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Once finished, the acrid tang of blood filled the air. Her new demon half sniffed at it, wanted to gorge on it. Acting on pure instinct, she forced it into an impregnable cage in her mind, a battle won after a bitter struggle and she imagined slamming iron doors shut on its scream of rage. This was definitely going to take some getting used to.

When she was breathing normally again she lifted her head to see her new family stretched in a semicircle before her. Benjamin stepped forward. The initiation was over. It was time to get to work. Chapter One Present Day Twilight. Her favorite part of the day. That last peaceful bit of daylight before the bogeymen came out. Funny how the edge of the day had been awakening the memory of her merging ceremony so often of late. Yes it meant a part of her would become evil, but someone had to stand against the darkness.

Someone had to. The merge made her stronger. Gave her supernatural powers. Long life. Theoretically she was immortal, but unless she had a bonded mate she would eventually give in to the evil invading her soul and her own people would be forced to hunt her down. Kill her. The thought of another man touching her had made her skin crawl. But now, sixty years later, Winter Bennett was running out of options and was having a hell of a time concealing that fact. It was a denial born of steel-tested determination.

She would never allow that to happen. Once the idea would have saddened her. The demon refused to be denied and she refused to surrender to it. For the moment at least, they were at an impasse. Her lips twisted in the slightest smile as she turned to face Gia.

She and Dupree Jackson were her oldest and most trusted friends. Someone purer. Someone not reborn of evil the way those in the Order were. There were always exceptions of course. Very occasionally two hybrids managed to bond together. It was as if the two human halves of their souls created something stronger, almost superhuman. Gia was the child of such a pairing.

Now she frowned and shook her head. Denial was bright in her eyes. She had to be kidding. The change in her was plain to see. Mistakes had been made in the past. No hesitation. Winter had seen too many good people fall to deny her best friend the opportunity to be spared a brutal end.

Not to mention sparing herself the burden of delivering it. A diversion to take the edge off. Winter waited while Gia got her telekinetic power back under control. She hid her curiosity about the emotional reaction to a simple question and response.

Gia would tell her when she was ready. Gia really was at ease, her struggle with the demon less evident than it had been mere weeks ago. But there was no bond. Which meant…what exactly? No one approved of her close association with the alpha lupine, which was pretty hypocritical since several of their order had mated with lupines.

It was okay for the regular rank and file but not a captain? Shaking her head, she slipped out the sliding glass door before her lieutenant could get started. Rank had some privileges. She closed the door behind her with a final-sounding click and paused at the edge of the concrete slab patio. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head back and inhaled deeply. Listened as the forest went quiet around her when she intruded upon it.

She smelled pine, gardenia, and after a moment the crickets resumed their loud cacophony. When they did, she stepped out onto the short lawn and used her demon speed to enter the wood line. Once she would have delayed, would have taken the time to explore and enjoy the night. Those days were over. The joy long gone from them. Her long pale hair, the distinguishing trait that marked her, hung in a thick braid down her back.

She smiled, fondly remembering earlier years. After merging, her light brown hair had slowly bleached out t o nearly white and Benjamin, her first squad leader, had started calling her Winter. She rarely thought of herself by the name she was christened with anymore. The good memories were tainted with the weariness of the present, however. Those times were so much simpler.

Her old mentor had just been a lieutenant. Now she ran a quadrant and Ben was regional commander. Forcing the memories away, she did a mental inventory and checklist. She was dressed in the solid black most of the Order wore with no insignia or sign of her rank.

Her knives were strapped to thigh holsters and the insufferable cell phone was on her belt. There were spare blades tucked down the sides of her knee-high boots. She was as prepared as anyone could be. Most of the demon hybrids also carried guns. Preferred the death she dealt to be a little more up close and personal. Some thought she had a death wish of her own. They were wrong, but she never bothered to correct anyone. The years of distance have not dulled his anger at her, or the heat that once flared between them.

Caleb is biding time before returning to Redhawke. But can he accept that her delicious submission in bed goes no further than the bedroom door? Claimed by two werewolves, Liza struggles to move forward from the past with Caleb while getting to know Zach. Twice Shy Harper is a witch on the run and the road ends in the only place offering sanctuary, the Redhawke werewolf pack. But that safety comes with a price.

Jonas is a soldier, a defender of the pack. But can he protect them from the danger that comes stalking? And what about Mick? Third Time Lucky Gabby is a high ranking soldier in the Redhawke lupine pack and she has a serious problem. Three of them actually. The mates she refuses to claim, lupine Ethan and wizard Harris, and the heat driving her straight to their bed.

Every full lupine female experiences heat every three months. Harris has always helped her slake the need, but enough is enough. He knows the three of them are supposed to be together. Ethan knows it. Gabby is the only one denying it.

He gives her an ultimatum. Call Of The Moon Chloe knows up close and personal how terrifying it is to be mated to the wrong werewolf, and she has the scars to prove it. Billy let her go and has regretted it ever since. Can he prove to her in one week that they are destined to spend a lifetime together? Christmas Moon Delilah Anders is a woman with secrets.

Always moving, her identity known to a very small few, she escapes a rogue and seeks assistance from the one werewolf she knows absolutely would never betray her. Cooper and Aaron Williamson, both retired hunters, are eager to claim Delilah. As her secrets unravel, their fascination with her and dedication to her grows. But when her true nature is revealed will they accept her or let her walk away?

Unable to determine who the threat is, her boss insists she move into Hunter headquarters until things are straightened out.

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