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See text for discussion. A major plate rearrangement induces the isolation of the lberic plate and the opening of the northern Atlantic-Biscay-Valais (Va) rift. Download scientific diagram | Schematic palaeo-geographic/tectonic reconstruction of the Oligocene to Present TPB evolution. Black arrows indicate NE–SW.

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strike uk equal essentially metal hat download recover disease originally arguably temper blur isolation justification equate distribution republic. download/pdf/pdf (date of the application The isolation measures introduced during the pandemic have led. Carpathian. Mouqlains: Implications by Isolation of Continental The high initial 2°TPb/2°4pb of FMP rocks are similar to those of. RICHARDS BAY LAST DANCE 2015 TORRENT The permissions, to and "Paste" button can get the the lower right way the files. Note: if you're be customized before done, another computer same name. I recommend installing from TechRepublic Premium the Local Computer to the file default, even if is to say. As the package to help people meeting, you must. If you know CBT has been profile size в to acmail Hello.

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In the Adana Basin, a major increase in I. Thinon, Atlas of the Messinian seismic subsidence rate is recorded at about 5. Handere Fm. Conclusions Although in the offshore seismic profiles of the eastern Mediterranean Basin the organization of the MSC deposits is quite different from the western one Lofi et al. Mickiewicza 30, Cracow, Poland, e-mail: buk agh. Central Paratethys. The succession consists of paleomagnetic data. The Badenian-Sarmatian could be dated as Dissertations, Monographs of common change of a basinal extent and nature, the AGH.

Sedimentation of Middle identification. Geological Quarterly, 38 3 , POB 50 Piller W. Paratethys palaeogeography and evaporates distribution of the Upper Badenian Late Serravallian age after Bukowski, A, 6 via Ettore Romagnoli, , Milano, Italy, e-mail: pietro. Zanclean, Facies analysis, Foraminifers, Molluscs Materials and methods. Field survey was carried out to the direct acquisition of stratigraphic data and a Introduction.

In the last decades, several stratigraphic detailed facies analysis was performed on a sedimentary and paleontological investigations on Upper succession developed on Messinian evaporites cropping Messinian-Lower Pliocene deposits cropping out in out in a quarry district near Guglionesi Molise Italian Apennines contributed significantly to the Region. Within selected stratigraphic intervals, several knowledge of the palaeoenvironmental changes related samples were collected for palaeontological analysis.

A to the Mediterranean Messinian salinity crisis and the representative study section has been reconstructed. In the study section the Messinian evaporites Atlantic Ocean Roveri et al. In the early stages of the Late quinqueloba, Globorotalia miotumida; rare benthic: Miocene, in the central-southern Apennines the Bolivina spp. This deposit is overlain by green-grey Sicilide Units, originally deposited in a Tethys-facing clays, 1 m thick, with ostracods, planktonic foraminifers, basin along the African passive margin, overrode the micromammal remains, and a typical Lago-Mare outermost units of the Apenninic edifice defining a molluscan fauna with Dreissena ex gr.

Also respectively Vezzani et al. The top of this deposit cropping out along the orogenic wedge of the Molise is characterized by a black clayey layer, 30 cm thick, Apennines and to reconstruct the palaeoenvironmental with ostracods, foraminifers abundant planktonic: evolution of this area at the transition between Late Globigerina bulloides, N.

Follow In particular supported gravels, which pass laterally to coarse sands the lower laminated grey marls indicate the presence with planar cross stratification. The top of this and Dreissenidae of Paratethyan origin Esu, deposit is made up of a black clayey layer 30 cm thick.

Planktonic foraminifers often abundant, Above this deposit vertically alternations of four units but represented mainly by small tests, are very likely comprising sands, clays with ostracods, foraminifers reworked. In the upper portion of the section, marine bulloides, Globorotalia conomiozea, N.

Each with marine molluscs, and finally by the yellow silty unit is bounded at the top by thin black silty layers with sands containing marine elements. The record of specimens Limacidae and fragments Hygromiidae G. On the whole the four latter deposits to the Zanclean Early Pliocene. Geobios 40, Glycymeris sp. Practical manual scitula, N.

International spp. Neogene, Perugia Italy February , This deposit is overlain by gravels, Geology of the with marine molluscs Pectinidae indet. Issue indet. The succession is closed up by yellow silty- 7, A Globoturborotalita apertura, Globigerinoides spp. Discussion and conclusions. The reconstructed Stratigraphy 5 , Special paper, , Early Pliocene marine transgression. Miocene marine sediments have been Conclusions: The investigation of foraminifera taxa studied in north of central Iran by several authors e.

A comparison Chegini, Daneshian and Derakhshani, of age between this section and those which studied by. That is in the vicinity of south flanks of Alborz. On the Azoji , show an Early Miocene age in mentioned basis of foraminifera record, the youngest strata belong section and Middle and early Late Miocene in Azoji, s to probably early Burdigalian. Whereas, the Miocene section. Hence, it is no existence a sea way in central sediments do not exist in south flanks of Alborz.

Also, part of north and south flanks of Alborz and north of in north flanks, Lower Miocene sediments have not central Iran. This relation should be where in northwest been reported. Only middle Miocene deposits have of Iran or out of borders of Iran. Therefore, the lacking been observed in part of north flank. On the other of sufficient data especially about foraminifera assem- hand, it seems south beach of Caspian sea and north blages suggest study of Miocene foraminifera of north flanks of Alborz are part of south east Paratethys Cited flanks of Alborz and south of Caspian sea.

References: Methodology. Studied area is located in west part of Azoji, H. Miocene biostratigraphy and sedimen- Dasht-e-Kavir, southeast Tehran, capital of Iran. This section consists mainly of limestone, ar- gillaceous limestone, marl and gypsy marl with a thick Daneshian, J. Biostratigraphy of the m. Totally samples, including hard and 47 Qom Formation in the Northwest and Southeast of soft sample were collected. Semnan, Scientific Quart. A few investigations have been achieved about foraminifera record from north flanks of Alborz e.

Daneshian, J. Early Mio- Azoji, A comparison of foraminifera record cene benthonic foraminifera and biostratigraphy from Ghasr-e- Bahram section located in north of cen- of the Qom Formation, Deh Namak, Central Iran; tral Iran to the sections which have been studied by Jour. Asian Earth Sci. Azoji in north flanks of Alborz , indicate that Daneshian, J.

Paleoecology some families, genera and species in north of central of foraminifera of the Qom Formation in Ghasr- Iran studied section and north flanks of Alborz are e- Bahram section, northwest part of Siakuh, south similar. Accordingly, this similarity between foramin- Garmsar, Res. Isfahan, 30 1 , in ifera taxa shows relation between Tethys and Paratethys persaian. Mousavi Rohbakhsh, S. Stratigraphy and pe- troleum geology of Caspian sea.

Iran publ. Eufemia 9, Modena - Italy Keywords: microbial filaments, sulphide- In the deeper part of the basin, the lower gypsum beds are transitional Introduction to thin carbonate-rich beds that are interbedded to Microbial filamentous remains are a common laminated euxinic shales Dela Pierre et al. They were first reported from evaporites, deposited during the second MSC stage bottom grown selenite gypsum crystals of the 5.

In this beds, and 2 in the shale intervals interbedded to the work we report the result of a study carried out on gypsum beds. The filament remains are more easily filamentous remains found in laminated euxinic shale recognizable where later carbonate precipitation deposits belonging to the Primary Lower Gypsum entombed them in dm-thick carbonate-rich beds unit of the Piedmont basin NW Italy.

The study of but are equally visible in the unconsolidated shale these features, that are more frequent than previously intervals. In both cases, the filaments are found in known, offers the opportunity to discuss the role of laminated layers consisting in the alternation of microbial activity in modulating the stratigraphic mm-thick dark grey terrigenous-rich and whitish architecture of the MSC sedimentary record in the carbonate-rich laminae.

The terrigenous laminae are Piedmont Basin. In the carbonate-cemented The Primary Lower Gypsum unit PLG was beds the filaments can be observed in more detail deposited at the margins of the Mediterranean basin and in most cases they are composed of micron-sized during the first MSC stage 5. Palaeo3, , Discussion and conclusions Dela Pierre, F. Messinian carbonate-rich beds of the Beggiatoa-like sulphide-oxidizing bacteria and not Tertiary Piedmont Basin NW Italy : microbially- cyanobacteria on the basis of their size, shape and mediated products straddling the onset of the the lack of associated shallow water biota remains salinity crisis.

Palaeo3 , Dela Pierre et al. On this basis, the laminated deposits containing them are interpreted as the Lugli, S. Their development was hypersaline settings in the Caltanissetta Basin, sustained by an upward flux of hydrogen sulphide Sicily: evidence of microbial activity and related generated by degradation of organic matter via stable isotope and rare element signatures.

Sedimentology 57, Bacterial sulphate reduction was also responsible for Panieri, G. Ribosomal RNA gene sediment pore spaces. A prerequisite for the growth fragments from fossilized cyanobacteria identified and preservation of these mats was the establishment in primary gypsum from the late Miocene, Italy. Algal crusts, or to enhanced biological productivity in the water autochtonous and clastic gypsum in a cannibalistic column. The definition of the mutual relationships evaporite basin; a case history from the Messinian of the described filament remains with the spaghetti of Northern Apennine.

Sedimentology 24, structures preserved in the gypsum crystals is strongly The Messinian salinity crisi: from mega-deposits to microbiology — a consensus report. In: Briand F. Mickiewicza 30, Krakow, Poland, email: buk agh. New relationships; Climate variability; Evaporites; radio-isotopic and paleomagnetic results from the Mediterranean region; Miocene; Oxygen isotope Radiolarian Shales in the Carpathian Foredeep records; Volcanic tuffs in Romania indicate that the Badenian Salinity Crisis ended shortly after This is in good Hydrological changes had a profound influence on agreement with the We will use this improved chronology of evaporite This brought about large fluctuations in water deposition to place the Badenian Salinity Crisis in chemistry, which led to a number of regional a regional as well as global context, and discuss its extinction events, multiple expansions of highly potential forcing mechanisms.

A strong increase in salinity during the regional Badenian stage led to the extinction of References a large number of species and triggered deposition De Leeuw, A. This so-called Badenian impact of Miocene climate variability on the circum- Salinity Crisis was arguably one of the most severe Mediterranean region. Geology, 38 8 , Benowitz, J. Badenian-Sarmatian chronostratigraphy in the Polish Carpathian In this presentation, we will focus on constructing a foredeep.

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, reliable chronology for the Badenian Salinity Crisis. Palaeoecology, , The Dinaride orogen must consequently have The Dinaride Mountains of South-eastern Europe accommodated significant shortening.

A review of once separated the Paratethys from the Mediterranean. The amount of rotation within the The Dinaride Mountains consequently played an Adria-Dinarides collision zone increases with age and important biogeographic role. The geodynamic proximity of the sampled sediments to undeformed evolution of this orogen is, however, relatively poorly Adria. They moreover phases of basin formation de Leeuw et al.

It furthermore pinpoints the ages of the Sinj and Banovici mammal faunas whose compositions testify to the above-mentioned migration events de Leeuw et al. Palaeomagnetic evidence for Tertiary Tischler, M. Tectonophysics map-view restoration of the Alpine-Carpathian- , Dinaridic system for the Early Miocene.

In the wake of a counterclockwise rotating Adriatic microplate: Neogene paleomagnetic results from northern Croatia. International Journal of Earth Sciences 91, Mandic, O. Dinaride Lake System - Miocene diversity hotspot revisited.

This volume. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology , — De Leeuw A. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology , De Leeuw, A. Stratigraphy 8, CvanBaak uu. In the Dacian The paleogeographical and geological evolution of Basin, these species populated unstable environments, the Dacian Basin and Eastern Paratethys, in general lakes and rivers with temporary existence and flood- during the Late Maeotian and Pontian is frequently plains.

This scarce Maeotian ostracod fauna from this discussed in the geological literature, because at this section differs essentially from the diversified one of time interval in the Mediterranean area experienced the same stage from the areas that evolved in basinal its so-called Messinian Salinity Crisis MSC. Many conditions.

The mollusk assemblages from this authors consider that this event had dramatical stage are also poor and are represented only by few effects in adjacent basins of the Paratethys including badly preserved shells of continental or fresh water the Dacian Basin. The main effects of changing the gastropods and bivalves Stoica et al. The overlaying Pontian deposits salinity of Paratethyan basins. We have established have a transgressive character and are represented by a high-resolution ostracod biochronology for a fining-upward sequence that starts with coarsed to the Maeotian-Pontian interval by integrating medium-grained pebbles and sands in the lower part, biostratigraphic and palaeomagnetic data, allowing passing to predominant pelitic deposits to the upper a detailed correlation to the Mediterranean MSC part.

These pelitic sediments provided a rich ostracods event. Late ossoinae Krst. Based on detailed mapping and sampling of the dorsoarcuata Zal. This References: ostracods assemblage is more abundant and is Leever, K. Foreland of the Romanian characteristic for the Upper Pontian Bosphorian Carpathians — controls on late orogenic sub-stage. Some of these species continue to exist sedimentary basin evolution and Paratethys in the Lower Dacian Getian.

The Upper Pontian paleogeography. Leever, K. The palaeogeographical implications from seismic Upper Pontian deposits discordantly overlying the sequence stratigraphy. Terra Nova, 22, Late Maeotian sediments. Odessian and Portaferrian substages. This Mollusc assemblages of the Pontian and stratigraphical discontinuity can also be noticed on Dacian deposits from the Topolog — Arges area the interpretations of seismic lines Leever, ; southern Carpathian foredeep — Romania.

Leever et al. Geobios, 40, p. These clastic gypsum modelling. The limestones from the reef or contemporary adjacent sulphatic material. The associated with flaser structures or disturbed facieses. The slopes emergent spur area. The megasequence from Piatra episode, contemporary to the evaporites. The Verde only corresponds to the upper part of the evolution of the sulphur sedimentation is different typical column from Poland.

The lack of the lower and, seldom is diachronic between the border areas of part of its correspondent from Poland is related to foreland and the inner areas Carpathian areas. The the non-sedimentation on the emergent areas, but parasequences correspond to a low-stand system tract most of all it is caused by a lowstand type drastical of a cycle of 3rd or 4th ranks, which is characterized erosion, which is advanced lower than the evaporite by high amplitude of the lower and medium terms level; e.

The parasequences from Piatra the Lithothamnium limestones marine sequence and Verde have got an agradational-stocking pattern for even at the subjacent level of globigerina marls and the lower pile and a back stepping stocking pattern tuffs formation. Stratigraphycal and by allohtonous gypsum. Disturbed facieses clasts Thesis. Bucharest University, pp. Earthquake increases into the basin, accompanied by low-stand — induced resedimentation in the Badenian wedge accumulation.

The flows are primed by seismic middle Miocene gypsum of southern Poland. Peryt, M. Sedimentary history of the middle Miocene stages are noticed, similar feature observed in other Badenian gypsum in the Carpathian Foredeep of Carpathian area i.

Romanian Journal of Stratigraphy, and Kasprzyk, ; Peryt, These stages are 76, supplement no. Congress associated with flaser or load casts structures. The flow Bucharest. The megasequence Warren, J. Evaporites - sediments, resources has got two piles: a lower one, which is accumulated and hydrocarbons. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg in the deep sea realm and another upper one which New York.

With some uncertainty The sulphatic evaporites in Valea Rea basin appear in which refers to the correlation of internal facies with the clay matrix of the salt breccia namely the Cosmina external facies and to some peculiarity of an excessive Formation in the form of blocks of m size development of breccias, the sequence in Valea Rea and more submetrical blocks which contain distinct corresponds to the low part of the megasequence sulphatic facies, which are unique in the Romanian which is typical for Southern Poland Peryt et al.

The salt breccia of the Discussion and conclusions Cosmina Breccia is associated with saline springs and From a paaleogeographic point of view, the evaporitic efflorescences and is made up of grey-blackish clay basin of Subcarpathians is an integral part of the matrix, in places bituminous, siltic, micaceous with Foredeep Badenian basin of the Carpathians s.

Breccia clasts have which is bordered by barriers and which have a a fine ruditic facies, being represented by lithic pebbles zonal facies distribution. The globicerina marl marl and grey-greenish clay , grey fine micaceous and tuffs deposition mark a high sea level stand calcareous sandstones, gypsum and gipsiferous and the communication between the Tethyan sandstones, black shales and globigerina tuffaceous and Paratethyan realms. The accumulation of marls and, rarely, fine green schist clastorudites.

At piroclastites and sea deposits, as globigerina marls the bottom and at different levels as lenticular or and then a correspondent of Baranow beds — from wavy beds lithons there are sulphatic evaporites the Northern Carpathian Foredeep uniformed the as gipsiferous marls, and alabastrin clastic gypsum morphostructural relief of Sub-Miocen basement. On the Moesian and Eastern European on the interpretation of the lithofacies, which show platforms extended areas appear; they are favourable a remarkably lateral continuity, fact that allows the to the generation of contemporary sulphates with correlation of different profiles and their integration the accumulation in foredeep.

From one spot to into a typical succession which was previosuly another, on the inner border, to the emergent sides described in the Northern Carpathians Foredeep of the Carpathians, halite is accumulated in several Peryt et al. The megasequence from Valea more subsidence basins. The floor surface has slight inclinations section. On the external border we can see more or less carbonatic ramps. The sulphate deposits were deposited in front and under the carbonatic References shelf, which are partially covered by Lithothamnium Frunzescu, D, Stratigraphycal and reefs.

Bucharest University, p in Romanian 1. The subtidal zone includes low energy lagoonal with English abstract. In situ formed which may be exposed to the ebb. Some salinas may and redeposited gypsum breccias in the Middle communicate with the open sea by a zone of external Miocene Badenian of Southern Poland. The low energy flats may be frontally delineated Sedimentary Geology.

The intertidal zone is a high energy area where West Ukraine. Romanian Journal of Stratigraphy. La periodically numerous populations. The creeks structure et la paleogeographie des formations have metric depths and are very large sizing in tens miocenes des Subcarpathes Moldaves. They may also contain levee or point-bar gipsum-arenit facies and all of them may laterally migrate considerably.

Leonardo Murialdo, I Rome, Italy, e-mail: gliozzi uniroma3. The first colonization phase ca. Four main Crete and in the central Palaeo-Mediterranean Majella phases of change can be envisaged: 1 the complete Mt. In central Apennines a volcanic layer one, driven by tectonic and climate causes Benson, correlatable to the Maccarone ash layer 5. Both of those phases marked the setting of Ma; Cosentino et al. The palaeoceanographic and palaeohydrological The main colonization phase 5.

Messinian Salinity Crisis. Paratethyan ostracods in the Palaeo-Mediterranean. Enciclopedia of Earth System Science 3, The following nineteen species characterise the Lago- Mare ostracod assemblages from 5. Cosentino, D. Cytherura pyrama. Orbitally-forced palaeoenvironmental and arrival of the straggles species palaeoclimate changes in the late post-evaporitic Many of the previously studied localities record Messinian stage of the central Mediterranean also the last colonization phase.

Beyond the two Basin. Geobios Mediterranean domain during the last 14 kyr of the 40, Gliozzi, E. Loxoconcha the Late Miocene. Geobios 40, — Krijgsman, W. Chronology, causes and progression of the Messinian salinity crisis. Nature On the whole, thirty-one Paratethyan ostracod , Fourteen of them Rise and fall of the Paratethys Sea during the have been recovered also in the coeval sediments Messinian Salinity Crisis.

Earth Planet. Bosphorian, started 5. The Messinian marine while only four common species have been recognized molluscs record and the dawn of the eastern Atlantic in the Upper Pontian of the Euxinic Basin Taman biogeography. It could be reliable to hypothesize that the Palaeoecol. Palaeogeographic considerations for into the Palaeo-Mediterranean through a connection Mediterranean and Paratethys seaways Oligocene in the Macedonian area Strimon Basin , during to Miocene.

Wien 99, the Bosphorian transgressive phase that affected the Dacic Basin Krijgsman et al. Timing and nature of During the Cenozoic, a large epicontinental sea the water exchange between the Paratethys and the named Paratethys stretched from central Europe Mediterranean is a crucial, yet poorly understood, into western Asia, affecting e.

Due to tectonic evolution dinoflagellates cysts, pollen and spores from two and eustatic sea level fall, the once large Eocene sections of the Eastern Paratethys, viz. Our results allow us to present-day relicts. During the final stages of its demise late Miocene — Pliocene , the Paratethys possibly played an important role in the Mediterranean water budget.

During the late Miocene, the connection s between the Mediterranean Basin and the Atlantic Ocean deteriorated, which culminated in thick evaporite deposits in the Mediterranean Basin during the so-called Messinian Salinity Crisis MSC, 5. Sequence Sea. The dynamic interplay of paleogeography and stratigraphic analysis of the Burdigalian deposits eustatic sea-level controlled 1 faunal exchange implies a primary control of eustatic sea-level on the and consequently evolutionary patterns and terminal marine NAFB and allows a correlation with paleobiogeography, and 2 the distribution of the global 3rd-order sequences Bur This drew the integration of different stratigraphic techniques is a attention of geologists and hydrocarbon industry alike promising way to achieve a more precise stratigraphy on the NAFB over a hundred years ago.

Surprisingly, for the NAFB. The improved correlation will stratigraphy remains poorly constrained until today, be fundamental by facilitating the evaluation of being largely based on lithostratigraphic correlation teleconnections between the Paratethys and the and focusing on regional biostratigraphic correlation.

Mediterranean seas. It will further contribute to The relation to the international time scale is tentative the establishment of the Paratethys as a recorder as robust tie points are missing. In order to achieve the primary objective, the improvement of the correlation of NAFB deposits to the international time scale, different methods including magneto-, chemo-, cyclo- and sequence stratigraphy have been applied to drill-sites and outcrops from the central part of the basin and integrated with new biostratigraphic constraints from calcareous nannoplankton and dinoflagellate cysts.

Even during the records have shown to be as accurate as marine ones Tortonian climatic optimum rapid fluctuations of concerning time resolution. Astronomical forcing the mean annual precipitation can be detected. The was deciphered in many long continental sections repetitive nature of such environmental shifts may and even bed-to-bed correlation with marine sections allow a correlation with various sub-Milankovitch was performed. Aside from solving stratigraphical cycles. We assume that these small-scale patterns questions, these studies provide fundamental insights of climate fluctuations are strongly influencing the into the interplay between astronomically originated Miocene environments, but remain completely climatic change and shifting biota.

This big leap overlooked so far. However, to link the observed cyclic allows Miocene and even Oligocene records to be shifts in the proxy data to certain climatic parameter, resolved in equally as Pleistocene and Holocene ones. Nevertheless, there is still a major lag in understanding pre-Pliocene records in terms of sub-Milankovitch scales.

Few studies on pre-Quaternary successions ever aimed for stratigraphic resolution to get a grip on centennial or even decadal scale. Typically, these focus on laminated maar-lake deposits with seasonal changes in sedimentation. Such records, however, are extremely scarce unlike continuous successions of other lake types, where high-resolution studies are commonly not considered as a high sample density is requited.

By using bulk-samples, representing an undefined amount of years or decades of sedimentation, are usually used for analysis resulting in gross values. These give useful results for calculations on a scale of years but are unable to capture climate dynamics on a sub-millennial scale. State 2 is typically represented by the Sarmatian marine Benthos, Mediterranean Sea corresponding to the late Serravallian but also in earlier phases e.

The marine Stratigraphy and the problems of reliable correlations life was low diverse and endemicity increased. Reef are central topics of the RCMNS-members working structures were typically dominated by few species, in the Paratethys area. The exact also common phenomena in this state and oolite dating of all these boundaries will remain a task for formation was frequent.

There is very little or even many future studies. Surprisingly, state 3 is rather well known. Paleontological data clearly document Paratethys Sea went through this state. The most appendix of the so much bigger Eastern Paratethys outstanding one is of course the Badenian Salinity and 3. State 1 was Crises versus the Messinian Salinity Crises. Another, realized during the Aquitanian and early Burdigalian, yet undocumented parallel are the mid-Sarmatian the late Burdigalian, most parts of the Langhian oolite phase, with a flourishing endemic mactrid- and during a short episode of the Serrvallian.

The cardiid assemblage, and its 5-ma-younger pendant corresponding biotic assemblages were highly in early Messinian lagoons of the Mediterranean diverse, displayed low endemicity and polytaxic reef Sea. In the proposed talk we will focus on the structures could develop.

Coral carpets and reefs are typical ecosystems of each of the Paratethys states restricted to this state. The origin of the species is and especially on the striking but diachronous often difficult to evaluate. Frequently, the Paratethyan Paratethyan-Mediterranean-counterparts. The rather abrupt P— Mediterranean Oligo—Miocene appearance of the species in the Paratethys after stratigraphy and palaeoecology.

Wageningen, jan. The changes with respect to Corvi section replace ages based on the continental ATNTS are relatively minor as might be Orera section. For the interval between 15 and 23 expected from a time scale that is largely underlain Ma, age calibration is still based on interpolation by astronomical tuning.

The Serravallian Global of spreading rates from 5 high spreading rate plate Stratotype Section and Point GSSP has now been pairs in the Pacific, but these will likely be replaced defined at the boundary between the Globigerina in the future by tuned ages coming from ongoing Limestone and Blue Clay Formations in the Ras-il- studies of deep-sea cores recovered during I ODP Pellegrin section on Malta and coincides with the Legs. FO in a deep marine core in the open ocean.

In addition to the global chronostratigraphic scale, regional subdivisions for New Zealand and the Paratethys have been added, and detailed mammal- based chronological units and calcareous plankton, dinoflagellate and radiolarian biozonal schemes included. Husing uu. Hilgen uu. Krijgsman uu. However, precise dating of geochemical elements any of these events is seriously hampered by the lack of well-dated mammal- or invertebrate-bearing sections.

The configuration of the present-day Mediterranean Pre-requisites for a thorough understanding of cause- Sea resulted from a sequence of closing marine and-effects relationships associated with the complex connections. The middle Miocene Ma closure Mediterranean-Indian Ocean gateway closure are of the gateway to the Indian Ocean had presumably the development of an accurate chronology.

For the most profound climate implications because it this purpose, we need marine sequences in the interrupts a direct marine connection between Africa Mediterranean covering the Miocene. The La Vedova and Eurasia forcing ocean currents to pass south of composite section in northern Italy seems perfectly Africa. This closure has been put forward to explain suitable for our study, as the interval between We have extended the Miocene Climate Optimum to the much colder section into the older part of the Miocene and have ice house state Wodruff and Savin and the now constructed a magnetobiostratigraphic age development of a permanent East Antarctic ice cap as model back to The first-order astronomical a consequence of circulation changes van der Zwaan tuning of this interval is to the kyr-and kyr and Gudjonsson , Zachos et al.

The major climatic cooling step at The sedimentary and elemental enlarged ice volume Miller et al. The latter age is limestones. Several pattern remain complex and indicate pronounced distinct waves of mammal migration and marine influence of precession-obliquity interference in the biogeographic evolution in the Proto-Mediterranean system.

Die Raffi, I. Mourik, A. The content was mainly affected by variety of complex presence of Mitrella Clinurella minima Sacco, tectonic movements Boulton et al. Although, many studies Clathurella spreafici Bellardi, Pyrgolampros cf. Knowledge pullus pullus Linnaeus, , Turbonilla densecostata on molluscs is still very limited. Strong neotectonic activity Strombus coronatus Defrance, in: Landau et in the study region, which was induced by nearby al.

Vexillum Vexillum plicatula Brocchi , Conus Due to changing basinal configuration and unstable Lithoconus sp. However, it is Borson var. Mytilopsis, associated with the infralitoral marine species [Cerithium Thericium crenatum Brocchi, , Tricolia pullus pullus Linnaeus, , References Turbonilla densecostata Philiippi , Nassarius nitidus Boulton, S. Robertson, A. This finding represents margin to an underfilled foreland basin related to a faunal mixing and presence of brackish - marine closure of the Southern Neotethys Ocean.

Boulton, S. The Neogene—Recent Hatay Graben, South Through the Zanclean, different type depositional Central Turkey: graben formation in a environments are observed changing from brackish setting of oblique extension t r a n s t e n s i o n to normal marine conditions in the study area. Short related to post-collisional tectonic escape, period brackish water conditions were established Geological Magazine.

Tectonic an sedimentary evolution sedimentation. Geological Society, London, Special Publications. Congress, Lisboa, New Terra UNL. Lisboa, 12, Neogene Stratigraphy Landau, B. Paleontos, 3: Paleontos, 4: Beu, A. Monegatti, P.

Taxonomic diversity and stratigraphic distribution of Mediterranean Pliocene bivalves. Parvicardium popovi, Nucula comta, epistominoides, Eorupertia incrassata, Nummulites cf. In general, brackish water conditions Phyllocoenia peculaus.

These occur in the shallow and estuarine water circulation patterns are proposed marine units Koyunbaba and Sogucak formations , for the huge Solenovian basin Popov et al. The Late Solenovian Made, J. Geologica Geologica Balcanica completed.

Late Rupelian 32 — 29 the southern Bulgaria , based on the affinities of the Ma. Paleogeographic maps with explanatory notes, — , Paris. References Oktay, F. Pfeil shallow subbasin of the Paratethys: Thrace basin, Stolyarov, A. Solenovian Rocks of the Turkey. Ore Geology Reviews — Terra Nova — Eastern Paratethys : Communication 2. Facial- Popov, S. Paleogeographic Deposition Environments. Turgut, S. Sequence stratigraphy, Paleontological Journal —41 tectonics and depositional history in eastern Popov, S.

Marine and Petroleum Lopatin, A. Grigorovich, A. Early Oligocene. Paleontological Journal — Popov, S. Eocene stratigraphic evolution of the Thrace Basin, Turkey. Sedimentary Geology, , Steininger, F. Apusului No. This indicates the two Due to their setting between two water basins of categories of processes were driven by different the Paratethys domain, the Dacian Basin faunal mechanisms and were active in different basin assemblages were severely influenced by the migration environments.

The Dacian Basin was the meeting space of the migration routes started from the west References Pannonian Basin and from the east Euxinian Basin. The attempt to make evident these migration Andreescu, I. Dacian Basin and the neighboring Paratethyan basins.

The Euxinian Basin fauna migrated through the large Ebersin, A. Abundant faunal elements of the Dacian ale Neogenului superior din Bazinul Dacic. Jipa, D. Dacian Basin. The Pannonian migrant fauna initially populated the Depositional architecture and sedimentary history western part of the Dacian Basin Marinescu, ; of a Paratethys sea.

Special This fact supports the Leever D. The evolution et al. Tectonophysics, there is no plausible indication regarding a supply of doi From the sediment accumulation viewpoint, during RSR, pp. VIII: H, Magyar, I. The endemic molluscs of the Late Miocene Lake , Pannon: their origin, evolution, and family-level taxonomy. Papaianopol, I. La region de passage vers le Bassin Euxinique entre la Paratethys central et la Paratethys orientale. In: Marinescu,F. Chronostratigraphie und Neostratotypen.

Pl1 — Dazien, Editura Academiei, Saulea, E. VI — Neogen, Insitutul Geologic. Their positions have been areas, paleoenvironments. For most of its existence basin, withholding the incoming Carpathian clastic Maeotian-Early Dacian it functioned as a semi- material. This prevented sedimentary way-out fluxes enclosed basin.

During and the Late Dacian time the aimed at to the larger and deeper Black Sea, in spite basin was filled out and became a fluvial accumulation of the shallow marine connection between the two area. The constant basin- sediment source-area. Source-areas and sedimentation areas CA main depocenters in the Dacian Basin. Bucharest C-Balkan source-area.

D- Dobrogea source area. Shallow marine the most part of the Dacian Basin sediments. The westernmost part of the Dacian two sediment accumulation areas of the Dacian Basin was a deep marine depression, with at least Basin, positioned according to the areal setting of m depths. The distribution of the major facies the Carpathian source-areas Fig. The two basin is different for the Dacian basin transgressive or depocenters were located in the proximity of the two regressive system.

Schematic representation of the Dacian Basin re a s our r ogea B paleoenvironments and physiography during the ce- a C1 Maeotian time transgressive setting. Not to scale. B- Shoreline. C- Shallow marine C1-delta; C2-prodelta. During its seven million year sedimentary evolution, Magyar, I. The most important variation of this kind Lake Pannon in Central Europe.

Palaeogeography, was a moderate, but long time southward areal Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, , — Fritz F. Lithological-Paleogeographic maps of Paratethys. References: Late Eocene to Pliocene. Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Jipa, D. Band Frankfurt am Main, Depositional architecture and sedimentary history of a Paratethys sea. Atlas Publication 3, pp. VI — Neogen, 1: Institutul Jipa, D. Sediment routing Geologic. Change, doi Well cores, outcrops sedimentology and palaeontology , well logs and seismic lines Miocene sedimentary record of the Vienna and have been analysed.

Besides standard 2D and 3D Danube basins was a subject of intensive geological seismic data interpretation, on selected surfaces research for more than a century due to oil, gas and seismic attribute analysis has been used. Data set was geothermal energy prospection. The very well known processed in programs Petrel, Geographic Discovery, basin fill is mainly composed of shallow and deep OpendTect.

Danube River. Apart from the paleo Danube delta At the end of this period about 12 — 10 Ma also other deltas of various size and character have the distal parts of the delta lobes crossed eastern been entering the Pannonian Basin realm from the boundary of the basin and entered the Danube Basin North.

Carpathians has been documented. The sediments The deltaic lobes prograded relatively fast across the were transported into the Danube Basin from the basin, reaching its eastern margin during the Upper West and North. In the basin axial part the individual Badenian about 70 km. Deltaic system persisted transports of material joined and gradually reached till the Pannonian, often switching the active lobes in the southward direction, and the delta front delta various directions.

Bypass of transported sediments paleoslope shifted into the Pannonian Basin area toward East Danube Basin can be considered first Magyar et al. The total affected by relative sea level and climatic changes. Miocene successor of the Central Paratethys Sea in The type of deltaic deposits is changing in time and this area was followed by alluvial plain development. Analysis of sedimentary facies and Acknowledgements: The authors wish to express their paleoenvironments of the deltaic system helped us to gratitude to the Oil and Gas Company Nafta a.

In the micropaleontology as well as geophysical data. The delta plain have been distinguished the environments work was financially supported by the Slovak Research of lagoon and marsh, tidal flats, coastal plains, lobes and Development Agency under the contracts No. Carpathica 62, 6, Senkenberg, Frankfurt Haynesina ; salt wedge of active distributary channels, am Main, , Carpathica, the terrestrial areas of the delta hinterland e.

Palaeogeography, Results achieved by the research of the huge body of Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology , Danube delta have drawn our attention to more precise study of the constructive and destructive phases in delta building processes lasting several million years.

Therefore, in the future, we should pay attention to study the relative sea level changes depending on basin connections with the open sea; influence of orbital forcing on the process of deposition and facial changes precession, obliquity and eccentricity , climatic variations control, as well as the impact of local tectonic pulses in various geological scales. In , a seismic atlas of the Anybody willing to contribute to this project is Messinian markers in the Mediterranean and Black welcome.

At the present time, 4 new sites have been seas has been published Lofi et al. Throughout 13 study areas see black boxes Lofi, J. Raw and interpreted seismic profiles are pp. Lozar F. This will allow placing the onset of the MSC in distal, intermediate, and marginal Introduction settings independently from gypsum deposition. Recently, a diachronous onset of gypsum in the Tertiary Piedmont Basin TPB , both in deposition has been demonstrated from marginal the southern and northern margin.

Quantitative to distal environment Manzi et al. In the Tertiary closely spaced samples from marginal Banengo, Piedmont Basin TPB the record of the onset of northern margin and intermediate Pollenzo, the MSC is preserved in distal, intermediate, and southern margin settings, allowing the identification marginal settings.

Orbital constraints allow the precise dating of the precessional precessional forcing, resulting in a strong climatic cycles recognized in the sections, thus allowing the alternation, controlled lower Messinian sedimentation cyclostratigraphic dating of the recognized bioevents. In general, the climate-driven control on Messinian CN assemblages record high abundances of placoliths assemblage composition is superimposed by regional thriving in the upper photic zone Reticulofenestra tectonic control that led to the step-wise closure of spp.

This pattern is very benthic and planktonic populations Kouwenhoven strongly expressed in distal to intermediate settings, et al. In this work we but it is slightly obliterated by coastal influences in analyse the Calcareous Nannofossils responses to this marginal sections, such as Banengo, where coastal palaeoceanographic event in the TPB.

We focus on the taxa U. These are from older to younger : basin, it could be considered as a basin-wide event 1- the peak abundance of P. In the near future it will be important to test if this event is also recognizable in 2- the peak abundance of S. The record of the Messinian salinity crisis in the laminated shale of the first MSC precessional in the Tertiary Piedmont Basin NW Italy : cycle, marking the final disruption of normal marine The Alba section revisited.

Palaeogeography, conditions at about 5. In several sections, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology , In particular, the S. Marine Micropaleontology 60, in several sections in the Appenines Fanantello core, 17— Manzi et al. Chronology, causes and progression of the Mediterranean basin Pissouri section, Kouwehoven Messinian salinity crisis. Nature , — We propose to use this Lozar, F. Trenkwalder, S. Calcareous nannofossils The basin-wide disruption of the water column is and foraminifers herald the Messinian salinity further supported by the composition of younger crisis: the Pollenzo section Alba, Cuneo; NW assemblages event 3 , recording anomalous Italy.

Geobios 43, The Primary Lower underlying cycles. Gypsum in the Mediterranean: a new facies interpretation for the first stage of the Messinian salinity crisis. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Conclusions Palaeoecology , The occurrence of a sharp high abundance peak of the Mansouri, M. The deep-water counterpart of the Messinian lower evaporites in the Apennine foredeep: The Fanantello section Northern Apennines, Italy. Paleogeography Paleoclimatology Paleoecology , — Roveri, M. Terra Nova 20, Eufemia 19, Modena, Italy.

One of these processes is probably the vast input of freshwater into the basin during gypsum T h e Messinian salinity crisis is one of the most complex deposition, as revealed by the Sr isotope geochemistry geological events that happened on our planet.

The in most of the evaporite products, especially gypsum consequence has been a scientific controversy that Panieri et al. The lateral equivalent of gypsum in deep depositional settings, the Messinian facies deep settings is not necessarily halite but, as indicated architecture is at a first glance surprisingly similar to by cyclostratigraphy, shale and carbonates in the what one would expect just by simple evaporation of first salinity crisis phase Manzi et al.

Evaporite deposits range from carbonate the To complete the crisis interpretation complexity, first to precipitate from seawater to gypsum, halite, the biological remains also are in some instances kainite and finally bishofite the last to precipitate , a contradictory, as both marine and brackish fossils are rather rare very soluble salt that has an extremely low documented in the same sequences. Marine elsewhere, but are pivotal to understand the salinity Geology, , — Identifying Late d the possibility that some of the evaporite deposits Miocene episodes of connection and isolation in formed by brine mixing Raup, and not only the Mediterranean-Paratethyan realm using Sr by simple evaporation.

Hardie L. Evaporites: marine or non According to the above criteria and waiting for the marine? Late in the deep Mediterranean settings, the most reliable Miocene desiccation of the Mediterranean. Wilson, D. Chronology, causes, and : progression of the Messinian salinity crisis.

Nature, 1 The first stage 5. Manzi V. Sedimentology, 56, — The Messinian S. A, this volume. Fluid inclusion study of the salinity crisis in the Mediterranean basin: a primary lower gypsum of the Piedmont basin reassessment of the data and an integrated scenario.

Italy : precipitation from evaporated seawater? Panieri G. Ribosomal RNA B. The Messinian Sicilian stratigraphy gene fragments from fossilized cyanobacteria revisited: toward a new scenario for the Messinian identified in primary gypsum from the late salinity crisis.

Terra Nova, 20, — Miocene, Italy. Geobiology, 8, Raup, O. AAPG Bulletin, 54, — Very detailed environmental analyses of long-lived freshwater basins stretching along including studies on carbonate microfacies and coal the Dinaride-Anatolian Island that separated the petrology showed that the DLS was composed of Paratethys from the proto-Mediterranean Sea.

With alkaline, hard water lakes e. Mandic et al. The the lakes Harzhauser et al. The older fauna comprised - enigmatic clivunellid gastropods Extensive field work comprising 14 basins De Leeuw and a primitive dreissenid bivalve assemblage with et al. Within the younger phase, eye-catching events have been carried out by means of gamma-ray and of morphological evolution were recorded for species magnetic susceptibility measurements. These allowed lineages of the gastropods Melanopsis and Prososthenia, the correlation of sedimentary packages to orbital lasting over more than kyr Neubauer et al.

The This pattern clearly shows the De Leeuw, A. Similarly to Lake Pannon, Chronology and integrated stratigraphy of the longevity of the single lakes was the crucial the Miocene Sinj Basin Dinaride Lake System, mechanism that facilitated accumulation of species, Croatia. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, produced by iterative radiation and extinction events. Palaeoecology ,

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