte. Evidently these. Had they done So on Wednesday night, they would have heard Mr Holbrooke deliver the dearest of warnings to Mr -Milosevic foat the offensives must stop. Mr Holbrooke reiterated that foe- Kosovo crisis was deepening. How much the regime is listening to the West however, remains a mystery.

A Volkstaat has been at foe heart of Afrikaner nationalist tradition since the 19th century when the Voortrekkers marched north into the bush to escape British influence in the Cape of Good Hope and finally established Boer stales in foe OrangeFree Stale and the Transvaal. Many Afrikaners now feel equally embattled and paranoid about outside interference from their mainly black rulers in foe African.

National Congress and support the theory of an all-Afrikaner Bantustan. But support for a Volkstaat has been growing, especially among Afrikaner farmers who have been targeted in rural killings. The President, who turned 80 last month, will retire next year, leaving many Afrikaners fearful that the ANC will pursue anti-white policies in the future.

Wrought into ornaments by Aztecs and Egyptians, fought for by Christians, chased by Olympians and Treasured by Kings, gold has been used to create coins since foe earliest times. The reverse features Benedetto Wstmcri's famous effigy of St George slaying the dragon. No stamp needed. Don't forget to enclose your cheque, payable To Royal Mint, or your credit card number. Easy Payment ;. V:v:-;v -. Any ontar racahrad otter the bsur Is mM out mOI be mtumad oulddf.

Hearn atom im to 2B days for Mmr. The volunteers are stacking sandbags and shoring up the stone walls of the dykes. Heavy security is in effect throughout the area, amid fears that saboteurs could breach the dykes. Residents are worried because this is what happened when comparable floods threatened their city in At that time thousands in Shashi lost their homes.

Unoffidal estimates put the total at More than 13 million of those had been relocated. Mr Fan promised that each of die flood victims, many of whom are camping out in tents an the dykes themselves, would receive a pound of grain every day.

More than 2ft of water fell in the north, raising to more than the number of people killed or missing from mudslides and floods. She led 5, men, women and children shouting anti-nuclear slogans on a mile walk from the back of the 17th-century Red Fort monument to a city square. Thar mood has since given way to increasing soul-searching and doubt One consequence of the blasts has been a singe in Hindu religious intolerance.

Ms Soy condemned the. My worfd has died and i write to mourafts passing. Morocco daixs the mafias are often baed in A Spanish InlerioMln- istry spokesman sal that the sinking took plae last month in Morocco wa- ters near the city of lador. Take a computer that offers the speed and performance of Pentium" it processors at an affordable price.

Then add the IBM reputation for. All you need to. VAT, after rebate. For more details and the address of your nearest participating dealer, simply call Gary Landen on , or. They are repudiating the agreement with thp Secretary-General Diplomats said the council president would probably is- Old sites onitored rr Niccsia: Iraq yesterday gavefthe impression it was husotrss as usual for die weajjons inspectors, at Ieastj until the Security Comical meeting Chris Drue writes.

The monthly ration — part of die. Instead, Mr Arafat retained all tbe. Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Freih Abu Medein. Government officials threatened war against Rwanda for allegedly backing the uprising Sam Kiley writes. Britain urged its dozens — up to businessmen, aid workers and missionaries are in the country — to leave because of the risk of a serious escalation in the fighting. Fears that the Congo will fragment prompted African leaders to call an emergency summit in the southern Congolese dry of Lubumbashi today.

South Africa. Namibia and Uganda are expected to attend. Exile Simone blames radsm Beirut: Nina Simone, the Europe-based American jazz singer, blamed radsm in the United States for her decision to live abroad for the past 25 years. Speaking here a day after arriving in Lebanon io sing at an annual festival.

She left the United States in APJ Political funding scandal Paris: Frangois Uotard, the former conservative Defence Minister and presidential hopeful, is expected to be placed under formal legal investigation over an unfolding part ' funding scandal, according to Le Monde Ben Matintyre writes. The former leader of the UDF group in Parliament will appear before magistrates investigating a possibly illegal loan of Fr5.

Artefacts indicate that the wreck is younger than first thought dating back to the mid-lo-laie ISth century, and Spanish in origin. AP Rocket for forgetful forces Manila: Philippine navy and air force officials will be asked to explain why President Estrada and Orlando Mercado, the Defence Secretary, were not told before the start of live-fire.

Call today for details of your nearest showroom, quoting code TI II found guflty. Marie Noe femes life imprisonment Two of her children — Letitia and Theresa — died of incontrovertibiy natural causes. AD the deaths occurred while the infonts were in die mother's sole custody and while he was at work.

Richard, lived for exactly a month, dying in r l He was taken to hospital his breathing ceased. Mrs Noe called the ambulance herself. None lived through the ambulance trip to hospnaL Doctors were not able to explain the deaths at first, but believed that the children succumbed to natural causes. In the early s her story came to play an important part in the medical movement to recognise the existence erf sudden infant death syndrome Sids , commonly known as "cot death".

In A board atapress conference lists the post-mortem exammatikm results Mrs Noe was the centrepiece of an article in Life magazine. Although the official investigations into the deaths were never dosed, they remained dormant until last autumn, when a book called The Death of Innocents was published. The authors discussed the Noe family at length, concluding that theirs could be one of theworst cases of infanticide on record. I guess. Philadelphia's medical examiner, who concluded that-ali eight Infants had been suffocated.

Iflmne Abraham, the Philadelphia district attorney, said that die case would force Americans to face some grim fads. All of the. Marie Noe. The computer spec is awesome by any standards. True Formula One pole-position pace - for the price of a family PC. Look out your crash helmet. And test drive it this weekend at your local Tiny showroom. Yesterday more than rebels took over a poBceanti- narcotics base m thesouiheni jungle town of Miraflores, catchy new advertising campaigns at ekteriy thinkem.

Inanaitenptto rekindle memories of a golden. Pay whole Wanes on or mm Hue Btnfflfira das mffires fee. Wntten quotanons upon request Finance sutgect to sane. Al piices and manufacturers specifications are subject to change without octree. Please check availability before ordemg.

Intel Inside Logo and Pentium aix? TTny Computers tinted is pat of tfle Of grxp. Prion exclude deftwyf. Wkanderf naic. It a emerged yesterday that the immunity granted to her mother, Marcia Lewis, had also been extended to her father, Bernard Lewinsky, a cancer specialist in Beverly Hills. In her account to tie grand jury.

Both she and Mr Cnnton denied the. While this evidence could form the basis erf a perjury charge. Ms Lewinsty was thought to be less helpful to Mr Starr in his search for evidence of subornation of perjury and obstruction of C She has run a gauntlet of photographers as she glided in and out of restaurants 3 justice by the President She apparently does not have hard proof of his telling her to lie about the affair.

Rather, he is said to have discussed a cover- up in oblique and hypothetical terms. She has seen her reputation destroyed as an empty-headed bimbo by. She disguised herself with a blond wig, sunglasses and a baseball cap but according to The Washington post, she still asked others to pick up her groceries. Old friends from school and university who got in touch to cheer her up ran the risk of a Starr! She was delighted, therefore, when a coupe of old friends secretly visited her on.

She took up knitting to help pass londydays- Throagh it all. They are called grand juries because they have a greater number of members, in this case 23, than a trial jury, or petit jury. Grand juries have their roots in English common law on which the American legal system is based. They were scrapped in England in the s as being a needless level of inquiry that was duplicated by depositions heard in magistrates'courts.

If toe jurors are satisfied there is enough evidence against the accused to justify a trial, they issue indictments or charges. Appearing before a grand jury can be a harrowing experience. Witnesses cannot have a lawyer with them in the grand jury room but they can stop the questioning while they step outside to consult one. Now, with the allegations coming to toe crunch, there is nothing more Mrs Clinton can say.

Mrs Clinton was last seen during a fundraising trip with her husband last weekend in the Hamptons on Long Island. Observers there tooughi she looked tired to the point of being haggard. Others wonder, as one of toe few. Simply press on to windows or walls and add a few cornflowers or fresia stems. Although an oil its texture is very light and almost dry.

It creates a subtle shine and realty makes your skin glow anti has the added bonus of an amazing aroma and Spf A. E ver once the removal men departed last Sep tem ber I have been a sucker far in-' tenors magazines. I have dreamt about gardens so dense you could lose yourself in them; I have lusted after bathrooms plated with madly dashing antique tiles.

I have come to covet most are the immaculate swaths of natural matting that cover the floors. Very stately home but a bit prickly beneath foe toes. Not necessarily what one wants in the bedroom. I canvassed fashionable friends. Coir is woudeifol, they said. Looks stunning, so cheap, they loved it and would never have anything else. Lasts for ever, said another. I was thinking of coir.

I was immediately set upon fiy a small round woman. What would it cost for a small roomful? I asked. She got out her calculator. Personally, foe would go for foe twi? Er, no. I confessed my passion for natural flooring. I can usually talk people your age out of this natural stuff. What was I going to do about carpets? I am having the boards stripped in the hafl and dining roam, and coir everywhere else.

I re- plied. Then I thought of beloved, who every weekend Ires an the floor to watch tetevised foot- balL cricket, rugby, 1 golf. For- -mulaOne. As a man wbo likes carper he can go to sfeep m. The herringbone coir arrives next week. Cal 77 99 55 Prime Health i. Children ran away all the time. The boy ran off but was is? Then I heard the bay yett.

The tribunal has heard witnesses testify to a regime of terror in residential homes across Clwyd and Gwynedd that included brutal beatings, the physical and The findings are to be published later this year. In Some of her charges came from Rampton and Broadmoor: she trained them to make Welsh wool ra- blemats and coasters, among other things. Between and I had lads who had been through. Thiy would talk to me. But even when it has been cleaned and tidied, you cant belp feeling that your house might be sending the wrong signals to those not famfliar with its quirks.

Or spot foe blown- glass antelope and don't realise it was a present? I just know we should have thrown foe Cheestrings away. Visitors canY help but judge And you know what? They were gone by foe time we got backtoLondon, bat they left us a case of the most Spectacular white burgundy. Obviously they even took pity on our wine stocks. We thought you were our friend. To me, that was enough.

Meanwhile, she successfully sued for unfair dismissal. It lasted two years but resulted in no prosecutions. In turn, he informed foe police. Mrs Taylor could have shut up. She fired off AtVrri? The North Wales Child Abuse tribunal was finally opened hi January it has lasted twice as king as the Scott inquiry into the arms-to- Iraq affair.

She had lad a track at -writing bear having nothing to do, and chose crime because those were the kinds of books she read. Paperback rights were sold to Rmguin; German. Her second book. Her latest novel, The House of Women, is. In ! How could such things be going on so persistently under foe noses of so many people? A4 Halted s c anner Al standard features Inducfing floppy, drive, p re miu m. Cafl1ordetaisc your r w a m s t st o re. Or, if not. As I looked down on a Pram packed with some 6, souls in paradise this week, such thoughts seemed remote, not to say absurd.

These musical death throes seem remarkably lifelike. Panjandrums who confuse popularisation with vulgarisation, take note. Continentals who knew him did not think him provincial or stuffy: Hans Richter, the leading conductor of the day, thought tie First musical tradition that has evolved continuously for 1, years since the emergence of Gregorian chant.

We are only just rediscovering the riches of that tradition. Which brings me back to Elgars First Symphony. And there I met the man who had just been interviewed: DerCk Draper. He looked and sounded, as though the whole world had just fallen on his head. We spoke far ten minutes. Clear-eyed feflowjournalists with a better grip told me later that I was a fool to sympathise.

Rant one: Mr Draper did not need my sympathy. Point two: I was a worse columnist as a result Point three: I was, in a very small way, cheating my own readers by this act of setf-censorship. The webs of friendship. I can count chi the fingers of two bands those whom I believe to have been bought by money or blackmailed over sex. This was partly because of a settled judjpnmt—towhichlhokl—thatbe was a good man doing quite well in atrocious orcumstances. But it was. Once or twice he would ask me in for a cup of tea and a chat.

Doubtless it influenced even my Times parliamentary sketches, which gave Mr Major a fairer wind than any of the other papers. I shall never be aide to make fan of him myself, now. I am nor exceptional in being wooa- He — or flaiterable. They make friends real friends —. They simply oblige each other. They listen to each other. None rf this, is a sm - — isit? Piers Merchant took me to the bench on which be cuddled a girl ft - cuddle was all it was, be tola me and, though I should have judged him a prize prat, be had an utterly winning apparent naivety.

I even, liked. Paul Stone, the kiss-and-tell former friend erf the former MP Jerry Hayes: he just seemed a boy with dreams, anxious to make his way in the world, who ' had become bitter. And what a rotten journalist that makes me! Some of these people may have lied; some had betrayed wives, families, constituency chairmen. Some are ridiculous. But on getting to know each, I lost all my appetiteto prosecute or even probe.

I have little doubt that Were! I am simply lucky to have avoided tiie breakfast invitation. Regiment they send you on framing. One of the tasks is to accept and care for a pet white rabbit The young squaddie has to feed, brush, stroke and comfort his rabbit for a week, and become attached to it. Richard Beds looted letters, photographs and other mementoes of the dictator.

In , he flew to VU- la Carpena every other day for two weeks. Bui his flying logbook authenticates how many. The former royal, rumoured to have fathered a child , is urging English Heritage to list a' red telephone box. Heritage buffs are doubtful so Snowdon is taking pictures to convince JUT to leave well alone. It is just. A recording of Un Bel pi from Madam Butterfly was played. He will don the wtnte robes and lieadwear of white sheer.

Says a Davies crony; "Ron is a Sim King who has risen above par- tv nofitics. He win. A ugost is tiie crudest month for howlers. A student has -. Horace Odes I met him wren he wrote mare in srarow than in angerto point cart howlers and. And r we. Howlers are to be enjoyed as well as deplored and cwrected. We enjoy them partly out of Schadenfreude and "There but for the Grace of God. Butman takes an at- i avistic delight in hovriers that!

The antitiguities of language are its poetry. In language Play, published next. It is ruleven the principal linguistit virtue So pardon ns our hdvriersr-. And otyty tiiem. But their replacement by so many political appointees is worrying. The new appointments were defended on the ground that ministers wanted officials who had experience in how modem media work. Labour might, legitimately, wish; to modernise the mechanism by which the Government disseminates news, but modernisation should not be used as a cover for politicisation by stealth.

Their press officers are required to be partisan. In government. Parliament should be told first Government press officers should present and explain policy — not attack the Opposition. Mr Campbell might point to instances when previous governments have bent the rp.. But he cannot wipe the evidence of his. This Goverrt- nanded style betrays jealousy of a man who ment has played fast and loose.

The Conservatives and Liberal effort to shape the agenda. That majority should ment information machine which had failed not become an excuse for Government to to adapt to the modem age. Several press treat Parliament in a cavalier fashion. The Labour majority gave Mi Campbell a dean bill of health.

Has tfx Government's courting of good headline! Mr Butler has proved weapon of mass destruction. There is more persistent than anticipated. Unseam is disturbing evidence that he is succeeding. His earlier discussions with Kofi anywhere inside Iraq.

Annan prompted the UN SecretaiyGeneral For allhis bluster, the Iraqi leader knows to acknowledge that Iraq was now in dear' be needs to strike a bargain. He will offer a restoration of February. Energy will be directed into the elimination of sanctions is established, another diplomatic-initiative.

It has never Saddam would be rid of sanctions with his turned over its full archives. As early as June capacity to create regional instability intact Iraq declared that it had fully complied This would be an invitation for future with all relevant UN resolutions and that conflict.

It is currently fashionable to argue sanctions against it should be lifted. The sanctions regime has not failed weapons — a stance from which it was because Saddam is still in office or because obliged to retreat when Unsoom proved Iraq remains outside the cal trade.

The otherwise. To a considerable degree they Iraq has consistently courted confron- have succeeded. Unscom has discovered and tation in order to frustrate the work of the destroyed vast stockpiles of weaponry. It UN inspectorate. This is at least the eighth could not have done so had not sanctions occasion on which co-operation with forced concessions from Iraq.

The United Unscom has been interrupted- Saddam had Nations must now decide whether it wants reason to believe this time that he had to complete this task or appease Saddam manoeuvred the former Gulf War allies into and make a mockery of those efforts.

They seek him there. Those archaeologists seek him everywhere. Fbr fame and fortune, publicity and grants have always awaited the man Who draws the sword from the stone. But-the discovery will not end the quest for Arthur. Tintagei is the castle on the north coast of Cornwall, near Camelfori which , is one fegendary location for CarneloL This ruined castle was bujftby: Earl Rkhaid of Cornwall early m the 13th century.

It is po ssible to imagine a British, warlord leading. Camdor has been located at the hill fort at. Cadbury Castle and the Roman tegionmy camp at -Caerieon. But Arthur has been sighted in Oirmfriesshire. The Celtic elements in his story point to an origin in Wales or North Britain.

But they have been overlaid with layers of medieval romance, Christian. Beside it was the tomb of a queen with a wisp of golden hair. It weaves together many of the strands in the diverse culture of this. It gives Britons a romantic past and an heroic national leader, who can-compare with continental conquerors such as Caesar and Charlemagne.

The story of the fall of the -Round Table suits the national taste for underdogs and heroic defeats. It will do wonders for English Heritage and the Cornish tourist trade. For that is a national archetype as weffas archaeology. The Structure Plans that are currently being prepared should be allowed to reflect the Government's new polity and give less weight to the household projections. West Sussex County Council. Edes House, County Hall, Chichester.

From Mrs Penny Tucker Sir. I am sorry to see John Prescott a plain-spoken man. I do not myself believe that we can use both top-down and bottom-up figures, unless one set simply acts as a control for the other. August 4. Mr Prescott is insisting that Rush- diffe. Armitage Sir. August 4 we have been in this fmanoal position before, during the stewardship of Howe and Major, and have yet to learn from past mistakes.

Kes grave. There were bound to be problems. But the more serious consequence of his actions is that he seems to have given the Bank an unworkable brief. Brown has asked the Bank of England to do an impossible job which he continually undermines by his own policies.

If he realises his mistake, is he a big enough man to correct it? Yours sincerely. Rushford Barton. August 3. Fine, or rather, half-fine. The Chancellor said nothing about the growing voluntary sector. It is to be hoped that the Chancellor will give them encouragement too. We hope he will also recognise that there is a need for business which is not just efficient but socially responsible.

School for Social Entrepreneurs. Changing Ffcces. E2 9PF. But you are on shaky ground to contend that there isn't one. Our direction has been shown in 47 pieces of legislation in our first session of Parliament and in 37 major policy statements.

They are not bits and pieces, or tbe products of macroHJpin. They are radical measures designed to achieve the task the electorate gave us of building a modern country. But you are right to recognise that our course is not that dictated tty the old Left or the new Right. We are not an old-fashioned state-interventionist party or one saddled with an equally outdated slavish adherence to free markets.

That Is why we talk of a third way. The country turned to new Labour because they wanted a more modern and decent society. That'S the mission we were given. That's what we are delivering and will continue to deliver. You also report the statement by a government spokesman that some people have visited the residence since the twice-weekly public visits started in May, "excluding those attending receptions".

House of Lords. Sexual misconduct is not On this there are very clear roles, as at any responsible school. Yours faithfully. Bedales School. Peter sfield. Hampshire GU32 2DG. Letters for publication may be faxed to Labour's think-tank, even consider interfering with the role of our Queen report, July As Head of State, the monarch, having no political affiliation, is totally impartial. Another crony in some sort of presidential position would be horrendous. The Midway.

Hale Barns, Altrincham. Cheshire WAAN. Raymond E. Sarte, Poelhekke, Ehrlich, Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Borck, Rainald, Scott, Gaspar, Manning, Alan, Lein, Soumendra N. Journal of Theoretical Economics , De Gruyter, vol. Lin Ma, Christoph E. James J. Young, Rigo, Davide, Maximilian v. Maximilian von Ehrlich, Tobias Seidel, Joan Monras, Monras, Joan, David Loschiavo, The effect of living in urban areas on subjective well-being ," Temi di discussione Economic working papers , Bank of Italy, Economic Research and International Relations Area.

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Trevien, William W. Olney, Olney, William W. Tierney, Sergey Kichko, Sergey Kichko, 0. Kunal Dasgupta, Daniel M. Thomas J. Emran, M. Kerr, Pintus, Walsh, Gabriel J. Felbermayr, Khandelwal, Nicholas Sheard, Vernon, Claudia N. Pilar Socorro, Esteban Jaimovich, Jaimovich, Esteban, Carolina Guevara, Theory and Evidence from U.

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By default, this. Folding Chair Caddies, for the relevant. AEI Email validation found to be handle the routing the domain name a function that does not work send a sample added the. Use the information supports connections between combination of alphabetic and numeric characters.

Latest reviews. Search mods. Log in. Install the app. Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

Mulholland Drive 1. Overview Updates 1 Reviews 79 History Discussion. Ask a question Reviews 79 History. Donate Buy me a coffee via Paypal Please support this modder with a small donation. This is Mulholland Drive, an 11 mile Driving enthusiasts should not confuse this with Mulholland "Highway" however, which is further to the west near Malibu although I DO have plans to create some of that road as well.

This is the stretch between the and freeways, a two-lane road traversing a mix of both residential areas with narrow curbed streets and twisty scenic sections with dirt shoulders. A lack of guardrails in many places will leave you in constant danger of going over the edge if not careful, and the varying shoulder conditions will require some exploration to discover which corners can be cut and which curbs should be avoided!

Like my prior track release, Topanga Canyon, this too has been a bit of a back-burner project over the past 2 years just waiting for it's time to see the light of day. I've finally sat down and made a big push to get it buttoned up and released, as I have more projects more canyon roads in the works that I'm eager to focus my attention on.

Those who enjoy my Topanga Canyon track will hopefully find this one fun as well, and even better in many ways. It will have a familiar feel in terms of how it's constructed, but there is a lot more variation in the shoulder and curb types which I find to be important for a road to feel realistic. I've done without most of the hill climb event stuff on this one, stripping it back to really just a paddock at both ends and some road closure barriers along the route.

There are some caution signs and corner markers throughout though, so if you see one of those you should probably take care! Reactions: Yamsuc , Rowhde , yuhannidi and others. Read more…. Latest reviews jakeletourmy11 5. Upvote 0 Downvote.

If there was puddles with Rain FX I would give this a 6 stars. Well done mate, thank you! Upvote 1 Downvote. Maravillosa como siempre, muchas gracias por una de las mejores rutas de Assetto. Aside from AC's jank that's inherent with the game which means cars handle bumps and curbs like a rubber band.. Absolutely recommended.

Upvote 2 Downvote. Toonces 5. I gave it a 5x5 for v1. A further Five Gold Stars for 1. You go, amigo! Awesome feel to the road real nice on DD , doesn't feel flat like most other stuff. I love this road so much it's the only mod I can recreate that feeling I get driving on tight winding forest roads IRL, and I've driven many maps.

I lived in this neighborhood for 20 yrs. This is a very realistic driving experience. November 28, at PM. Quality: All p p 3D. Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Quality: p. Synopsis Still untarnished by the false promises of the rapacious film industry, the wide-eyed actress, Betty, sets foot on bustling, sun-kissed Hollywood. David Lynch. Elina Madison. Mo Gallini. Michael Fairman. Julianne Buescher.

Tech specs p.

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Coccolino Deep - Mulholland Drive

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