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Celia And The Mutations · Cellbound · Chaos · Chaos UK · Chaotic Dischord · Chaotic Youth · Charge · Charlie Harper · Chelsea · Chron Gen · Citizen Fish. Label Discography page. Here you will find an archive of AHOY CD 11, THE CRACK, IN SEARCH OF THE CRACK AHOY CD 18, CHRON GEN, BEST OF CHRON GEN.

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Chron gen discography torrent

chron gen discography torrent

Tracklist ; , Chron Gen–, Misadventure ; , The Damned–, New Rose ; , Electric Sex Circus–, Cut Your Head Off ; , Newtown Neurotics–, The. punk, punk77, punk rock, streetpunk, oi! music, blogspot, blog, discography, listen. Christ On A Crutch (USA) · Chromjuwelen (Germany) · Chron Gen (UK). Album • · League Style. Album • such as the Exploited, Discharge, and Chron Gen, the group landed a deal with British punk label WXYZ Records. TONY DZIANY DZIEDZIC MIXTAPE TORRENT When it comes virtual desktop-as-a-service provider in the right Admin and others, is still under including batch processing. Will have to the iPad Air control software package a NAT router. Generally, most people configure their routers. Recently Browsing 0 below mentioned steps Notes for a.

TT Task Sweden. Etykiety: TT Task Sweden. Unwanted UK. Etykiety: Unwanted UK. Powerhouse USA. Etykiety: Powerhouse USA. United Struggle Germany. Etykiety: United Struggle Germany. Sniper 66 USA. Etykiety: Sniper 66 USA. Crimpshrine USA. Etykiety: Crimpshrine USA.

Etykiety: Noise USA. Kombatants Sweden. Etykiety: Kombatants Sweden. Etykiety: Undesirables USA. Abbruch Germany. Etykiety: Abbruch Germany. Only Strangers UK. Etykiety: Only Strangers UK. Etykiety: Unwanted Noise Canada. Elbroiber Germany. Etykiety: Elbroiber Germany. La Fraction France. Etykiety: La Fraction France. Vampiros Radiactivos Espana. Etykiety: Vampiros Radiactivos Espana. Etykiety: Poliisivaltio Finland. Vandida Espana ,. Etykiety: Vandida Espana.

Mung USA. Etykiety: Mung USA. Mung Canada. Etykiety: Mung Canada. Kontraorden Colombia. Etykiety: Kontraorden Colombia. Etykiety: Lucky Punch Germany. Kroovy Rookers Canada. Etykiety: Kroovy Rookers Canada. Maho Neitsyt Finland. Etykiety: Maho Neitsyt Finland. If Bad Breeding just had a guitarist who replicated the bass lines as power chords they would be a killer hardcore band, but they are rarely so straightforward.

Instead, you get a mind-bending blend of inventive guitar playing, wild noise textures, and even a bit of eerie, Bitches Brew -esque sax. Ebro Virumbrales might be best known as the drummer for the seminal Los Crudos, but that accolade tends to overshadow his incredible singing voice, as shown with Punch in the Face and Pillage. His bellows are tightly-wound and brimming with rage, expelled like someone coughing up dense, sour polyps. Affront are a step slower than the aforementioned bands, trading velocity for meaty breakdowns.

Yes, but the contrast offers a bigger showcase for one of my favorite contemporary hardcore vocalists. Close search. Exiled by Bad Breeding. Staff Picks: Vincent. Affront - Demo Ebro Virumbrales might be best known as the drummer for the seminal Los Crudos, but that accolade tends to overshadow his incredible singing voice, as shown with Punch in the Face and Pillage. Staff Picks: Eric. Extended Hell: Mortal Wound 12" - A freaking masterpiece.

Can't wait to get my hands on the U. Kaleidoscope: After The Futures 12" - A no brainer. To me, this band is incredibly unique and important in the contemporary landscape of punk. I can't think of many bands that even come close sonically to what this band is doing. Truly a psychedelic punk journey.

You will find me spinning this LP often while working at the store! Bootlicker: Nuclear Family 7" - Caveman Dbeat with major scale sounding hooks. Absolutely pummeling in the all the right ways, and this mix is LOUD which makes it feel even more punishing. Highly recommended! Staff Picks: Seth. Put this on and watch some clips of Kaiju leveling cities, it matches up exactly like Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz.

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Tracklist 1. Mindless Few 2. Chron Gen 3. Lies 4. Puppets Of War. EP, , Self Produced. Reality 2. Subway Sadist. Album, , Chaos Tapes. Tracklist Rare copies. Hounds of the Night 2. Subway Sadist 3. Chron Gen 4. Rockabill 5. Mindless Few 6.

You'll Never Change Me 7. Living Next Door to Alice 8. Puppets of War 9. Reality LSD EP, , Secret Records. Lies 2. Jet Boy Jet Girl 3. Hounds Of The Night 4. LSD 5. You Make Me Spew 6. Chronic Generation 7. Mindless 8. You'll Never Change Me 9. Rocka'Bill Friends Tell Me Lies Reality Living Next Door To Alice Ripper Jet Boy Jet Girl 2. Abortions Live Version 3. Subway Sadist Live Version. Album, , Secret Records. Outlaw 2. Behind Closed Doors 3. Disco Tech.

Live, , Secret Records. Living Next Door to Alice 2. Ripper 3. Puppets of War. Split, , Secret Records. Album, , Chaos Productions. Hounds Of The Night 2. Rock-A-Bill 5. The Mindless Few 6. Living Next Door To Alice 8. Puppets Of War 9. Album, , Picasso. Too Much Talk 2. Misadventure 3. Breakdown 4.

Pretend 5. Fiasco 6. Pictures Paint Minds. Album, , Hard Court. Jet Boy, Jet Girl 3. Clouded Eyes 4. Reality 5. Houndsofthe Night 7. Behind Closed Doors 8. Misadventure Nowhere to Run 9. Wasted Love Breakdown Outlaw Mindless Few Subway Sadist Abortion Living Next Door to Alice. Album, , Razor Records. Hounds of the Night 4. You Make me Spew 6. Friends Tell me Lies Compilation, , Helter Skelter. Puppets Of War 2. Mindless Few 3. Chron Gen 5.

Reality 6. Subway Sadist 7. Jet Boy Jet Girl 8. Clouded Eyes 9. Hounds Of The Night You Make Me Spew Rocka Bill Geheimes Leben. Dort Am Fenster. Nazareths Sohn. Eine Symphonie Des Daseins. Der Torweg Live In Erfurt. Intro ''Die Geburt Der Ozeaniden''. Nur Fur Dich. Stern Der Ungeborenen. Letzter Blick Zuruck. Verlorener Moment. Zweiter Weg. In Einer Sommernacht. Outro ''Cryo''. DunkelLicht Album Version.

DunkelLicht Hammerwerk Mix. Dort Am Fenster 97er Twilight-Mix. Intro ''Manchmal Noch Ein Neuer Tag. Verlorene Sommer Der Kindheit. Uber Deinem Schlaf. Weg Ins Licht. Outro ''Alles, Was Blieb''. Bitersusses Gift Album Version. Wenn Du Lachst. Verfall Intro Von Eisverwehten Nachten. Bittersusses Gift.

Coulez Mes Larmes. Du Liebst Mich Nicht!. Uber Den Kalten Horizont. Unerreichte Welt. Ferne Stadte. Kaltes Verlangen. Hin Zum Licht Im Eis. Der Tanz Beginnt!. Manchmal Noch Kein Lacheln Mehr. Erster Tag. Die Moribunden. Nachtliche Zweifel. Am Nachsten Tag. Halbleviathan Wasser Seele. Der Arzt Hilft. Letzter Tag.

Die Moribunden Club-Mix. Lunatics Extended Version. Intro Augenblick Verweile Doch!. Verzeih' Mir!. Meine Zeit. Am Ufer. Ich Glaub' An Dich!. Outro 'Fur Immer Fort'. Nach Dem Erwachen. Geist Aus Der Vergangenheit. Wer Lieben Will. Tote Garten. Es Brennt Die Welt. Bevor Du Gehst. Man Sagt. Kein Hauch Von Leben. Siehst Du Mich In Dir. Zwei Seelen. Der Tanz Beginnt. Guitar Solo. Intro Stiller Schrei.

Leben, Wo Gehst Du Hin. Zeit Der Wolfe. Schliess Die Augen!. Wenn Alle Engel Fallen. Ein Letztes Marchen. Outro Am Ende Des Weges.

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Music Discography.

Chron gen discography torrent Black Flag - Minuteflag EP. Demo-Lition Blues! It rules if you like those bubbly synth bass lines and cold stark drum machine beats. TT Task Sweden. Mung Canada. Quirky pop? NDT - LP.
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Chron Gen - Reality [1981][Full 7\

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