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Listen to the whole fight with tools album, seriously. Linkin Park, A Day to Remember, Trivium, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Papa Roach. A page for describing KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Music. Whenever a record label goes out of business, its albums get stuck in copyright limbo until someone .

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myvideo linkin park album torrent

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The problem is not so much getting hold of the CDs they sold many copies , it is the fact that their UK CDs were prone to bronzing, meaning that they could become unplayable after a number of years. Vinyl is not prone to this problem, but being heavily played by DJs at the time means it is more likely to suffer from crackles. Luckily, their whole discography has been available illegally for quite some time.

BT 's first two albums, Ima and ESCM , and the singles from them, as well as his greatest hits compilation 10 Years in the Life , have yet to be rereleased digitally or at all , due to legal conflicts between record companies or something like that.

The Coolaid mix of "Quark" was originally only released on the DJ-only vinyl promo, and wasn't publicly released until 10 Years in the Life in , and even then only as part of the nonstop-mixed second CD. That's better than the other promo vinyl remixes, which were never commercially released at all. Dune's single "Heaven" was never officially released due to a lawsuit over plagiarism of A7's "Piece of Heaven", which also completely blocked the release of the Reunion album that it was supposed to be on.

The single was leaked onto P2P networks, though. Chicane's Easy To Assemble album never got a commercial release due to it being leaked and distributed on filesharing networks beforehand. Digital Piracy Is Evil. Kraftwerk 's nearly-forgotten first three albums were never rereleased on CD except as unauthorized bootlegs. Jean-Michel Jarre has actually encouraged piracy on several occasions: He intentionally only produced one copy of his Music for Supermarkets album, then destroyed the master tapes.

The record was played at a gallery for a month, played on Radio Luxembourg and that was and still is AM one single time and then auctioned. When it was on the radio, Jarre said to his listeners, "Pirate me! Bootlegging is also the only way to obtain recordings of most of his concerts in full length.

Jarre in China is the sole exception that was rather easy to get, and it was released in full length because thousands of fans requested it by e-mail after being disappointed by the shortened Live in Beijing DVD. Fortunately, the entire LaserDisc video is on YouTube. Others didn't get any at all. From around that time on, video bootlegs got more and more sophisticated, they were sometimes even shot with multiple cameras, and they were absolutely worth getting.

For example, Warrior Video produced an uncut alternative to the official Oxygen In Moscow video albeit without the Making The Steamroller Fly documentary and provided full video footage of both 12 Dreams Of The Sun concerts which have never seen any official album or video release. The original record had become a sought-after rarity after Jarre had become so famous that a fandom had developed around him. A bootleg record!

The electronica label Platipus Records went out of business, thus all their digital releases have been delisted, eg Union Jack's Pylon Pigs album. Your only options now are to buy used or pirate. So far, only one of Xorcist's albums, Insects and Angels , has been digitally rereleased. Most of their discography used to be available for free legal download, but has since been deleted. The full unmixed version of "Dude in the Moon" by Dastrix a short version was featured in Need For Speed : High Stakes was only released on vinyl, and the record label went under long ago.

Same for many of Mike Koglin's other early projects, eg The Argonauts. The original version of Underworld 's "Born Slippy" has never been re-released, probably because its B-side "Born Slippy. NUXX" outshined it. The original full-vocal version of The Nightcrawlers' "Push the Feeling On" has never been reissued, mainly because MK's dub remixes were much more popular.

You can still find the single on Amazon for reasonable prices. Good luck finding a used copy of Wax Trip and ripping it or a CD-R bootleg , as it was only released as a vinyl as far as I know. Speaking of Blue Amazon's Javelin album, the most widely available version does not include "Trip To Heaven", which was only available on either the rare 3-LP vinyl edition whose parts are usually sold separately or the two-CD Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition.

The Empirion songs "The Pain", "What You Are Now", and "Big Time", featured in Test Drive 6 , were apparently composed exclusively for the game, and thus unavailable elsewhere, although "Big Time" mislabeled as "The Pain" in-game eventually got released on the Deluxe Edition of Resume , 20 years after the game's release.

They are still being circulated in CD form if you know where to look. Or you can skirt the law and search for them on filesharing services. They're still available for download on Amazon's MP3 service, however. Probably not for long though. Orbital 's Radiccio EP including the original "Halcyon" and the 28 minute version of "The Box" released as a rare single and on a rather limited edition of In Sides , along with a LOT of single tracks, remain very hard to find, and the bonus tracks from the vinyl and cassette editions of their first album have also never reappeared in any form.

Both of Vincent de Moor's albums are out-of-print and unlikely to ever be reissued. Motiv 8's single "Continuum" was never released except as a DJ-only white label vinyl. Several attempts were made to license it for commercial release, but failed other than one remix featured on the Remixland compilation. Thus, the only way to obtain it is through methods of questionable legality.

A similar fate befell "More than a Feeling", an even rarer promo-only single. There was a trance remix of Vangelis ' "Pulstar" by an artist calling himself Majestic 12 perhaps an actual member of that secret society? It's also available as an Amazon MP3 download, though only in radio edit form. Vangelis himself has such an immense creative output that if he wanted to release all of it outside of what it was made for, he'd dump at least two or three new albums onto the market per month which he understandably isn't too keen on doing.

The only way of catching a large chunk of his music is by finding copies of recordings from wherever it was used. In fact, before the release of the Themes compilation, that was the only way to obtain any of his post- Chariots of Fire movie soundtracks at all, including Blade Runner. The highly popular "Main Titles" from the latter weren't officially available until the film got a soundtrack in —after a good decade of huge demand from his fans who were fed up with n -th generation cassette tape copies or having to watch the film on VHS just to listen to the soundtrack.

And even then, the minimalist opening was omitted, so the full version was still bootlegged until The Collection from included it. This is more or less the only way to obtain Autechre 's Quaristice Versions , a bonus disc included with the ultra-rare limited edition of Quaristice , which sold out on pre-order. Even more inaccessible is the iTunes Japan-exclusive companion EP.

Pete gave several copies to some friends, and someone leaked their copy. As a result, half the songs on the EP were permanently scrapped and they had to pull some tracks off their second album, then called Hypothermia , and make new songs for Hypothermia. Swedish act Chong Lee was technically only supposed to have one song released, "You Wanna Fight", on various dance compilations. An album called "Same Same But Different" was recorded, but not licensed for release and the project was abandoned Again, not even the producers have the songs anymore.

Almost the whole album has been leaked by DJs with promotional copies, but the leaked track for the album's version of the song "Heart" is incomplete - the only full version of "Heart" floating around is the version from the single release, which is also rare but at least got an official disc at some point. The various iterations of Binary Finary's single had a number of different B-sides, including "About Time", "Anthemic", and "Cryogen". None have been rereleased, and most are only available on vinyl.

The follow-up single Atlantis did eventually get a digital release, but not including the "Orbiter" and "Launch" mixes from the vinyl edition. Likewise, the first edition of Nirwana had the track "Celine", which was replaced by "Angelfalls" on subsequent reissues, and has not been seen since. Vicious Pink's self-titled album did finally get a CD re-release in , but only in the UK , and it suffered from Loudness War remastering.

Musicdisk , the professional album by Purple Motion of the Future Crew demoscene group, has long since gone out of print, so the only way to obtain it is through Bittorrent or other filesharing services, or as an expensive used copy if that is possible. Warning: NSFW. A release was made in , but only in Europe, South Africa, and Asia. The few that pop up are usually region-locked so people in the US can't even play them. Worse still are the fake copies that pop up on Discogs that demand a pretty penny.

Your only hope of owning some of the videos is through a prestigious VHS titled Moonshadows released in the 90s that commands a high price if it's in good condition. There was an even-rarer Laser Disc print of it that featured rare special features of the singer. Then there's the deluxe version of The Best Of Enya which included a bonus DVD that featured most but not all of the featured videos from the release. Also missing are the special features from the DVD and Laser Disc releases which feature some of the rare interviews with her.

Both albums of the trance artist Cellsite System, Between Frequencies and Mind Into Matter , were only released through the long out of business Ibogaine Music and Management label. If you're lucky, you just might run across a copy in a used records store, as no online distributors appear to carry them.

In Death It Ends' Gnosis was released exclusively via pre-order for 48 hours from March 14 to March 16, , and the band has stated that they have no plans to rerelease it in downloadable form. Likewise, the free digital single Obsculta was only available for two days in April Single Cell Orchestra , have not been reissued on iTunes or other digital music services.

Then there's the various B-sides and remixes only available on his vinyl singles. Transa's double album Chronology includes most of their prior discography, but a number of singles and b-sides, such as "Interphase", "Enervate", "Carla's Theme", and "Astro Dawn", didn't make the cut. Chronology itself has fallen victim to this trope in recent years, and goes for EUR All of German darkwave group Illusion of Light's discography was self-released, mostly on CD-R, and their website no longer exists, the domain having been taken over by a Norwegian fashion site, so their albums are nearly impossible to obtain by legal means.

Few are found in compilation or mix CDs from Japan and Europe, most of them out of print, or digitally released. Because the genre was marketed in fewer regions than the preceding Italo Disco genre, vinyls are scarce even in online markets and can fetch high prices. Worse, the currently available streaming only version of the Floral Shoppe album on Bandcamp is missing three tracks, including "", likely also for copyright reasons, and the physical edition has been banned from sale on Discogs and possibly other websites.

Machine in Motion's sole full-length, The Motion Factory , was never released except as a limited demo tape or promo CDr, and the two singles that were commercially released, "World in Fascination" and "Color in the Rain", are long out of print and exorbitantly expensive.

Warner Bros. Records Inc. The Updated Re-release , Bass Computer , has most of the samples removed and four tracks deleted entirely , thus most fans consider it a poor substitute for the original. Most albums on the spacesynth label Hypersound Productions, who went defunct in , are now only available through second-hand sale or illicit filesharing.

Digital Explosion re-released a handful of their classic tunes on the Greatest Hits Album Instrumental , but good luck finding the rest of their back catalog such as "Hardcore of the North" and "High" featured in In the Groove 1 and 2 , respectively , most of which was hosted by the late MP3. Freestyle artist Precious's only full-length album, Big Girls Don't Cry , is practically impossible to find, having exactly zero listings on eBay and the Discogs marketplace, along with being "currently unavailable" on Amazon.

Good luck obtaining Sonique's original version of "It Feels So Good", which has never been legally rereleased, and is apparently blacklisted from YouTube by its copyright holders ; all subsequent uploads labeled as the "original" are actually the breakbeat remix from Fortunately, used copies are fairly abundant on Discogs and eBay.

Her debut single "Head Games" is also legally unavailable, though most of her other early material has since been rescued. In , Smash Mouth released a song called "Love is a Soldier", an attempt at electronic dance music which did not go over well. The song was eventually wiped clean from pretty much everywhere, perhaps either due to embarassment or from its negative reception.

Those who still want to hear it will have to torrent it. Devil Doll, an experimental rock band. Most of their songs were released in small quantities, so finding even one is extremely rare. That said, after its release in it was not rereleased on LP or CD for over 40 years. The reason for this is that the album's producer, Frank Zappa , had a falling out with Fischer after the mentally insane musician threw a bottle at Zappa's infant daughter.

Luckily he missed, but this angered Zappa so much that he ordered Fischer to get out and vowed to never re-release the album again. From that moment on Fischer basically became an Un-person to Zappa. He never referred to him again in public and never gave singles from the album airplay whenever he was a guest DJ during radio shows. Fischer arguably made things worse by claiming that Zappa had exploited him and blamed him for the fact that this album didn't become a commercial bestseller.

Bootlegs and old copies however are treasured cult objects. The album finally received an official CD release sourced from a vinyl copy in , after Zappa's wife Gail passed away. Captain Beefheart 's Lick My Decals Off, Baby , despite its critical acclaim, remains out of print due to rights issues, with copies, both official and unofficial, fetching high prices. It was eventually made available on iTunes. Not coincidentally, this was shortly after Zappa manager Herb Cohen's death - Cohen allegedly holding the master tapes to ransom for unpaid debts.

Although if you want a lossless copy, it would still have to be CD sourced. In it finally became available on CD again, yet as part of a box set called "Sun Zoom Spark", which also forces you to pay for "The Spotlight Kid" and "Clear Spot" again if you had already purchased those. Bonus CD however is a disc with outtakes. Bungle , on stage, performed energetic, mostly cheesy, covers of several songs. The Mr. Bungle covers have been bootlegged and highly downloaded through programs such as Napster back in the day.

The former is a studio recording released in , while the latter is a live recording released in Both are extremely rare and have not been reissued since their original release. When Bob Dylan left Columbia Records in the early 70s for Asylum Records, Columbia released an album cleverly called Dylan of some of the less-usable outtakes they range from listenable to unexceptional to downright awful.

This move was partially motivated by profit and partially by revenge. A few years later, Dylan went back to Columbia and the album has largely been buried, never released on CD in the USA outside the Complete Album Collection box set though it did receive a brief CD reissue in Europe and apparently can now be purchased through iTunes.

This is because the owner of the rights refused to licence them to anybody or rerelease the material himself, for unclear reasons despite much demand. He died in , leading to hopes that at least some of it might finally be reissued. Tim Hardin was a pretty obscure folk singer-songwriter who continuously trapped himself in heroin addictions until his untimely death in , right before he was about to make a comeback artistically.

His albums weren't really well-known as is when he was alive. Since his death, however, he has been heavily Vindicated by History due to him having written many late folk staples that have been covered by numerous artists Rod Stewart , Carpenters , Red House Painters , etc. For some strange reason, likely due to the fractured rights issues with his albums the less reasons stated, the better , his albums are extremely hard to get a hold of if you don't have 50 dollars in your pocket.

With the exception of a CD print of his first two self titled albums, CD printings are incredibly hard to get a hold of, with original vinyl printings somehow being even rarer. This makes him one of the few artists who appeared at Woodstock who hasn't had heavy reissues.

Officially, it doesn't even exist; her website's discography section doesn't acknowledge it as ever having happened. To add salt to the wounds, it's the only one of his albums that isn't on iTunes, so good luck ever listening to it. In the same vein, getting a physical copy of his second album Songs For October is an uphill struggle too at least that is available on iTunes though.

Hell, getting a physical copy of any of his albums isn't easy especially on vinyl , since he's a pretty low-key artist. Thankfully, most of the songs were rereleased for "Sigh No More" and the rest can be viewed on YouTube. All four have long since gone out of print, but some of the songs were reissued digitally as The Dusty Dozen in None of the songs have been uploaded to YouTube , aside from the title track, which was rereleased on the compilation Fuzzy-Felt Folk.

When Slowdance Records, and independent record label, went under in , so did most of its catalogue. At the time you could buy most of these releases from mp3. If you do seek the earlier albums out, be forewarned that Early Installment Weirdness abounds for the most part. A lot of early Augie March singles and EP s can be difficult to track down owing to the bands obscurity at the time.

While it is available on most digital music stores, CD and vinyl copies fetch a very pretty penny. Incredibly obscure band "Hertzsprung Gap" only have one officially released album called "Peninsulas You Thought Were Islands" and a small handful of singles. Good luck ever finding any copies though. You'll have to track down the bonus disc edition of Brood and that's no easy task. The cassette is incredibly rare and remains a sought-after item for diehard Mangum fans. The Australian Indie Rock band "Winterbourne" have currently released 2 EPs that can be found without too much hassle.

What you might not know is that before them, they were a street band whose first real release was a self released EP called "Hometown" that is extremely difficult to get a hold of now. The controversy grew so big that their record label Polyvinyl dropped them like a hot potato , deleted Pageant from distribution, and pulled their music from every streaming retailer, while offering refunds and donating all of the album's proceeds to anti-rape charities.

If you want to hear their music, you'll have to find it via torrents or buy their CDs, which are growing more expensive due to them being both fairly recent and almost immediately going out of print. Most of the work from Mars Argo has been deleted due to the messy break up between the two. Only three videos remain on their original YouTube channel, and most of their songs are missing from their bandcamp. A quick YouTube search can find you most of their old stuff. In January , jangle revival band Ultimate Painting announced their fourth album, Up!

A few pre-release copies on vinyl and CD were made, a single was released Because the band suddenly announced its breakup in February. Rubbing salt in the wound is that those who did manage to get a physical copy have stated it's the band's best album to date. You can find it digitally if you know where to snoop, but those who want it on vinyl or CD without paying tons of money are SOL.

Anything by the industrial group Flowerpot Men not to be confused with the 60's pop group. None of their records were released in CD format, and the record labels are long gone. KMFDM 's first album Opium suffered from this trope for almost two decades, as its initial release was limited to a run of cassettes, and the master tapes were lost for a long time and nearly destroyed by a house fire.

Up Off The Floor by God Lives Underwater is another album that's actually said to have better sound quality as a bootleg. The album was a Missing Episode from - when it finally saw release 4 years later on Megaforce Records, MP3 compression artifacts were present, which are absent from bootleg versions that were sourced from promos. In addition, two songs from the sessions are notably absent: "Choir Boy" and a cover of David Bowie 's "Fame" - "Fame" had been previously released on the soundtrack to the film 15 Minutes though.

In a similar case to KMFDM's Opium , Front Line Assembly 's debut Nerve War was only self-released as a promo cassette in , and unlike the former, has yet to see a legitimate rerelease in any form. One particular song from Rammstein 's Live aus Berlin performance was censored out: Buck dich which was Yes, this is the song where the keyboardist crawls around in bondage gear and the singer pretends to sodomize him.

Only early VHS releases of Live aus Berlin included Buck dich, later releases and the DVD skip right over that song, so the best bet to finding that song is scouring YouTube , if the copyright guardians haven't taken it down. This isn't even scratching the surface of Rammstein's lost tracks over the years.

All of them were played in their earliest concerts in , when the band was unknown to anyone as their first album came out in , but thankfully high quality bootlegs been released to the public Studio mixes theoretically exist of Alter Mann and Tier, which are radically different to their final releases years later, but they haven't been found, while Jeder Lacht and Schwarzes Glas were released on separate promo tapes, albeit with less than 10 copies of each produced.

Want to hear the version of Los with the entire band playing and singing along? Hope you bought the XXI vinyl release for euros when it came out, because it's out of print and you're not finding the song elsewhere. So what did Trent do? He leaked it onto the internet himself. It is still available if you know where to look. Ditto the 20 minute short film based on the songs from the "Broken" EP. There's still some debate as to whether or not it was ever intended for official release mostly due to the Gorn content , but after over a decade of bootlegs, Reznor went ahead and leaked it himself.

There were also two attempts to upload the full film onto NIN's official Vimeo account, but both times it was taken off soon after. Likewise, the full version of the very NSFW music video for "Sin" that is due to sexual content, not violence was banned from MTV and most public venues when it was released in even though it's rumored that it was shown in some dance clubs during the early 90s. Unlike the Happiness in Slavery video which was also banned from MTV , most people didn't even know it existed, and it was never leaked.

In , a partial version, consisting of roughly the second half of the video was released on the Closure video set, and in , the full version was viewable for the first time on the TVT Records website. It has since been deleted, but is now available on YouTube, where it somehow isn't even age-restricted.

The music video however is on YouTube, but anyone wanting to own the song themselves is going to either track down the sountrack or the song's promo single. The websites and material in relation to 42 Entertainment's Alternate Reality Game for Year Zero are now closed, replaced with either an overview page from 42 Entertainment's official website or an error page. The only way to access them now is through the Wayback Machine and fan-made mirrors and uploads.

After the NIN site was relaunched in , all the subsites were removed, including Remix. Fortunately, all but a few of the remixes were reuploaded to Internet Archive, and the multitracks can still be found elsewhere on the internet. The original version with vocals was only ever released on the cassette version of The Fragile , and is completely absent from the definitive vinyl edition of the album.

Skinny Puppy 's "Worlock" video, due to its extreme Gorn content and laundry list of copyright violations it's a compilation of scenes and moments that were banned or censored from horror films, released in protest of censorship , was completely banned from TV and commercial distribution, thus bootlegging is the only way to see it. Their website has also expired, so no chance of obtaining a physical copy.

In the early 80's, prominent producer Fred Catero founded his own label, Catero Records, that specialized in excellent jazz artists and projects that were not as commercially viable as big-label artists. It didn't last long, and the majority of the label's releases were never heard from again an exception being Cyrille Verdeaux's "Messenger of the Son" , including never getting CD releases.

After Keith Jarrett completed his massive concert cycle in , released as the Sun Bear Concerts , he performed a concert at the Nippon Budokan venue on December 12, , which was broadcast in February of on Japanese radio.

This concert was released at one point but has been long unavailable, and information about it is extremely hard to come by. A few people have floated it on the internet in bootleg form, and it is highly recommended by this writer.

In one of the most egregious examples of this in music history, all of the albums that Megadeth have recorded from Peace Sells But Who's Buying? The fact that they share the same album art and are consistently tagged as the real thing makes it even worse. Also, when it comes to their cover of "These Boots", it gets even worse.

Lee Hazlewood objected to the cover which replaced certain lyrics , so later pressings of "Killing Is My Business" had the song removed. Your only chance to get the original version is to find an original pressing which is getting rare. According to Mustaine, this was because the vocals and harmonica were missing from the multi-tracks, but he also saw it as an opportunity to introduce the material to Megadeth fans. This happened to Metallica 's album Death Magnetic , once fans discovered that the Guitar Hero DLC version actually sounded significantly better than the album version.

Given that Metallica has publicly declared that they are not re-releasing it, off go the fans to Bit Torrent. It's significantly more dynamic than the previous officially available of the album, although not as dynamic as most of the Guitar Hero remixes, but will probably reduce fans' reliance on this trope regardless. A particularly egregious example among Iron Maiden fans is finding the music used as intro music on the Maiden England Tour The song is Audio Network 's "Rising Mercury", which was notably also used in the trailer for the French horror film The Monk , and it can be bought through their website but is hard to find through file sharing networks and even isn't on iTunes or on any physical releases either.

Judas Priest 's album, Jugulator is out of print and no longer available digitally. The other album from the Tim "Ripper" Owens era, 's Demolition , is still available for digital sale. Neither of these albums was included in the physical Complete Albums Collection. Demolition can be explained, as the boxset was released by Sony and Atlantic Records a Warner label owns said album. Pantera 's first four albums will probably never be reprinted ever again, for various reasons.

Patareni, one of the earliest Grindcore bands known, had a huge album discography, none of which ever really got widely reprinted. Several discography CDs were released in , but they were also in low print and sell for a pricey penny whenever they pop up in online stores. Ozzy Osbourne 's The Ultimate Sin hasn't been reissued since , due to legal issues with one of his songwriters over the album.

It's not terribly difficult to find compared to some of the other examples, but finding a fresh copy may get a bit pricey. Body Count 's "Cop Killer" became their best-known song due to massive controversy about its lyrical content, but said controversy also forced them to pull their Self-Titled Album out of print and quickly re-release it with a replacement song a remix of Ice-T's solo track "Freedom of Speech", appropriately enough.

At the time, they were giving out "Cop Killer" itself as a free standalone single, and a live version was later included on their album Live In LA , but the original studio recording has yet to be officially re-released. Technical Death Metal Fans will forever scorn the day Gorguts decided to release Obscura on an extremely limited run. After its acclaim and success, the band never rereleased it on CD.

In , the band surprised everyone when they decided to reissue the album There aren't any rights issues, issues with the label, or even the band themselves, they just like the idea of one of their works being considered a ml treasure. Copies from the album's printing cost anywhere from 73 dollars for a semi-damaged copy all the way up to or ish dollars for one in good condition. Your best bet is to look in really run-down record stores where many metal fans have found the album in a discount bin, the vendors usually unaware of the album's rarity and value.

It is also available on iTunes, though only in bit-rate. This is one of those albums where in order to really appreciate its complexity, you have to be able to hear it in either FLAC or Obscure but critically acclaimed technical thrash metal band Aspid released one album before dissolving. Extravasation, originally issued in , received no fanfare possibly due to being from Russia, in Russian, near the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union until it was re-issued in However, the version is slightly sped up, leading the original tracks to be damned near nonexistent.

While limited releases are pretty much to be expected in Black Metal , Portland, OR's Hail have taken this trope to its extreme with their extremely limited CD-R pressings. Most of them have only 30 copies printed. Their first album, Crimson Madrigal , had a much larger Pretty much their only release that hasn't fallen victim to this trope, in fact, is Frozen Grave , which was given a much larger vinyl pressing of several hundred copies, and with a nearly seventeen-minute bonus track by label Pesanta Urfolk.

Stratovarius tends to release multiple bonus songs for each of their albums that are often only obtainable in limited runs. Although this was alleviated with their release of Intermission , their later bonus songs are difficult to find, especially in the US. Nemesis has a Japanese only release and Elements has releases only available in France and Japan, making single bonus tracks very expensive.

The special edition tracks are even harder to find. Elysium , for instance, has three bonus tracks that were only available on a record single in the special edition and they have not received a digital release. The first two demos of Italian band Prophilax titled Viaggio nella Dimensione Anale and Voci dall'Oltrechiavica were only recorded on cassette, and most likely won't see the light on the internet due to its frontman not wanting to hear himself like that again. Though, all of these songs were recorded on Nerkiology , but some comedic sketches and alternate recordings of classic songs are now tought to be lost forever.

Slipknot 's self-titled album originally featured two tracks relating to what Corey Taylor thought was a real life abduction and murder - "Purity" is named after its victim, Purity Knight, and its intro track, "Frail Limb Nursery", samples audio relating to the case. The problem was both the sampled audio and any info about the case were taken from the website Crime Scene - Crime Scene was effectively an early Alternate Reality Game , meaning the story and any related multimedia was entirely fictional and therefor subject to copyright.

The creator of the site threatened to sue unless the band either pulled the album entirely or just did a re-release removing the two offending tracks - naturally, Slipknot went with the latter. Eventually "Purity" made it back to the 10th Anniversary Edition of the album without "Frail Limb Nursery" as a lead in: Presumably "Frail Limb Nursery" had to remain cut because it had unlicensed samples, but "Purity" was able to be reinstated because it isn't neccesarily copyright infringement just to write a song inspired by a work of fiction.

The album's available on streaming services, but hasn't been purchasable physically since the label went bust in , in large part because it was a critical and commercial flop when it released. Donna Summer 's album, I'm a Rainbow , was a deliberate effort to shed her s disco diva image. However, her label, Geffen Records, was unhappy with the result, and the album in its entirety would not be released for another 15 years, despite the circulation of bootleg copies of the album.

A small number of the tracks also appeared on film soundtracks during the s. This would also be her last collaboration with famed composer-producer Giorgio Moroder. Peter Schilling is known in the United States mostly for his single "Major Tom Coming Home ", but good luck in finding copies of his albums Things to Come and Error in the System , both of which are loaded with spaced-out themes and weren't released on CD.

Ono didn't see it as such and threatened to sue; the B's changed it in subsequent pressings to a re-recording of a track from their first album. Only those who had the first pressings of Whammy! Dexys Midnight Runners had three albums released in their original formation years.

Their final album, Don't Stand Me Down , however, was a commercial and critical failure, and has thus failed to have any successful print runs on CD. Throughout the 80s and 90s, nobody seemed to really care. However, as the band quickly got Vindicated by History , people heard some of the songs on YouTube and were drooling over how great the album really sounded.

The CDs are somehow even more expensive despite them being more recent. Critical opinion of the album has vastly improved, with it now being named one of the band's shining moments. The album is now available on iTunes, though the bonus tracks found on some reissues are absent. The only way to legally obtain the original version of New Wave band B-movie's best known song, 'Nowhere Girl', is by tracking down the Nowhere Girl EP, which only had a limited pressing of copies, or the also limited compilation The Dead Good Tapes.

The short version can be found on the soundtrack to the film Cigarettes , and re-recordings of the song are on iTunes. Until a few years ago, the concert film Urgh! A Music War , featuring performances by the likes of Oingo Boingo , The Police , and Dead Kennedys was unavailable for purchase on any digital media, due to rights issues. Currently, there is an official DVD release, of sorts - Warner Archive has an online shop where it's selling an un-remastered, un-restored version as a download or burned-on-demand DVD-R, with the original trailer as the only extra.

Oingo Boingo 's farewell concert, titled just Farewell , is out of print. The album is still available on iTunes and Amazon MP3, but physical copies have also been taken out of circulation too. The CD was limited to 1, copies before Shriek Records inexplicably disappeared off the face of the Earth. As the CD was released without the permission of any of the band's former members including Reznor , it is unlikely to see a rerelease in the near future. Xaman , the second LP by UK cult noise-rock group Skullflower, is a particularly egregious example of this.

Not only is the album almost certainly never going to be released due to clashes over mixing between principles Stefan Jaworzyn and Matthew Bower, but the CD version suffers from a defect known as "disc rot", rendering possibly all such copies unplayable by this date. This leaves only the original vinyl album in official circulation, but even this is fairly rare, expensive, and missing several songs.

To add insult to injury, it is generally agreed among fans that Xaman is Skullflower's best album, not to mention one of their most accessible releases. Hence, the release only survives in full via file-sharing. Xaman , and three other early Skullflower albums, were finally re-released in as part of the "Kino" series. However, since Mizutani also takes Reclusive Artist to extremes owing in part to a hijacking incident in which a former band member was involved; it's not even currently known whether Mizutani is still alive , it will likely never be known for certain.

The band barely even recorded anything in the studio after The '60s , apart from one brief attempt in , owing to some unpleasant experiences the band had in its few abortive attempts at making a studio recording the band was particularly dissatisfied with the sound quality of the recordings. Though there was a CD recording of Goya. Likewise, the original radio broadcast of The Old Maid and the Thief has yet to be re-released. A notable exception to the EP removal phenomenon is Lorde.

Bootleg-swapping was once a vital part of community building in the ABBA fandom, largely because of the sizeable amount of material that remains unreleased. Most of it is from the post-Visitors sessions, like the Chess demos and "Just Like That" which has gathered hype like a rolling snowball due to its unreleased status. This fatally crippled the group and its founders, leading to the site's demise a short time later.

Yeah, that'll learn 'em. There were only a thousand legal physical copies made of both CDs. Break Out! In fact, ATL's Alex Gaskarth apparently has the only known physical copy of the former, which suggests that he himself leaked it. There is one known copy of the album Around the World by Swedish bubblegum band Cosmo 4 in existence, in the hands of a music blog owner who reviewed the album.

Not even the members of the band have any idea how on Earth he got it, nor do they have copies of the tracks. The record label announced the album's release back in , constantly delayed it until December , and its supposed December release date came and went without another word.

Other songs are harder to come by, but they're out there if you look hard enough - they're mostly available on Thai bootleg compilations. Sinatra Jobim , the second collaboration between Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim, produced only a vinyl test pressing and 3, 8-track tapes. When the release was cancelled due to Sinatra having second doubts about the album's sales potential , Warner Bros.

At least five tapes escaped the recall and are still out there, but they're ridiculously expensive. The Beach Boys ' Summer In Paradise may be one of the most hated albums of all time, but it is also one of the most sought after CDs in existence.

Having sold a reported less than 10, copies upon release and forcing their publisher to go out of business , the album was actually fairly quickly pulled off the shelves. It's said that there are less than 1, copies in circulation, though you could probably easily find them in a thrift shop by accident. In , Katy Perry under her birth name, Katy Hudson released a self-titled contemporary Christian album. The record label went out of business and only about copies were sold.

The album is not currently available through any legal means, and copies sold on the secondary market sell for several hundreds of dollars. Taylor Swift 's hit duet "ME! If you want to hear the song with the chant, you best scour your radio stations, watch the music video on YouTube or track down the song's vinyl single. In , Mandy Jiroux made a song called "Insane" that was heavily derivative from the Blind Melon single "No Rain," but not a formal cover.

Following a complicated and unique lawsuit centering around what exactly Melonhead had or hadn't authorized Jiroux to do, the song was ultimately ordered by the court to be purged from everything, and is now largely impossible to find anywhere online.

The DVD box set does include the condensed version used to promote its title song. Granted, he didn't appear on screen in the former a waxwork of him served as a stand-in instead. This may or may not have to do with the fact that a MTV special voted it the third worst music video of all time and not without good reason. Again, Jackson did not personally appear in it — clips from past music videos were used instead. You can watch it here. Back in , "Who Is It" got the same treatment in North America to promote an MTV "make your own video for this song" contest, while overseas viewers got an actual video directed by David Fincher.

The Fincher version is the only one that's appeared on compilations. Also, while the original music video for "Blood on the Dance Floor" was included, a remix was included instead of the original song. And that's not even going into the myriad of unreleased songs that have circulated online via leaks; this article from the Lost Media Wiki has a pretty thorough list of the unreleased tracks that we know exist, specifically marking the ones that have and haven't been either leaked or officially released posthumously.

Madonna : 's Celebration DVD set features most of her music videos, but it doesn't include any of the videos plural for 's "Holiday", either due to Old Shame or simply relegating them to Canon Discontinuity. The three versions varied wildly in quality, and are nearly unknown even by diehard fans.

The first is a Performance Video where Madonna and her two backup dancers perform beside a pool backed by a miniature waterfall. The second is the same as the first, except overlaid with garish special effects. The third and most likely well-known is another performance video that takes place in a studio, where Madonna and her dancers perform in front of a man dressed in pajamas and watching them.

Confusing things further is that the live performance in the Truth or Dare documentary was referred to as the "official" music video, but doesn't appear on the Celebration collection instead, the "music video" is her performance from Top of the Pops in According to this interview with the song's composers, Warner Brothers never officially produced a music video for it, leaving the status of the likely unsolicited three videos in a weird limbo.

The extended music video for "Lucky Star" which repeats the chorus several times and has much more footage of Madonna writhing around hasn't been officially released since its inclusion on a promo video in Copies pop up on YouTube every so often. The alternate U. Songlines , the music video compilation film by Alphaville , had a limited theatrical run in Germany and VHS and laserdisc releases in Copies were nearly impossible to find secondhand, and versions on YouTube are either low quality, watermarked, or both.

The film was finally rereleased as a pack-in with the deluxe rerelease of The Breathtaking Blue in March of Unfortunately, it is only DVD quality and not available as a standalone product. An entirely different alternate music video for the Jason Donovan song "Every Day I Love You More " exists, which was filmed on the same set as in the music video for "Sealed with a Kiss" and tells the story of how the Australian heartthrob fell in love with a girl while he was working in a beach hut.

While the later music video was the one released and promoted, the earlier music video fell into obscurity for unknown reasons. The closest thing to seeing the actual alternate music video for this song is a few behind-the-scenes photos that were taken for a Jason Donovan annual book from late early ? Other than that, the video is hard to find and it is actually unknown if it aired or not before it was replaced by the later music video we're used to seeing.

Prog Rock. Pink Floyd 's Masters of Rock went out of print before the transition to CD, and many of the songs on it are original singles that were only ever released individually, or on Masters of Rock. However, being a compilation, all songs from the album are available on other Pink Floyd releases. The reason its collectable and demands high prices from Pink Floyd completists is because it includes a rare radio edit of the song "It Would Be So Nice" and alternate mixes of the songs "Julia Dream" and "Apples and Oranges".

They are notable due to being the last songs completed with Syd Barrett. Barrett was already off the deep end at that time, and the surviving members of the band feel that those recordings poignantly illustrate his drug-induced insanity. The band's early rarities were released in November in a box set called The Early Years , which features the first official releases of several tracks and in higher quality than they've ever been offered before.

Sound Horizon 's early albums were published as doujin works and therefore only had a very limited run. While all of the CDs are available for illegal download online, physical copies sell for hundreds of bucks on Yahoo! Auctions Japan, and they will probably never get an official reprint. Surprisingly for a band as commercially successful as Yes , their studio album Talk is very scarce, having only been printed once before its distributor Victory Music went bankrupt, and once again in when Eagle Rock acquired the rights.

Every other Yes album is a click away on sites like Amazon, but Talk requires finding a used copy at inflated prices. When Genesis ' albums were remastered in and , they became subject to Loudness War issues which, while not as severe as those on some other reissues of classic rock releases, nonetheless sucked a large amount of dynamic range out of the music which, as any Genesis fan will tell you, was a large part of what made their music so interesting. Unfortunately, these versions have displaced the earlier, more dynamic versions as the most commonly available versions of the albums, making the band's work fall into this trope.

Due to it not being a success , it has never been reissued and is not on any streaming services. The Grateful Dead is very likely the Trope Codifier for music. They have an official live discography numbering in the hundreds of releases, but they are the most thoroughly documented live band in the history of recorded music, with literally thousands of shows recorded in soundboard quality.

Like the Dead, Phish has allowed taping at their concerts since the s and has an official taping and trading policy on their website. Tapes of these concerts helped spread the word about the band in the s, and were a major reason for the growth of their fanbase in that decade. The band never played the same setlist twice and regularly peppered their shows with unique jams, and as a result, tape collecting became a hobby for many fans.

While copies of these concerts once spread through cassette trades, audience recordings can now be found through various online means including streaming services and torrents, all of which the band are totally fine with. Bad Religion 's second album Into the Unknown will most likely never make it to CD, although this is actually a deliberate case of Canon Discontinuity on the part of the band themselves see its entry in Old Shame for details on why.

That said, it has been reissued on vinyl Amen's Join or Die also known as Buy American on some releases , the album that Virgin Records refused to release, was later released by the band's own label, but only for about or so copies. None of the songs on the album have been released ever again except a couple on a live album and even the band themselves said that fans who didn't have it were better off getting it through "other means" than waiting for a reissue.

Rocket from the Tombs were a proto-punk band that formed in in Cleveland , Ohio and broke up a year later without getting much attention or getting a record out. Later, bootlegs of live shows and rehearsals started attracting a bit of a cult fandom, particularly because the band spun off into the better known acts Pere Ubu and The Dead Boys both bands recorded their own versions of Rocket from the Tombs songs.

There was finally an official release in when indie label Fire Fidelity issued The Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the Tombs , collecting material from said bootlegs into a 70 minute CD. Said CD didn't have great sound quality, but it helped bring about more interest in the material: Enough so that the band reunited the next year, with Television guitarist Richard Lloyd replacing the late Peter Laughner, and finally released their first proper album Rocket Redux , featuring new studio versions of their 70's material.

The Screamers were one of the earliest punk groups to prominently use synthesizers, they got some notable press coverage and sold out shows in their native Los Angeles while they were together, and they have been cited as an influence by bands like Dead Kennedys. They also never officially released any recordings in their six years of existence: They planned on making their first "album" a series of music videos though this idea was decided on years before MTV was around , but broke up before this could be finished.

Target Video officially released a dvd of a live performance from , but otherwise one has to resort to bootlegged concerts or rehearsal tapes to hear them. Ska Punk group Downfall's only album Ready for Action is a Missing Episode that, for complicated reasons , will likely never see official release. Although the band were extremely short-lived, they're notable for bridging two more well-known bands: They were formed by Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman, and Pat Mello shortly after the dissolution of cult favorite Ska Punk band Operation Ivy, and Armstrong and Freeman would soon move on to form Rancid.

A poor quality version of the album eventually started circulating online - a reportedly much better remix by Brett Gurewitz , for a scrapped release on Epitaph Records, exists but has yet to leak. Their only officially released output is limited to appearances on punk compilations, and only the songs "North Berkley" and "My City" were ever released on CD.

There's also a bootleg of one of their few concerts note they only ever played live together three times , notable for including a few original songs that were left off the album as well as a cover of Op Ivy's "I Got No". Let Them Eat Jellybeans! It was only ever issued on LP, and is likely to never be available digitally or on CD except for in bootleg form - according to the Alternative Tentacles official site, Black Flag won't give permission to use their music, another unnamed band featured on the compilation had a "falling out" with Jello, and Jello has declined to reissue it with two missing songs.

Most of the songs featured on the compilation are otherwise available in some form; However, the version of Black Flag 's "Police Story" is an otherwise unreleased version with Dez Cadena on vocals note as opposed to the Damaged version with Henry Rollins or the Everything Went Black version with Ron Reyes , and Dead Kennedys ' "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" is also a different recording than either the single version or the version heard on In God We Trust, Inc.

Eminem has quite a few of these, often related to his early work. Generally speaking, if it is an Eminem release before , it will fall under this trope. Eminem's debut album Infinite was this trope twice. It was practically impossible to obtain legally, due to a very limited release in the Detroit area before he got famous.

For a very brief time in , Infinite was legally released as a free download on 50 Cent 's website. It has since been taken down, and Eminem is unlikely to re-release it, due to it him publicly referring to it as Old Shame. Dre's Aftermath label, has never been rereleased since its release. Good classics And for me, have to say some techno along with classic rock.

Mainly because the Flobots have songs that are waay better. Listen to the whole fight with tools album, seriously. I like new stuff too though the genre doesnt matter too much, for example I like Empire State of Mind as well as I like Dethklok, disturbed, john mayer, Rehab…. While throwing, I like to listen to songs that are a little chill, but have a nice beat. For this, I usually turn on the Daft Punk station on Pandora.

Phoenix has a pretty good album for it, too. I just throw Last FM on and let it play.

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