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"Thirty-Three" is a song by American alternative rock band the Smashing Pumpkins. It was the fifth and final single from their third album, Mellon Collie. The Aeroplane Flies High is a five-disc box set released by American alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins in It contains expanded versions of.

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Smashing pumpkins live 1996 torrent

smashing pumpkins live 1996 torrent

Intimate & Interactive: the Smashing Pumpkins () -> video basics: * @ 25fps @ () @ bps. man they were great live, i was standing directly in front of mary timony Smashing Pumpkins, The The Aeroplane Flies High 12 Track Sampler Promo. D:\Music\ Smashing Pumpkins Rare and Unreleased\ \ Rare and Unreleased\\Forgotten Songs Part 1\ 03 She (live).mp3. THOR 2 IN HINDI DOWNLOAD UTORRENT FOR IPAD If this happens. RDM supports all and correct username providers who are able to remotely. Best Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom. For Cisco IOS unable to manipulate is easy too files between your their credentials in. Nope, same I tried this when online or for.

Originally intended to be limited to , copies, Virgin Records produced more after the original run sold out due to overwhelming and unexpected demand. He has said that Mellon Collie was a transforming experience for the band, and Aeroplane shows how much the Pumpkins are still willing to take chances. And here's the scary part: There is no filler here. These supposedly second-string tracks are keepers.

Aeroplane has its indulgent moments; the very exercise of anthologizing this material is megalomaniacal. But the ballads are as gorgeous as anything Corgan has ever written. In , the Smashing Pumpkins issued a 6-disc deluxe version of The Aeroplane Flies High, which Spotify classified under the band's "compilations" section [9] According to Ian Cohen, writing for Pitchfork, "[t]he Aeroplane Flies High is not a beloved obscurity, nor is it a canonical album celebrating a milestone anniversary.

Granted, the Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was more judiciously edited than the title would lead you to believe. It was a song double album all the same, and now Aeroplane nearly quadruples in size with 90 additional tracks on top of its original 33, with a bonus DVD to boot. All tracks are written by Billy Corgan , except where noted. The "Pastichio Medley" is a medley of riffs from a variety of sources recorded after Siamese Dream and before the completion of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

A full version of "U. It also appeared on the vinyl version of Mellon Collie. As part of EMI Music's extensive reissue campaign, a special edition of the album was released on 26 July The 6-CD set consists of the five original EPs, each now with added bonus tracks, as well as an additional CD of live material. In total the discs feature 90 tracks. The set was also released on vinyl as a 5-LP box set.

To promote the original release of the box set, a four-track CD single was issued by Virgin Records America with customized cover sleeve and CD art. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Smashing Pumpkins. Title Writer s Length 1. Said Sadly" James Iha 3. Title Length 1. Whiting Said Sadly" Iha 3. Whiting 7. Archived from the original http on May 9, Retrieved August 30, June 5, Retrieved November 2, Kyle his latest work of art, the white-framed piece on the right image above, is premiering here on SPfreaks as we speak.

But we will also talk about the framed piece on the left, already posted in several places online in the past. SPfreaks: Kyle, thanks for showing up, and welcome. SPfreaks: What we want to know first is when and how did you get into Smashing Pumpkins? It must already be quite a while ago, right? Kyle: Oh yeah. I was a teenager in the early 90s and have been a fan of the music from the first time I saw the video for Cherub Rock on MTV. I remember the excitement I felt when I found a Siamese Dream T-shirt in a local store and how awesome it was to wear it to school.

When I discovered the live performances taping community my love of the band really took off. I was able to enjoy more than just the studio albums. The on-stage banter and the acoustic versions of songs… there was just a wonderful feel. The internet also helped… message boards, tape tree sites, archive. SPfreaks: We asked you to contribute something for this Extreme Collecting series.

You asked us to wait a bit for your latest project to be completed. How did it go? Having a deadline lit the fire under me that I needed. I sent you a basic layout and you thought it looked good enough to wait for its completion. Thank you for that. SPfreaks: Right. What do we see there? Kyle: The idea was to present these items in a way that represents everyone in the band and gives the piece, as a whole, a more personal feel.

The first pieces I acquired were the drum sticks. I caught one at a show in San Diego in and traded someone from a Smashing Pumpkins message board for the other. I had Jimmy sign one drum stick after a Zwan show and then the other a couple years later when he did a radio appearance at Easter. He signed my guitar, the black one from the other frame, that day too.

The next item I got was the signed drumhead from eBay. I got the set list and the Siamese Dream backstage pass from a gentleman who worked with Jimmy on a few shows in The old-looking white frame was from an art dealer my wife knows. It was supposed to be thrown away, but I rescued it and gave it a new life. SPfreaks: What about that huge golden frame with purple velvet, the two guitars and other Smashing Pumpkins goodies inside?

Kyle: Thanks! I agree. The black Gibson Epiphone guitar on the left was the first guitar I ever owned. I bought it in and learned how to play on it. As I got more into Smashing Pumpkins fandom, I decided I would honor them by retiring my first guitar, and try to get them all to sign it. However, I may be able to remedy that soon. I loved the look and the sound and how iconic it was when the Smashing Pumpkins were still young and discovering success. I lucked out and got the last few pages of Frances Meyer bat stickers from eBay.

I created custom-machined backing plates where the neck mounts to the guitar body and I extended the length a little and added eye holes so that the guitar could hang on the inside of the case without being seen. It can be lifted and taken out very easily to play. The frame case has rope LEDs strung along the inside perimeter. I have started hanging all my back stage passes in the case as well, to give it a stage-used feel.

I wanted to have a good, clean photo of the Bat Strat to include in the display and I came across the perfect one on eBay. It was from a Japanese magazine and was a picture I had never seen before. I scanned it, cleaned it up and printed it on photo paper and it fits in nicely. The whole display looks very slick. During a remodel, an employee of the Hard Rock Cafe saved this, and 5 others, from the dumpster and brought them to the swap meet to sell.

I only regret not buying two. SPfreaks: Good shit happens, Kyle. Tell me, why is it so important that you have things autographed by the band? Is there a reason behind that? It is not uncommon to see me after shows hanging out by the buses in back or waiting in line for hours for a meet-and-greet. One night, about ten years ago, a friend told me that James was at a club in Los Angeles. I drove up and waited outside for six hours for him to come out. As he was leaving the club he signed my guitar and I got a photo with him.

I admire the band and the music and the image, but I also respect them as people. I never want to be that creepy annoying fan. Getting the signature is fun too. Most people who are fans of the music would like to meet their favorite artists at least once.

SPfreaks: And those backstage passes, did you use them yourself, or were they from eBay as well? How many are there anyway? Kyle: Oh man, I wish. Thankfully I seem to be the most serious Pumpkins back stage pass collector out there, so I usually get every single one I go after.

I have a fascination with back stage passes. I love the creativity that goes into designing them and the freedom found in those who wore them at shows. I have never been back stage at a Pumpkins concert. I have each one signed and I thought of framing that with the photo I have of myself and the respective member. That could be kind of cool.

It would also be cool to get another one and assemble some sort of display for Pumpkins v2. Recently I acquired the guitar James played and destroyed! I am making arrangements to potentially get James to sign the guitar body during his current tour in Europe. People from the SPfreaks community are helping me with that. And I was thinking that stills from the music video would be appropriate in the display to give the piece context.

When displayed together, the two smaller pieces could be mounted on each side of the guitar display to give it a spatial balance. When I surround all that Pumpkins goodness with various Pumpkins record awards, it promises to be an epic wall of Pumpkins.

It will be glorious. SPfreaks: We are sure it will be glorious. However, Kyle, we have reached our last question. What is your most cherished Smashing Pumpkins item? What piece you own stands out for you? Kyle: Without a moment of hesitation I would say my signed guitar. I love that thing so much, I have even joked about being buried with it when I die.

It took me almost ten years to get every signature. SPfreaks: Thanks Kyle, for the time you took to talk with us on SPfreaks, and the effort you made to show some of your art projects. Meanwhile we would like to ask you to send your suggestions for rare and unique Smashing Pumpkins items to TheSPfreaksTeam gmail. We will do the additional research and bring you the full story here on SPfreaks.

Or, in the case of the combined Gish album releases from the s, to be discussed later, they represent parts of rare CD collections from around the world. Bass duties were handled by Corgan as can be seen in one of the two videos for the song. Another master of the song was send to Virgin Records, where a promotional in-house pressing was manufactured, dated one day prior to its radio debut.

Whether ownership of this CD can be added to his CV of impressive feats is still supposition on our part, but, well, it would undoubtedly represent one of the highlights of his career. We were in the studio for what appeared to be the last time, so it was very emotional; we had only three days. The Q version of the single featured the artwork of the Greatest Hits album, which was not-yet released at that time.

One of these three copies was able to be won in a competition run by Q on the James Van Osdol radio show, where contestants had to correctly answer a question about the Smashing Pumpkins. After that, according to a spokesperson for the band, more than 50 stations in the United States played the song — which was not commercially available at the time.

Examples have appeared in France and in Sweden. At the same time, in Canada, an extremely rare and highly sought after 7-track promo CD was released in a jewel case, entitled Untitled And Other Choice Cuts. Thus far, we do not know what Billy meant by this, as there appears to be no difference with the song that was eventually released on the commercial single.

The first was an edited collage of footage of the band from to , and was only released through television and online content providers in the late summer of Stills from this footage were used on the cover of the European single. The video was directed by Bart Lipton and edited by Mark Imgrund. Tarantula CD single early Mexican test pressing. What is noteworthy here, is that Mexico is the country of release, as well as the early date of the pressing. This test pressing of the CD single is dated May 3, , two months before the official release.

However, the CD inside the slimline jewel case is marked May 21, , presumably the date of manufacture. And what else is there to tell? Details like these aid in certifying the authenticity of this pressing. All in all, we have not found any flaws on this pressing to give us reason to doubt its authenticity. Fellow freaks, everyone at SPfreaks would like to wish you an awesome holiday season, and we hope to see you again next week!

As the guitarist for The Smashing Pumpkins, James Iha took his place on the stages of the largest concert halls and festivals in the world. It may now be fourteen years after his solo debut Let It Come Down , but the follow-up, Look to the Sky , has finally landed.

The album brings Iha to Europe for four concerts, among them, a performance at the Amsterdam Bitterzoet. Iha does not have so much experience gracing the stage alone; this year, he will perform about twenty of them. In the limited time available at these performances, the singer-songwriter does his best to entertain the audience with droll anecdotes, demonstrating that he has a clear sense of humour: often, he is the butt of his own jokes.

With a giggle from the crowd and a concert halls complete with tables and chairs, Iha knows exactly how to create a cosy atmosphere and where to land his softer numbers. A little more courage and bravado could certainly not have done any harm; as if apprehensive that the microphone would devour his vocal chords, Iha whispers his lyrics. The fragile figure makes it clear that he was responsible for the typically ingenious harmonious intertwining and the often surprisingly recalcitrant elements synonymous with The Smashing Pumpkins and concerts with A Perfect Circle.

If you need to put James Iha in a nutshell, this is what you include. Expanding in public view is never easy for anyone, but a concert is anything but torture for James Iha. By way of a closing statement, Iha makes it clear that as he sees it, rock does not reach its zenith with shock and awe, but by putting harmonious charm in the front line. I used to think that James Iha was a girl. I said it. Not a particularly attractive female but none the less not packing man parts. Recognizing masculine cheeks bones and jaw lines was beyond me.

I settled the argument when I purchased Siamese Dream on cassette! Upon review of the liner notes, we determined that Billy, James, and Jimmy were man names. It was a different time. There was no Wikipedia. No internet domestically available and the general public really, really adored the Smashing Pumpkins.

The band could do little or no wrong especially when it came to their music videos. They achieved a lasting legacy that is arguably larger than that of the songs, or of the albums that spawned them. This is the reason why the image of James Iha in a dress was not permanently and irreparably imprinted on pop culture.

He was a cousin of mine, and judging from late night, drunken jokes by old acquaintances, it is apparent that he has not yet lived down this ill informed infatuation. Hanson will always be remembered for the gender ambiguity represented in their first music video. James Iha though? So why have such gender confused connotations stuck with him, but not James?

Baby blue and one of his shortest ever haircuts; really? Hard to believe that the man is now an up-to-the-minute fashionista of the New York art scene. Apart from young children, no one really thought James was a woman. With that said, I humbly concede, in full awareness that I have exhausted the gag. The Smashing Pumpkins arguably perfected the art of the music video, proving that it could indeed be an art form, and not just a corporative-mandated commercial.

The band boasts one of the most eclectic collections of clips that any group has ever produced. They have invoked the guises of hippie, hipster, glam, and goth. Their videos range in quality from good to bad to downright incredible. The cultural impact of the visual medium is up for debate, but in terms of my favourite band there is a truism at work that cannot be denied; the original Smashing Pumpkins lineup is more memorable than the new lineup, and it is partially because of music videos.

The classic lineup is beloved not only by fans, but by the public at large. Since the reformation of the band in , the Smashing Pumpkins have been plagued by bad press simply due to the absence of a couple of first generation members. In , the criticism was perpetuated by the departure of another legacy member, Jimmy Chamberlin. Since then, Billy Corgan has been the only familiar face, even though Jeff Schroeder has been in the band for nearly six years. Or so the legend goes…. Member changes are nothing new to the Smashing Pumpkins.

Am I wrong? Enter Jeff and Ginger. It felt tacked on. I am apparently one of the rare fans who actually really likes the album, but the music videos are nothing special. Not terrible, just not as good as the earlier videos, or as artistically inspired.

So are the new videos toss-aways, or have they not been given a fair chance? Is the quality of the videos the issue, and if so, is that due to budget restraints? Quality directors, props, etc are expensive. The Smashing Pumpkins no longer have major label backing, not that the big guns put forth much in the way of funds for music videos these days.

No revenue from advertisers, because music video stations are all but dead. Can we blame the internet, and in particular YouTube? That could mean it would be the next to air, or it could be another half an hour, or hour away. Technology has empowered people with the ability to watch what they want, when they want. It pains me because I so badly want to see the current lineup in action. My exposure to the new members has been minimal. I still vividly remember the old band. I love them because they are permanently etched in the inner reaches of mind.

The Smashing Pumpkins were not just rock stars, they were pop icons. They were one of those scarce few bands to whom image was as important as the music, without the image overshadowing the music. Never saw them live. Billy almost exclusively handles all television appearances radio, and print interviews. I want to like the new members, I just have not had an opportunity to really get used to seeing them, and thinking about them as being the Smashing Pumpkins.

Consider this an open letter to the band. Showcase this new incarnation! Make music videos. Make me love Jeff, Nicole, and Mike! Depict them as so epic that it erases my memory of the old members. Perhaps I am being foolishly nostalgic, but I believe in my favourite band.

The medium is not as relevant as it once was, but I believe that it could be redefined, and I believe the Pumpkins could be the band that does it. December 15 th was the deadline for the contest that we started on October 7 th. The essay was to be between 1, and 2, words long.

Members of the SPfreaks Team were not eligible to enter the contest. The contest has been highly anticipated since early October, and we noticed multiple positive responses on the Smashing Pumpkins forum, Twitter, and above all, Facebook. However, in the meantime we were unable to have a band member of Smashing Pumpkins participate in the judging of our contest.

As a result, we will now judge the contest submissions within the SPfreaks Team. Accordingly, we will be able to announce a winner much earlier than previously expected. The winner will also be contacted at the email used to submit their entry. So keep your eyes peeled on this blog, and we will see you again on Friday! Compiled by Arthur van Pelt Hosting by Alberto. Between and , SPfreaks put together 4 compilations of Smashing Pumpkins live songs and made these available as mp3s.

In these months we present a run-down of them. For all these live compilations, jewelcase artwork has been created. The artwork is included in the downloads. The back inlays need to be printed mm x ,50 mm, then folded 6. I consider this renditions release as the best so far and the other 2 were already hard to top!

So for that reason, I split up the release in 2 parts. But how did I decide about every one of the 42 tracks? Let me explain about a few of them. Part I, track 1 is a joke, obviously. And when it is hard to decide which one should be added, you just throw them all in, right?

It works quite well, and I hope you guys listening to it, think the same. It was taken from the David Mead Compilation digital-only boot that can be found sometimes on torrent sites. Also I wanted to pick some Smashing Pumpkins tracks that were done live with other artists that can be considered a rendition also, right?

All in all, Part I gives a great overview of the acoustic brilliance that the Smashing Pumpkins achieve playing live. Again, just my humble opinion. But I hope you guys have a great listening experience, and appreciate my choices again so far!

And what about the instrumental middle part? Only the few visitors to a handful of gigs had the chance and the pleasure to get to know this song in a live rendition. Be prepared for an almost new song! It is one of my favourite Smashing Pumpkins live tracks of all times. The compilation was originally to be a 90m tape, but it got screwed up, so he dug up the Gravity demos instead, and made this 60m tape the next day. Have fun! Download this excellent selection of Smashing Pumpkins songs performed live here.

Last week we ended in Mexico. We will head back there now to look at an Adore -era live promo CD. This is another Mexican promotional release, which is said to have been released in a very low quantity — only 10 examples according to one source; read his story below , or 30 according to another source, some 10 years ago.

Our conclusion: it is rare as hell, and although it is not unique, it is highly sought. It is the most expensive Smashing Pumpkins CD release we know of so far. The silver CD-R version that you all have listed is not real, it is a fake. This is why the back insert is noticeably different. The forger took a close up of another part of the Adore album front cover, and placed the radio logo on top, adding the Virgin and Hut stamps to make it look more authentic, before putting it up for sale on ebay.

I actually had the name of the forger at one point after he was traced back through his eBay auctions. Additionally, there are not 30 copies of the genuine En Concierto En Mexico ; there are only It was handed out as a gift to radio station employees for promoting the concert. Other than a one of kind Siamese Dream multi-colored vinyl pressing, En Concierto En Mexico is the rarest of all official Pumpkins releases.

En Concierto en Mexico was the one item that always eluded me. There are only a few extremely rare items I have ever failed to own, but it was the only one that simply could not be found. For a short while I became obsessed with it. It was so hard to find that at one point, I was even convinced it was just a myth. I went through a great deal of trouble and effort to authenticate its existence.

I spoke to management at EMI at one point; a friend of mine even visited the radio station and spoke with several employees when he was on vacation in Mexico. I even attempted to find the item once through some associates that worked at Universal South with connection to Virgin Records management. Ultimately, the radio station confirmed the ten copies given out as prizes to employees; I do not know how they were given out raffle, seniority, etc. It is possible that a few of the copies were given out as radio prizes to the public.

However, I am certain of the number of copies. EMI confirmed the authenticity of the item, stating that it was a legitimate release and that the gold Kodak CD-R was in fact genuine. No official documentation; just an extensive search for what might as well have been the Holy Grail.

I did actually find the CD online once, receiving pictures from an anonymous person. But, of course, once he realised what he had, this person changed his mind and disappeared into oblivion. If people actually knew of the existence of En Concierto en Mexico , there is no way to tell how much it might be worth. Disclaimer: since we have not yet double-checked this story with previous or current owners of this release they are really hard to find!

We hope to have confirmation soon. Also, upon hearing these claims, we immediately updated the online collection entry for this item. We too felt uncertain about its authenticity. This article contributes to an existing discussion on our forums about this truly rare release. We also would like to invite you, as always, to send your findings and experiences via email to TheSPfreaksTeam.

These pop up on the market every now and then. Most of the time, nothing interesting can be found on them, since they almost always contain tracks that have been released commercially. On a second, more thorough glance, you can start to realise what is going on. Puffy make an appearance. It took a stunning 13 years to finally confirm the existence of these tracks.

What was the history behind the Puffy remixes? The remixed track has not yet seen the light of day. Was it cancelled somewhere down the road? Or did Billy Corgan decide not to approve the mix es? Were they deleted or otherwise destroyed in the studio? Or were they put on the studio shelves somewhere? They have not yet been commercially released.

Or maybe Corgan is just as unaware of the four different mixes as we were? They also know their way around the different genres, styles, eras and influences? It was a good album with some great hits in it, but nowhere was it as coherent as the previous, grungier, Siamese Dream.

The whole thing just seemed too bloated and overly produced for my taste. I had only a few months before recruiting to a mandatory 3-year army service, and had virtually nothing to do with that borrowed time. And, as it happened to be, that summer I fell madly in love with a girl. I was always fond of secondary titles appended to the name of a piece of art.

Depression is for when something gets fucked up in your life. But when you are truly heartbroken, you are not merely depressed, you become melancholic. The difference being? Whereas depression is your life played as a monochromatic black-and-white film, melancholy is your life on a colored-canvas painting.

Sure, there are the 28 songs from the official album, but once you are done with these, you begin to grow an appetite for more. Some of these songs are even better than the ones released on the album. That was when I rediscovered the Mellon Collie universe, and it became the soundtrack to that weird, wonderful time of my life. Significant albums have come and gone during my life, some of which were really, really good. And I do return to some every once in a while.

Again, what a remarkable year for Smashing Pumpkins fans! We saw the release of a long awaited follow up to Zeitgeist. The album, Oceania , is the first album to incorporate recordings from the post line-up after Jimmy Chamberlin left the band in March It was well received by the public and has convinced the band to continue to push forward with plans to release another album already in motion.

Exciting news! We also saw two of our favorite releases re-mastered and reissued; Pisces Iscariot and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Both releases contained an abundance of bonus material and re-imagined artwork. For our part, The SPfreaks Team was able to become more of a presence in the social networking world. We provided these items at cost, and even provided a few freebies here and there.

We have begun to assemble an elite cast of writers to author articles of differing interests and research. One of the biggest articles from revolved around a band that Billy Corgan started with Greg Bates called Coat of Eyes. A truly remarkable demo tape surfaced, providing song titles and an inside look at this pre-Pumpkins time period.

This was last seen for sale some 5 or 6 year ago and went unnoticed and cheap! We were only able to grab some low-fidelity scans of this release to document its existence before it disappeared again. Rest assured, once received, we will provide appropriate scans that a rare release of this magnitude deserves.

Second, an internal acetate promotional CD was discovered that contained all the mixes of Perfect by Puff Daddy. These are already widely available you say? They have always been rumored, but only confirmed some 14 years after their creation. For more information on this one-of-a-kind release, please review Collecting to the Extreme, Episode 7.

Third, one of our collectors was kind enough to share pictures of a truly one of a kind possession. The moon and earth props used in the Tonight, Tonight video! Obtaining these items was no easy task, but nothing worth obtaining ever is.

Even the hardcore collectors who have almost everything have to sit back in awe at some of the items that have been found in this past year alone. At its core, this is what SPfreaks is all about; the community and a communal support for everyone involved.

We need you, and always will! Help us enjoy and chronicle our favorite band into Thanks to the SPfreaks Team for a wonderful year. They enjoyed a wonderful and intimate concert by James Iha and his band, which was reviewed by Sven Schlijper a few weeks ago. Our member Sven also spoke with Smashing Pumpkins co-founder James Iha between his arrival on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and the soundcheck with the band for the performance later that night in Amsterdam.

On a bleak day, packed into sweaters and scarves, guitarist, songwriter, and film-music composer James Iha is sitting on a comfortable sofa in the Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. Look to the Sky, his second solo album of gentle semi- acoustic rock, was recently released.

As in his music, his conversation is hardly punctuated with big gestures or earth-shaking one-liners. Iha is his calm, relaxed self; Zen-like in harmony, and he speaks in the whisper of soft velvet. For me, the story was finished and it was time to close the book.

After the final concert in Chicago, when I walked out into the cold, besides feeling empty and tired, I was also satisfied. The mission was accomplished, but I really needed time to recharge my batteries. From the very beginning, somewhere in , up to and including , we were on the bullet-train, without ever stopping for very long. It was time to take a break, catch my breath and look around. In the United States, there is no single city that compares to it.

For me, it is not so much a melting pot of cultures, but it is full of great opportunities to meet interesting people and be impressed. I immersed myself in that warm bath of possibility, making the most of literature, fashion, art and films, all while I slowly found peace in building my own studio and record label.

All four of us shared that feeling and there was no deviating from the course. One is no better or worse than the other. Every now and then, I made a few guest appearances, then Billy Howerdel from A Perfect Circle — I knew him because he used to work as a guitar-tech for The Smashing Pumpkins — asked whether I wanted to come and play with him and his group.

It was his band and it suited me to take a role as a supporting factor. In the background and very far away from the outside world, I wrote songs which, in some cases, I worked on for months, but not in one single sitting.

I could spend an entire day polishing arrangements, struggling with the smallest detail and then go the next few weeks without even looking back at it. If it was just up to me, I would have spent years longer on it, thinly producing tracks or putting too much into them, and I definitely would have chosen the wrong songs.

Those years of The Smashing Pumpkins brought me to the point where I can peacefully enjoy life. For me, the band ceased to exist in I can understand it too, because we released a fabulous amount of brilliant work. We touched a lot of souls and there is still opportunity to bring happiness to people; old fans, but also a new generation.

It was often a wild ride, with ups and downs of course, but with those four people together there was a sacred fire that was extremely unique. I feel blessed to have been able to work with producers like Butch Vig, Flood and Alan Moulder, when I look at and listen to a repertoire where we went from being dreamy to hard, to bluesy or acoustic, to electronic and through it all, we continued to be The Smashing Pumpkins.

Barely a handful were released under The Smashing Pumpkins moniker. Everything had to fit in with the larger view of the albums and the band. Songs which we worked on because they might have appeared on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness were fortunately not recorded. They received their own place on my solo debut, Let It Come Down. That album can effortlessly — and on its own — exist alongside the monumental masterpiece that we created as The Smashing Pumpkins.

Now the album is one with me and my whole life right now; an expression of what I am doing at this very moment and want to share with the world. That I can entertain people all the way over here in the The Netherlands, fills me with gratitude and happiness.

In , after the highly awarded and critically acclaimed release of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness , the Smashing Pumpkins released a companion box set titled The Aeroplane Flies High. The box set contains each of the five singles released from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness to include all the b-sides that accompany them.

One disc in particular contains exclusive cover songs made available only within the box set. The purpose of this article is to give some clarity to the numerous pressings, release dates, promo versions, and even bootleg versions associated with the release. The first pressing of the box set was released on November 26, According to an article on mtv.

However, the product had an unforeseen mass appeal and the stores quickly ran out of the product. Virgin records quickly decided to press more copies for release in the US market. During this time, some stores gave out vouchers to be exchanged for the box set once the second pressing was complete [1].

First US Pressing Insert. The UK version was released the same day as the initial US pressing. This version has the identical UPC; however, the insert containing the barcode is slightly different and has a few additional numbers. The total amount of box sets pressed in the initial run remains at ,, however a percentage of these were manufactured for release in the UK. Of the first pressing quantity, it is unknown how many were shipped to the UK with the slightly different label.

First UK Release Insert. Due to the overwhelming demand for the box set, a second pressing was made available on January 17, [2]. This version comes with a unique barcode, exclusive to the second pressing.

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