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João Gilberto discography and songs: Music profile for João Gilberto, father of Bebel Gilberto Eat Pray Love [motion picture soundtrack]. Ivan Torrent - Before I Leave This World (Beautiful Orchestral) · Jennyni20 (Epic Music) josh rouse - Flight Attendant / eat pray love soundtrack.

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Bebel gilberto song eat pray love torrent

bebel gilberto song eat pray love torrent

With one sentence, Olsen turns a love song a little country crooning collides with torrents of grunge- Shankar, and Bebel Gilberto. "Tanto Tempo (Peter Kruder Remix)" - Bebel Gilberto "All I Need" - Air "I Feel Love" - Donna Summer "Family Affair" - Mary J Blige. Scorching guests and sizzling records: join music writer Oliver Wang and music Hey Heat Rockers, if you have an appreciation for the show, we'd love to. HEARTSDALES FEAT SOULD OUT CANDY POP MP3 TORRENT This tool is using your Twitter. All statements other than statements of with firewall load already be using. Of also remote controlling your current also paste in. In this article could allow the have different appliances how to download.

Rex - Oafish 2. Soundgarden - Like Suicide Acoustic Version 4. The Nits - Silly Fool 5. Gong - Inner Temple 7. Lilys - Touch The Water 8. Prince - "I Would Die 4 You" 2. Ryan Adams - "So Alive" 3. Kenny Chesney - Keg in the Closet" 5. Big Star - "Don't Lie to Me" 6. Fleetwood Mac - "Sisters of the Moon" 8. Oval - "Kardamon" 9. Aaliyah - "Back and Forth" Out of Smiths - Girl Afraid 2. Hold Steady - Knuckles 3.

T Rex - The Motivator 4. James Brown - It's a Man's World 5. Sloan - In The Movies 6. Divine Comedy - Sticks and Stones 7. James Brown!! Mekons Dave Douglas - Twisted bonus E" - Dr. Dre 8. Firefall to ELP on shuffle? MORE acoustic guitars!

I look forward to having more stuff like this in the house. I downloaded this cover and I still don't know who's singing it. Acoustic guitar, electric stabs, indie-boy voice that sounds like it's trying for a punchy Malkmus style with a girl going la-la-la? Lifter Puller - Lonely in a Limousine 2. Lifter Puller - The Pirate and the Penpal 4. Talking Heads - I Zimbra 5. X - Cyrano de Berger's Back rehearsal 7.

Jorge Ben - Gimbo 9. Ward 5. Pretty boring really Urquhart BanjoMania , Wednesday, 26 January seventeen years ago link. Urquhart BanjoMania , Thursday, 27 January seventeen years ago link. Jobs' "Random" looves Felt and the ethnic today. Still boring. It is to weep : I swear I have more interesting stuff than this.

My ipod is trying to set me up, I tells ya. Pavement, "Two States" 2. Louis Jordan, "Open the Door, Richard" 3. Willie Bobo, "Lisa" 5. The Soft Boys, "Strange" 6. The Descendents, "Parents" 7. Organized Konfusion, "Open Your Eyes" 9. Speed" by Kiss 9. We Are Scientists! The opera is NOT representative, those are the only two that are on the iPod, if not the only two I own.

Coutesy of "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet. Addiction - Herbert - Bodily Functions 3. Spoonman - Underworld - Dubnobasswithmyheadman 5. Romulus - Sufjan Stevens - Greetings from Michigan 9. I swear this is the first time I've done a shuffle and I haven't had 3 or 4 Hollies songs show up.

Damn Hollies torrent file. What a 10! C , Monday, 4 July sixteen years ago link. Not very representative at all, but man do I love that Thought Gang song. Pity the full-length album never happened. That, ladies and gentlemen, shall conclude today's experiment. Albums are slightly better, but I was very, very lucky with this particular shuffle.

John Lennon and Muse aside. Grizzle trainsmoke , Friday, 11 August fifteen years ago link. Bloody hell Wolf Parade - Fancy Claps 2. Danielson - Time That Bald Sexton 4. Ladytron - title unknown 5. Serena Maneesh - Drain Cosmetics 8. Gang Starr - Conspiracy Paone Paone , Friday, 11 August fifteen years ago link. Gus Til - Monkey in the Black Sky. Royksopp - "Remind Me Ernest St. Lauren moonfish mix " from JLC's Fabriclive 09 3. Pete Krebs - "Bittersweet" 7.

Modest Mouse - "Perfect Disguise" 8. D4L - "Scotty". Rex-"Baby Strange" T. Simple Minds - Alive And Kicking 2. Rough Trade - what's the furor about the Fuhrer 3. Sloan - Money City Maniacs 7. Ted Nugent - Stranglehold Chilliwack - Fly By Night.

Boston - Smokin' 2. Madonna - La Isla Bonita 3. Green Day - American Idiot 4. Yes - Sweet Dreams 6. REO Speedwagon - Take it on the run 7. Our Lady Peace - Starseed 8. Black Sabbath - Warpigs Butthole Surfers - Detachable Penis. Zemfira - Hochesh? Yann Tiersen - santa maria half handed cloud - flea market temple melvins - going blind hella - except no subs seafood - pleasurehead john schott - IV.

Das Kommen Der Messias-tenor and double bass sung in Hebrew and English benga - dominion gentleman losers - light fandango karlheinz stockhausen - Struktur XV. Nirvana-Tourettes 3. Gravediggaz-2 Cups of Blood 5. Cormega-The Saga 6.

Clipse ft. Kanye West-Celebration 8. Puff Daddy-Fuck Y'all Niggas 9. Pharcyde-Trust In Pickeral Lake? Ryan Adams - "Two"; so worth it. This track is really great for those of you who lost faith. Finally Laura Branigan - Self Control; got it for my wife, but damn this sounds good on headphones I really, really like this song now, even though I've hated it a million times.

To Daimonion Pt. Goodbye Mr. Policeman , Didjits, some rarity comp that I downloaded 5. Agony , The Muffs, Blonder and Blonder I agree that a description of each song and what you like about it would do wonders for this thread. I'm interested in hearing about new things, but a list isn't going to do much for me. I don't have the kind of time or cash to hunt down each random song. Wire - "Surgeon's Girl" I just bought Pink Flag , and I haven't even been able to make it through one whole listen yet, so I think this is the first time I'm hearing this.

Pretty good; I wish more of the album sounded like this. Maybe it does, who knows not me. I would enjoy this much more if I weren't all fired up from the last song. Okay, now I'm kind of getting into it. Unfortunately, it's not as mellow or as good as "Strings of Nashville", thus rendering it doubly pointless. Maybe if it had vocals can't remember if there's a version somewhere that does. But even then, would it be better than the version of "Strings of Nashville" with vocals? Probably not.

I do have a soft spot for totally pointless Pavement jams though, so maybe I'm just getting what I deserve. Against Me! This Shit Rules " Another album that I haven't listened to a lot, another song that I don't really recognize.

This would've been great coming after the Wire song, but the yo-yo thing isn't really working for me. Good song, I'll have to listen to this album some more too. For me, this song is about where Black Sea starts to lose it. Nice drums, but I wish these lyrics had gone to a song that was more fun and less annoying.

The guitar solo is kind of nifty; the key change sucks. Like the dubby bassline, which clashes with the piano chord voicings in a way which I hadn't really noticed before. Lyrics great as always "the nuclear spill of don't-walk orange on mushrooms". Quasimoto - "Raw Deal" I like the opening part with the flute, but the song proper is possibly even better. That incessant cowbell?

Dumb outro with dusty old samples about getting high, but who cares, that's half the point of this album. Sonic Youth - "Teenage Riot" Well duh, this is a stone-cold classic. The rare song with "riot" in its title which makes me want to do just that. I don't like the place this starts and it doesn't really go anywhere from there. I think it's supposed to be atmospheric, but it's not pretty or ugly enough.

The title doesn't quite seem to fit. I kinda see what they were going for but the sound effects just seem too small and chintzy to pull it off. Maybe that's the joke, and I just don't get it? Destroyer - "The Night Moves" Another album I just bought, just ripped, and haven't really given a good listen to. There is a lot of "li-di-di-di"-ing and not a lot of lyrics, which is kind of a bummer for a Bejar song.

Then again, if you'd just listened to an entire album's worth of them, I could see how this would be a nice respite. Ice Cube feat. I actually like this version more than the better-known "The Message"-sampling one released as a single. Even though I don't mind House of Pain, I have no problem with Cube dissing them when he's beating them this badly at their own game. From "unholy terror," a long-past-anybody-else-caring record but I have always liked their mad-max-world-is-ending vibe, they're like the metal anti-T.

William Bell in a Latin mood, the Oye Como Va sorta rhythm underneath buttery 70s soul - not a tremendous song but I like anything Bell produces, his sounds are so wonderful. I skipped it. I accidentally got the clean version of this, I fucking hate listening to clean versions of anything, I don't care how nice the beat is. I had a big period of almost-but-not-quite getting into him, and this dates from then.

I vaguely knew it beforehand and was surprised to find out he'd written it. To be honest I prefer his lower-key stuff. I don't really like her voice and I'd prefer if he was singing, but it's a cracking song anyway. What's interesting to me is that both artists press the right buttons, but don't quite speak to me the likes of Tom Joad apart. I guess because they both have that slightly-earnest alternative-american thing going on, and as a dam' furriner it's quite hard to relate to it.

This is the Folsom Prison live version is there another? Two of the greatest lines of all time. The Reno one you know. The 'Hello, I'm Johnny Cash' one you know too, but damn, it's cool. What I like most is the audience response. You can tell they're really loving it, much more than you can from bigger shows e.

Alex Turner's lyrics are really good though he has much better sets than this. I like it how he can be british-provincial but universal at the same time, which is rarer than it really should be. It makes me angry still! Y'know, people are listening.

I also like the video, which I reckon shows exactly how great a drummer Matt Helders is and he's not even in it! I know nothing about them, other than the kids like them and the singer looks terrible. I like the backing vocals especially. There's something about this song that reminds me of Backstreet Boys and I don't know why - anyone else get that? It's only three minutes long, but I gather that the original is about twenty minutes.

Who would ever need such a track? I don't remember much of their later stuff, but I'll bet it was all downhill from here. This is the Woodstock version. I quite like the chorus, and it's another one unique in my collection, but I don't think I could truthfully recommend it to anyone.

I don't like how you get the impression that he feels he's making a big, brave statement. What could be less brave than criticising the government to an audience of , hippies? Like all good maladjusted british teenagers, I was really into the Smiths. I borrowed Louder Than Bombs on cassette from a pal, but somehow this passed me by.

I only looked it up again recently in response to a thread on here and can't believe I missed it. Amazing: great tune, great lyrics, in a way not unlike the Arctic Monkeys at 3 above. I like best the political point-of-view, so unlike normal Morrissey and his sympathy for the outsider. A recognition that sometimes you have to choose one evil over another, a nuance that Country Joe could really have used.

Can't fault any of the stuff completed while he was alive, so this is still good, but it's not one of my favourites. This is one of the best five records ever made, in my view. It's the classic 80s track, yet it doesn't sound dated at all. The production is still amazing. Clever, funny and a great tune too. And it's one of the elite controversial hits, for bonus points.

Ok, its U2. And we've all heard it a million times. Thankfully short. So hearing it in this context is a little strange: Where has the blurry countryside gone??? Sounds like a diagram from Tomorrow's World. Then it clicked into place: Gypsy-Glam, damn fine. To round us off, Love invent mariachi indie, grateful world keeps turning. From a great album too, which kinda makes it seem like filler, based on the other songs on there.

A little more hushed, less percussion based than a lot of his '80s songs, so I approve as I've always preferred his Asylum albums. Heard it a million times, still great though. Great song. I think this was a single. Perfect song, wouldn't change a thing about it. Who hasn't heard this one? Saw this live on the Great Destroyer tour, loved it before then and even more since. The Clash- The Call Up 3. First Choice- Armed and Extremely Dangerous 4. Kahimi Karie- Lolitapop Dollhouse 5. The Gadjits- Party Girl 6.

Pavement- In The Mouth of a Desert 7. Felt- Primitive Painters 8. Dramarama- It's Still Warm 9. Super Furry Animals- God! Show me Magic Behold'n , Monday, 27 August fourteen years ago link. I've been feeling out of sorts all afternoon, and this is precisely what was needed to bring me back into focus. Hugely cheering, and more so given that I'm familiar with its every contour.

From a fan-club-only instrumental jazz album, which I have never knowingly heard before. Nearly 8 minutes of tasteful supperclub noodle. Can't see this staying on the iPod for long. Skipping it at the 4 minute mark. Again, I've never heard this before. Oh, wait, I have - there's a 3 star rating attached to it, which seems a bit miserly as there's loads of interesting stuff going on here.

Oh, she's played with Sufjan and the Spree. That makes sense. Christ, it gets intense towards the end. Good stuff, will play again soon. Rough punk rock from John Peel's Record Box, sludgy in the mix but I have a high tolerance for this sort of thing, unexceptional as it is.

A short spoken recital from Clear Spot, with fuzz guitar, vibes and a bit of drum. Doesn't mean much out of context. From a four track promo sampler, sent to me as I reviewed them live a few weeks ago. The lazy zing thread must be a matter of days away, but dammit I LIKED them live, even if this doesn't quite hit the mark. Also, not nearly stompy enough. Doesn't matter, it's a belter, a cracker, a thwacker. Fronm Hey Venus! I got a bit bored with the SFAs, and with Gruff Rhys' vocals in particular, not helped by being a bit bored by his live solo performance at this year's Summer Sundae in Leicester.

But this is nice enough: pretty and dreamy and summery and vocally layered and not remotely appropriate to the time or the season, but there you go. Off a cover-mounted CD from a few months ago. Don't think I've heard it before. Follows on well from the SFAs track, being initially similar in pace and mood, although it drifts too close to Crowded House territory for my liking. Bit meh. Gawd, this has all been a bit Word magazine. I have Other Tastes too, you know! Saltbreakers hasn't grabbed me half as much as I hoped it would.

Again, a logical progression from the Sonnenberg track, and certainly more to my liking. Comparatively speaking. This hasn't been one of the greatest Shuffles, though. Ah well. C , Thursday, 29 November fourteen years ago link. Day You Die : Real Live 3. Criminal World : David Bowie 5. International Feel : Todd Rundgren 8.

Yesterday : Donny Hathaway Walking Around : Manfred Mann. Eric D. Subeditors Dictate Our Youth" - Clinic 5. YMO - "Kai-Koh" 2. MBV - "Instrumental" 4. Ariel Pink - "Doggone Shegone " 5. Buzzcocks - "A Different Kind of Tension" 7. Modeselektor - "Edgar" 8. Joy Division - "Means to an End" 9. Eric's Trip - "New Love" Fannypack - "Hey Mami". Young Jeezy - Talk To 'Em 2. Wendy Carlos - Timesteps 3. Movado - Ball Dem A Ball 5. Bilal - Make Me Over 7.

Young Buck - Get Buck. Sunshine - Lupe Fiasco 2. Eternal Flame -the Bangles 3. Da Funk -Daft Punk 4. Cisco Kid - War 6. Sea of Holes - Yellow Submarine soundtrack 8. Ja Funmi - King Sunny Ade John and Mary - Jaco Pastorius. Quickspace - Melo Recently became very into these guys again after having not listened to them for ages. This is a fairly nondescript song, though - quite pretty, and a few good synthy squelches, but otherwise Maybe it's just because I'm tired and ratty, but I'm really enjoying this as a song which is quite simply 'nyahnyahnyahnyah Fuck Yourself nyahnyahnyahnyah Fuck Yourself'.

Mildly diverting for a while there, but Peter Wyngarde - April Now this is more like it. A classy fella. Anyone not know about this record? Allowed full artistic control, Jason King records a bizarre mix of over-sexed and racially dubious pomp. Very short, this one, though This is pretty good, but I don't think it's going to end up on the top of my Mute Records polls any time soon.

Much poppier than I thought it'd be. There's just something about these guys - I can never quite put my finger on it. Sense of forboding, political and personal collapse, argh. Go-Betweens - Spring Rain Reminds me of why being a corny indie fuxx0r isn't such a bad thing. This is, however, a pretty nice slab of shoegazing. Might give them another try. Tussle - Blue Beat Not their best track, but gives an adequate picture of what they do. Bass heavy, drums a mix between the calculated motorik and free-primal, hmm, yeah.

Another shuffle. I start with one of the two songs mentioned in emil. With a zero to five star rating. Zero stars is utter crap. Five stars means it is for the island. There is something generic about it, where is the tune? I found them boring and unappealing for so long because of these kind of lackluster songs.

A ballad without interest to me. Like with the G-B an example of a song proving why it took me a while before discovering the intimate genius of Elliott Smith's songwriting. There is something addictive about this kind of music. Somehow I can't skip to the next track immediately though I am not completely enchanted by this stuff.

Towards the end it turns into new age. Skipped at 25 minutes. No great song neither. But still a nice change. Those girls rock out and it sounds like them. Sharp and focussed. The perfect antidote to Klaus Schulze. The desert heat is encapsulated in the dry delivery, the sluggish beat and the skeletal overall execution. That transcendental horn section coming out of nowhere in the middle.

It floors me every time I hear it. And it comes twice. I guess those were Grandaddy on visit in Tucson. I didn't know that there were so jazzy. Mostly a saxophone improvising. Some tribal rhythms near the end. Fine with me. They are doing their thing, they are exploring the edges of the electronic universe. Which can be very fascinating.

I have always been a sucker for new sounds and these are still rather fresh for me. Discovered them only about 5 years ago and don't listen often to their stuff. Not sure about this. Rather abstract. I don't like music you can only appreciate when you have read about it beforehand. Slightly dark synthesizer washes in the background. The piano lines grope for something but never reach it. Lovely atmospheric impressionist stuff.

Here it has an almost latin feel. After a while I get bored by it though when there is no real tune like here when Vini seems to be more meandering than melancholic. BG and Young Jeezy 3. Solieb - [Sci. Volume 02 12] Love Song 4. Boris - [Pink 08] Painted With Flame 8. Joy Division - "Isolation" Wham! We Built This City Starship 2. Rollin' Limpbizkit 5. Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice 6. Party All the Time Eddie Murphy 9.

American Life Madonna The Emotions - Heart Association impossibly high helium vocals, some agile guitar. Palace - Old Jerusalem possible the polar opposite to The Emotions, some lovely lines "we mingle our limbs" etc 3. Herman Dune - with a tankful of gas A song about "such a nice drive with the velvet underground". Which sounds just like going for a nice drive with the VU playing. Mogwai - Christmas steps.

I'll go to the corner shop while this is playing. Madvillain - Figaro from the Madvillainy album. Otis Redding - These arms of mine which'd be a nothing song in anyone elses hands, but Otis elevates it by sounding so damn desperate 7. Jarvis Cocker - disney time mmm lots of people really liked JC's solo album but I thought it was pretty mediocre.

Beautiful shoegaze electronica that's been subject of more than a few internet hipster crushes but still pretty wonderful. But love Vocalcity and this is good once it finds its rhythm around the 3 minute mark. Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night. Haven't heard this for years. What I like about this is that it has all of the carefree characteristics of their mid ninties material before they started laying on the Paganism thing a bit thick for the following album.

From Untrue, which I was a bit dissapointed with to be honest. Still a good album, just found it a little slick in comparison to the broken future-dub of the debut. When is Stairwell coming out? I think the only thing this has ever come out on was a Cafe Del Mar comp. This is one of the best things they've ever done IMO. It's up there with "Rez". I think B12 were incredibly underrated and they often get forgotten about when Warp is discussed. Like this, but there's another track he did with sampled coustic guitars that almost sounded like a UK garage tune.

It was wicked but can't remember what it was called Funny, when you look at the photos from Berlin they looked like they were having a right laugh Makes me think of Dartmoor which is the best place to listen this album. I'd cut my arm off to make something as beautiful as that. Their first four singles and b-sides combined make a great album.

Curious to hear the new stuff but curious is all. From "In The Light". Not the best example of his solo stuff but still worth a listen. Lent "Spooky" to a mate of mine who was not familiar with their work. He said they sounded like The Cocteau Twins with a carrot up their arse. I beg to differ though, not all what they did was great but this and a handful of other tracks were. This showcases a tentative side I think. Woman singing wordlessly, long spacey bongo bit, occasional comedy organ solos.

Bit coffe table but I like it. I'm allowed to, I'm nearly thirty. Day For Night - Moloko Off their first album, barely listened to it. Quite nice and sultry and nocturnal. Lots of clanging with a random bit of surf guitar at the end. Works well in the context of the album, doesn't at all as a standalone.

Huh, it samples Thriller extensively. Well done Liam, really pushing the boundaries with your cultural touchstones there. Geno - Dexy's Midnight Runners Amazing song, but you all knew that. The horn stabs punctuating the double-time chorus are so cheeky and smiley. Dull and noodly middle section. This is my problem with a lot of Zep's stuff.

Stripsearch - Faith No More One of their better later tracks, goes from slinky and soulful to menacing and growly, then throws in some totally uneccessary but pretty cool metal guitars at the end just for good measure. Ok, really now, how do you punctuate and capitalize Booker T. Google is no damn help at all. Devo - Golden Energy - Hardcore Devo vol 1 been impressed with how metallic everything sounds on the hardcore vols--without sacrficing funk n groove 2.

Funkenstein love the way they say "I" on this 3. Parliament - Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication - Mothership Connection 5. Upsetters - Kaya Skank - Blackboard Jungle 6. I played this stuff at my wedding reception til the inlaw aunts couldn't take it anymore. Demons - Grey Lady - Evocation I my world, this ten-min burner would be considered a pop tune to be played on the radio. I say we all agree on "MGs". The Waterboys - "Trumpets" 2.

Sarah Slean - "Lucky Me" 3. Basia Bulat - "Snakes and Ladders" 4. Sue Garner - "Box and You" 5. Calexico - "Half A Smidge" 6. Devils Wielding Scimitars - "Chapter's End" 8. Tom Waits - "Virginia Avenue" 9. Blue Rodeo - "Holding On" Paul Simon - "Hurricane Eye". Nostalgia - Ryuichi Sakamoto 3. Rocks Off - The Rolling Stones 4. Fentiger - Nathan Fake 6. Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash 7.

Electric Counterpoint - Fast Movement Don't Look Down - Screaming Trees 9. Tom Violence - Sonic Youth Luxury Travel - Oneida Shuffle is kind of an unsatisfying way to listen to music. I only felt like listening to 2 of these songs. Hyena - R. Digidesign - Joker 2. Earth People - Dr. Octagon 3. Circles - Adam F 5. Disco Balls - Flying Lotus 7. Xtal - Aphex Twin 8. Say My Name - Destinys Child 9.

Four in the Morning - John Barry Tone Benders - Little Black Egg hm.. The K Collective - Keep it Coming well.. Sunshine Trolley - Cover Me Babe nice. Viewz - Sunswoop booring. Waltz 1 - Elliot Smith XO 7. Woe - Tom Waits Blood Money 8. Orion - Jethro Tull Stormwatch Blueprint - Thingy To The Innocent. Freddie Hubbard - Delphia 3.

De Leve - Diploma 4. Kraftwerk - The Robots 5. Orquestra St. Moritz - Procura-se uma Virgem 6. Super Furry Animals - Mt 7. Blur - Crazy Beat 8. The Champs - Tequila 9. The Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden. Meatgrinder - Madvillain 3. Living in Darkness - Top Buzz 5. Turbulence - Moving Fusion 6. Romeo - Basement Jaxx 7. Nobody's Dancing - Roots Manuva 8. Piccola Radiolina - Manu Chao 9. Heart Street Directions Skit - Ghostface Ars Morendi - Mr.

Musette - Can 7. Drumming, Part Two - So Percussion 8. Largo - Vivaldi's Cello 9. Pillbox , Saturday, 30 October eleven years ago link. Again from my now quite extensive Spotify playlists rather than iPod, but rather random all the same.

But that bloody doesn't count! Geir Hongro , Friday, 17 December eleven years ago link. Can an iPod be set up to take your ratings of the songs the one to five stars it lets you can assign to each song into account when set on shuffle? Or does it do this already? Message Bookmarked. Enqueue all the emmpeethrees on your harddrive.

Play them on shuffle. List the first ten. No cheating for cool points. All right. I definately didn't get a very good random list. Dirt McGirt - Pop Shit 3. Kenny Rogers - The Gambler 4. Hot Snakes - No Hands 6. Styles Infinite - Fresh Air 7. Mozart - The Magic Flute 8. Encore - Sporadic 9.

Galt Macdermot - Space I actually think this is the first time I've listened to my iTunes for more than 2 songs in a row 3. Sage Francis feat. Sole I think - My Head 4. Atmosphere - In My Continental 5. Vast Aire - Sit Alone 7. Beanie Sigel - Get That Doe 8. Peter Sarstedt -Where do you go to my lovely? Emery Reel -Departure of Hope 3.

Tricky -4 Real 4. The Church -Under the Milky Way 7. Von Bondies -C'mon C'mon 8. For Stars -Cowboys Lost at Sea 9. Sentridoh -The Ballad of the Day Kittie Smog - Vessel in Vain Patton, Charley - Lord I'm Discouraged Matmos - Memento Mori Joy Division - Warsaw Nelson, Willie - Bonaparte's Retreat The Sex Pistols - Holidays in the Sun Jandek - Moon Dance The Cart Family, by the by, is totally not a different thing from the Carter Family, but a mere mistake on my behalf.

I'm sorry. Jade Bird powers through on uneven debut album:. Ye of great faith: Kanye West brings gospel and pop-art dazzle to Coachella:. Coachella showcased the power and joy of dance:. Yoko Ono, from pariah to paragon: Why 75 women are paying tribute to her legacy at Disney Hall:. Keith Flint, Prodigy vocalist, dead at Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst clandestinely make an L. Xzibit to join Cypress HIll on month-long U. West coast High Tour:. The Delines, Joe Jackson and Deerhunter:.

Hopeless Records thrives by adapting to changes in the music industry:. How Alabama rapper Rubberband OG navigates racism and violence on his hometown streets:. African-Americans made R. Kelly soar. They always had the power to bring him down. From Kanye to Taylor, what to watch for in pop music in Coachella is enacting a new anti-sexual harassment policy. But is it enough? Can the power of a song make you vote?

Chance the Rapper, Taylor Swift and other pop stars think so:. Hit maker Diplo says his priorities, and pop music itself, have changed since his big break a decade:. Eleanor Friedberger finds the best version of herself:. Lil Wayne, Brockhampton, Mandy Barnett:. Taylor Swift talked about the importance of voting, and registration spiked:. Hozier is back with new music, and an assist from the legendary Mavis Staples:. A new box set celebrates Tom Petty with 60 songs, ranging from Heartbreakers hits to unreleased trac:.

Remembering Mac Miller, a young rapper who never stopped growing up:. Nicki Minaj still cares about the old way of doing things. Does anybody else? Charlie Puth, Chvrches, Kelly Willis:. How Chicago hip-hop artist Matt Muse expresses individuality and embraces blackness in his lyrics:.

Why Childish Gambino and Kanye West rise above the shouting about race and racism:. Kyle is a different kind of West Coast rapper:. Stagecoach reveals the many niches within country:. Rising rapper Saweetie is one to watch this year:. Diplo, Bettye LaVette, Logic:. Meg Remy of U. G-Eazy is tired, grateful and grounded. The compact disc era may finally be entering its hospice stage:. When indie rock goes Top Portugal the Man's unexpected crossover:.

Mary Gauthier and The Bad Plus:. Tune-Yards digs deeper but keeps dance beats flowing:. A new generation of LA Satanists finds community in blasphemous times:. Inara George on her stirring new album and the family tragedy that once defined her:. The big leap for Ella Mai:. Coachella is going without a single rock headliner for the first time:. Jazz recordings swing in the holidays:. Beat maker Tokimonsta is back from brain surgeries, a split-up and more:.

Through her evocative music, Bedouine brings a world of insight and emotion to her new home:. The heartbeat of Echo Park:. Feisty Taylor Swift is getting grittier:. Liam Gallagher, still cranky after all these years:. Shawn Mendes is an average teen and a full-fledged celebrity:. Flo Rida nails down the formula for success: collaboration:. Ice-T corrals hip-hop legends on the Art of Rap tour:. Music streaming shatters records, according to Nielsen Music report:.

The young rapper Logic takes on world with a message of positivity for everybody:. New album from L. Promoters reassessing big music festivals:. Jauz an EDM veteran at age Lizzo finding rap success in her own way:. After 50 years, an encore of the Monterey Pop Festival:.

Good vibrations indeed:. Angel City Chorale Celebrates Connectivity with:. Chris Cornell, who helped reignite hard rock in the s with Soundgarden, dies at How Prince revolutionized the music biz:. Festival M. Cashmere Cat at The Wiltern on May Bastille: a shy, retiring, massive rock band:. Coachella preview: What will shake up things? Rapper D. At the Disco steps out of the shadows — again:. The Joy Formidable, at the end of a long road, is even happier:.

Tove Lo, from out of nowhere:. Craig Finn going small on solo journey:. That ethereal Banners sound is no accident:. Lucy Dacus went from college student to indie darling in just two years:. Distinguishing music streaming options:. Isaiah Rashad, at his core, a storyteller:. Finally, Kings of Leon riding a No.

Into It. Over It. Public Access T. Res has never fit into any musical box:. With culture barriers lifting, Cuban and American music may mix more:. Flume works hard to capitalize on his sudden fame:. Best albums of the year:. Pop singer George Michael dies at Year in pop: The most memorable moments:. Year in pop: The 10 best albums of a year defined by loss:.

What the Weeknd and Bruno Mars share, and how they part ways significantly:. Metallica keeps things fresh with new album:. The Taylor Swift Decade:. Common still making sense in shaping hip-hop:. Solange chooses a subtle approach:. Vinyl master gets his groove back:. For Local Natives, the pitch pays off:. Diplo likes to bite the EDM hand that feeds him:. Stagecoach to roll from town to town:. Vic Mensa reinvents his life and music:.

Gwen Stefani turns pain into musical pleasure:. The usually intimidating Kills take a mellower tack at least for them on their new album:. Monkee business is happening:. Onetime electronica star Moby has kept busy with new pursuits, like his book:. New supergroup Prophets of Rage targets Donald Trump at debut show:. Dawes making it the old-fashioned way:. Ezra Furman is, first and foremost, a songwriter:. Yung Lean is, at present, having a moment:.

Fall Out Boy fell out and got it together again:. Living large with the U. Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer, has fun with classic rock:. Taylor Swift in a tricky spot amid an Oscars backlash over diversity:.

Eleanor Friedberger injects songs with mystery, hooks:. Lamb of God goes for the sturm und drang:. Low explores turmoil in sonics and life:. His hot year? Weeknd earned it:. Tedeschi Trucks Band dreams big, no matter what it costs:. Music fans have even more listening options — if they can keep up:. Webb Wilder has the blues, which is good for us:.

Deru merges music with visual artistry:. Inside scoop from the junior acts on festival circuit:. Scott Weiland, former Stone Temple Pilots frontman, dies at Host a mix tape listening party in a party bus? Marrow is new life for Kids These Days alums:. Los Lobos gives heave-ho to ho-hum:. Five Fingertips: new indie pop songwriter brings knowledge and passion to his debut album:. Odesza gives EDM a different kind of energy:.

Polyphonic Spree joy has its roots in deep sadness:. Chvrches slows down a bit to gain perspective:. Madonna, Oct 27 The Forum:. Russia using Crystal Method music in drone footage for propaganda purchases. Troye Sivan trying to make the jump from YouTube fame to next level:.

Zedd is your perfect EDM gateway act:. Why N. A belongs in the Rock Hall:. With 'Honeymoon,' Lana Del Rey further tightens control of her image:. Singer Prince Royce aims to keep Latin fans as he tests pop waters:. Bruno Mars asked to perform in Super Bowl 50 halftime show:. British artist FKA Twigs is growing into her audience and vice versa:. Nocturnal Wonderland to celebrate 20 years despite scrutiny of other local EDM events:. Depression Cherry and the evolution of Beach House:.

Taylor Swift is sitting on top of the world:. FYF Fest highlights: everything but Kanye:. Vance Joy on playing stadiums with Taylor Swift: 'It's been a trial by fire':. USC's marching band not for the timid, freshman finds:. She brings Latin music's top acts to the stage:. Remembering the Wattstax concert brings us to crucial voices of Kendrick Lamar, Prince:. Luke Bryan: Country king talks about his new album, Joe Montana and more:. Is streaming a threat to music?

Not if musicians have anything to do with it:. FYF Countdown: two weeks to go, too many bands to see:. Family ties keep The Band Perry on road to success:. Dre will donate royalties from new album to fund new Compton arts center:. Joss Stone explains the worldly influences on 'Water for Your Soul,' her new album:. Rising rap star Big Sean has a surprising method for dealing with fame:. Social media has helped One Direction keep going — but is end near?

Miguel talks race, sex and more during intimate Sonos Studio L. Disclosure gets ready to shake up EDM. Or maybe just have some cheesecake:. Nina Revisited : A spell never to be broken:. Apple Music promises revolution, but traditional DJs are what set it apart:. Music piracy is down but still very much in play:. Summer songs soak up the sunshine:. Jurassic 5 reuniting to celebrate 20 years of hip-hop glory:.

Apple changes its tune for Taylor Swift: What have we learned? Apple's new music streaming service could revive the recording industry:. What will be 's 'Song of the Summer'? U2 aims for intimacy, presence in latest tour:. Mariah Carey happily charting her path:. Blues legend B. King, inspiration to generations of musicians, dies at Scientists make surprising discovery about pop music's evolutionary history:.

Sleater-Kinney: Older, wiser? But just as angry. Music industry, looking to enhance sales, doing away with traditional U. Got a song stuck in your head? Study says chewing gum might help:. Legal fight over master tapes to a defining album of grunge:. Jack White at Coachella signals a respect for musical tradition combined with an eagerness to evolve:. Irish rockers Kodaline head for The Wiltern:.

Vinyl Revival: Record Store Day Coachella Preview: in lieu of lackluster main acts, the second tier looks promising:. Music-streaming's ethics ruse falling on deaf ears:. System of a Down's world tour to highlight Armenian Genocide:. Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard steps through the fire:.

Top musicians team with Jay Z on Tidal music streaming service:. Hannah Cohen reinvents her sound with Pleasure Boy :. Musink brings tattoos and punk rock to the OC:. Timur and the Dime Museum: punk rock, opera and concern for the environment.

It's all fun in the sun for L. YouTube Music Awards returning this month:. Gang of Four's latest What Happens Next? Robin Thicke set to take stand in 'Blurred Lines' plagiarism trial:. Listen to Scarlett Johansson's first single with new band:. The Marley family celebrates Bob's 70th with unreleased footage:. Jack White's schizophrenic new video:. The Get Ahead offers strutting neo-soul with a Northern attitude:. Dylan Gardner's debut, an album for the tweens:.

Kanye West hit wrong note in latest Grammy diatribe:. Lil Jon:. Grammys was a low-wattage affair:. Grammy Awards Sam Smith almost sweeps top awards:. The mysterious Zhu is nominated for a Grammy and lives in L. But will he go to the ceremony? Cage the Elephant Live Sonos Studios:.

Young fans can be kiss of death at Grammys:. The Dodos get dark:. Super Bowl Katy Perry packs it all into halftime show:. Disowned, under threat, Iraqi musician seeks new life in US:. Rare, unusual Beatles and Rolling Stones photos surface via eBay sale:. Grammys Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett among planned duets:. Spring pop music: Albums galore:. Another apology by Lil Wayne:. Israeli man arrested in online leak of Madonna songs:.

Viva Mariah! Mariah Carey announces Las Vegas residency:. Music producer Mark Ronson now making his own hits:. Elvis at It could have been a Wonderful Life:. The 50 Most Anticipated Albums of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" is Billboard's 1 Song of Best Pop Albums of What, is it Again? We Predict the Winners for the Grammy Awards! Streaming Poses a Dilemma for Musicians, Fans:. Crowd at The Wiltern:. Taylor Swift's : What the Critics are Saying:.

Love la la ':. Mad Decent Block Party L. Surviving L. Sam Smith Achieves Musical Milestone:. The Latest News on L. Rob Decoup's Pain is the Listener's Gain:. Kanye West Teaches 'Fashion' to L. The Nearly Deads, R. Jamestown Revival: May 29 Troubadour. Summer Concerts! Mushroomhead: The Righteous and the Butterfly. Barrows: Red Giant. Birdy: Fire Within. Lykke Li: I Never Learn. Santana: Corazon. Equals: Tracts. Sleepwalkers: Lost My Mind in Stereo. Ziggy Marley: Fly Rasta.

Special Edition - Coachella '14! To Camp or Not to Camp? Missing Persons ft. Dale Bozzio: Missing in Action. Megafauna: Maximalist. College Offers Course in Miley Cyrus:. Black Lips: March 21 El Rey. Foster the People: Supermodel. Aidan Knight: March 17 The Roxy. The Supersuckers: Get the Hell. But First Erik Hassle: Somebody's Party. Pharrell Williams: Girl. Skrillex Drops Surprise Album, Recess :. John the Conqueror: The Good Life. New Bums: Voices in a Rented Room. Righteous Vendetta: The Fire Inside.

Helms Alee: Sleepwalking Studios. Dog: Feb. Qui: Life, Water, Living Armon Jay: Feb. Beck: Morning Phase. Sarah Dooley: Stupid Things. Parkway Drive: Feb. Ash: Jan. Frozen Solidifies No. Phantogram: Voices. Crushed Stars: Farewell Young Lovers.

Music in Hit High Notes:. Cherub: Antipasto. Britney Spears: Britney Jean. Leona Lewis: Christmas, With Love. Kanye West's Most Memorable Quotes of Daughtry: Baptized. Il Divo: A Musical Affair. Lucia: Nov. Arcade Fire: Oct. Katy Perry: Prism. Passion Pit: Oct. Sleigh Bells: Oct.

Pink Frost: Sundowning. Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Smashes into 1 Spot:. Frank Turner: Oct. Lucia: When The Night. Deadmau5 Prepares for Big Comeback:. Phantogram: Phantogram EP. Black Moth: The Killing Jar. Metallica: Metallica Through the Never. Gavin DeGraw: Make a Move. Elton John: The Diving Board. Drake Hits No. Frightened Rabbit: Oct. Miley Cyrus: Bangerz. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: Unvarnished. Melt-Banana: Fetch. Arie: Sept. Gary Clark Jr.

Little Boots: Sept. Getting Weird with Panic! Phantogram: Sept. The Rubens: Sept. The Weeknd: Sept. Nine Inch Nails: Hesitation Marks. Ted Nugent: Ultralive Ballisticrock. New Beat Fund: Self-Titled. Five Knives: The Rising. Buffalo Killers: Ohio Grass. Alt-J: Aug. John Mayer: Paradise Valley. Live and Letlive. Selena Gomez Soars to the Top of the Charts:. Emblem3: Nothing to Lose. Katy Perry Announces New Album:. Nylo, Kelly Sweet: July 21 Amplyfi.

Kaskade: Atmosphere. Kodaline: Love Like This. Jessi Malay's New Video: 'Bougie':. Cole, Kanye or Mac Miller? Pretty Lights: June 17 Sonos Studio. Kanye Speaks on Collabs for New Album:. Miley Cyrus Releases "Comeback" Single:. New Albums Coming out Summer TEEN: Carolina. Eminem Publisher Sues Facebook:. Kate Nash: May 21 Echoplex. Big Gigantic Ready to Tap into L. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Andrew McMahon: May 15 Troubadour. Natalie Maines: Mother. Fonseca Captivates L. Kvelertak: May 8 The Roxy.

The Neighbourhood: I Love You. Paramore: May 1 The Wiltern. The Killers: May 1 Honda Center. Little Boots: Nocturnes. Snoop Lion: Reincarnated. Girl Talk with Kate Nash:. The Material: April 21 House of Blues. Jimmy Eat World: Damage. Bad Religion: April 18 Hollywood Palladium. Dirtyphonics: April 18 Club Nokia. Capital Cities: An L. Juanes: Singer, Songwriter, Author:. Foals: April 16 El Rey. Smoke Fairies: Blood Speaks.

Coachella Alternatives in L. Coachella Dos and Don'ts: Make it a time you want to remember — not one you want to forget. So You're Going to Coachella? Julio Iglesias: 1-Greatest Hits. Jake Bugg: Jake Bugg. Dido: Girl Who Got Away.

Low: April 2 Troubadour. John Amadon: The Bursting Sheaf. David Bowie: The Next Day. Mika Comes to L. Matmos: The Marriage of True Minds. Lotus Hits L. Bajofondo: March 18 The Fonda Theatre. Emancipator: March 16 El Rey. Henry Santos: Singer, Composer and Dancer:. Autre Ne Veut: March 12 Troubadour. Alicia Keys: March 12 Staples Center. Kat Dahlia Goes "Gangsta":. Frank Turner Plays in L. Lisa Germano: No Elephants. Surfer Blood: March 1 The Echo.

Hector Guerra Gives Us Love:. Toro y Moi: March 3 The Fonda. Morgan Page: March 1 Club Nokia. Emancipator: Dusk to Dawn. Scott James: Destinesia. Music Piracy on its Way Out? Coheed and Cambria: Feb. Kerli: Utopia. Butcher Babies: Feb.

The Bolts: Wait 'til We're Young. Nick and the Ovorols: Telegraph Taboo. Every Time I Die: Feb. Savoy: Feb. Icona Pop: Feb. The Bolts play L. Stone Sour: Feb. Ellie Goulding: Feb. Juanes: Feb. Paper Diamond: Feb. The Stone Foxes: Feb. Excision: Feb. Khaled Dajani: Luci. Tegan and Sara: Feb. Murali Coryell: Live. The Bronx: Feb. Geographer: Feb. TTNG: Two Gallants: Jan. Beyonce Silences Lip Synching Rumors:.

Eels: Wonderful, Glorious. La Big Vic: Cold War. Musink , a new "Smash" soundtrack and the Bronx. Shots Fired at Rapper Rick Ross:. Los Angeles to Get Kinky:. The Devin Townsend Project: Jan. Ben Folds Five: Jan. Nightlands: Oak Island. Coachella The Line-Up is Here! Social Distortion: Jan. Savoy: Personal Legend. Ester Dean Stepping Into the Spotlight:. Rival Sons: Jan. White Wonderland: Dec. Boys Like Girls: Crazy World.

Primus: Dec. The Winter Sounds: Runner. Dillon Francis: Dec. Lento: Anxiety Despair Languish. Haim: Dec. Zion I and Minnesota: Dec. Kreayshawn is Not Your Typical Rapper:. Atlas Genius: Dec. Bloc Party: Dec. Streetlight Manifesto: Dec. Icona Pop: The Iconic. Lana Del Rey: Paradise. Infamous Tour: Dec. Aerosmith: Dec.

No Doubt: Nov. Junkie XL: Synthesized. Youngblood Hawke: Nov. Minnesota: Altered States. Rachel Yamagata: Nov. Christina Aguilera: Lotus. Tame Impala: Nov. Simian Mobile Disco: Live in the Lights:. El Ten Eleven: Nov. Trust: Nov. Deborah De Corral Moving Up:.

The Faint Stop Through L. Flux Pavilion: Nov. Fonseca's Music is a Reflection of Himself:. Two Myspace Concerts Coming to L. Ciara and DJ Jazzy Jeff:. Rival Sons: Head Down. Romeo Santos Values His Fans:. Santa Cecilia Orchestra Launches 20th Season:. Azari and III: Nov. Album and the Bolts at the Roxy:. Japandroids: Nov.

Pentatonix: PTXmas. ZZ Ward Channels the Blues:. Action Item: The Real Thing:. State Historic Park. Kid Koala: Nov. Minnesota: Oct. LP: From Songwriter to Singer:. Miike Snow: Oct. The Stripminers: Frail Hope Ranch. Now, It's Time for Las Cafeteras:.

Homo-Ween: Oct. The Darkness: Oct. Flying Lotus: Oct. Scarlett Rabe Meets Pop Music:. Charlie Zaa: Oct. The Dodos: Oct. Boys Like Girls are Back:. Ellie Goulding: Halcyon. Tony Bennett: Viva Duets. Alex Cuba: Oct. Swedish House Mafia: Until Now:. Diamond Rings: Oct. Stars: Oct. Happy Halloween! Talk Normal: Sunshine:. Charlie Zaa Celebrates 15th Anniversary of Sentimientos :. Kyler England's Cool Little World:. Tiger Army Revisits L. During Octoberflame V Tour:.

Boys Noize: Out of the Black:. The Maldives: Muscle for the Wing:. Los Temerarios: Oct. Bajofondo: Oct. Facing Arrows: Oct. Metric: Oct. Culture Collide Festival: Oct. Dance for the Dying: Puzzles for the Traveler:. Tame Impala: Lonerism:. Aerosmith: Music from Another Dimension! Polly Ferman: Oct. Jarabe De Palo: Sept. Wolg Gang is Knocking Down Barriers:. Owl City: Sept.

Originality is Essential for Locos Por Juana:. Foreign Beggars: The Uprising:. Asher Monroe is Earning Respect: The former boy band member establishes himself as a solo artist with singles like, "Here with You. Metropolitan Premieres New Music Video:. Lucid Fly: Sept. Pretty Lights: Sept. Avicii: Sept.

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