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When compared to other torrent sites like LimeTorrent, Without a doubt, The Pirate Bay is considered as the king of torrent websites. zalas writes "AnimeOnDVD reports that David Williams of ADV Films is testing out using BitTorrent as a distribution method.

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Doubt manga vf torrent

doubt manga vf torrent

zalas writes "AnimeOnDVD reports that David Williams of ADV Films is testing out using BitTorrent as a distribution method. This video about Eldarya has made me doubt everything I know…. The Easter event is online on Eldarya! Windows 7 Fr Torrent by avbrutol Do NOT post any torrents other than Initial D and automotive related stuff. • Give the original torrent maker (if it was not originated from. ZZ TOP 80S HITS TORRENT Has anyone used an update available, create a backup desktop session window. Installation, it offers. Let us know the problem can the virtualized changes. In kisd, there can click the the first to years We measure choose devices from.

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Then all thats left is to finish Fourth Stage and the complete p release will be up. Feel free to keep up in my Discord if you want. I post frequent updates and work on other things as well. I'm not sure how I missed this, and I see you have Battle Stage encoded, but I'll offer the same thing for your project that I did for a few others on here. I have a V2 script for Battle Stage available if you'd like it, since I'm the one who subbed it the first time.

Posted: Apr 23 , PM. First Stage is officially finished and screenshots are available. I will get to work on Fourth Stage within the next couple of days. It's very possible this Stage is going to be a lot of frame by frame work, so I cannot give an estimated finish time at the moment. Keep checking for an update and I will fill everyone in on the amount of time I estimate after I begin getting into working on it more.

Thanks Nomake, but I prefer to do my own work and scripts. This post has been edited by darkdream on Apr 28 , PM. Posted: Apr 24 , AM. Thank you so much darkdream, you're really doing the community a huge favor by doing this. Just wanted to leave a comment just so you know that there are others like us checking back daily for your updates and continuously helping you seed the ratios up. Cheers mate. Posted: May 3 , PM. I haven't been on this forum in years but just started watching Initial D again probably for the 10th time and thought I'd check it out to see if there are any higher quality rips out there and saw this post.

Just wanted to give you my thanks and that I'll help seed when I can. Posted: May 22 , PM. I actually got quite a bit of progress done to Fourth Stage on Monday in the bit of time I had to work on it. If I can get the same amount done today, I should be able to have this running through encoder by Friday for sure. Maybe even a day or two earlier. Then that's it, p is all finished up. At this rate, I can guarantee no more than 2 weeks and this will be all finished finally.

I got it all finished today and I will run it through the encoder now. Looks like less than 48 hours for all the episodes to finish. If they pass quality check and or I don't see anything I missed, I should be able to have them all up either this Friday or by Monday.

This post has been edited by darkdream on May 22 , PM. Looking forward to seeing the differences. Good luck with the encodes and QC!. Posted: May 24 , PM. I will begin work on p after I have had a short break. This post has been edited by darkdream on May 24 , PM. Posted: May 25 , AM. Thank you darkdream We will all be seeding the You go have your break man'. Posted: May 26 , AM. Image size reduced, original size: x Click here to view the image in its original dimension.

Battle Stage? I actually did a hardsub rip from multiple youtube videos and an old AVI file. I combined them together by taking pieces and different sentences from each, did some spelling checking, then retimed them and formatted how I wanted for that one. Positioning and placement is how I wanted it in the end. I did not take your v1. That crap took forever to finish because OCR for low quality video hardsub was pretty poor and I ended up having to manually type out most of it in the software instead of using the OCR like I would with a DVD or Blu-Ray subtitle track.

I believe for that one I have both my custom finished one and a second one that's mostly unaltered and from someone else from the AVI file in there. I think the subtitle creators names show at the end of everything for that second subtitle track.

There is no mention of a nomake wan in it though. Also, when you said "script" and offered me a script, I thought you were talking about an avisynth script for the video. Thats the work I was referring to. I never heard of subtitles referred to as a script before. They have always been called subtitles or subs to me. If I'd have known it was subtitles you were talking about, I would have accepted and put as a 3rd subtitle track in the upload.

If you want them in the p release as a 3rd subtitle track, just PM them to me. This post has been edited by darkdream on May 26 , AM. Posted: May 26 , PM. I'm the only one who ever bothered subbing the full Battle Stage, so yeah. Wanna try again? Well, I've never heard of someone offering someone else AVIsynth scripts without having been asked for them before.

Not to mention I specifically said in my post I was the one who subbed it Seeing as your first sub track is using my V1 translations for scene transitions and those aren't entirely correct I didn't have as good a grasp of kanji back in as I do in They said completely different things in each of them and some had things like text translation while the others did not. There were even versions of the Battle Stage that were much less in overall length with subtitles that said different things in them.

When you encode as much as I do, and your entire forum and other forums you usually use are almost solely based on that, asking for and offering avisynth scripts is far too common. Subtitles are rarely ever even a topic, unless I ask about them. You may have specifically said you were the one who subbed it, but that doesn't necessarily mean you were offering subtitles, thus the confusion.

When they are offered or talked about, their called subtitles or subs, not scripts in the communities I have always been in. All I got out of that was you were a person that subbed it or subbed it first, and were offering me a video script to use when I saw that.

The word scripts usually refers to the video aspect when using avisynth in the communities I am used to. So there is where the confusion lied. No need to bother worrying about it anymore. I don't consider coming in here and criticizing my placement or choice of subtitle positioning and telling me what I did or did not do correctly, then mocking and laughing at things like it's a joke, being a fairly nice guy. How they are is how I wanted them after piecing all the different things I had together.

When ripped from youtube hard subbed sources all the positioning and font info was lost, so I placed things how I liked them. Unless a name was actually typed in the subtitles, there is no way for me to have known where they came from. Yours might have a name in them, but the ones I had for use did not have it in there. I am not sleezy and I do not remove credits from used or borrowed subtitles on subbed only sources.

I appreciate the subtitle offer and realize there was a mixup as to what you were offering, but please don't come telling me what I did and did not do right or wrong or how things should be one way or another. It's very nice that you offered to share, but all that was not needed. It will be as I wish it to be in the end since these are mostly for my viewing pleasure, and I just happen to be nice enough to share the encodes as well.

You want your v2 subs in the next release, I will add them in as a unaltered third subtitle track in the p release. I may also check to see how the text translation differs, and if I like the way it sounds better, I would change some of them in my custom one. I will not be changing positioning though in my first track. Either way, the first track is going to remain how I want it when it comes to chosen sentences from the various different subs ripped from various different hard subbed videos.

I care about the video way more than I do the subtitles when it comes to subbed only sources, that's why I specifically asked everyone in my forum if they wanted their own subs or had a translation they prefer, to submit them to me and I would put them in as extra subtitle tracks. Since this is an actual submission, I have reason to add it in with no changes and I also have a name to put in the track name of the MKV file.

If people want other translations or their own custom subtitles, and they did not get them to me for insertion, they are free to do so on their own time and add them in for themselves. I have it how I liked it with what I had available to use when I made it. This post has been edited by darkdream on May 26 , PM. Oh, my bad. Didn't know you were including non-English in your English-subs-only release. My bad. It's missing about four scenes, is out-of-order, and the translation is sub-par.

So if we're talking about English-language releases I'm your man. So yes, I agree that there was confusion, I just think it was all rather silly. I mean, you're working with bluray sources, right? Except for the parts you left in, of course.

Easy enough to find via Google or right here on IDW where they came from originally using that info, were you to so care. You didn't. I also am absolutely going to criticize the placement on those scene transitions because it's , not It's trivial to add something like. Just sayin'! Nah, I don't want them in it. I just thought this was a by-the-community-for-the-community situation, and clearly I was wrong about that.

Yet more confusion on my part, I suppose.

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