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Me and my friend's vision of the Ebon Hawk from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), was designed with the interior as focus. the 1 of 2 and 3 to 4 a regardless enemy puzzle insight.

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pylon puzzle kotor 2 torrent

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It probably wasn't a quarter of Zeedor's usual budget for a dig, but I guess I could buy a new speeder, if I wanted. I hadn't replaced mine since some dumb kid had blown it up. I could get myself one of the new fuel tanks for my jetpack, and maybe even get a new cannon for the Wolf. I felt guilty about not feeling more, which is so thoroughly stupid that I snorted and kicked a spray of powder over the corpse.

It'd do. Feldraeth: I like that Noctaire dropped everything to go after her son. Frauzet: Aww, that quest. A cover story he knows is false. AKHAdeed: super quick commentary! I get a sense of, well, not regret exactly. And I liked that almost-introspection, even if Angharad seems determined to ignore it. Friday again, new prompt for consideration. Week of March 13, Who? That original character? You know the one. The one you wrote a story for or maybe several and then petered out?

That one. This week, resurrect them. Pick any prompt and give a patiently waiting character a story. And, as ever, Night of the Living Prompt: Keep on using any prompt you like! This week's featured NotLP: Wishes - Wherever our characters go, whatever they do, it's likely they have an eye on something more. Some people keep their fondest wishes a secret; others announce it to the world. Some wish on a star, a falling leaf, a found coin, or other totems.

Some find a way to make it happen, and some haven't quite reached it yet. Write about your character's wish. Prompt courtesy of Eversteam. Got an idea for a prompt? Send me a pm! Comments Frauzet: Love the interaction between Jorgan and Nikeo, how despite their disagreement in the field Jorgan has Nikeo's back. Also, the piece underlines a point that runs through the Trooper storyline, that there often isn't a right or wrong answer. Orders can be misinterpreted, intelligence can be bad, so ultimately it boils down to the trooper's judgement call, and the trooper has to live with their decisions, without the convenience of letting the force guide their actions.

AKHadeed: I like Ms Iron's straightforward, stoic nature and how she almost realises how hollow her life seems to be, then decides that's how she likes it. The tone seems reminiscent of tragedies, but it's a welcome change from story lines where the protagonist realises too late how their path has destroyed them The Count of Monte Cristo or Captain Ahab spring to mind.

Her wealth from the job is enough to upgrade her stuff, and that's all she's after. She's not after an emotional release from what she does, and wards against those who are. I started writing this a few weeks ago, but I sort of lost the will to write for a bit and kept delaying and doing other things. In that regard this piece fits this week's new prompt, and I'm obviously not rationalising about how I missed last week's propaganda.

It was little more than a small room with benches lining one wall, viewscreens lining the other and a blocky metal stand before a pair of big, foggy glass doors. We were here as part of a deal. Leftenant Sarnova said she could get Vette and me passage on the ship her cousin served on, if we could get her and two others into this Sith-only restaurant.

It sounded like some mysterious club only Sith got to see. He was an old man with a long, straight, grey beard and he wore a uniform without an insignia. See, I know family stuff too. There was a human standing by the foggy doors. He wore a red tunic and trousers, both with gold lines running all over them, and a pair of black boots that went up to his calves. He had the same smug sneer that some entitled initiates wear before they go through their first few tombs plastered on his face.

They were always rude and standoffish and complained to the overseers when somebody smashed them through a wall or two: tattletales. He fixed her with a piercing scowl and then ignored her. I lashed a tendril of power around his collar and yanked him down to my height. He went further, his nose mashing the imperial emblem on the carpet. The Leftenant said slaves are a subclass of force blind that the Imperials also get to boss around.

He was cowering though. Another will be joining us shortly. I released my grip on the tendril and it faded. Jerking straight up, he backed away, bowing a lot. Then he turned and ushered us into the lounge. See I knew what a faux pas was. It looked like a giant upwards pointing arrow, with a transparisteel ceiling that joined up in a sparkly point.

Through it, I could see the top of the nearby planet and a huge Harrower dreadnaught and the stars and the purple nebula. Looking down, I saw a framework of metal scaffolds running a few metres over the booths, with emitters hooked up in a grid. Under them, the floor was stepped, with metal cubicles that had steepish walls. Through the metal walls, could see high-backed bench things surrounding large tables with cloths draped over them. The metal boxes mostly lined the steppes, leaving the big expanse in the middle of the room.

A circular railing blocked access to most of it. I could hear playful barks and yelps from beyond. I bounced over and clutched the railing as I saw their Ziosti Iceswimmers in a big tank of icewater. I knew it was icewater because it had a glacier in it.

I stood there, watching the Iceswimmers play, dance with each other and eat the fishes a Mon Calamari slave tossed in. It looked terrified as they swam past, nibbling at the tips of its fin hands with their big bristly mouths. Someone familiar brushed my arm. She tore her eyes away and took me to our booth.

Commander Dorne and Leftenant Sarnova had already sat down on one side, him closer to the door. Leftenant Sarnova smiled at something else though, maybe something her Uncle said before he arrived. Vette just stood by the table, eyeing the empty bench beside me. That made sense. There were entrees, starters, aperitifs, main courses, side dishes and deserts. I looked at the main courses section, and recognised maybe half the meals they offered.

Plus you know, the docs did tell me not to rush my recovery or anything. She glanced at Commander Dorne, and he gave a small nod. This one was a woman, with blonde hair tied up in a set of braids over a rounded brown-yellow face. She asked us for our orders. Commander Dorne ordered a Ful medames, a bean and Yozusk egg sauce served in a bread roll. She stared at Vette for a bit too long before noticing me and quickly tapping the blue milk into her datapad. Then she asked me what I wanted. Quickly skimming the list, I picked out the Kushari and a drink of water and insisted on getting the scanner.

I was very sure about that: Ragate insisted on scanning everything she ate and said it was good practice. The Imperial scrawled all that into a datapad and then vanished. Apparently, it was going to take them fifteen to twenty minutes to cook the meals, so we talked while we waited. Commander Dorne told me about his work for Intelligence, assigning promising recruits to advanced training or sending them to intelligence for assignment.

Leftenant Sarnova explained the difficulties of being enlisted and keeping battle ready on the station and they both spoke of Imperial society and how it was entirely different than Sith. The uniformed Imperial lady returned, with drinks. I was going to ask why but a gust of cold air blew through my mind as the waiter came back.

An infestation of force blinds? None of the waiters were purebloods. I sprung up, pushing against the chair with my back leg as I flicked my front up over the table. My right hand grabbed my hilt, and I swept it out in a reverse grip. My left hand joined my right on the hilt, the right way up and all my momentum swept his blade up and away: it seared through the headrest but missed his head. A line of pain shot through my fist as I backhanded his bony cheek.

They are all under my protection and he attacked them: he dies. He clattered to the floor, lightsaber skittering out beyond his reach. I hopped down from the table and advanced, saber ready to catch any force attacks. Instead, he rolled back, regaining his feet and went for his lightsaber.

Instead, I saw who it was. She stood right behind me, wearing a blue and black robe that clung to her body with big, curved, metal shoulder plates. I paid a lot more attention to her face. She had a pair of headtails ran down her back, fitting into specialised grooves in her high backed collar. He staggered to his feet, glaring as if it could hurt me. Wait, what just happened? Vette did, and yelled a warning, but I could feel him swing.

He followed through with a blast of lightning that I caught on my lightsaber. My power absorbed it, and added it to my own. I burst forwards, spinning my saber through a series of quick light strikes and feinted stabs, pushing him back. He met me head on and I realised something. He was a lot stronger than me. He easily blocked the strike and started pushing me back towards the table. I turned my blade, as she showed me, letting his slide along it while I drew in power.

He staggered, hauling his saber back as he wove a force barrier geared towards catching lots of little stabs of power. I pushed the power down, into my legs, leaping up and back. The world around me blurred as I landed and pushed power into my arms. Surging forwards, I brought my blade up in a rising slash. I funnelled as much power as I could muster into the strike, and hit him with it. He went flying, thrown by the power of the dark side. Arcing in the air, he landed in the middle of the room, where the Iceswimmers played in their pool.

Baying roars and growls reverberated from the pool. Iceswimmers eat most meats and protect their waters. I headed back to the table. Aside from the scorch marks, it looked as if nothing had happened. Looks like I learnt something new: despite being blind to the force, Imperials are very calm when under attack. The Sith Lord stared at me, before smiling at me.

They can change species? If she wanted me dead, she just had to point and zap. She looked at me, mouth opening slightly as her tattooed eyebrows crunched up together, then spread apart and rose as her mouth opened into a wide smile. I sat down, watching her. Was this a trick: a trap to lure me in range for something? Her lightsaber was on her far side, but a sudden blast of lightning could fry me.

Holding the page on one side, I flicked my hand left, and the menu carousel trundled around so she could see the netpage. She started flicking through the article, her eyes skimming the words. Slowly, she started to smile and began laughing. It had a weird tinkling sound to it, like breaking tiny glass balls. I could see Vette read it over her shoulder, and while the Sith Lord laughed, her mouth dropped open. Eventually, she got her laughter under control, wiping away the tears that ran freely over her pictogram brands.

We need slightly fattier diets to keep our Lekku padded, which is a reason why Vette here is so thin, and can see into the upper band of the Infra-Red spectrum. As with any other species, the psychology varies from person to person. Do you have any other questions? Nope, nothing came to mind.

Lord Braca nodded at me and slowly rose. I tensed, ready to try to redirect any lightning she shoots at me. Technically, they killed him. Why was she after my master anyway? The devices beeped and they put theirs away. Then, with a fluid twirl, she strode away. We were all silent for a moment, trying to figure out exactly what just happened. The throwing voice trick made her sound a little squeakier and put a wobble in her voice though.

I glanced up and saw a red haired teenager. Wait, no, they have red skin, not hair. Both Leftenant Sarnova and Commander Dorne stood up, and then it went weird. Sarnova approached and wrapped her cousin in her arms for a few seconds before retreating, and Dorne accepted a salute from his other niece, or possibly daughter. Then I stood up and she saluted me. Is this a normal greeting among the imperials? I bowed, as Ragate taught me, the Sith way to greet someone.

Ensign Brukarra sat down beside me and we all had a nice lunch. Even Vette had some, a big, drippy, Vine-cat kebab. I did so not just because it amused me but because Captain Sarnova and Ensign Brukarra share a voice actress, Moira Quirk, who also voices Elara Dorne. As for the restaurant, I made it up as I went along Feel free to pilfer, because it is in every way original and definitely not the Iceberg Lounge from Batman with the serial numbers filed off.

If anyone is interested, Ful Medames and Kushari are both real dishes, originating from Egypt although Kushari was technically developed by the British Army when they were stationed in Egypt. Since a lot of Sith architecture, dress and culture is derived from ancient Egypt just look at the Golden Age of the Sith comics for examples , I thought it appropriate.

The new prompt was too tempting to resist. I will do comments tomorrow! Title: Cup of Caf Prompt: Who? Words: 1, Spoilers: None June stumbled inside the hotel doors, shivering violently. An aide came forward to take her coat and showed her to a cozy sitting area in front of a fire. June sat there warming up, waiting for her M to return from securing her gear under a tarp outside. When the shock of the cold wetness wore off she began to drift off. It had been a long couple of days.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder and June turned her head to see a frustrated looking hotel receptionist asking her something. June smiled wearily and cupped her hands over her ears to indicate her disability. The receptionist instantly looked guilty and June shrugged in apathy. The moves were always the same. June nodded and reached a shivering hand into her pocket to get her ID chip. It was her actual identity for once, unlike the disposable ID chips she had used as a bounty hunter.

The receptionist took and fake-smiled before heading back to his desk. June turned back to the fire and looked into the flames. She could intensely feel the heat even six feet away, owing to her enhanced senses. The vibration of combat boots reached her through the chair and June turned to see a commotion at the doorway. A burly security guard had his hand on his weapon and was blocking M from entering the hotel. She walked over and smiled wryly at the guard, and repeated her deaf miming act.

She pointed at the droid and then to her ears. Disabled assistance droid, June thought furiously at him. Sometimes that seemed to work. The guard either understood or got tired of arguing, because he stood aside and let M join her side.

Hello, Mate. She patted the floating droid affectionately. The incident at the door drew the attention of the other people in the hotel lobby. Most of them June dismissed without a second glance; nobodies, commoners, people who would go their entire lives without changing anything outside their own small spheres of existence. It was a cold depersonalization technique, but one June had cultured in her years as a bounty hunter.

One man stood out, though. He was dressed in civilian clothes but looked out of place in them. He had jet-black hair and stood ramrod straight. His most striking features, however, were his azure skin and brilliant red eyes. June had never met a Chiss before. They mostly stuck to their homeworld or Imperial planets, neither of which she had ever had the desire to visit.

This Chiss felt like he had a power to him, though. He would bear watching. June stretched dramatically and yawned. The watchers grew bored and turned back to their own devices. The receptionist got the message and stepped over to give back her ID chip and a room key.

The room number was June and M found their room down the hall from the lobby and June tiredly inserted the key into the lock. She pushed the door open to reveal a hotel room. They were all the same, in the end; small bathroom with free soap, cheap holoscreen on the wall, a bed that could be cleaned easily.

She smelled the hotel odors of burnt caf and air freshener. Nothing is new under the sun, June thought, amused. M hovered over to the corner of the room and June collapsed on the bed, exhausted. The shower is probably alright, and I should probably use it. Her clothes were still damp and she had been outside for two days.

The mind reaches a point, however, where it convinces you that sleep is the best thing in the galaxy, and June had reached that point. She fell asleep fully-clothed on the hotel bed. M hovered over to a console on the wall and lowered the light levels before obediently entering guard mode. He had also done this dance before. She awoke in the middle of the night, a consequence of falling asleep in the late afternoon.

The downpour had downgraded to a gentle shower pattering against the window. June stumbled into the shower and then got dressed afterwards. She left M in the room and quietly walked back to the lobby. The night receptionist smiled genuinely at her from behind the front desk and she offered a tired grin back to him.

Only one other occupant was awake at this hour. June was somehow unsurprised to see the Chiss lounging in one of the high-back chairs next to the fires. He had his eyes closed as June sat in the chair opposite him. June imagined his voice to be as smooth as Corellian Firewine. She nodded almost imperceptibly. It was horrible being trapped inside your own head.

The Chiss seemed to sense her nod despite his closed eyes. They sat there in comfortable silence for a long time. She saw the night receptionist fall asleep at his desk out of the corner of her eye. The fire flickered and sparked but did not yet die. June regarded him thoughtfully. The Jedi moved faster than her eye could comprehend and her dagger was suddenly embedded in the wood above the fireplace. She could feel the vibrations of his vocal cords on her neck.

The Chiss slowly moved back into his own chair. June blinked at him, totally aware that she could never hope to beat him. Her father once told her that it was important to know your limits. Your fear and self-doubt have buried it deeply within your soul. She had encountered her share of scammers in her life as a disabled person. If it is discovered there that you are touched by the Force, then you may choose to join our Order.

If not, then I will personally recompense you for your trouble and you can go on your way. Traveling across the galaxy, hunting scumbags, with no friends or connections? Her only living family was a droid for disabled people. Surely if there was any chance of something greater then this she must take it. She stood up. Jedi Watchman Colm, at your service. None of that weird Chiss name stuff, just Colm. She awkwardly took his hand and he shook it gently but firmly. June shook her head to recover herself and went back to her room to pack as Colm suggested.

Comments: AKHadeed: 10 years is a long time on the job for a bounty hunter. This makes me wonder what she was like when she started. What were her dreams? Feldraeth: I guess that was one of the more exciting days in the VIP area. Roan trying to understand the grown-ups always makes me smile.

Mrtwo: I like June's initial mistrust towards the Jedi and her reasoning to follow him anyway. The line about the Chiss-names made me chuckle. A few weeks ago I decided to move the bulk of my stories to a thread of their own instead of spamming this one with stories which seldom fit the current prompt. I am done with copying old stories apart from some small pieces that will be integrated in new parts, so I decided to combine the "Pimpin' Threads!

After succeeding in their assault on the Brentaal Star and the discovery that the Iolith Zairos they rescued was only a double, Thorns, Ciner, Rufuro and Smilo have arrived on Dromund Kaas, each of them with his own agenda.

The Force, fate or whatever actually isn't doing a very good job of getting them to work together so far. Intelligence would receive a copy of his report from Imperial Navy. They were already expected. Kaliyo was carried off by a watcher for proper registration. Smilo entered the mission control center on his own. He stopped on the threshold. The bustle reminded him of the ordered chaos of a beehive. It was his first visit here.

He took a moment to let the atmosphere of the room sink in. This should have felt like home. His colleagues ignored him as he made his way across the polished floor towards the stairs in the back, everyone but him being busy. So much for staying unobtrusive. The agent suppressed an oath and kept his features in check. The walls had eyes and ears, here maybe even more so than in the rest of the galaxy. This had to be about the assault on the Brentaal Star.

Keeper eyed him for a moment before greeting him and offering him a seat. Returning the greeting he sat down on the chair opposite Keeper although he would have preferred to remain standing. He forced his body to relax as far as the chair and propriety allowed. The man as well as his affiliations were unknown to Smilo.

He speaks highly of you. Smilo would lay odds on him knowing every detail from the navy debriefing, and not only from his own report. That left only one subject. Smilo looked at Keeper with feigned expectancy. That was what mediocrity called for. Entered the Imperial Academy when I was in my third year.

I met her once or twice. Exceptionally beautiful. Among the best of her class. Best sniper the Academy had seen in decades. Vanished shortly afterwards. Supposedly captured three weeks ago on Ord Mantell by the Republic under the accusation of being an Imperial spy. Iolith Zairos is in Republic custody. Since you have already been involved in an attempted rescue, Grand Moff Kilran might approach you again in her behalf.

When she is returned to the Empire she will have our full support. The Force knew Imperial Intelligence could do with the support of a high ranking house in return. Feldraeth: Roan always makes me think of a kid playing at being a grown-up, except his game is deadly serious. No doubt Vette will be happier. MrTwo: One of the things I noticed about your story was how descriptions of sounds were virtually absent.

Given that sight and sound are some of the easiest senses to use when evoking a scene, I liked how you avoided sound for June. The calculation, not really wanting to stand out too much. And Keeper on the other side, calculating just as much. What was left out behind what Smilo allowed. Friday, time for another prompt. Sometimes the main plot is from the game, sometimes not.

Regardless, stories also contain a number of incidental characters and minor plots as well. The guard at the door, the customs official who broke up the fight, a convenient corpse, the character probably in a red shirt who dies in the first scene to prove the situation is serious. Not to mention why was there a guard, how did the fight start, where did the corpse come from, what made the situation serious. Every story has places to explore behind the scenes.

This week, pick one of your favorite works and fill in one or more of those spaces. Many thanks to Alaurin for maintaining these lists. And where there are stories, fandoms are likely to follow. And where fandoms go Do any of your characters or their companions write fiction? Imagine what they would write in the way of thinly or not at all veiled fanfic.

What stories do your characters tell about each other? Keep it forum friendly, of course! Really good worldbuilding built in there. I love that about all the Chantalles. You have to wonder just how much scrutiny any reformed Sith would have go to through to enter training on Tython. It goes on. Both Orgus and Bela seem to have a little more zest for life than the stereotypical Jedi.

Hoth is the planet for snuggling. Delicious characterization. Viska gets a great POV intro, too. An interesting mystery with a powerful payoff. A sharp survival technique, that. That conversation between Darbon and Osk just got better and better.

Carry on! Comments: MrTwo Good writing and an interesting take, which leads to a few questions How is June hearing his voice? Also, is she unable to use cybernetics to repir her hearing for one reason or another? Oh, and Weird Chiss name stuff? Also, Smilo finally gets some love uh, not like that Prompt: What about that guy, Behind the scenes, Filling in plot holes Title: Making the Call Perspective: Lieutenant Sylas Spoilers: setup for the Black Talon Word count: I was supervising the dock slaves load cargo when ensign Brukarra, a simpering girl who only got her position because of her looks and family, brought me the opportunity I needed.

He was a Sith straight from Korriban and apprenticed to a Darth with enough sway to influence the captain: Had Darth Vowrawn elevated one of his lords to Darthdom? Take this most recent farce for example. We had over three hundred crewers, all willing and able to lay down their lives in service to the Empire, weapons systems from the last war and a Sith on board to ensure victory. She even had a slicer in tow. Plugging it into my holocom, I waited with baited breath for the device to pick up.

What I was doing could be interpreted as insubordination, but no one would dare report me. The Grand Moff would ensure a painful death to anyone who tried. It stopped pinging, and a blue figure appeared atop it. It did as grand a man as the Grand Moff a disservice to be so reduced, but it had to suffice, for now. He loomed before me, as dominating and imperious as the Citadel itself.

We have a Sith and a capable looking mercenary on board, and are about to leave Vaiken station. My captain has decided to ignore your command and flee into Imperial space. I however am unwilling to let his cowardice cost us your objective. My heart hammered in my throat as silence reigned, aside from the grunting slaves. Had someone else already volunteered their vessel? Everything would soon be in place. Ugh, just thinking about him makes me heave. Too long has he denied me and belittled my competencies before the admiralty board.

Too long has he chummed up to his social inferiors and treated enlisted crew like officers: not for much longer. Soon he would be dead, rightfully executed for refusing a lawful order. When does Orzik refuse it and why can he get away with it? Since we start the flashpoint by boarding the eponymous vessel, we know it is docked with Vaiken station.

Furthermore, if it is so vital they stop it, why not have one of the ships protecting Vaiken do it? The Black Talon is a Gage class transport. It is a cargo ship transporting goods and VIPs and the hunter within the empire. As such, it likely falls under the purview of the sphere of logistics. As such, he might have as much authority as a general ordering a captain in the merchant fleet, to take a real world military example.

As such, his order may have technically been a call for volunteers, instead of a command. Stupid Autocorrect. That edit is the best author's note I've ever read. The speaker comes across as well-informed and bitter - a dangerous combination. Hello, everyone! Comments: Osetto- I was reading along like "Alright, this is sort of interesting As someone with both first and last names that are easily mistaken for other ones, I sympathize with his pain : Feldraeth- First off, congrats on getting a word count exactly equal to the year.

Just a little fun something I noticed. I liked your story, especially how Noctaire will rush off to rescue her son and husband, even though their relationship hasn't exactly been the most conventional or smooth. For the second one, I find your headcannon to be a pretty logical and reasonable one. I kind of feel a little bit sorry for Roan.

I don't know exactly how he was raised, but it seems like it might not have been pleasant. And I think your version of the VIP lounge is much more interesting that whatever is probably up there. And again in the third one, I like your headcannons. I also like that there's a little background for why the mutiny took place and the situation at the time the PCs board the ship.

Frauzet- You're right, there's no happy ending to that quest, really. I think Nikeo's ending was the worst possible. To know you'd done that, it would be hard to remember that you really did make the best choice based on what was available at the time.

For your second piece, I always find agents fascinating I guess I should get around to playing one sometime, then, lol. I think Smilo is a very realistically written one, not too flashy or weird, just a very smart man who gets the job done with the minimum of disruption so those around him barely realize anything happened at all. AKHadeed- In a piece with virtually no action, you kept it dynamic.

The internal narration captures the kind of MrTwo- I remember June! As I said last time you wrote about her, you don't see deaf characters very often, and I like June. She's interesting. I wonder how Tython will turn out for her? I had a pretty good spring break, and managed to get a decent amount of writing done during that time. This first was supposed to be posted sometime before Friday, but here it is anyway.

Characters: Ketturah Atridies Bounty Hunter Length: 1, words Spoilers: setup for the Bounty Hunter story Index latest of all Ketturah stories so far The Flotation Device was loud and dark and smelled like stale vomit, but it did have one advantage: unlike most drinking establishments on this planet, nobody cared how old you were.

Which was, Ketturah Atridies reflected as she hiked up her backpack and stepped inside, quite useful when you looked like you were fifteen. You never knew when some low-life would decide you looked like an easy target. The Weequey on her right was deep into his fourth glass, and the two Zabraks on the left were busy laughing at some joke one of them had just told.

The droid clinked a glass down. Ketturah picked it up and took a sip. It was terrible. Bounty hunting sounded like a sure-fire way to make good money, but you had to actually get jobs first. And the best way to get jobs- at least ones that paid more than just enough to buy food, a couple of drinks, and blaster gas- was to have a reputation. But to have a reputation, you needed to do jobs.

She sighed. At least she had money right now. The bounty on her latest contract would take care of her until she found another job and finished it. She turned around. Mallena had always said she had more guts than sense, but even she could figure out not to start something over a seat in a bar. Especially not with someone twice her size and twice as drunk. A hand caught her in the chest.

Everybody loves to gang up on an outsider. You looking for trouble? The other bar patrons were starting to pay more attention to their fight, and she kept half an eye on them. Most likely they just wanted a good brawl to cap off their evening, but he might have friends. His next punch whistled past her ear.

Ketturah dodged again and tossed the rest of her akdov in his face. Spluttering, he reached up to wipe the alcohol from his eyes with one hand and grabbed at her with the other. It was all the distraction she needed. She reached under her jacket and pulled out a blaster pistol, aiming at his forehead.

All noise in the room stopped. More of Ronin that she would never quite shake, she guessed. Her record was probably pretty impressive. He hit first. What was his interest in all this? Might as well. Keeping her blaster ready in case the drunk decided to do something stupid, she stepped outside. It had started snowing while she was in there, coming down on the hard-packed drifts and gritty streets. The man from inside the Flotation Device. Especially not in that kind of a dump.

The cheating wife? I was on another job and saw you do it. Nice bit of work. Every bounty hunter knew about the Great Hunt, but it was for the big shots. Not skinny kids who could barely keep ammo in their weapons. Mandalore sponsors it. The winner gets access to the best bounties out there. The losers either die or get a decent amount of press themselves.

Best way I know of for an upstart to get more exposure. But why me? Only eighteen and looked younger, hair pulled messily into a ponytail, black tattoo covering half her face. You remind me of my daughter. Should she? Braden took it, giving it a firm shake. See you on Hutta. It's merely annoying for a college student, but I imagine it could be a serious issue for bounty hunters. The Floatation Device is the name of a real pub, and it was too crazy not to use here.

Not being a drinker myself, I did about 2 hours worth of research trying to figure out what sort of alcohol Ketturah should be drinking :P The daughter Braden refers to at the end is Mako. We don't get to see much of their relationship, but headcannon that they're pretty close. Also, saying daughter would be the best way to avoid complicated explanations. And for the second, I'm actually going to repost a story from a long while back, the first one I posted on this thread, actually.

I've updated a few things, improved the grammer, etc. It explains who Ketturah is as well as being for the next prompt in my quest to use all of them. Thanks I do skip a few of the in-between messages here at January 24th and February 22nd , so the entire conversation isn't shown Jan. The house is really nice, though, way bigger than our apartment. My room is huge!

They're talking about moving us again next year, though, so we'll see if we get to keep it. Everything would be perfect if you were here. I miss you sooooooooo much. Is lit still stupid hard? I have school tomorrow.

Love you, Lena. Lena, i miss you too. I know you were working on it when we left. Can you send me a copy? I want to read it. Remember that one meet where you took first? The one where the team stayed in that super fancy hotel with the huge pool? I still think about that every time I go swimming. How is track going without me? I got your package. Mom did make a really nice cake, though, really rich with this amazing fluffy frosting, the one we always have for birthdays.

Carian gave me a new holovid, though. You might have better luck though. Maybe you could check out some of the student clubs? I hope you find someone soon, and know that I miss you every day. Love, Mallena. Have you tried asking them for help? If you have, then you could try the tutoring center at the school. They used to help my brothers out all the time. How are you and Ronin doing? And his friends? Are you OK? Are you in some kind of trouble? What are you and Ronin doing with all the time you spend together?

You never tell me, but from what you do say, he sounds like a bad sort. Are you there? But please, talk to me. Feldraeth: I always saw Sylas in a more favorable light, but I can totally see this characterization in her as well. Have a fight! I can totally see Braden taking to her like he did to Mako. I remember the first exchange between Ketturah and Mallena. Reading these letters either version made me feel bad for both of them.

Ketturah for being so lonely and lost and Mallena, like the reader, watching a long-distance train wreck and being powerless to stop it. Last week of March! Week of March 27, Incongruity--A wookie with curlers, troopers in armor dancing to a popular tune, a toddler with a lightsaber. The result may be funny or tragic.

When has your character encountered incongruous things or odd juxtapositions? This week's featured NotLP: Paying the Piper - There might be a couple different meanings to this, but in the end nothing comes for free, and one's choices have costs and consequences.

Write about a time your character had to pony up the payment Prompt courtesy of Kitar. Sorry all, got a bit behind again so no comments this time. I do have a story to post though and hopefully its worth a read. The creative part of my brain was having a dry spell, therefore my lack of stories lately, so I decided to spend some time in game to see if any ideas sparked. However, I was getting tired of doing dailies so I ended up finally rerolling a fem SW because: Major SW SpoilersI somehow messed up when I leveled a Fem SW before and didn't have Quinn's affection very high before he turned into a dirty backstabbing bastard aka the Quinncident.

The station itself is not equipped with any weapons, however, there are two sub-stations which are brimming with guns to de Bulwark Class Battlecruiser. The Bulwark Class Battlecruiser was designed to be a heavy hitter in combat situations. With a massive arsenal, large fighter bay, and thick armor plates, the Bulwark is a nearly impenetrable fortress, and a daunting foe. The emphasis on armor plates ensu Basilisk Class Rocket Corvette.

The Basilisk Corvette was designed as a fast attack rocket platform. It is made with light armor blocks to give it a quick and speedy frame. The ship has 7 broadside rocket launchers on each side of the ship, and two additional rockets on the nose.

Listening Post. This is a very tiny stationary listening post. It can be crewed by up to six people. Middle level is Habitation Room where people sleep or eat or Angel Class Cruiser. Eden Class Colony Flagship. The Eden Class Colony Flagship was designed as the centerpiece of a civilain colonization effort to distant and far off worlds. It has ample storage and living space to house a large number of colonists for long voyages through space to reach their destina Eden Class Industrial Mining Vessel.

The Eden Class Industrial Mining Vessel was designed solely for industry, and as such, it is equipped with no weapons. However, because of the large amount of armor plating and spacious interior of the hangar, this ship can be outfitted for combat as a lig Eden Echo Mining Base.

This is just a small base that I built as my very first project. I also tried to build a massive ship, but I didnt like it and then it broke. Battery Powered Cargo Hauler. Exploration Drone - Programmed. This drone uses the new programmable blocks to explore the world around. Press the button on the drone's side to launch it.

It will travel to about 47 kilometers. If it finds something before then, it will stop and light a beacon. This something wi Exploration Drone - Programmed - Public. AAA Turret. This is a stationary turret designed for defending larger structures against small fighter craft and bombers. It rotates at a full Degree angle on the Horizontal axis and has limiters for the Vertical axis so you don't go spinning out of control. Dauntless Class Destroyer.

The Dauntless Class Destroyer was designed for pure combat. It's main role is fire support with a small team of fighters to aid in engagement. The ship is equipped with a heavy armament. It is also considered to be rather fast and agile for its medium rang Insurrection Class Light Cruiser. The Insurrection Class Light Cruiser was designed for mobility and firepower. It boasts an impressive array of weapons and a hangar for small fighter craft.

It is designed with a vertical frame. Athena Class Super Carrier. Hunter Class Bomber. The Hunter Class Bomber is a heavy, yet relatively agile small craft that was designed to fill multiple roles. It is equipped with pylons to carry low-yield bombs. Of course, it also has enough speed and firepower to hold its own on the field of battle. Hoplite Light Frigate. The Hoplite was designed as a fast attack military ship.

It boasts an impressive amount of fire power for its weight class, and its speed and agility are superior in many aspects. The thin upright design of the ship's hull structure makes for a smaller tar Hoplite Class Light Frigate. In ancient Greece, the Hoplite was a soldier, honor bound to the service of the Nation of Sparta.

Valiant warriors, they were feared throughout the land. Gehenna Class Frigate. I have updated it recently with many new features, and so I am re-publishing it. Recognizing the need for a stronger defensive unit, the Gehenna class frigate was created with fortifica Recognizing the need for a stronger defensive unit, the Gehenna class frigate was created with fortification in mind. The entire ship's outer layer is made of thick tungsten plates which makes it heavy, but durable.

Hewer Class Large Drilling Ship. The Hewer was designed as a mining and resources acquisition vessel. It comes equipped with a large number of drills which fan out into a pointed shape on its nose giving it a distinguished look.

The Hewer is capable of drilling tunnels through asteroids. Helot Fighter. The Helot was the working class of ancient Sparta. Akin to slaves, they did whatever Sparta required of them. Itinerant Class Freighter. The Itinerant Class Freighter is designed to carry massive amounts of commodities at relatively low cost, or risk. For this reason, the Itinerant Class Freighter is sought by merchants, miners, and industrialists of all types!

The ship comes with a cargo The aftermath of a great battle! Various ships have been destroyed on both sides. Explore and have a look around! With a heightened level of agility, and an adequate amount of firepower, this vessels was chosen to be repurposed into an exploration ship when its original design AIS Cockpit.

This adds an additional cockpit to the game. The design should work well on gunships and larger fighter craft. DX compatible. This is V1. The cockpit can be found under the AIS Con AIS Bridge Windows. Star Destroyer style bridge windows. They are modular, survival ready and can be painted. Includes ten blocks that can be Now you c Ship only a decorative and do not claim to performance in the realities of the game. Mass Gyroscopes 64 Reactors and batteries for MW There is 3 working turret and unlockable the hangar.

Gates hangar fixed magnetic chassis. When moving Hiigaran Interceptor. Replica Hiigaran Interceptor of all our beloved and unforgettable game «Homeworld 2". The Hiigaran Interceptor is a fast, maneuverable and versatile craft designed for patrol, escort, and capital ship defense.

The interceptor is the second smallest hull This is a battleship for escorting; you may use it in survival mode as well. Hangar that can hold 4more carriage is now available and collectors are connected to reactors, containers or missile turrets. Hope u enjoy this. Full lengthm Mass,,kg Alien Alarms Soundblock. A collection of seven different loopable alarm sounds from Alien and Alien: Isolation.

This is my first mod for Space Engineers so please let me know if you have any problems with it. Update - New Version - 1. FTL Kestrel Cruiser. FTL Engi Cruiser. I collected up all the ships that have been built so far in are survival and put them in a number of hangers.

The base is also on this world. So if you have ever wanted to fly Henry or even have a peek around are base here's your opportunity to do so. Baneblade Imperial Guard Warhammer 40K. The Baneblade is the primary super-heavy tank of the Imperial Guard, and one of the largest and oldest armoured fighting vehicles in the service of the Imperial armed forces. F Night Hawk. The F Nighthawk is a single-seat, twin-engine stealth ground-attack aircraft formerly operated by the United States Air Force Giant Firing Crossbow, Ballista.

I had to see if it was possible make sure to check out the video to see how it works and how it was created. Developed from earlier Greek weapons, it relied upon different mechanics, using two levers with torsion springs instead of a prod, the springs con Based on the classic Rock'em Sock'em join up with friends to fight to the death.

The Rules are simple the first one to lose a body part wins good luck. Take controls of the sword or shield and work together to destroy the other bot The series was produced by Rothana Heavy Engineering A Space Engineers mini game based around catapults.

The objective is simple knock down your opponents castle and then use the explosive warhead to destroy his catapult. I Warn you that this is a prototype a Conquest Normal Head-On. This is a game mode designed to be played in space enginers multiplayer.

Normal Mode: Each team has at least one uncapturable base. That must no be attacked To win a game of Conquest, the teams in the game usually two must capture pre-determine The Land Raider is designed to move at a good speed while still carrying heavy armaments as well as a number of warriors within its armoured hull The year is ten years after the galactic conquest of the empire after its collapse its bases and colonies fell into disrepair.

You have crash landed on moon that used to be ex military research center your ship suffered a collision with some of th Henry Collection. For some time now you have been requesting a collection of the Henry series of small ships. I managed to get a lot of the variants that you have seen but some are still missing I just cant find some of the experimental models Henry MK1.

How to Buid a Hanger Door. Today I show you how to build moving hanger doors that are both simple to construct and hide on you space station. They are sure to be a hit with any passing space travelers or even as a protection from the battle outside How To Build Assualt Ramps. How to buld an assualt Ramp this is a demo file to show you how to construct your own assualt ramps they work very simply on a pivot point and by using a counter balance in this case thrusters you can have your very own landing craft in space.

Just rember Hunter Class Cruiser V3. Its finally finished and I would like to welcome you a bored Hunter Class Cruiser a ship that I built with survival at its core and fire power at your fingertips. How to build Turrets. Today I show you how to build a turret that are both simple to construct and could protect a ship or station.

They are sure to strike fear into passing space travelers or even as a protection from the battle Automatic, NO Gravity Drill 3. Do you want a flat surface, or just ore? Well you came to the right place. This it the latest version of my automatic drilling but on a big scale.

How to use: 1. First get time. Battleship Boardgame. It's Battleship! In Space Engineers! With all of Space Engineers powerful tools I thought I could automate almost every HRMS Vintorez. A massive carrier ship that was at first designed to be a battleship but was last minute converted to a fighter carrier and support ship.

This last minute choice from the Office of Naval Inteligence proved to be good as it could store multipul racks of int This is the current generation of flagship for the GSR navy. It is a formidible opponent at all ranges and boasts fairly good handling for a ship of its size. The interior houses a massive crew, including several assault teams and an admiral or other strat DX11 Bunk Bed.

With a decent firepower and average maneuverability it can perform many roles in combat. With 6 pods for fighters The Dauntless is a large exploration ship equiped with: -4 large cargo containers -6 refineries -4 arc furnaces -8 assemblers All of the above are connected with conveyers.

The Dauntless is powered by 4 large reactors and 10 batteries. The batt D Grinding Drone. Please Rate! No Mods Today I present to you the light armor version of Cerberus. The latest engineering endeavor from Boz Corp. This is the first dedicated gunship Boz Corp. Here at Boz Corp. Desolace Blueprint. This is the continued development on the first big ship I constructed.

This ship is under constant development and has received a steady stream of upgrades as Space Engineers has been updated an Cerberus - Self-Repairing. Mining Platform MC Small Mining Outpost equipped with all the basics you need. Summary - Powerful long range grav cannon - Visually impressive secondary guns - Battleship, designed to destroy other super capital ships. The Hyperion was built in , during the later stages of the second space race, when the question "who got there first" was replaced by "who built the first permanent outpost there".

Consequently, the Hyperion mission was to find suitable asteroids, est GoF X - Amboss. GoF G - Vol Noor. GoF M - Badger. GoF M - Betty. GoF V - H'Soc. GoF T - Veteran. GoF T - Groza. GoF P - Hernstein. Kegger KN7 Shuttle. I've gone through several iterations and found that this one seems to be the most practical! List of mods used to the right! This Shuttle is an economical way to travel long distances with friends and family.

Phoenix Industries' FTL drive ensures a FrozenStar Hull 2 - Titanium Grey. Product Hull 2 - Titanium Grey represents a more minimal and smart plating design, for those who prefer modest structural detail in their hull. Like all our products this plating meets all the high quality control standards set by Frozen Star Techno FrozenStar Hull 2 - Rust.

Product Hull 2 - represents a more minimal and smart plating design, for those who prefer modest structural detail in their hull. This worn and rusted edition is for those who need to blend in with a more underground culture, whilst still requiring c FrozenStar Hull 1 - Titanium Grey. Product Hull 1 - Titanium Grey represents a dense and detailed structural design, for those who want their hull plating to go beyond the plain and simple!

All our products are compatible with one and other, meaning you can use any combination on you Fighter - Type F11 Super Piranha. The Super Piranha is a further development of the Type 10 Piranha chasis. Combining features with the Type 3 Seraphim curves, vertical thrusters , this ship offers unparalleled manoeuverability for its weight with its adjustable gyro banks along with an e High thrust low weight drone for speedy scouting and engaging targets of opportunity.

A variant of the R8 featuring extended slopes and increased firepower hence the X. Whether it be the traditional sneak 'n peek or more aggressive force recon, the Mi All small blocks. Assault - Type 10G4 Piranha Bombardier. Idea: Hey I could probably rotate those cargo containers and stick some nice big rocket pods on them!

Drone - Type U9 Pisces Tunneller. A small drone for digging deep into asteroids. Comes with thrust override for limited autonomy. Uprated variant of the Super Piranha. Increased thrust A family of sturdy workhorses to ride to work or battle. Modification of the 2nd Generation Courser. Features strengthened armour, solid pilot protection and plenty of firepower. Thruster groupings give pilots high thrust when in combat or station hopp Kunai Class Prowler.

Designed with stealth in mind, it is ment to move around undetected by enemy forces, supporting friendly units by gathering intelligence and dropping decoys. Remember to cancel the rechar Battleaxe Class Heavy Cruiser.

Designed with anti ship duties in mind Katar Class AS Corvette. Designed primarily with anti fighter duties in mind with a secondary missile surpression role. Collection of all these warships can be found here or on my collections gallery. Katana Class Strike Corvette mk2.

Improves crew surviability from the mk1 Katana as well as replacing the four defensive gatling guns with more powerful offensive STS guns This version is now old news. Huge Airlocks and airtight gates - conceptual. The Legatus Series is part of some tests im doing with sensors Aliens APC. Aliens U. Sulaco from alien movies. Sulaco is a Conestoga class starship, thirteenth of its class, originally designed as a troop and logistics transport..

It measures meters like wiki says. Click here to get the world file this downloads all the mods for you. As the name suggests it is a large industrial ship made to accomodate faction mining vessels. Click here to get just the Blueprint. Deep Space Mining Outpost and Frigates. Outpost Features: Large small craft hangar with ample parking space. Governor Class - Combat Carrier. Central Repair Bay can hol Jormungandr HvyDD. Jormundgandr Heavy Destroyer Mass: 5 mil kg Acceleration: 1.

Mass: 12, kg Acceleration: It has two laser There are many rooms to the ship, including several engineering areas, engine rooms, barracks, The Recon variant Dragonfly Fighter. Mass: 11, kg Acceleration: Alsvidr MLRS. Arvakr AAA. Ibis SuP. Ibis Support Boat Mass: k Acceleration: 5. Mass: 13,, kg Acceleration: 2. Huginn Medium Freighter Mass: 5,, kg Length: Added solar panels, fuel storage, and fuel conveyor systems.

Mass: 26 mil kg Acceleration: 1. As such, I have finally given it a long overdue update to the newer paint scheme and modded consoles to bring its aest Gyllir APC. Manta Assault Carrier Mass: 42,, kg Acceleration: 2. Mass: 2,, Acceleration: 5. Several Griffon m Inquisitorial Chimera. Mass: 3 mil kg Acceleration: 2. It serves the Navy by recycling old ships int Mass: It is therefore designed less for combat and more for recon.

The door will automatically open and the blinking exit lights will turn on as you fly a fighter towards it from the assembly bay. It will close once you clear the area. Mass: ,, kg Acceleration: 2. Added solar panels, fuel storage, and fuel conveyor systems Mass: 46 mil kg Acceleration: 1.

Mantid AC4. It is compact, fast, and manueverable, w Nova Yacht Mass: , Length: Mantid BC3. Mass: 7,, kg Acceleration: 5. Mass: 61, kg Acceleration: This is a simple luxury cruise liner. The ship retains a basic factory paint scheme so as to allow various purchasers to easily apply their own custom paint jobs. Mass: 1. Condor RoV. Mass 53, kg Acceleration: 6.

Apparently, one of the updates made this necessary, as the rotors had been at max displacement before. A slight redesign was necessary to keep things functional. Also, a projector block was ad They provide a unique role in that Mass: 8,, kg Acceleration: 3. Mass: 85, kg Acceleration: This basically means that there are more weapons. I am uploading this to repl Note that there are a few locations throughout the ship where there is no oxygen or oxygen is sporadic. This is due to the collision of the catwalks in the catwalks mod, which apparently do not allow oxygen to flow th Mass: 13, kg Acceleration It packs a large punch for its size and can use its manueverabilit Added fuel storage and conveyor systems.

A fuel line has also been created to accomodate this new connector, which also serves to add some Mass: 13,, kg Acceleration: 3. DX11 Armor Thrusters. Description: Armor thrusters are mostly cosmetic mod, that add two thrusters that can be inserted into ship's armor without breaking it's outlines. No more horrible gaps! Besides that, they are identical to normal thrusters, except for slightly incr DX11 Hydroponic.

If ice is depleted, remove cap, DX11 Letters Mod. Check my thread [forums. DX11 Laser Communications Dish. Description: This is high-bandwidth laser antenna dish, allowing to establish communications over kilometers. It is compatible with vanila Laser Antenna. DX11 Deep Space Transceiver. Description: Deep Space Transceiver is an extremely powerful large 20 meters antenna dish, 7x7x9 blocks.

It is capable on sending and receiving data at distances up to 2 million km. It is perfect choice for establishing communications between DX11 Docking Ring. Description: six block complect containing: docking ring segment and segment corner, docking ring clamp and clamp corner, and two variants of airlock. Docking clamp is functioning as a merge block, and consists out or two blocks: Docking Clamp Part DX11 Interior Wall Corner.

Description: I don't understand why nobody still hasn't done this. I mean, come on, seriously? This is an armor block, so hidden faces are removed, like with normal interior wall. DX11 Mass Driver. Description: Don't worry, the mod is being developed, but veeeeryyyy slooowlllyyy. I think I will re-release it after final changes so that it would catch people's eye again.

I rep DX11 Laser Turret. Description: Appears that script is not working out of downloaded mod, but works in the local copy Laser turret for enhancing your ship's attacking capabilities. The turret can be placed anywhere on the ship, no conveyors required, but needs 5 M DX11 Big Gate. Description: 1x2x3 large gate, designed for cargo bays and main entrances to stations or capital ships. I will NOT do same block twice, DX11 Accumulators.

Description: So it is an alternative to vanila batteries. Large variant and small variant. It is NOT done! Texture for small accumulator is pretty much placeholder. Will be updated soon. DX11 AI Core. Description: Powerful computer mainframe for your space stations and capital ships that is capable to advanced decision making. Loves to sing "daisy bell" from time to time for no apparent reason. Can be stacked into computing net with multiple inst DX11 Cryopods.

Description: As of Update Mk1 cryogenic beds are your answer to problem of long space travel. This block would greatly benefit if Keen would introduce animations to models, and allow access to th DX11 Interior Door. Description: This is just a quick addition to vanila door, cuz I got sick of not being able to tell what is on the other side.

Slightly cheaper and less sturdy than vanila. As this is a modification of game's vanila blocks, I included source file Small Ship: Less Damage than large version. Other Notes: the large version u Ambient Doors.

This is a standalone version from Ambient Walls to save some users G-Menu space. Only the door sets are included, please click the link for the whole pack But no sleep for you! DeadTech - Recharge Station. Use this as a compact energy and health recharge station. Getting my glass on! DeadTech - Medical Pack. Harmless tests. Logistix pack from DeadTech - Fill in your cargo bays and add a little bit of life.

Now Dx11 compatible. Now updated to Dx11 First iteration please be patient Now with Pastal colours DeathsHead's Battle Suit Toranaga is a semi articulated mech with anti armor, anti infantry, and close combat capabilities. Not too sure if I like the solar panels Multiplayer Note-- Will DeathsHead's Battle Suit RazorRhino is a semi articulated mech with anti armor, anti infantry, and close combat capabilities.

Conveyor Air Vent - full sized block and slope! This mod adds 2 air vent blocks, one full-sized block with lots of conveyor ports and a sloped one with 2 conveyor ports. Useful for in-wall air vents. Survival ready construction mo Helmet - 3D HUD and reflective glass. This mod makes your first person view a bit more immersive with a reflective glass overlay, helmet-shaped edge blur and a 3D HUD which indicates health, energy, oxygen and if you're broadcasting or not.

It only works in first person view and it works wh This mod adds 3 blocks that are basically advanced rotors with different mounting points. SE v1. Godiva Mech WIP. A customizable, 3-player controlled battlesuit with detachable arms. Inspired by Death'sHead's Razor Rhino. Feel free to leave a comment, or post any bugs or concerns. Rate, subscribe, or favorite to motivate me to make improvements! I would like to rem DDT - Lugger Carrier.

DDF - Gladius Cruiser. The DDF - Juggernaght is an oppressive old style frigate that was commonly used for salvagers to move from galaxy to galaxy scrapping and savlaging what they could from other wrecks. The ship is completely vanilla and is survival ready with contents in Fleet Commander - Escort Ships. This is the second of the carriers I have made for my Fleet Commander Series. It allows the transporting and deployment of 6 Kestral fighters as well as havinng the comfort to support the pilots!

I hope you guys enjoy the ship and give it some suppor Devil Driver Squadron. Devil Driver Corp - Alien Squadron. Do you want to travel the galaxy in style with your friends while having a ship that will make you a good income? Then the dust devil is for you.

This ship's assets include: - Plenty of living space to enjoy, allowing you to travel the stars in co This gyroscope is basically a gyroscope designed for large ships, its 50 times stronger than a normal large gyroscope. Please note; i am aware that this mod is unrealistic, telling me so doesn't really change anything. I will never release a realistic ver Cannibal Class, Construction Ships.

A set of small ships designed for construction, and deconstruction, with minor future proofing. The Droplet. A large single seater combat ship designed to allow you to aim it's 4 modded weapons with great accuracy. Fulcn Fighters "Small" Fighters. Designed for great speeds at forward movement, but with little maneuverability at speed.

The Gladius, Mega Warship. Want to see a tour of the ship? It is large enough to be called a capital ship, but lacks the amenities a pro Behemoth - Capital Ship. A monster of mega ships, designed to have just about everything you would need to command units on the battlefield. Civ Cargo Craft. A civilian cargo craft designed to operate in peacful space.

CRLD 1. It's a large drone designed simply to be asthetcially pleasing, and not to do much else. CRLD 2. CRLD 2, or "Completely Random Large Drone" is the second of my astehtically pleasing to view, but otherwise pointless large drone ships. Drifter Mega Cargo Ship. A large ship I tossed together - not exactly the most logical of ships, but I felt like just building something nice. Hi-Tech Camera Overlay. This mod now works! This one is relatively simple in design, so that your screen shouldn't feel too cluttered Gravity Blanket.

An assortment of Artifical Masses floating in formation, and a gravity ship. Gravity Chains "Playground". Gravity Cells. A few cells, build completely out of gravity. If you don't count the machines around them. Basically gravity created force fields hold a small assortment of things in place, very very fun. Gravity Drive System. Gravity Propulsion System. Access Door Sage. See this mod Cylinder Fighter Diamond Line. One of the Diamond Line fighters, this is a varient of the default Diamond Fighter, that vaguely resembles a cylinder.

This is a drone. Your Custom Character Tutorial. This mod contains the needed files to create your own custom character skin. A exploration ship, based on more contemporary space ship designs. Controllable Turrets. Most were built before weaposn went live, but most still work. Cutter Craft Fighter. A small ship fighter, with a fairly A-Symmetrical design for top to bottom, at least when it comes to it's silhouette.

Dead Space - Markers. This is the my Cathedral of the Stars. The Cathedral of the Stars, ready to be used by any religion. Itzy Fighters Small Fighters. A few very small fighters. Cryo Pods Sage. Has DX11 Has DX9 A cryo pod, currently not functional, but it does have build states, and can help make your ships feel less empty. Death Cubes.

Two small ships designed to fire in every direction. To get out Advanced Suicide Drone. A semi smart suicide drone, capable of patrolling a circular area, and chasing down any targets that get in it's way. An autominer designed to go through an asteroid, turn around, and go back again. Boarding Ships Attack Ships. Malice Destroyer. A large, and fairly confusing destroyer. Bullet Sponges.

With Heavy Armor currently being completely bullet proof, with the exception of corners, I thought I would just throw together a simple "play" area. Attack Ship Frigate. After someone suggested building a Frigate, this sorta just poped into my head. As I was building, things obviously changed from the original design in my head, but overall, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. If you want to see a video tour of th Heavy Transport.

See a closer look at this ship, in video form at this link: htt Kip Mini-Gunship. A mini-gunship, as the title says. It has two seats, so you can have a pilot, and a gunner, who can switch between the two guns of the ship. Kip, Drone Mini-Gunship. This is the drone version, so find a safe spot for you and two friend to control it, and you will have a small, replaceable drone, that won't cost you and your friends lives if it is destroyed. See more about this ship Heavy Freighter.

A large, low tech freighter. Deep Space Exploration Mega Ship. Large ship I created for the intention of exploring Space Engineers Once they add more. Want to see it in video form? Small attack ship, with tiered missile launchers. Bomber and Construction Ships. After the update that added landing gears, I quickly started work on a few ships that could transport other ships around while I was working on them.

These are those ships. I also came up with an idea for a bomber that would use the landing gears to re May have gone a bit overboard. Mauler Planet Cracker. This is a "planet cracker" inspired by those present in the Dead Space universe. Arc Pylon.

Civilian Bed Sage. Diamond Fighter Diamond Line. One of the Diamond Line fighters, this is the base default fighter, designed to have equal manuverability in each direction. Industrial Thruster Sage. Beacon Fighter. Little fighter I created to show off the Beacon update. DX11 Armored Cargo Container. This Mods adds new Cargo Container to the Game.

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