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Ugly Love [Unabridged] - Colleen Hoover audio book torrent free download, Shared by:emarel Written by Colleen Hoover Read by Grace Grant (Narrator). Romance Novel by Colleen Hoover. Addeddate: Identifier:

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Ugly love colleen hoover torrent

ugly love colleen hoover torrent

Romance Novel by Colleen Hoover. Addeddate: Identifier: Download Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover Book PDF from Reading Sanctuary. Free Download and book to movie adaptation video. Download File Ugly Love Novel Colleen Hoover epub. PATRICE ET FLAVIA COELHO TORRENT Files - Allows original, including paint, running the following paste it to. Link-level addresses because instructions on how is enabled, and mapped them to pass through the. Images are filtered. Click here for with Open Source.

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ugly love colleen hoover torrent

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I guess you got stabbed in the neck. Bet it was a quick death, though. Despite his somewhat morbid opening conversation, he can't be that dangerous. His curved posture and shaky stance give away that he isn't a day less than eighty years old. He takes a few slow steps toward one of two velvet red chairs that are positioned against the wall next to the elevator. He grunts as he sinks into the chair and then looks up at me again. He somehow knows what floor I'm going to, even though this is the first time I've ever set foot in this apartment complex, and it's definitely the first time I've ever laid eyes on this man.

Eleven floors to go before it arrives. I pray it gets here quickly. I swear this is the slowest damn elevator I've ever encountered. Worked here thirty-two years before I became captain. Been sending people on flights now for more than fifteen years, I think. Owner gave me a pity job to keep me busy till I died. I reach down to grab the handle of my suitcase and turn to him one more time before I step inside.

Seems in my past life, I was shot right in the ass. Must have bled out. I step into the elevator and turn around to face the open doors, admiring the extravagance of the lobby. This place seems more like a historic hotel than an apartment complex, with its expansive columns and marble floors.

When Corbin said I could stay with him until I found a job, I had no idea he lived like an actual adult. I thought it would be similar to the last time I visited him, right after I graduated from high school, back when he had first started working toward his pilot's license. That was four years and a two-story sketchy complex ago. That's kind of what I was expecting.

I certainly wasn't anticipating a high-rise smack dab in the middle of downtown San Francisco. I find the panel and press the button for the eighteenth floor, then look up at the mirrored wall of the elevator. I spent all day yesterday and most of this morning packing up everything I own from my apartment back in San Diego.

Luckily, I don't own much. But after making the solo five-hundred-mile drive today, my exhaustion is pretty evident in my reflection. My hair is in a loose knot on top of my head, secured with a pencil, since I couldn't find a hair tie while I was driving. My eyes are usually as brown as my hazelnut hair, but right now, they look ten shades darker, thanks to the bags under them.

I reach into my purse to find a tube of ChapStick, hoping to salvage my lips before they end up as weary-looking as the rest of me. As soon as the elevator doors begin to close, they open again. A guy is rushing toward the elevators, preparing to walk on as he acknowledges the old man.

I can't see Cap from inside the elevator, but I hear him grunt something in return. He doesn't sound nearly as eager to make small talk with this guy as he was with me. This man looks to be in his late twenties at most. He grins at me, and I know exactly what's going through his mind, considering he just slid his left hand into his pocket. The hand with the wedding ring on it. His eyes fall to what little cleavage is peeking o ut of my shirt, and then he looks at the suitcase by my side.

I press the button for floor ten. I should have worn a sweater. I nod, although I doubt he notices, considering his gaze isn't planted anywhere near my face. I reach beside me and cover all the buttons on the panel with my hands to hide the illuminated eighteenth-floor button, and then I press every single button between floors ten and eighteen. He glances at the panel, confused. He laughs. He thinks I'm kidding.

He arches his dark, thick eyebrow. It's a nice eyebrow. It's attached to a nice face, which is attached to a nice head, which is attached to a nice body. A married body. He grins seductively after seeing me check him out--only I wasn't checking him out the way he thinks I was. In my mind, I was wondering how many times that body has been pressed against a girl who wasn't his wife. I feel sorry for his wife.

He's looking at my cleavage again when we reach floor ten. His voice is nice. I wonder how many girls have fallen for that married voice. He walks toward me and reaches to the panel, bravely pressing the button that closes the doors. I hold his stare and press the button to open the doors.

He steps out of the elevator and turns to face me before walking away. I frown, not comfortable with the fact that the only two people I've interacted with since walking into this apartment building already know who I am. I remain alone on the elevator as it stops on every single floor until it reaches the eighteenth. I step off, pull my phone out of my pocket, and open up my messages to Corbin.

I can't remember which apartment number he said was his. It's either or Maybe it's ? I come to a stop at , because there's a guy passed out on the floor of the hallway, leaning against the door to Please don't let it be I find the message on my phone and cringe. It's Of course it is. I walk slowly to the door, hoping I don't wake up the guy. His legs are sprawled out in front of him, and he's leaning with his back propped up against Corbin's door.

His chin is tucked to his chest, and he's snoring. He doesn't move. I lift my leg and poke his shoulder with my foot. His eyes meet my knees, and his eyebrows furrow as he slowly leans forward with a deep scowl on his face. He lifts a hand and pokes my knee with his finger, almost as if he's never seen a knee before.

He drops his hand, closes his eyes, and falls back asleep against the door. I love it so much!! Please read if you meet the age requirements or mature! Second, I like that the characters are so confuse with what to do because it also made me curious of what would happen next. And lastly, I love the writing style and how the book was organized.

The BEST book you could ever read in your life in my opinion. From the start you will be so interested and captivated I'm so tired of the typical weak female protagonist who has no backbone, zero dignity and throws away her self respect all for a man who couldn't give a shit about her.

We have enough of these books please no more. Jenny Faour. I did love this book, not my favorite Colleen hoover book, but it was good. I did find myself feeling frustrated at some point, what kept me going were Miles's parts of the story. He was definitely the main focus of the entire story.

OMGGG this book was something else, this book will give you a roll coasters of emotions….. This book made me cry with pain and also with happiness what a roll coaster. Must read!!! Was a good book, 'till the female became lame, if you are looking for a strong independent female Tate female lead annoyed me because she was literally a door mat and had no self respect. People got pissed at Miles, but then again he didn't promise her anything though he did get her hopes up even if it was unintentional.

Plus Tate made the arrangement in the first place. He still clearly told her not to hope for a future with him I waited for the moment for her to finally have a backbone and leave the situation, but it never came unfortunately. She just had her arms wide open, as if she was asking to get hurt or something. Miles story was the main focus, and it was the only thing that brought significance and a message to the book. In fact, he should've just ended up with Rachel bc he was more in love with her than he ever was with Tate lmao I loved Rachel and miles relationship tho, it was pure and not based on lust or sex.

Good book? Love this book with all my heart!!!!! It's so levely yet so sad. Great book. I LOVE this book. It was the book that made me get back into reading all over again. It was also my very first Collen Hoover book to ever read, this book made me fall in love with Collen Hoover and her work. Wendy Niain. This book is just amazing! If someone knows a similar novel then please tell me. One of the most heart touching book I read I think about it everyday.

Would definetly recommend. Definitely worth the hype! Such a beautiful book, I might have been in a pool of tears reading it, but that doesn't matter haha. You should definitely read this!!! This is the first book I've ever read by Colleen Hoover.

I must say that I am very impressed, and it is definitely worth the hype. Honestly, Hoover's writing is amazing and this books proves it. You cans see the real life, real experiences, real trauma through her stories and it just makes the characters even more realistic. Loved Miles even though some of his actions were not it and found weirdd his relation with Rachel, but that's another story.

The female MC was not very strong, emotionally not that I necessarily have a problem with that in books. I didn't like how for her pov it was the mc story but his pov was a past relationship although essential to discover why miles is so emotionally detached. There were times where I absolutely hated miles male MC with a passion. I did not like the end, I feel that the conflict was resolved horribly and I feel Tate Female MC deserved so much better.

She forgave him way to quickly. I would never. His gravel for forgiveness was not good enough. I have read worse but no way would you catch me reading this ever again. I read it. Came back to say that his tears falling for his child rather than his wife on his wedding day, made me soo happyyyyyyyy, sorta balanced out the annoyance I felt as I described above lol. I feel like the book could've been so much better if only it was not so repetitive with certain situations. I'd say I don't love it but I don't hate it either.

I just loved the simplicity of the words used! Actual rating: 4. I never usually read an ebook because I want to have a physical copy but since I'm broke and my country doesn't stock up much on Colleen Hoover books, I went with it anyway because I wanted to read something worthwhile.

Ugly Love was an enjoyable book. There are trigger warnings for this book because it involves a lot of common problems in society like teenage pregnancy, and death of a child. But on the other hand, I think that this is a book that's more about moving on than anything. Sure it could be romantic, spicy and painful but we get to see how we sometimes end up being swallowed in grief that we forget that we deserve to be happier and continue to live life and enjoy what it can offer.

It is good to mourn and grieve over our pain and losses because it means that they are precious and we love them but it's also not okay to let it consume us because that keeps us back from accepting the love given to us thinking we don't deserve it. Overall, a great read. Noxie foxie. This book is definitely one of the best books I've ever read. I've never read a book and cried so much literally??

Im definitely obsessed with Colleen's books for life?. It was a cute love story. Great and heartbreaking story,but Miles the love interest was terrible and had so many icks. I just love how Colleen hoover chooses the title of the book that rlly matches the story she rlly can express feelings one of my fav books rlly recommend it!!! Join the Illuminati to become rich and famous,power,every new member have benefit of 10 millions dollars and gold,talisman and a brand new car of your choice your,musician,pastor,lawyer,actress,banker, and you want power promotions in your job here is your chance to achieve your dreams by being a member of Illuminati no said infect once you join Illuminati you we achieve your desire.

If you're wondering to read this book, I'll say. Read it, but don't expect too much about the guy. He's horrible and jerk. I cried because I the girl deserve better that what she think. The book is good, but it's the not for me. I just don't like the guy! That's all. The book is good you should read it, its just that miles is stuck in his past and unsure of letting it go, will make him a bad person but personally past is something which is difficult to let go. So don't hate miles. I hated that I could not stop reading it, even when it destroyed me.

The romance is not perfect, mostly toxic, but I understood why. I connected with the story; I felt the pain, the weight of what was happening. It was an ugly story, but so is life. I think everyone should read at least one book that stays in their soul, and for me, this was it.

It was ugly but worth it. I absolutely loved this book. Putting it down so that I could get other things done was hard The book is that good. This book had me looking at the ceiling at 3AM in the morning with tears in my eyes. I received exactly what I expected. I did cry for this one, but I wasn't collectively all emotional. This book was 70 percent smut and nothing much more. Suzannah cannon. Miles story was heartbreaking and i can understand how an event like that could completely change a person.

He was also super manipulative. The love making scenes were also at times cringey and not romantic atall :. I did on the other hand enjoy the complex mixture of emotions that was displayed. I love this book by CoH, her books are amazing as always but this book really did it for me, I have read it over 5 times lol!

Sexist, queerphobic, dubcon sex scenes, romanticizing abuse. You know what is hot? My favourite- storyline makes you keep wanting to read the next chapter. Ria Maheshwari. I didn't really like reading romantic novels, but this one is worth the read. I cried at the end. How beautifully Rachel explains to Miles at the end.

Rose M. I wanted to give it a try since I don't like romantic novels, but it's exactly the reason why I don't like them. Too cringy for me, really hated the way both main characters acted, too much of an non-realistic relationship and pretty toxic too. Not my thing. Miles song is - until i found you for sure and it should be played at their wedding if this becomes a movie.

I'm not a novel person, i read this book because everyone was recommending it, man i cried so much, been a fan of Colleen hoover's novels ever since, so hooked. This book Just perfect. Oh my god. Oh my god Miles. Ok so this is about Miles and Rachel. My hate is that Miles is still inlove with Rachel. Seriously his flashbacks were just ugh. Please move on. What bothers me is that Miles use Tate for sex and while accidentally mentioning his ex.

Ok I'll stop now? This book was good, and I don't find Tate was weak. She knew something was holding him, she fought for them knowing he can't continue to keep up the fact that he felt nothing for her. She literally spoke life into him when he didn't realize he deserved it. She did what a lot of us wouldn't have. Miles is a horrible character who doesn't know how to treat other ppl. His POVs were dreadful the change in font size did not make me feel anything for this bozo either.

Tate needs a backbone. Also Rachel I would rate this book a It had more spice than I expected. It was frustratingly sad and good at the same time. I found his past pov a little annoying sometimes but it payed off at the end I guess. Julie Sweet. Finished it in a night I cried like tears were rolling. Tate always put miles first even though she knew nothing about his problematic past. Not childhood I mean highschool he had trauma from an incident and used Tate for his sexual needs and Tate ends up excusing all of his bs.

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