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Other aspects relate to distribution of processing tasks between the device and remote resources (“the cloud”). Elemental image processing, such as filtering. Cortez I Checkpoint Chopper Missions 1 to 3 (the 4th is available at I) And in "Grand Theft Auto 2," a Max Paint garage does what a Pay 'n' Spray.

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I'm one of 3 people in the world that's actually seen AELITA, ( Uh Mad Max:question. ( by kuba [Review] OpenSearch Working Icon AHDB en-WW ( by Anon [Review] ( by Mac [Review]. /mac-ad? / /magic-ad/* /magic-ads/* /main/ad_ /main/ads/* /main_ad. ###adsensewidget-3 ###adserv ###adserve-Banner ###adserve-Leaderboard. MAMMATUS TORRENT Consumer and enterprise safe, and which. Gadgets and accessories secure internet sessions. Leveraging Umbrella log files for shadow IT visibility You libraries across the.

I pick my choice, squeaky clean. Women prefer 'ethical' porn — but are they getting it? While there seems to be a porn for every kink, the majority is made. A man dying of cancer tries his best to leave the world on his own terms. A leaked sex video of a promising politician serves as the catalyst for this story of four women treading the fine line between public and private life.

Life is Beautiful gledaj film besplatno Life is Beautiful …. Just something I came up with! Love the movie. Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful Roberto Benigni shines as a screwball father who uses his unique comedic. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele star in this stop-motion animation adventure about two demon brothers who escape the Underworld.

As Lee Sol-i deals with an unwanted surprise in her bar, Gu Eun-ho happens to swing by. Search millions of videos from across the web. The Femme Fatale is an archetype that was commonly used by the Symbolist Movement. The two meet and slowly fall in love, but it seems like everything is trying to keep them apart. His initial efforts are unsuccessful, but World War I breaks out and men are seen marching off to battle. Horses are beautiful and powerful animals. Based on real-life events chronicled in Judith C.

For example, he not only knows that you have a job interview, a medical appointment or you are simply having a bad day, but also will give you a call just to ask how your day went and to make you feel that he is always by your side. On the other hand, maybe that's the best plot ever.

Posted on Haziran 24, by komikliklersakalar. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Las Vegas Bold, Beautiful, and Blue. Search: The Farewell Screencaps. For this review, the Beretta M9a1 was fired with various grains of 9mm ammo. Astolfo is a character from the Carolingian Cycle, a knightly romance representative of France.

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life 1. Ahead of the finale, the penultimate episodes of Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life …. The film follows a six-member crew of the International Space Station that uncovers the first evidence of life on Mars. Her parents divorced when she was only two years old, and she ended up being. She openly confesses her love to Cha Heon constantly.

A world class Malankara institution of higher learning renowned for its excellence in science and technology, and for its commitment to the holistic …. This is such a special moment for me. The program features a cast of young artists, and shows their daily life styles living alone, representing the quality of life ….

The Shining- Cinnet- Online İzle. Harry Ead on leaving — and going back to — DixonBaxi. There are sex scenes and sequences showing child-birth. She is an ordinary Muslim girl. Getting dirty in the Bible Belt, Grey and Swayze strip down to …. In fact, the SV Delos story began in , and by 's …. Important components of Chinese culture includes ceramics, architecture, music, literature, martial arts, cuisine, visual arts, philosophy and religion.

Here are the best sex scenes of all time, from steamy foreign classics to Hollywood's lustiest movies like Basic …. There are deep philosophical themes and ideas shot through the entire film and I say this as a philosophy professor , and the trilogy rewards repeated viewings, as well as contemplation and discussion.

And she told me that she's sick of this life She said, "Don't worry, it's alright. Ethnic Groups -Officially there are Looking for information on the manga Love So Life? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. If I spend time with you, I will quickly learn what and who you care about by your words.

The beautiful Edgcote Hall, an 18th-century country home, served as the interior and exterior of Mr Bingley's Netherfield Park. This year, the iPad mini with Retina display really is every inch an iPad. She skips school and gets on a. Grandparents are the best friends of grandchildren who make life beautiful. Without one, the Apple experience feels obfuscated in ways both literal and figurative. Lecithin, in sunflower and soy based supplements has many benefits regarding menopause related and other health issues.

See the latest movies in theaters, new movie trailers, good movies to watch, and more. Hence, they add beauty to your bedroom. And when it wakes you won't recognise me as my children's mother, my husband's wife, or the writer, veterinarian and advocate that I am. The film follows the life journey of the eldest son, Jack, through the innocence of childhood to his disillusioned adult years as he tries to reconcile a complicated relationship with his father.

Best Sex Scenes of All Time. Director: Garry Marshall, Writer: J. Vor zwei Wochen - wer nicht dabei sein konnte - einfach hier drauf klicken! You can easily kick the flavor up a notch in this salad by using a flavored olive oil Queen Creek Olive Mill makes my favorites , or by using some of the olive oil from your sun-dried tomatoes. Join the millions of viewers discovering content and creators on TikTok - available on the web or on your mobile device.

This film takes a meaty subject matter as its premise: the life of Mussolini's first wife Ida Dasler, who after being separated during WWI discovers that her husband has become a fascist figurehead and has married another woman. Beautiful is the only word I can use to describe this drama. Richard Gere plays Lane's husband in this film that has a surprising twist. Roberto Benigni shines as a screwball father who uses his unique comedic gifts to. But when his chance finally comes, doctors discover his heart can't withstand the.

Watch the third romantic dance performance by various artists, in Life is Beautiful Round to celebrate Keerthis wedding with Shantanu, only on Maanada Mayilada, Season How will the realities of life shape the friendships and love of these young adults? The Northman 4 minutes ago. Since she was little, she has had a complex about her appearance. When the company announces an open audition for aspiring game managers, Xing quickly signs up, but soon finds her ambitions put in check.

However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighbourhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he is considered as the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters.

She works part-time at a nursery school where the cute two-year-old twins Akane and Aoi Matsunaga attend. Kanye West is a rapper, record producer, fashion designer, and current independent candidate for office in the United States Presidential Election.

It is even the inspiration for the island paradise in the musical South Pacific, based on Michener's book. Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful 1. College life is a bit different from high school. Because of a scar, Su Ye has closed herself off to others. Currently Watching: A Business Proposal. Autism rates are now at 1 in 68 for all children, with higher rates for boys than girls.

Lost and scared, he was a little boy who came out the other side. Believe me: Life is in the right always," says Emily Wickersham. While Coco may do a great and beautiful job of showcasing the basics of the holiday, Day of the Dead, and some of the nuances in the culture pertaining to it, Book of Life embodies the Latin culture, layered and suggestive as it is. Life is Beautiful Image credit: Getty images While this Italian film is about the horrors of the Holocaust, it has plenty of comic ….

It's about a world where everyone is living in harmony with one another and with nature, people help each other, they share everything together, without the need for money. And love-at our house-wears blue. Guido is a charming, bumbling Jewish waiter whose colorful imagination and playful spirit help him to woo a beautiful schoolteacher. Not only are our queer and trans characters always played by straight and cis actors, but they are often scrubbed clean. Looking for information on the anime Happy Sugar Life?

Tubi is the leading free, premium, on demand video streaming app. In the Bible, the Living God repeats what He cares about. Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life We have the largest library of content with over 20, movies and television shows, the best streaming technology, and a personalization engine to recommend the best content for you.

It spans NW 12th to 19th Aves. It began growing with refugees fleeing extreme poverty in Haiti in the 's. As in the game, Little Haiti has more poverty and crime of the two, indicated in the game with the shacks of Auntie Poulet's neighborhood and the harsher behavior of the Little Haiti gangsters. But the conflict in real life doesn't seem to be as much a matter of how the im- migrants of one group get along with the members of the other, although Miami is a relatively segregated place of recent great changes in proportions of ethnic groups, but more over differences in how the attempts at immigration from each country to the U.

While the Haitians were accepted in NYC they were rejected in Miami, considered as fleeing an American protectorate in comparison with Cubans who were accepted as fleeing communism and Fidel Castro. Castro opened the harbor at Mariel and made sure the 's of Cubans taken from it to the U. Though it was done to spite the U. The crime rate went up. It originated in the 's with people moving from overcrowding in the African-American Miami neighborhood of Overtown to the concrete buildings with indoor plumbing in what became known as Liberty City.

Many of them viewed the difference above, with the Cuban-Americans being more successfully accepted and integrated into Miami, as having the added factor of racism. Mc- Duffie was a black insurance man. The officers said he was killed when his mo- torcycle crashed after a high speed getaway attempt, then changed it when one officer said he was beaten to death with flashlights when he forcefully resisted arrest.

Census Bureau, in , Miami had the third highest in- cidence of family incomes below the federal poverty line in the United States, making it the third poorest city in the USA See ybakker's picture of Belle Isle, above, for a good comparison of the layout of the island itself. Leith Links is where the earliest record of golf is found. It's considered the "home of golf" because the first official rules were formed there. Prior to this, the company was based within Leith itself--in an office building situated next to Leith Links park.

The curved porch roof is similar, too. Thanks to reader and contributor Wolfie2k5. I'm not sure which had the idea for the car in front of it first. People and the Dodo Sonny Forelli Tom Sizemore , who seems to have set Tommy Vercetti up to go to prison for 15 years, sends him to Vice City, and is killed by him in the end, must have criminal relatives.

Basically, the normally level-headed Lazlow gets a little naively carried away with his rock star wild man effort. A pedestrian ribs the lyrics of songs by the Village People "Young man," "There's a place you can go," "In the navy," etc.

The wealthy media mogul part reminds me a bit of Ted Turner. Diaz Luis Guzman , the crack dealing crime boss, complains to Tommy Vercetti that his favorite "El burro" movie wouldn't play. El Burro also gives mis- sions in the 1st "Grand Theft Auto. You can find him with 8 Ball, Kenji Kasen, and Maria in the display window of the Rockstar Video Games store, S end of the east island, 2nd street from the E, a little over half a block up on the E side of the street.

Like Tommy, however, it won't stay lying down no matter what you do to it--it keeps coming back. I like it. It's in "San Andreas," too, and they fixed the wings. Places The "looks like a temple--sounds like a church" organ services--settle down-- between 10 and 11 am building at the S end of the east island has a star of David, and what I think is meant as a depiction of Moses' tablets, over the front door.

The set makes the area for the street a little narrower. A poster of Claude is on the Ocean View wall. I leave it to some modder to figure out how to put Reg- ular Tom on top of it. You could type the "seaways" code and drive into it to the length of a small car, but that's it. It's about as exciting. I haven't heard about anyone wondering what's behind it, though. The boxes just show the logo of the "Sparki" elec- tric company logo from "III. Bows truck has boxes of red meat and blood stains on the walls inside.

By the subway entrance that's near the airport in "III," there's a statue of a man planting a flag--it appears to be a war memorial and that someone put a traffic cone on his head. The writing on the base says: "For those who fought for freedom. In "GTA III," you can have Claude jump from atop an Ambulance that's backed onto a mound of dirt along the wall on the top level of Marco's Bistro across the street to the S of Salvatore's mansion and have him walk out into thin air on a couple long plates of invisible solid stuff.

He can walk a long way that way, and through most of it he can jump to the right and end up in a walled yard with no way in but that, the Dodo, or flying Rhino, and no way out except on a ramp that's provided. I think the ramp shows the game developers paid attention to the area and this wasn't an accident. You can do the same basic thing on the invisible plate on a narrow plank along the roof three doors S of that.

A screen shot, I. F, might make some people curious, since nobody normally bothers with those buildings for anything. If you don't want to travel, have Tommy jump on the low round table in the middle of the TV room of the mansion and he'll hover high above it. But one of the three biggest ones I know of, and the most unusually placed as well, is a plate of invisible stuff over part of the dirt lot of trees S of Little Havana Streetwear which is behind the building with "PIP DUI SR" in the window.

Between this and the Havana Outfit glitch, this neighborhood has some strange problems. Have Tommy go on foot up the ramp at the SW corner of the dirt lot of trees, then to the top of the 2nd ramp before him, jump from it onto the roof to the E, then go to just before the NW corner and drop off the roof to the W. Another way is to have him climb, or drive a PCJ , up the S tree of the two climbable trees in the lot, jump on the roof, and jump off the NW corner to the W.

The plate runs from about ten feet lower than the NW corner of the building, about 25 feet from the building out to the W, and slants a bit upward for about 15 feet from the S to N, where it's about six and a half feet lower than the roof.

You can have Tommy look down to see where his shadow cuts off at the S edge of the plate or shoot at it to let the ricochets show you how big it is. You can make a PCJ jump to the invisible plate from the rooftop on the W side of the dirt lot, too.

Get to that rooftop by starting the series of jumps leading up to Unique Jump 8 but stop on the2nd rooftop, then start your runway from the NW corner of that rooftop. There's a similar invisible plate across a 3rd of the central clearing, sur- rounded by guard rails, of the roof of the Schuman Health Care Center, Downtown. It's the 5th roof you land on in "G Spotlight" I. Have Tommy run and jump from the ramp used for a jump in "G Spotlight" to get over the railing and land on the plate.

Thanks to a post by Chris at "the gta place" web site for the tip about the invisible plate at the Schuman Health Center. A 3rd one is in the office Tommy rides up to in an elevator at the start of his jumps for "G-Spotlight," I.

Send him S from the breakable glass to the two chairs on the left. Have him jump on the chairs then onto the office cubi- cle. Then have him do a running jump for the closed-off office beyond that. When it works, he can run around over a variety of the closed-off office areas, not that the developers provided much detail to see in them.

To get him out, I walked Tommy over an edge of the building in the middle of it somewhere. He fell, then fell through "gray hell," and ended up on the sidewalk he was on be- fore he went in the building. I don't know if it's a glitch you can predict, but one of the times I had Tommy return on a PCJ is the 1st time I saw him drive around inside the elevator like a nut, which I think is a glitch you can make happen on PS2 that had generally been fixed for the PC version.

In his post, he got into the office and couldn't leave without starting a new game. Darkel was edited out of the game before it was released. According to rumors on the game web sites, he was the leader of a gang of tramps who gave the lead character missions to kill some of whatever other gang but his own.

Supposedly, his meeting place became the location of a hidden package with four tramps with Molotovs around it in the tunnel that goes S from 8 Ball's place in Portland; his missions were changed to rampages and the El Burro mission "I Scream, You Scream.

According to a Wikipedia web site article, he was taken from the game in reac- tion to the Sept. It's also why the "ilikedressingup" code won't let you choose the mid-Eastern fellow with a turban, seen as a taxi driver otherwise, to use as an alternate lead character. If you're curious enough about him, you can put Darkel if not his missions or voice into "III" with Notepad. Un-check the green dot 1st I. This changes which.

At the end of Rusk's guide at the Gamefaqs web site, he's given interesting exam- ples of bits of script that were edited from the final release you can find in the PS2 version in the american. The relationship between Tommy and Mercedes was developed further in earlier ideas, for example.

Currently, you can download it, "Wild Metal Country," , a futuristic shooter in which Rockstar North tanks are 1st called Rhinos, and "Grand Theft Auto 2," in which the three main areas are the downtown, industrial, and residential sectors , all three games optimized for current PCs and in their entirety, from the Rockstar web site. If you spill something into your key- board, disconnect it, flush it thoroughly with water, and let it dry for a few days.

I've seen disk cleaners, laser disk cleaners, and cans of compressed air on sale at department and drug stores. The Temporary Internet Files can help you surf the web faster, but I search it fast enough without them and they can build up into a huge batch of bytes in no time. Get the free software versions, at least, of Malwarebytes, Ad-aware, or Spy- bot. You might want to go to the Downloads section of the Microsoft web site and try Windows Defender.

Keep them updated and run them regularly. I currently use and recommend BitDefender. If you do that, don't use similar software like the kind I mentioned in the last paragraph--it can cause compatibility prob- lems. Run it after crashes and after you make any big changes to your PC, too, like after putting in new graphics card drivers or downloading or removing a big game demo or such.

Even better is Diskeeper, which is what the Windows defragmenter is a scaled down version of. I recommend the Professional version--it lets you do a boot time defragmentation, which defragments the Pagefile and Master File Table.

Your other files run in co-ordination with those, but you can't defragment those with the Windows defragmenter. Make sure you have the latest updates for your sound Creative Labs, etc. Go to Run, type in "msinfo32," and click OK if you're not sure what your com- puter specifics are, and see how they compare with the requirements for comput- ers given on the bottom flap of the box of the game.

You might want to upgrade something. You could try the same thing except type in "dxdiag," too. Better yet, try something like Sandra Lite, mentioned below in the Tweak guides part of this section, and run the various modules it contains. You can not only learn what your various PC components are, but get helpful recommenda- tions about changing settings and making upgrades to improve the performance of your PC.

In Vista, you can get there from the Desktop by pressing Ctrl Alt and Delete then selecting it from the menu. If you change your mind, press Esc to exit the menu. They have a page of common problems there. They have a page that lets you send them an E-mail, too, which connects you to some nice people who offer personal support. Help them isolate the source of your problem by doing the other things recom- mended in this section 1st.

Turning your PC off at the main power button is bad for your computer, so thanks to gtavicer9 for recommending the important tip that you use the reset button, just below the main power button on my PC, instead at such times. You may have to remove a mod because you made an installation mistake or it's corrupted due to a faulty download, etc. My PC has bad reactions to some other- wise, too, for some reason. Try getting advice from the creator of the mod, from GTA Forums web site, etc.

If worse comes to worse, for whatever reason you may never learn--some unfortunate combination of the mod with some component or setting of your PC--you may need to just remove it. Tweak guides Go to the TweakGuides. If you're like me, and have had a glitch or freeze or stuttering frame rate now and then and couldn't afford to pay dozens of dollars every time you had a question, it's good to know you're at least using preventative medicine to give your computer every chance to work as efficiently as it can.

You'll get the best performance out of it for games and maximize the mileage you'll get out of that expensive computer hardware. And if you do need to hire someone, you'll be more well-informed when you talk to them. A couple of such tips I picked up from "The TweakGuides Tweaking Companion" there: By using SiSoft Sandra Lite free software, or freeware , you can not only find out a lot of information about the components of your computer, but get useful tips on what might work better with a different setting or upgrade.

Sometimes glitches and freezes are due, at least partly, to poor PC perform- ance--overheating alone can cause such things. At the SiSoftware site, click on the icon for the latest version of SiSoftware Sandra, then click to download the shareware Lite version, then, below the column labeled "Lite," click "Download. It's a popular benchmarking tool that has been used at var- ious web sites to get test results of new components.

And there's a section on Game Music Extraction, which I notice someone has a question about now and then on the Gamefaqs message boards. Volume If your sound card software is similar to mine for a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 , you can adjust the volume of the game with your general volume control or the sound mixer's wav control. I once had a glitch that caused the game to get quiet.

I thought I needed another sound card update download when I stumbled onto the fact that the Wave slider of the Surround Sound mixer of the card had gone to the bottom, for some reason. I just turned it back up. I like to keep a volume control icon in the taskbar in the lower right of my screen as well. After installing an update for the driver, I have to make sure the "Digital Output Only" box is unchecked for headphones in Speaker Settings, too.

The de- fault settings make it checked but then I can't hear the sound with my head- phones. To use the general Windows way to put a volume icon in your taskbar, go to Start, Control Panel, Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices, then use any of these three choices--Adjust the system volume or Change the speaker settings or Sounds and Audio Devices--to bring up the Sounds and Audio Devices menu.

Check the box by "Place volume icon in the taskbar. The Audio section of the game Options lets you adjust the volume of your MP3s, too, if you want them to have the same volume that the rest of the radio sta- tions have. A cure for crackling noises with reverb I called a nice fellow at Take Two support who helped me get rid of the pops and crackles with reverb that were interfering with the audio of my GTA's.

I have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card, but he told me to go to "op- tions," "audio setup," "audio hardware," and set it to "desound3d software emu- lation. The convenience of copies of your GTA Vice City User File You can save your achievements--Stats--for a number of efforts at the game in a number of save game slots at the same time.

You can also open the User Files and make a copy of the save game for a single save slot. You can rename the file to change the number to the save game slot you want to use. Here are a couple of important uses for a copy: 1. If, for whatever reason, you need to reinstall the game, you don't have to lose your accomplishments. When you uninstall, it doesn't uninstall the User Files, Skins file, or MP3 file, which it leaves for you to uninstall manually.

So the old User File may serve the new install and not be replaced by a new one--I'm not sure, considering the glitches that can happen. To be sure you keep your old statistics, I'd let the new installation create a new User File by playing the game a little, delete the new User File it creates in My Docu- ments, then rename "Backup of It may not be necessary to go through that, but it makes me feel a little more con- fident that it will work.

You can save one or more backup copies with parts of the game already done on them. Another way you could do it is to create a User File copy that just has your least favorite side missions, and the missions that give Tommy extra abilities, done on it.

For example, I particularly dislike the PC version of RC Bandit unless using Demarest's mod of it , and the Paramedic mission can be long and tedious to do over and over, too. You might use the modification ideas of sec- tion I. You'll al- ways have the choice to play the game with all those missions over with and all the abilities and weapons that come from them to enjoy everything else about the game with.

To afford yourself even more such choices, you could follow that by using a copy of that save slot, renamed to have the number of another save slot, and use it to finish whatever missions you like the least of the middle of the game "The Driver" or whatever the case is for you. Make a copy of the User File, etc. Rename the copy with two save slots occupied with something at the beginning like "Copy 1 HPs 2 Driver Before you use the copy to have everything else about the game to play with, make another copy of it so you have a spare to use that way later.

As an alternative, you could use Demarest's "Timetwister" mod that lets you choose from any of the missions of the game from the start see I. Some advice about saving the game When you save your game at one of those pink cassettes, make sure Tommy has full armor saving and loading the game restores full health--in fact, just walking Tommy into a cassette then resuming the game does that; thanks to Siva for the tip , the weapons you'll need each run through a weapon pickup after the 1st adds to the ammo it has , and the vehicle s you'll need saved in your garage s , so you're prepared for whatever you'll need the next time you load the game.

You can't save during a mission--the cassettes disappear until you either pass or fail it. Saving the game advances the game clock six hours. You can use this to pre- pare the time clock so it's a certain time at a convenient place when you load the game. This is handy for making multiple efforts to go from the Hyman Condo to the Hyman Memorial Stadium, where the doors are open between 8 pm and midnight, for example.

Health points made with a prostitute beyond the normal maximum are lost when you save and load the game, which helps keep them in business. Saving the game restores all weapon pickups, which can be handy in stocking up on ammunition without doing a lot of traveling between game saving places. You can get rid of a wanted level by saving a game, returning to the game, then loading the last game; I try to do it without saving that, though.

Don't save your game at Cherry Poppers after you buy it. Don't jump on a bike as you save for the same reason thanks to the spaceeinstein web site for the cycle tip. Try to slowly approach the save game cassette at the Hyman Condo from the E so you don't open the big garage door, or so you save just as it closes. Saving while it's open can cause vehicles inside it to disappear, especially if it's full. It has been known to eat cars, so it's a lot less risky to put any spe- cial vehicles, especially the "EP" Admiral, somewhere else.

If you use it for a tank or such, just be careful. You can also fit a tank in the garage at the mansion or one of the ones at Sunshine Autos instead. Draw Distance determines how near or far things like vehicles and pedestrians will be drawn in--will be load- ed up by the graphics. If your combination of computer stuff is strong enough to allow it without a stuttering frame rate or other glitches, I'd set it as far right as you can.

Besides being fascinating to look at for me, there are gaming advantages. You don't want to be surprised by a policeman spawning right beside Tommy when he's gotten a wanted rating that may happen enough with a full draw distance , or have a telephone pole suddenly appear in front of his speeding PCJ that's no fun.

Frame Limiter: On. This is the default position. If you turn it off, you'll have graphics that take too long to load more smacking into invisible things with the PCJ , then having them appear. You can repeatedly beat your old time for "Checkpoint Charlie," for example, easier by turning it off.

Keep it on while you have Tommy fly the Skimmer or he won't be able to get it to take off from the water. Subtitles: On. Sometimes, it helps me tell what the characters are saying. Wide Screen: Off, because it cuts out parts of the picture when on. Radar Mode: Maps and Blips. The radar in the lower left corner of the screen shows the streets, colored dots representing your targets, and save places, etc.

I don't care about dumb generalizations about men not using maps--give me a map. HUD mode: On. The Heads Up Display in the upper right corner of the screen shows your current armor, health, and wanted rating and amount of money earned. I use W,S,A, and D a lot, so unless you have a foot-long thumb, the de- fault key, Right Shift, is too far away from them.

Player Skin Setup: you can choose which look you want for Tommy I. You can start a new game or load a saved game at the start or by pressing Esc during the game to pause it and go to that menu. During the game, press Esc to pause the game and see more options. Start New Game: - Start New game: you can start a new game from the very beginning of "Vice City," - Load game: load the game efforts of a save slot one convenience of that is it lets you load the same saved game you started with in your latest efforts, wipe out any record of those latest efforts, and go back to the last time you saved in that save slot , or - Delete game: delete everything in a save slot that has game efforts you're not crazy about.

Map: you've got a map of the town that also shows your location, properties pink cassette icons for private properties and logos for businesses , Pay 'n' Sprays remember, you can pause during hectic situations to see where they are, too , Ammu-Nations, and Tool Stores. Dots that show the targets the Psycho in "Psycho Killer" is an exception and intended destinations of missions will appear on the map, too.

For example, you can pause the pizza mission to look at the map and see where the customers are to plan a fast route. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. The things that appear on the map ap- pear on the radar, too. A dot that indicates a target or intended destination that's beyond the territory shown on the radar will appear on the appropriate edge of the radar.

Brief: the most recent main story dialogue, instructions, or certain achieve- ments. You can use your mouse scroller to make the Stats roll up or down and speed them up a little. The statistics are your achievements, including: Days Passed in Game: the clock in the upper right corner of the screen counts one hour in 65 sec. Mission attempts: it just gives the number of attempts, not of failures or the percent that were successful. Wanted Stars Attained and Evaded: I did a little testing to figure out a lit- tle bit about what the Stats make of the different ways you can get rid of wanted stars.

Ultimately, it looks like a glitch or two has gummed up the works. C--Morphing can only be used to get rid of a maximum of two wanted stars--not two of a higher number, and - a Pay 'n' Spray gets rid of any number of wanted stars. Most, not all, completions of missions successful or unsuccessful get rid of all wanted stars. Getting busted, wasted, or saving a game then reloading it, gets rid of all wanted stars. This is what the Stats make of your choices: At one star, running till the star disappears, running through a bribe, using a clothes pickup, or using a Pay 'n' Spray--causes you to get one wanted point Attained and one Evaded.

At two or more stars, using bribes, or using a bribe or bribes and running one off, or using a bribe or bribes and a clothes pickup for one star, causes you to get one star Attained and one Evaded. Another simple thing about it is that any number of wanted stars removed with a Pay 'n' Spray causes that many points to be added to Attained and Evaded three wanted stars removed--three Attained and three Evaded, etc.

But whereas using a clothes pickup to get rid of one wanted star gives you one star Attained and one Evaded, the use of a clothes pickup to get rid of two, or the remaining two, wanted stars causes you to get two points for Attained and no points for Evaded?! I suspect a glitch there. Completing a mission, successfully or unsuccessfully, in most cases makes your wanted rating go away without using any of the methods available to get rid of it, but adds that many stars to Attained and none to Evaded.

Unfortunately, this seems unavoidable with rampages and some other missions. Getting busted, wasted, or saving then reloading a game to get rid of wanted stars, adds that many stars to Attained but none to Evaded.

In terms of gameplay, I'm not sure what meaning is meant by some of the dif- ferences found there, except to assume it would normally be better to try to keep the number of points Attained from getting bigger than the number Evaded.

It would show Tommy is better at getting away with whatever crimes if he Evades all that he Attains. Since the Stats don't allow that possibility, then the next best thing would be to try to keep Attained from getting too much bigger than Evaded. If you try to understand it all as the game rewarding you for creating your Attained verses Evaded record with that to guide you, it gets puzzling, anyway: It's easy to figure that the game rewards you for not getting busted, wasted, or saving the game with wanted stars then reloading it.

Less clear is what to make of how it also rewards you differently for handling two or more wanted stars by using bribes, a bribe or bribes and running one star off, or a bribe or bribes and using a clothes pickup for one star, instead of using a Pay 'n' Spray. Again, all but the Pay 'n' Spray give you one star At- tained and one Evaded, but using a Pay 'n' Spray gives you an identical pair of bigger numbers for both Attained and Evaded.

One possibility is that you're being rewarded for using one of the 1st choices because they show more effort and accomplishment than by using a Pay 'n' Spray-- you had less Attained you had to Evade. Instead, it may mean that you're being rewarded for using a Pay 'n' Spray--a disguise--without giving bribes to the police, which carries the risk of being turned in to the authorities by an informant--you Evaded an equal and bigger number Attained.

Supporting that theory, using a Pay 'n' Spray in those situa- tions is the best way to add points to your CRiminal Rating described below. Against that theory, using a clothes pickup for two stars is to use a disguise and not a bribe, too, yet the game punishes you for using a clothes pickup for two stars. And it rewards you for getting rid of a wanted rating before the mission is over when it's possible, but the game often makes that impossible, as for ram- pages.

If the game is going to make it convenient for us by automatically get- ting rid of wanted stars by ending certain missions, it should add an equal amount to Attained and Evaded for those missions and let us create a record for Attained and Evaded with those missions it's possible to be responsible about that with.

I think the current arrangement is a glitch or just carelessness. The reason you're rewarded for using a clothes pickup for one wanted star but punished for using a clothes pickup for two wanted stars is Sometimes you need to say "I don't know" when that's the honest thing to say.

Is it punish- ment for trying to use the Clark Kent glasses method of trying to be incognito when the heat is turned up? I don't know. Safehouse visits: the number of times you save the game. Among things I never save are Times Busted, Hospital Visits if Tommy is wast- ed, he's taken to a hospital to continue in the game , Fishes Fed drownings; it adds to Hospital Visits , active wanted stars, or mission failures except RC Van missions, since it's convenient to blow up the RC toy and try again, which saves time and minimizes any time spent frustrated.

The Vice City Tourist Guide, p. This could be why the Reefer looks like a little version of Quint's shark hunting boat in "Jaws," and Steve Scott Dennis Hopper has his variations on Steven Spielberg's concerns about them. His shark prop is basic- ally similar to the shark in the waters around Vice City. Number of Head Shots: the ones made by Tommy with other people's heads, fortu- nately.

Daily police spending: it refers to how much the police spend a day, which I don't think Tommy can increase with greater destruction. I think it's random. Least favorite gang: the gangs are: Cubans: wear white t-shirts with a red and black splotch on the front and red headbands, or light yellow jerseys with gray sleeves and black fedoras with red hat bands, drive the Cuban Hermes car and the Cuban Jetmax boat , live in Little Havana, and are led by Umberto Robina.

Haitians: wear dark blue jerseys that have "RELAX" in white letters on the front with white baseball cap-type caps with dark blue brims, or light purple sleeveless t-shirts with a purple and white splotch on the front with blue head- bands, drive the Voodoo lowrider car with four hydraulic jump directions and two sus- pension levels, live in Little Haiti, and are led by Auntie Poulet. Streetwannabe's wear blue jean vests with either a shark or a dragon or pais- ley splotch on the back, drive the Gang Burrito van which may have either a white or brown-faced Teddy Bear in front of the grill or over the windshield, and live on Prawn Island and are found there and in and around North Point Mall.

Thanks to the spaceeinstein site for calling the glitch about soldiers to my attention. Diaz's gang: wears pale blue pants, dark cranberry red shirts with white flow- ers, and mustaches, or white pants and red-violet jerseys with horizontal gray pinstripes, are aggressive, which you may find out during rampages, are found at the mansion on Starfish Island up to and including "Rub Out," and are led by Ricardo Diaz. Bikers: wear "Duffy the bum" blue jeans, black leather jackets, tattoos, beards and mustaches, are fat and docile despite Mitch Baker's claims of fierceness, drive Angels, are found around Mitch Baker's Biker Bar, and are led by Mitch Baker.

Golfers: the male is fat with brown hair, bald on top, wears a mustache, green, white, and gold plaid shorts, a lavender shirt, pink socks, and black and white saddle shoes, the female is thin with gray and white hair pulled back in a ponytail, wears a white blouse, lavender shorts, and white athletic shoes with lavender stripes, drive Caddys, and are found in and around Leaf Links.

There is a the 3rd Golfer, the young dirty blonde male that wears blue pants, a lavender shirt, and saddle shoes, but it doesn't count for the statistic if you have Tommy shoot him in public or when Tommy kills him for "Four Iron"-- I. The Vercetti gang: wears white pants and purple shirts with dark gray pin- stripes or dark blue pants, a dark olive green shirt with olive green and white flowers, and a reddish-brown mustache and a beard, are found at the mansion on Starfish Island after "Rub Out" and at various Vercetti asset properties after Tommy owns them, and are led by Tommy Vercetti.

The soldiers at Fort Baxter carry M4 rifles, and the ones who appear otherwise, for six wanted stars, carry MPs. Thanks again to the spaceeinstein web site for the weaponry information. I hope he's not in line behind Rusk asking for royalties; I'm guarding the money I make from this entertainment extravaganza furiously.

There's a glitch right after doing the Vigilante mission that mixes up your numbers for Criminals wasted and Criminals killed on Vigilante Mission. They become: Criminals wasted: actually, only those killed in the vigilante mission. Criminals killed on Vigilante Mission: actually, the number you killed in the vigilante mission plus the number you killed otherwise before.

After the glitch messes up the numbers this way so neither one represents what it's supposed to, the number of criminals you kill outside of the Vigilante mis- sion is added to Criminals wasted. I'd be glad it's low since many of those bullets are shot at Tommy.

Don't have someone walk in your room and ask why you're spending a half hour shooting a machine gun at a blown-up van a gimmick that works to make the percentage higher. Insane Jumps, which can coincide with them, are measured in distance, height, flips, and rotation; a big score in one category is an Insane Stunt, in two is a Double Insane Stunt, etc.

A meter is Whoopie truck. Best Percentage of hits for Shooter: your best percentage of hits for "The Shootist" and, if you score over 45 points, "Rifle Range," whichever is higher. Sprayings: the number of uses of a Pay 'n' Spray or spray 'n' go to get a land vehicle or checkpoint chopper or whatever else you go to the trouble to shove in there a paint job. It won't work with a police or military vehicle--if you try, you'll get a message saying the people that run the place don't handle anything that hot.

Flight hours: the number of hours you fly the Skimmer, which is available be- hind the film studio after the "Dildo Dodo" mission. I think the timer for this counts in real time, or at least a lot more like it than the regular clock for the game. So going up the ranks, which is based on time spent flying, can take a while.

There's a glitch that makes you an "Ace" most of the time. But you're sup- posed to be able to go from no rating up though 19 titles like "Flyboy," "Biggs," "Red Baron," and "Maverick" and such up to "Ace. According to cjshoup of the forums at the toonzone.

At a time when 20 victories garnered the Blue Max award, he had Most of his biplanes were partly red, as then became the case with the other planes in his squadron starting in , but he's usually identified with the entirely red Fokker Dr. He died when he was shot possibly from the ground or a British plane chasing him chasing a British Sop- with Camel over France. A special mention should be made of Poland's young Andrew Noops n Gleh, who used to frequent the ign.

Negative numbers: The negative titles--"Total Liar," "Hacker" and such--are for using the vehi- cle spawning codes. Using one subtracts points. This is Grand Theft Auto, so you'll be severely chastised for not thefting an auto--"Grand"ly is optional.

Positive numbers: Tommy gets various points anytime in the game for each mission accomplished: six points for "Trial by Dirt," forty points for "Guardian Angels," etc. The points for rampages, at least, are added after you save the game. He gets thirty points anytime in the game for each helicopter, Skimmer, or Dodo the plane pulling a "Zombie Elvis Found" sign destroyed.

The Dodo is only destroyed by a rocket from the Hunter, and the Dodo is also the only thing Tommy can destroy that he always gets both 30 CRiminal Rating points and a three star wanted level for destroying. The more points he has, the higher he is on the organized crime ladder of suc- cess, which, apparently, hates the idea of anyone flying above all else in life--I didn't know that.

Beyond that, my sketchy testing results for getting positive numbers show that Tommy can get various points depending on who or what he destroys and with what, and what he does about a wanted rating. And the results are "glitchy. It might be another clue Destroying boats with a Minigun, he got anything from 0 to 4 points for each-- once, he even had three points subtracted, for some weird reason.

Destroying land vehicles not used by law enforcers created no points for a Faggio, one point for a PCJ , and several points for an SUV, etc. Tommy got nine points for destroying a police car and a policeman with a gre- nade, six points for killing an old lady shopper with a Chainsaw but only one point for killing an old lady shopper with a shotgun, and no points for killing most examples of the beach or business people, and never got any points for killing tramps or leather jacket criminals, etc.

The Hunter rockets created a wanted level faster than the Hunter machine gun. Using a clothes pickup, or using a bribe and running a star off, for two stars added no points, but using a Pay 'n' Spray for two stars added various amounts. Ordinarily, the easiest way to get the most CRiminal Rating points was to have Tommy kill law enforcers, destroy their vehicles, notably helicopters, and anyone and any other vehicle handy while he does, with the Minigun, Rocket Launcher, or Hunter rockets, then use a Pay 'n' Spray.

Don't try this at home and end up on World's Most Stupid Criminals--don't even think of it. Also, if you use the "bigbang" code and blow up any of the vehicles the game counts, the rating actually goes up. Ironically, using the code "leavemealone" to remove wanted stars doesn't hurt Tommy's CRiminal Rating but it adds that many stars to Wanted Stars Attained and none to Evaded.

The positive titles are spaced farther apart as the numbers get bigger. If you want to get the title of Capo, it's productive to achieve at least part of that by doing the Vigilante mission "Brown Thunder" and by trying to attain the "Stuff of Legends" Media attention level by going on unofficial rampages, which are mostly matters of destroying law enforcers and their vehicles. After the rampage, use a vehicle from a Sunshine Autos garage in the nearby spray 'n' go.

Use the Hunter for the Vigilante mission "Brown Thunder" and go to level or so and max out your cash, if you want to do something productive with the game on the way up the ratings. Go nuts for your Highest media attention lev- el, too. You'll make Capo, points. Only "Boss," "Kingpin," and "Don" stand in your way. Then put four Checkpoint Choppers in the big garage of the Hyman Condo.

They slide in real easy if you push them in from the front. Put three Mavericks on the roof by flying the one on the helipad a few blocks S, returning to find an- other one spawned there, and repeating that. With seven heli- copters in the game, points, keep typing "bigbang" over and over. For some reason, they keep blowing up after they've already blown up. Faster still is to download a trainer with a "blow up all cars"--and helicop- ters--key for your keyboard from any of a variety of Grand Theft Auto Vice City web sites.

You might leave the "EP" Admiral in the eastmost little garage at the condo for that. The glitch causes the game, after each success with the mission, to say the time per cone has been reduced but it isn't actually reduced. Since the reward doubles with each success at the mission, you could keep repeating the mission and build up a lot of cash. Use a hotkey on a trainer to use the bigbang code about times a minute: 30 CR pts.

If you went for maxing out your cash and Capo with Brown Thun- der, that leaves , CR points to get in about 38 min.. You sometimes lose a helicopter that disappears, so I won't make an exact calculation. See I. To "do" someone could be to swindle or murder them. They were often looked down on since they were supposed to commit suicide if they lost their masters.

They were fictionalized in movies, such as "The Seven Samurai," which "The Magnificent Seven," , is based on , to be mercenary soldiers, an idea which is transplanted to 20th century Europe for the movie "Ronin" starring Robert De Niro as Sam. In recent years, it's been used as slang in Japan to refer to students who failed their college exam, and was the code name of a famous multiplayer game hacker of the last few years who recently co-created a web site: EliteCoders.

Given the quirky way the points accumulate, described before, and as long as it would take to get to a high score if you screw up and have to start over from your last save point, it would take a lot of work to go over all that unless you know some way to determine it in the file system. I'd normally try to double check anything I put in this walk-through, but as far as I know from any time I've checked on it, those are the reliable scores.

Highest media attention: The other goal provided for wanton destruction, with credit given for safely getting rid of your wanted rating afterwards. There are 21 titles in all. I like to type in the code "chasestat" so I can watch the ratings reported like news bulletins in purple letters on the screen. You'll see from doing that just how the game awards points for the frequency, magnitude, and duration of destruction. The Stats will credit you with the highest title you've achieved.

You can use "aspirine" for vehicle repair without interrupting your effort. Neither it nor "chasestat" will effect your CRiminal Rating or prompt the game to warn you not to save the game. I'd use the Rhino or the Hunter for this. If using the Rhino, it's easiest to use one of the long N and S stretches of road on the SE side of either the east or west island.

Make sure you give your- self a broad space to turn around on at either end of the loop you intend to drive on it, and try to avoid getting jammed anywhere. Try to ram into and shoot anything around. I recommend that you turn the cannon backwards. That helps propel Tommy out of jams and out-maneuver the Rhinos that ram his tank at six stars. The Rhino is otherwise slow to accelerate and you get less points if Tommy is busted.

Your score is also based on the frequency of Tommy's destruction, and shooting backwards can make the Rhino go faster than you need it to. I've read the Rhino can withstand about explosions before it's destroyed. If using the Hunter, you can get Tommy into aerial dogfights with the helicop- ters that attack.

You can use Number Pad 6 to shoot up at them and try to get them as they approach, or wait till they're at Tommy's altitude. Remember that the normally non-solid police helicopter is a solid one when it fires at Tommy, and Tommy can be damaged by the explosion of it. You can swoop the Hunter down to get the law enforcers shooting at Tommy, too. The PS2 version comes out 1st, but the PC version has better graphics.

The PS2 and PC Classic Controls aren't as smooth and don't have the degree of range of motion of PC Standard Controls with Mouse Controlled Steering for hav- ing Tommy move, look around, or aim weapons, except when you bring up the scope for a few weapons, although you have Tommy stand still when you do. Generally, I like to see where I'm going, but a front view is good for screenshots sometimes.

Unlike the keyboard and mouse setups of some games I've tried, the one used by GTA is tight and fluent. Their scopes remain steady and can be aimed smoothly in practically any direction. You may move Tommy a bit to see some- thing directly over his head.

The M4 has an optional scope created by pressing the Right Mouse Button, and it jiggles a bit when you fire, so just don't use it. I don't know why it's even given as an option. The PS2 auto-aim feature used to guide Tommy over a girder or such isn't used for either control setup for the PC version. Mouse Controlled Steering, the hand held camera effect that allows Tommy to move and look around smoothly like a human instead of like a robot and is used to guide four-wheel vehicles smoothly, is just used by the PC Standard Controls, not PC Classic Controls.

On PS2, the Hunter rockets have auto-aim. On PC, the Hunter machine gun has auto-aim. In Standard Controls, one way to see the moves Tommy makes in Classic Controls when you don't move him for a while is to send him into the green surveillance screen view at the entrance of Leaf Links.

It's also like Classic Controls in that Mouse Steering won't work while he's there. If you use Standard Controls and press V while Tommy is on foot, it just makes a "blink" sound. On PC, you can press F1 for a 30 second more or less instant replay, F2 to save your last replay, and F3 to play back your last saved replay.

The replays come in a variety of camera angles, and you can get an angle you can control with the mouse by moving the mouse. All kinds of things take on an added dimen- sion of seeming like scenes from a movie when seen this way, including stunt jumps and fire trails from a burning PCJ or Cuban Hermes. Bumping the mouse helps you see a stunt from a view you prefer, and the view is flexible enough to allow the only way I know to use the old top down view in "Vice City," such as while flying.

Also see I. On PC, you can use mods of a great variety of different vehicles, buildings, pedestrians, stunt parks, etc. The three PS2 Super Jumps, performed at Phil's Place behind the crack of the entrance door, on a diving board by the east island beach, or at the light house, don't work for PC. The explanation I read is that super jumps cause whatever that directs the behavior of PS2 pixels to direct them some way it shouldn't, and when the game corrects itself, Tommy can go flying across the sky.

On PC, A transaction with a prostitute will always give Tommy health 25 points higher than the usual maximum, not 25 points lower after the pizza mission as on PS2. Apparently, this is particular to the PC version. This is useful before hazardous missions to in- crease Tommy's durability, but the extra 25 points are not preserved if you save then reload the game.

When Tommy jacks a vehicle with a passenger and end up with a hostage on PC, the hostage doesn't constantly scream as in a PS2 example given in Rusk's guide. I did get something similarly funny when I failed to jack an Ambulance, on the passenger side, that was driving into a corner: repeatedly, Tommy would enter and get right out, then the driver would quickly exit, scream one of several different ways, and get back in! My guess would be it's similar to the name changes for weapons and cars--be- cause there's already a place out there called Langer, although I've never heard of it.

Maybe it's an inside reference to the name of a friend or co-worker of someone at Rockstar North they changed their mind about--I don't know. It's across the street and east of the Malibu Club parking lot. G for the Odds and Ends and Ghost World distinctions it has. This here's the Pole Position Strip Club. You might want to drop in some time. If it's just in one version, I know it isn't the original PC one--it's in the audio files of the game disk, though.

On PC, there's also a Bus in the lot near the dead end of the road that goes down the middle of the S end of the west island. It looks like an old school bus--it won't pick up passengers at bus stops. It's by the door to a big hang- er over water where there are two of the gas pumps you can shoot and blow up. In the PC version, there isn't a sign calling the place "Seaplanes Tours," as Rusk's walk-through and the Brady guide call it.

The Admiral sometimes shows up instead of the Stretch at the mansion. On PC, you only need to drive the Admiral about a block way, not far away, and ditch it to make the Stretch appear at the mansion. In the Xbox version, all the Washington cars on the street are white. In the PC and PS2 versions, they come in in a variety of colors. I haven't gotten the same gimmick to work for a PC "Vice" Cheetah, either.

But there's always one behind the Little Havana police station. The PS2 gimmick of blocking the pier with a Firetruck so the French men can't enter it in "All Hands on Deck" doesn't work in the PC version--the truck disap- pears during the cut scene. Just have Tommy use the Minigun and don't worry. In the absurdist GTA world of the bad people of all types I guess it's partly to give you an excuse to use that ammo dump of video game weaponry available , the soldiers at Fort Baxter hate civilians and may shoot Tommy on sight if he walks, drives, or flies near the base.

On PC, they may do this when you have Tommy try Rampage 34 to the east of it, although, when that happened, I just had him drive a bit to the east and it stopped. Once the police uniform is avail- able, after "Cop Land," and you have Tommy wear it, they won't shoot him on sight, allowing him to walk freely around Fort Baxter. Otherwise, I generally have him keep a distance from it, and have him jack a Rhino or a Hunter from it quickly. I wonder if this has anything to do with the glitch, reported in I.

On PC and newer PS2 versions: Rampage 1, on the roofless shack in the S ocean, doesn't naturally tend to produce enough targets where you activate it; there are a few ways around that at I. On PC, the tear gas was replaced because Rockstar got complaints that using it caused game slow- downs, even on better computers.

The tear gas has been improved and brought back for "San Andreas. On PS2, you use a gamepad. On PC, you can use the keyboard and mouse or a gamepad. PS2 features auto-aim for the handguns, submachine guns, and shotguns. PC Classic Controls feature auto-aim for the handguns, submachine guns, and shotguns, and on PC Standard Controls with Mouse Controlled Steering my favorite , without auto-aim, Tommy can look around and aim his weapons, notably the Minigun, freely in practically any direction, cars and trucks can be steered smoothly, and Tommy moves like a human being instead of like a robot.

I got the Rumblepad 2 in late and can recommend it for something like that. I like the keyboard and mouse better for "Vice City" for having Tommy move and look around, aim weapons, do motorcycle stunts, etc. A game- pad is clumsier at that, which is why it has auto-aim for some weapons. Aiming a sniper rifle with a gamepad is the worst. The gamepad is fun for a little variety--some things like people saying things when they're held at gun point are programmed a little differently for it and Classic Controls.

The reason some people feel it makes flying helicopters easier is that it com- bines up, down, left, and right on the left analogue stick, which makes some- thing easy a little easier. Those people who can't fly without one are still weenies, though. The main thing I don't like about flying helicopters is the sluggish way the "camera" looks ahead while going forward compared to how fast it does that for land vehicles, and that's the same problem if you use a gamepad or not.

You don't have Tommy fly nearly as often as aim weapons in the game, and the Hunter has auto-aim for the machine gun for Brown Thunder, which is pretty easy. Since you can attach a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad to a PC or the new PS3, more people may get used to both kinds of controls and, most importantly, GTA 'cycle stunts can live on.

I guess I favored ori- enting things around the W, S, A, and D area over the directional arrows area to situate my controls more in the middle of other buttons I would need to use. But use the method you feel best about, and scratch out my choices and put in your own, if you want. The game accommodates the use of a game pad, too, but I like Mouse Controlled Steering the best, so I don't use mine. You could use a joystick, too, which some people prefer for flying the helicopters.

But they're generally easy to fly without one. The VCN helicopter has the most oversteer of the ones Tommy can ride in, but you don't have to use it. There are two missions with a wobbly RC copter, but the Top Fun van one just records your time, you don't need to beat one or race anyone, and I hope the advice I offer for "Demolition Man" will let you beat the clock without denting your keypad cushion.

I recommend Standard Controls. The alternative, Classic Controls, is designed to be a bit like PS2 controls. In the Standard Controls, designed for the PC version particularly, the distinctive aiming concern is to turn on Mouse Con- trolled Steering in the Options.

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