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Though primarily intended for a Dutch audience published in Haarlem in , Recollections of Japan lated into Japanese, and has been re-published regu. Searching: Directed by Aneesh Chaganty. With John Cho, Sara Sohn, Alex Jayne Go, Megan Liu. After his teenage daughter goes missing, a desperate father.

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The extent of this alienation begins to unwind in the second part of the narrative, at the narrator's fascination with the horse, ending with the last paragraph of the story. The attempt to escape such existence constitutes the action of the second half. Though Mr. Houde can here make allusions to Icarus, what must be underlined is, the fact that Francois' attempt is the first of its kind in the whole of the literature he belongs to.

Aucune hor- loge ne marque mes heures. Aucun calendrier ne compte mes annees. Je suis dissous dans le temps. Rkglements, discipline, entraves rigides, tout est par terre. Le nom de Dieu est sec et s'effrite. Aucun Dieu n'habita jamais ce nom pour moi. J'ai porte trop longtemps mes chatnes. Elies ont eu le loisir de pousser des racines interieure 3. Elies m'ont de- fait par le dedans.

Je ne serai jamais un homme libre. J'ai voulu m'affranchir trop tard. Actually,' this is a revelation. The narrator understands he is too late to capture a life, life itself. As the horse has fled, so too his life. There is no choice hut to follow events to their end. These events are more than just mere happenings. They are a surge of activity that bring Frangois to experience a nightmarish recognition of his final condition.

He must endure a series of irreversible experiences. He becomes tormented by desire for woman, and goes out to find her. Each impulse to act, to counter passivity, is met by a painful reminder of his split existence, something which in itself prevents positive action. In order to find a woman, he must confront and admit to his solitude. Doing so, he bears witness to his alienation.

The girl he brings home, Arnica, in many ways resembles Perceval; in spirit, in mystery, and with her blue-black hair like the horse's blue-black skin. She is the unknown, the purity of physical and instinctual life. But Francis can only suffer from his encounter with her p. Je suis 1'invite des noces. Arnica montre une aisance, ime habilete dans les caresses qui me plongent dans un etonnement reveur. Elle dort. Les demons familiers appareillent dans les noires sculptures du lit.

Ahi je ne serai plus seul tour— mentei Non, ils epargnent son sommeil calme. Ils se deploient de loin autour d'elle. Elle forme une lie calme sur ma couche maudite. This splitting into actor and spectator, not only forms the premise for the narration, but also occurred as such at the very moment when Francois is struck deaf by the mother p. Tout en me reculant vers la porte, je ne pouvais m'empecher de noter la force souple de cette longue femme. Son visage etait tout defait, presque hideux.

Je me dis que c'est probablement ainsi que la haine et la mort me defigureraient, un jour. The splitting is the result of conflict. Une phrase hante mes nuits: "Tu es mon fils, tu me continues. Such destruction pushes Frangois to the very limits of his exis tence. The necessity voiced by the Torrent in his pounding temples is the invitation to final and complete discovery of the unknown p. II est necessaire que je regarde mon image interieure.

Je me penche sur le gouffre bouillonnant. Je suis penche sur moi. The prospect of being found out by the girl, of being destroyed by her presence and the demands it makes on him drives Frangois mad with fever and delirium. She represents possible destruction or invasion, not simply because she may discover the secret concerning his mother's death, but because she has invaded all possibilities of concealment that Frangois previously enjoyed; she has opened all the closed spaces of his external and internal life.

She has penetrated all the locked rooms of the house and stripped him of his last private refuge, robbed him of submergence into the deepest part of the Self pp. Que fait Arnica? Que decouvrira-t-elle? Se peut-il qu'elle trouve quelque chose? Et ses longs cheveux bleus autour de mon cou. Ils m'etouffent. Once she is gone, there remains only one thing to confront: complete and utter solitude, final and irrevocable alienation p.

Je n'ai jamais pen- se au depouillement de soi comme condition de l'etre pur. D'ailleurs, je ne puis pas etre pur. Je ne serai jamais pur. Je me rends a ma fin. Je ne puis imaginer ma fin en dehors de rnoi. La est peut-etre mon erreur. Qui m'enseignera 1'issue possible? Je suis seul, seul en rnoi. Je veux voir le gouffre, le plus pres possible.

Je veux me perdre en mon aventure, ma seule et epouvantable richesse. It is also escape into the unknown, the only potential means of becoming one with the rush of the Torrent and all it represents. The next and most important mention of the Torrent is made just after Fran 5 ois is struck deaf, when he describes how it now exists within him. Its real significance becomes explicit at this point, and is further intensified when Francis notes the hold it has over his day- to-day existence p.

The idea of the Torrent forms the symbolic foundation of the narrative. The three categories of elements build on it. II ne faut pas y toucher. The third elaborates the fundejnental opposition of life and death, flesh and spirit, matter and mind. His inability to distinguish and choose between the two and their relative qualities of good and bad, stems from the background of his life.

Thus, the setting in the first half determines the action in the second half. The act of union fails for him, both literally with Arnica and figuratively with Perceval, even though the horse delivers him of his mother. The Torrent underscores the event and dramatizes its significance: "ma seule et epouvantablo richesse. All together, the three represent a saga of the land, the wilderness, and of existence cursed by slavery and personal ownership, and of the necessity of relinquishing one's holdings in order to restore natural harmony.

In Anne Hebert's story, the characters or events are also archetypal:. Together, the three characters or symbols form the dramatic opposition that constitutes the central activity of the French-Canadian, and North American, literary tradition. ADDENDA Neither the problems of translating poetry, nor those presented by prose rhythms have been considered in this introduction, since these can be long and involved and are best treated in a lengthier study. Anno Hebert f s poetry has beon translated, notably by F.

A Christianized version of the Buddha legend. O Ibid. Tytler wrote Essay on the P rinciples of Translation. Cary, Ibid. Sapir, and Reality New York, quoted by B. Whorf in Language , , p. Thought, 15 B. Whorf, Ibid. Brower, ed,, On Translation Cambridge, , p. An English translation can be found in M. Brown, Neo—Idealistic Aesthetics Detroit, , p. Brower, ed. Savory, The Art of Translation London, t pp. Forster, "Translation: An Introduction," in A.

Smith, ed. Smith, p. Bovie, "Translation as a Form of Criticism," in Arrowsmith, p. Winter, Arrowsmith, p. He upholds his own translation on the basis of the differences in the two languages concerned. That for those works which are resolutely subjective, the transpositions should only be tactical. We do not want literalness but rather an attentive application. This is what, in my meaning, gives poetic interest to the enterprise and supplies it with its real chance.

Translation becomes in the bargain a critique of our own thought and also of our existence and its sloths. To make ,. Bonnefoy is discussing the dialogue between the text and the translator and his relationship to the languages he works with. In order to clarify this argument, a difficult one surely, we should -refer ourselves to Vinay and Darbelnet's Stylistique Comparee du francais et de 1' anglais. French is on the "plan de 1' entendernent," while English is on the "plan du reel" p.

J Le plan de 1 'entendernent utilise les mots signes et le plan du reel les mots images. Les images sensibles dominent sur le plan du reel, elles tendent a faire place aux rapports et aux idees sur le plan de 1'entendernent. For this reason, says Bonnefoy, Shakespeare must be rendered poetically in French as verse.

Chatman and S. Levin, eds. Le sens d'un enonce restant inaccessible, on ne pour- rait jamais etre certain d'avoir fait passer ce sens d'une langue dans une autre. J Ibid. However, form must not be confused with that of the original language.

TParis, Maori, "L'alienation dans 1'oeuvre d'Anne Hebert et de P. Page" unpublished M. Further quotations are followed by their page reference in parentheses. Ey decree of a will greater than my own, I was to renounce all forms of possession in this life. I touched only fragments of the world, only those things that were of immediate use to me; and ohese were quickly taken away from me as their usefulness was over.

The notebook I opened, but not the table on which it was set. The corner of the stable I had to scrub, but never the hen perched in the window, and never ever the fields that showed through it. I saw my mother's huge hand whenever it was raised up against me, but I never saw my mother in her Le Torrent I J'etais un enfant depossede du raonde.

Par le decret d'une volonte anterieure a la mienne, je devais renoncer a toute posession en cette vie. Je voyais la grande main do ma mere quand elle se le- vait sur rnoi, rnais je n'apercevais pas ma mere en entier, de 86 entirety, from head to foot. I had no childhood. I cannot recall a single moment of leisure "before the unexpected occurrence of my deafness.

Up with the sun, the hours of her day fit together so tightly that no time was spared "between them. Outside of the lessons my mother gave me up until 20 my entering the seminary, my mother never talked. VJords did not fit into her scheme of things. For her to depart from such an order, I first had to commit some transgression or other. That is, rny mother only spoke to reprimand me before punishing me. J'avais seulement le sentiment de sa terrible grandeur qui me glagait.

Je n'a,i pas eu d'enfance. En dehors des legons qu'elle me donna jusqu'a mon entree au college, ma mere ne parlait pas. La parole n'entrait pas dans son ordre. Pour qu'elle derogeat a cet ordre, il fal- lait que le premier j'eusse commis une transgression quelconque. C'est-a-dire que ma mere ne m'adressait la parole que pour me reprimander, avant de me punir.

As soon as the lesson hour ended, my mother's expression was once again taken over by total incommunicability. Her mouth closed harshly, hermetically, as if it were held shut by a bar inside. You have no idea of the evil forces within usi Do you understand, Franyois? I'll break you myself, sure enough Sa bouche se fermait durement, hermetiquement, comme tenue par un verrou tire de l'interieur.

Moi, je baissais les yeux, soulage de n'avoir plus a suivre le fonctionnement des puis3antes machoires et des l. On n'a pas idee de la force mauvaise qui est en nous. Tu rn'entends, Fran 9 ois? She added in getting up: 45 —"Very well, Francis, the lesson is over But I'll remember your ill will, at the proper time and place The very moment I felt I could es- 50 cape, she descended on me, implacably, having forgotten nothing, detailing day by day, hour by hour, the very things I believed to be most hidden.

Ma mere me fixait sans merci et moi je ne parvenais pas a me decider a la regarder. Elle ajoutait en se levant: —"C'est bien, Franpois, l'heure est finie Mais je me souviendrai de ta mauvaise volonte, en temps et lieu Moreover, I was vaguely aware that she was 55 keeping herself under control with, great difficulty.

There was, in fact, another reason, one that I only 60 discovered much later. I have said that my mother was forever at work, either in the house, or in the stable or in the fields. She would wait to discipline me until there was a break in the daily routine. D'autant plus que je sentais confuse- ment qu'elle se dominait avec peine. Dans la suite j'ai com- pris qu'elle agissait ainsi par discipline: "pour se dompter elle-meme," et aussi certainement pour m'impressionner davan- tage en etablissant son emprise le plus profondement possible sur moi.

II y avait bien une autre raison que je n'ai decou- verte que beaucoup plus tard. J'ai dit que ma mhre s'occupait sans arret, soit dans la maison, soit dans l'etable ou les champs. Pour me corriger, elle attendait une treve, J'ai trouve, 1'autre jour, dans la remise, sur une poutre, derriere un vieux fanal, un petit calepin ayant appar- tenu a ma mere. On a certain Monday, she was to spread the sheets out on the grass to whiten them; I remember that it began to rain sud- 70 denly.

I was going on twelve and had not yet beheld a human face, other than the 75 moving reflection of my 0 wn whenever I bent over to drink from a summer stream. As for my mother, only the bottom of her face was familiar to me. My eyes never dared go higher on her face, up to the angry stare, up to the wide forehead that I later discovered to be fiercely lined and pitted.

J'allais avoir douze ans et n'avais pas encore contemple un visage humain, si ce n'est le reflet mouvant de rnes propres traits, lorsque l'ete je me penchais pour boire aux ruisseaux. Mes yeux n'osaient monter plus haut, jusqu'aux prunelles courroucees et au large front que je connus, plus tard, atrocement ravage. Son menton imperatif, sa bouche tourmentee, malgre 1'attitude calme que le silence essayait de lui imposer, son corsage noir, cuirasse, sans nulle place tendre ou put se -.

This was, I believe, my 90 mother's way of keeping the Lord's Day, at my expense. I never saw my mother at prayer. But I suspected she prayed sometimes, shut up in the priva. At this time, I was so dependent on my mother, that the least of her inner upheavals reverberated in me. So, on the nights I thought my blottir la tete d'un enfant; et voila l'univers maternel dans lequel j'appris, si tot, la durete et le refus.

Mais, je soupijon- nais qu'elle le faisait, parfois, enfermee dans sa chambre. The silence was as heavy as death. The one desire I had, became stronger day by day and hung over me like an obsession: to see up close the detail of another human face. To do so, I should have to post myself at the side of the highway.

Le silence etait lourd a mourir. J'attendais je ne sa,is quelle tourmente qui balaierait tout, m'entrainant avec ma mere, a jamais lie a son destin funeste. Ce desir que j'avais augmentait de jour en jour et me pesait comme une nostalgie.

Voir de pres et en detail une figure humaine. Je cherchais a examiner ma mere a la derobee; mais, presque toujours, elle se retournait vivement vers moi et je perdais courage. Je resolus d'aller a la rencontre d'un visage d'hornme, n'osant esperer un enfant et me prornettant de fuir si c'etait une femme.

Pour cela je voulais rne poster au bord de la grand' route. II finirait bien par passer quelqu'un. Our old horse, Eloi, died from such labour, poor beast. I did not think the highway was so far away. I was afraid of getting lost. What would my mother say, when, after milking the cows, she discovered my absence? I cringed in anticipation of her blows; but I kept on walking.

My desire was too pressing, too desperate. Je craignais de me perdre. Que dirait ma mere, au retour de la traite des vaches, quand elle s'apercevrait de mon absence? Mon desir etait trop pressant, trop desespere. Out of breath, I stopped short just as if a hand had touched my forehead. I wanted to cry. Was it on that surface that footsteps other than'mine or my mother's had made their way? What had become of those others?

Where were they headed? Not a single trace of them. The road must surely be dead. I dared not walk on it. I followed it in the ditch. Suddenly, I stumbled over a body lying on the ground, and flew headlong into the mud. I picked myself up, dismayed at the thought of my dirty clothes. Beside me, I saw the horrible looking man. He must have been sleeping there, and now he was Apres le petit brule ou chaque ete je venais cueillir des bluets avec ma mere, je me trouvai face a face avec la route.

Essouffle, je m'arretai court, comrne touche au front par une main. J'avais envie de pleurer. La route s'etendait triste, lamentable, unie au soleil, sans ame, morte. Ou se trouvai ent les corteges que je m'imaginais decouvrir? Sur ce sol-la s'etaient poses des pas autres que les miens ou ceux de ma mere.

Qu'etaient devenus ces pas? Ou se dirigeaient-ils? Pas une empreinte. La route devait certainement etre morte. Je n'osais marcher dessus et je suivais le fosse. Tout a coup, je butai sur un corps etendu et fus projete dans la vase. Je me levai, consterne, a la pensee de mes habits salis; et je vis l'homme horrible a cote de moi.

I could not even summon the strength to shield my face with my arm. The man was dirty. His skin and clothes were covered with both wet and dry mud. My God, what a facei bristling with hair and stained with rr. I wanted to run away, but the man held on to me by the arm. He latched on to me in an at- tempt to pull himself up, an effort that toppled me over again. The man laughed. His laugh truly suited him—it was as base as his appearance. Once more, I tried to get away.

He made me sit down beside him on the edge of the ditch. I smelled his musky odour as it blended with the smell from the bog. Under my breath, I said an Act of Contrition, and I dormir la, et maintenant il s'asseyait lentement. Cloue sur place, je ne bougeais pas, m'attendant a etre tue pour le moins. Je ne trouvais meme pas la force de me garantir le visage avec mon bras. L'homme etait sale. Sur sa peau et ses veternents alternaient la boue seche et la boue fraiche. Ses cheveux longs se confondaient avec sa barbe, sa moustache et ses enormes sour— oils qu.

Mon Dieu, quelle face faite de poils herisses et de taches de bouei Je vis la bouche se montrer la-dedans, gluante, avec des dents jaunes. Je vou- lus fuir. L'homme me retint par le bras. II s'agrippa a moi pour tenter de se mettre debout, ce qui eut pour effet de me faire culbuter. L'homme rit. Son rire etait bien de lui. Aussi ignoble que lui. Encore une fois je tentai de me sauver.

H me fit asseoir sur le bord du fosse, pres de lui. Je sentais son odeur fauve se meler aux relents du marecage. His filthy hand was heavy on my shoulder. No, eh? Me, I know a few I tried to free myself, hut he squeezed me tighter, laughing again.

His laugh I 65 was very close to my cheek. At that instant, I spied my mother standing in front of us. In her hand, she held the heavy prodder used to bring the cows in. For the first time, I actually saw all of her, tall, strong, clean, more powerful than I ever imagined her to be.

II avait sa main malpropre et lourde sur mon epaule. Non, hein Moi, j'en connais II passa son bras autour de mes epaules. J'essayai de me degager. II serrait plus fort, en riant. A ce moment, j'aperijus ma mere devant nous. Dans sa main elle tenait la maitresse branche qui servait a faire rentrer les vaches.

Ma mere m'apparut pour la premiere fois dans son ensemble. He seemed to he as fascinated hy my mother as I was. My mother, turning to me, shouted in a tone used to address dogs: —"Home, Francis! He seemed to know her. He was saying, in a drawling voice: —"If it isn't beautiful Claudinel You left the village because of the little one, eh? A goodlookin' kid Of all places! Everyone thought you were dead Don't get angry II semblait fascine par ma mere autant que je l'etais.

Ma mere se retourna vers moi et, du ton sur lequel on parle a un chien, elle me cria: —"A la maison, Frangoisl" Lentement, sentant mes jarnbes se derober sous moi, je repris le sentier du brule. L'homme parlait a ma mere. II paraissait la connaitre.

II disai't de sa voix trainante: —"Si c'est pas la belle Claudinel Te retrouver icil T'as quitte le village a cause du petit, hein?.. Te retrouver ici. Fache-t oi pas Don't you dare be familiar with mel" At this point, I heard the noise of a heavy blow, followed by the muffled sound of something hitting the ground. My mother was standing, immense against the edge of the forest, the heavy stick quivering in her hand, the man stretched out at her feet.

She must have used the thick end to hit him on the head. Big Claudine for this is how I mentally took to calling my mother made sure the man was still alive, gathered her skirts and, jumping across the ditch, continued once more along the way to the house.

I took off at a run. The echo of my panicked flight resounded in my ears along with the sound of my mother's robust stride behind me. Near the house, she caught up with me. Dragging me by the arm, she entered the kitchen. Je me retournai. Ma mere etait de- bout, immense, a la lisiere du bois, la trique toute fremis— sante a la main, l'homme etendu a ses pieds.

Je partis a courir. L'echo de mes pas affoles resonnait a mes oreilles en meme temps que celui des robustes enjambees de ma mere, derriere moi. Elle me rattrapa en arrivant prbs de la maison. Me tratnant par le bras, elle entra dans la cuisine. I was so frightened and so tired out, yet I could not help feeling an inexplicable sense of curiosity and attraction Somehow, I vaguely believed that what was to follow would equal what had just taken place.

All my senses, deadened by a restrained and monotonous life, awakened. I was living an amazing and terrifying adventure. A human being, eh Frangois? I was paralysed, magnetized by big Claudine. Mes sens, engourdis par une vie contrainte et monotone, se reveillaient.

Je vivais une prestigieuse et terrifiante aventure. Tu dois Stre content d'avoir enfin contemple de prbs un visage. Au comble du trouble de voir que ma mere avait pu deviner un desir que je ne lui avais jamais confie, je levai les yeux sur elle, semblable a quelqu'un qui a perdu tout con— trole de soi.

Et, c'est mes yeux egares retenus dans les siens, que se deroula tout l'entretien. J'etais paralyse, magnetise par la grande Claudine. Give up trying to, quickly and generously. You are my son. You will fight to cvercome your evil instincts, until you achieve perfection. Her entire body, pulled up straight in the middle of the room, became a gesture of uncon- tainable violence, freezing me with fear and admiration at the same time. She repeated, her voice less harsh as if she were talking to herself: —"Complete possession of the self, mastery of the self.

Above all, never be overcome by the self Her long hands were already calm, and through them calmness travelled to the rest of her body. Renonces—y tout de suite, genereusement. He t'attarde pas. Fais ce que l'on te demande, sans regarder alentour.

Tu es mon fils. Tu me continues. Tout son etre droit, dresse au milieu de la piece, exprimait une violence qui ne se contenait plus, et qui me figeait a la fois de peur et d'admiration. Elle repetait, la voix moins dure, comme. Ses longues mains etaient deja calmes, et le calme rentra par la dans toute sa personne. Only the flash of her eyes refused to completely desert her expression, in the same way the reminders of merrymaking are left behind in an empty house.

Everyone will nod politely to me. To win! No drunken sot will slobber on me, nor touch my son. You will overcome all evil thoughts and desires, you will be perfect. My mother often explained to me: "The Mass is a Sacrifice. The priest is both celebrant and victim, like Christ.

He must immolate himself thanklessly on the Elle continua, le visage presque ferme. Seul 1'eclat des yeux ne se retirait pas tout a fait, ainsi que les restes d'une fete dans une maison deserte. Tous s'inclineront devant moi.

J'aurai vaincui Vaincrei Je ne permettrai pas qu'un salaud d'ivrogne bave sur moi et touche a mon fils. Tu combattras l'instinct mauvais, jusqu'a la perfection. Tu seras pretre. Le respect! Le respect, quelle victoire sur eux tous! Cela me paraissait tellement accablant, surtout en cette journee ou j'avais ete si blesse dans ma pauvre attente d'un visage doux.

Le pretre est a la fois sacrificateur et victime, comme le Christ. I broke out sobbing. My mother just stopped short of hurling herself at me, then she turned on her heels, saying in a clipped voice: —"Crybaby! I've received an answer from the Father Superior. You'll be going next Thursday, September fourth, to the Seminary. Fetch me an armful of kindling so I can light the stove for supper. That evening, under the pretext of packing my bags for the Seminary, I went over these books, one by one, staring avidly at the name inscribed on every flyleaf: "Claudine Per- rault" Claudine, beautiful Claudine, big Claudine It had s'immolat sur l'autel, sans merci, avec l'hostie.

J'eclatai en san— glots. Ma mere faillit se jeter sur moi, puis tourna les talons en disant de sa voix brbve: —"PIeurnichard! Enfant sans energiel J'ai re 9 U la reponse du directeur; tu entreras au college, jeudi pro- chain, le quatre septembre.

Va me chercher une brassee de petit bois que j'a. Allons, re— mue-toi! Mes livres d'etude avaient appartenu a ma mere lors- qu'elle etait enfant. Ce soir-la, sous pretexte de preparer mes bagages pour le college, je pris les livres, un par un, et regardai avec avidite le nom qui s'inscrivait en premiere page de chacun d'eux: "Claudine Perrault" Claudine, la belle Claudine, la grande Claudine Les lettres du prenom dansaient devant mes yeux, se tordaient comme des flammes, prenant des formes fantastiqueo.

And now, it seemed strange to me, it made me feel ill. My mother drew nearer. This did not dissipate the clinging atmosphere, nor free me of my oppressive state of mind. The kitchen was darkened and sombre, the only circle of light being projected on the book I held open under the lamp.

In that sphere of light, my mother's hands suddenly flew into action. She seized the book. For a moment the name "Claudine" written in large, wilful letters caught the light, then disappeared, and I saw a new name traced out Cela ne m'avait pas frappe auparavant que ma mere s'appelat Claudine. Et maintenant, cela me semblait etrange, cela me faisait. Ma mere s'approcha de moi.

Elle ne me sauva pas de mon oppression. Au con- traire, sa presence donnait du poids au caractere surnaturel de cette scene. La cuisine etait sombre, le seul rond de clarte projete par la lampe tombait sur le livre que je tenais ouvert. Elle s'empara du livre. Un instant le "Claudine" ecrit en lettres hautes et volontaires capta toute la lumiere, puis il disparut.

And so t in that narrow beam of light, in the space of a few moments, those long hands set and sealed my fate. My mother's words hammered inside my head: "You are my son. Your life will continue my life. Formed so long by an iron rule, I succeeded in no longer consciously thinking of those past scenes, and in mechanically fulfilling my imposed duties.

Forme de— puis longtemps par une rbgle de fer, je reussis assez bien a ne plus penser consciemment aux scenes ecoulees et a accomplir mecaniquement les taches imposees. Cependant, au fond de moi, je sentais pa. Le resuitat pratique, si l'on peut dire, de ma pre- mibre rencontre avec autrui, fut de me mettre sur mes gardes. My mother could mark up another victory. So disposed, I entered the Seminary.

I observed my fellow students with a wild and pent-up look. I thrust off their timid or good-natured advances. Soon the new student was surrounded by an emptiness. I told myself it was better this way, since it was important not to become attached to any place or to anyone in this world. Moreover, I imposed certain penances on myself for the uneasiness I experienced because of my isolation. My mother wrote: "I am not there to watch you.

Above all, overcome indolence, your greatest fault. Do not let yourself be softened by the mirage of some particular friendship. Everyone, teachers and students, is at your disposal only for the time being, necessary for your et de replier a jamais en rnoi tout geste spontane de sympathie humaine. Ma mere enregistrait une victoire.

J'entrai au college dans ces dispositions. L air sauvage et renferme, j'observais mes camarades. Je repoussais leurs avances timides ou railleuses. Bientbt le vide se fit autour du nouvel eleve. Impose—toi, toi—meme, des mortifications.

Surtout, combats la mollesse, ton defaut dominant. Take advantage of what they must give you, but hold yourself in check. Do not let yourself go, at any cost, or you will be lost. Besides, I am kept informed of all that happens at the Seminary. You will give an exact account of yourself to me during the holidays, and to God on Judgement Day.

You will help the tenant farmer in the stables and fields. I knew neither how to play nor how to laugh, and I felt that my presence was superfluous. I was especially on my guard with them. Ne t'aban— donne a aucun prix, ou tu serais perdu.

D'ailleurs, on me tient au courant de tout ce qui se passe au college. Tu m en rendras un compte exact aux vacances, et a Dieu aussi, au jour de la justice. Ne perds pas ton temps. Pour ce qui est des recreations, je me suis entendue avec le directeur. Tu aid eras le fermier, a l'etable et aux champs. Je ne savais ni jouer ni rire et je me sentais de trop. Quant aux professeurs, a tort ou a raison, je les con- siderais les allies de ma mbre. Et j'etais particulierement sur mes gardes avec eux.

I kept myself from any real knowledge, which comes from experience and possession. Thus, in regard to God, I grappled all the forces of my will to the innumerable prayers recited daily, in order to insure I would have some wall of protection against the shadowy possibility of His real face. My marks were always excellent, and out of habit, I came first in class as my mother required. However, once or Tout au long des annees de college qui suivirent, j'etudiai.

C'est-a-dire que ma memoire enregistra des dates, des noms, des regies, des preceptes, des forrnules. Mes notes demeuraient excellentes, et je conservais habituellement les premieres places exigees par ma mere. Je considerais la formation d'une tragedie clas- sique ou d'une pibce de vers telle un mecanisme de principes ot de recettes enchainees par la seule volonte de 1'auteur.

At these times, I perceived a tragedy cr poem could quite simply stand on its own internal necessity, one that was a condition for works of art. These brief revelations would come to me painfully. I felt an inkling of utter despair. A loathing I could not overcome in spite of all my efforts to do so. In the second year of my classical studies, I stood 35 O first and was awarded a great number of prizes. My arms Une ou deux fois, pourtant, la grace m'effleura.

Ces revelations rn'atteignaient douloureusement. En une seconde, je mesurais le neant de mon existence. Je pressentais le desespoir. Alors, je me raidissais. J'ab- sorbais des pages entieres de formules chimiques. L'annee de ma rhetorique, j'arrivai premier et je remportai un tres grand nombre de prix. Les bras charges de ' loaded down with book prizes, my ears humming with the polite applause of my fellow students, for whom I never stopped being an outsider, I left the stage feeling so sharp an anguish and despondency that I had difficulty moving away.

After the ceremony, I stretched out on my bed in the dormitory noisy with the coming and going of students making ready to leave for summer holidays. Suddenly, I glimpsed what my life could have been. A brutal, almost physical regret gripped me.

Something tightened in my chest. I saw my fellow boarders hurry away, one by one or in groups. I heard them laughing and singing. Myself, I knew no joy. I could not experience joy. This was more than just being prohibited to do so. It was in the beginning a refusal, a refusal that became an impotence, a sterility.

My heart was bitter and ravaged. I was just seventeen years old! Un regret brutal, presque physique, m'etreignit. Je devins op- presse. Quelque chose se serrait dans ma poitrine. Je les en- tendais rire et chanter. Moi, je ne connaissais pas la joie. Je ne pouvais pas connaitre la joie. Mon coeur etait amer, ravage. J'avais dix-sept ansi - Only one boy was now left in the dormitory. He seemed to be having difficulty locking up his trunk.

I was on the point of offering to help him. As I was getting up from my bed, he asked, —"Help me a little, will you, to close this trunk? My brusque and harsh voice was always a pain to me, irritating to hear. I stretched out again, lips squeezed shut, fists pressing against the pillow.

My struggling companion repeated his sentence. I pretended not to understand, hoping he would begin a third time. I counted the seconds, full of the feeling Un seul gargon restait maintenant dans le dortoir. II paraissait avoir de la difficulty a boucler sa malle.

Je fus sur le point de m'offrir a 1'aider. Comme je me levais de mon lit, il demanda: —"Aide-moi done un peu a fermer ma malle? Ma voix breve, rauque, m'e- tait toujours penible, irritante a entendre. Je m'etendis a nouveau, les levres serrees, pressant mon oreiller a pleines poignees. Mon compagnon repeta sa meme phrase. Je fis mine de ne pas comprendre, esperant qu'il la recommencerait une troisieme fois.

And I did not move, aware of the voluptuousness of doing something irreparable. My mother never came to fetch me at the station. Nor did she watch for me at the window. She waited for me in her own fashion, in everyday dress and in the middle of some chore or other.

Upon my arrival, she would interrupt her work to ask me the few questions deemed necessary by her. Then, she would take up her chore again, only after having assigned one to me, one that would end with the next meal. The very day of my return, in spite of the intense heat, I found her on her knees weeding the beets.

Ma mere ne venait jamais me chercher a la gare. Elle ne me guettait pas non plus a la fenetre. A mon arrivee, elle s'inter- rompait pour me poser les quelques questions jugees neces- saires. Ce jour-la, malgre la grande chaleur, je la trou- vai a genoux, en train de sarcler un carre de betteraves. With a quick gesture, she pushed her straw hat to the back of her head, dried her hands on her apron, and said to me, —"Well then, how many prizes?

How ridiculous, how absurd they seemed to bei I was ashamed of them, and despised them. Red, gilded, phoney. Colours of a sham glory. Symbols of my false learning. My mother got up and went into the house. She picked up her ring of keys, a large steel knot where all the world's keys seemed destined to keep a rendezvous with fate.

Qu'ils me semblaient ridicules, derisoires! Rouges, dores, faux. Couleur de fausse gloire. Signes de ma fausse science. Signes de ma servitude. Ma mere se leva et entra dans la maison. Elle prit son trousseau de clefs, gros noeud de ferraille ou toutes les clefs du monde semblaient s'etre donne rendez-vous.

She very nearly grabbed it out of my hand. I looked at my mother and an irremiss- able certitude took root in me. I realized how I hated her. She locked the money up in a small desk. Fortunately, you won the bursary I saw the blood rise to my mother's face and cover her sunburned neck and forehead. For the first time, I felt Je mis la main a ma poche et en sortis la bourse. Michelle La Margot as Margot. Sylvia Minassian Mrs. Shahinian as Mrs. Shahinian voice. Connor McRaith Isaac as Isaac.

Colin Woodell Operator as Operator voice. Aneesh Chaganty. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Goofs While Margot is driving in her a Camry, a sunroof is seen above her head. When the Camry is pulled out of the lake, there is no sunroof on that car. Quotes David Kim : I didn't know her. Connections Featured in Projector: Searching User reviews 1. Top review. Get ready for twists turns and tears!

Amazing thriller- twists and turns. Just when you think the ending is too neat- there's another twist and another. Had me crying in the first 5 minutes and sobbing at the end. Original and gripping. This film is gonna be huge! Details Edit. Release date August 31, United States. United States Russia. Official Facebook Official Instagram. Box office Edit.

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