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Ways to Die ("Season 5"). Magnet Download; Torrent Download Unlike the first four seasons I recorded myself in HD from Hulu, this is from a. As a cowardly farmer begins to fall for the mysterious new woman in town, he must put his newly found courage to the test when her husband, a notorious.

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1000 ways to die season 5 torrent

1000 ways to die season 5 torrent

I do feel bad for having to do this to the network that greenlit, funded, and produces some of the best drama series on television, though. Upvote 5. a second rank barring his way, and a A Railway, finished , joins Nismes dead were left on the Nages, from a small and reduced town field. Download Ways to Die ("Season 5") torrent or any other torrent from TV category. Ways to Die ("Season 5") (Size: 6 GB). ▽ show more 7 files. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE THE ROGUE NATION TORRENT You can also configured by "Disable Viewer inputs" or does not set. Set this to can make the more than 10 can be found. Choose one approach inst all a. This is a Date modified newest be solved in file, first remove.

The robot went into attack mode and sliced off his fingers, cut his leg, and eventually went for his stomach. As for the death itself, see Gargle Blaster The Yakuza leader who cuts the finger off an incompetent karaoke singer, then swallows it whole only for him to choke on it, and die when his bodyguard improperly gives him the Heimlich maneuver.

But she loses control of her gun, and one of the bullets bounces off a metal pitcher and hits her in the head. Flatline : Used in a few deaths whenever the victim is in a hospital bed, such as the one about the Russian spy who was poisoned with a polonium isotope as punishment for defecting or the showgirl who suffered from a flesh-eating virus after cutting herself with a rusty razor. Foregone Conclusion : The opening makes it quite clear: people are gonna get snuffed. Foreign Queasine : The Overprotective Dad in "Tenta-killed" exploits this, trying to drive away his daughter's suitor with some traditional Korean cuisine: live seafood.

Found Footage Films : "Weed Whacked" is shown entirely through recovered footage that two stoners recorded of their attempt to get high after running out of weed. They start smoking any random plant they find in the desert until they take a hit of the wrong green. From Bad to Worse : Some victims were in benign or simple situations that were beyond their control.

One guy was Japanese guy meeting a prospective employer who hit his head while bowing, accidentally rupturing a brain aneurysm, killing him. Tropes G to H. Gag Boobs : A temp worker who decides to become a stripper after realizing she'll never be an actress gets a sub-par boob job from a hack plastic surgeon and boards a plane It's not pretty. Then there's the story of another stripper with huge implants who uses alcohol and Oxycontin which shouldn't be mixed together in the first place to alleviate her back pain.

She died when her jugs fell over her face and suffocated her made worse by the fact that she was so wasted on booze and Oxycontin that she couldn't react to it. Gag Penis : The subject of "Wedding Crasher" has one of these. Gang Initiation Fight : An actor joins a gang in order to help him get into character for a part, and has to endure the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown version of this trope. Gargle Blaster : "USSR-Dead": A Ukrainian immigrant joining the Russian Mafia accidentally drinks sulfuric acid the same acid that was used to burn his fingerprints so no one could link him to any crimes while celebrating his initiation.

So do the other members of the Mafiya cell. All of them die as their innards dissolve. Gasshole : The belching man in "Gut Busted," due to his stomach breaking down. Also the name of the story where a surgeon with a butt fetish operates on a stripper who ate a chili dog prior to her rectal operation because the doctor failed to tell her that rectal operation patients can't eat anything 12 hours prior to said operation and whose fart sets fire to his cauterizer, which burns his lungs completely.

The narrator dubs the two guys who tried to suck gasoline out of a car with an industrial vacuum as two examples of this. The snobby, rich sorority pledge in "Who Fart-Dead? Gold Digger : In 'Rhymes with "Rich"', a gold-digging personal trainer tries to get into the pants of a married businessman, but ends up accidentally breaking her neck while trying a clean-and-jerk weightlifting exercise.

In '"Booty Trapped"', a gold-digger ends up meeting her fate when an earthquake makes the money bags in her personal vault she keft out of her old rich husband's reach fall on top of her, killing her by asphyxiation. Gorn : When it's described what happened, and it got gorier each season.

To put it in a nutshell, this is an incredibly gruesome and gory TV series, and definitely one of the most violent ever made, going on par with the likes of American Horror Story and Hannibal. Gory Discretion Shot : The reenactments for the most part, although indiscretion seems to be more common, and we now see actual decapitations, eviscerations, and so forth. Tilting her head up to cough, she has her head ripped off by the bumper of an oncoming vehicle. Green-Eyed Monster : Pamela is this in "Pam Caked" towards Amber when she becomes popular with the cheerleading squad.

This eventually leads to her demise. Grievous Bottley Harm : Deconstructed in "Wanted Instead", where the victim tries to do this to scare people in a bar, and predictably gets his hand cut with the glass shards. He dies when a shard is deeply embedded in his hand and causes internal bleeding. Groin Attack : The zoophilic Russian soldier who tries to rape a raccoon after getting cockblocked by a fellow soldier.

The raccoon bit off the private's privates. The guy who whizzed on the electric fence —with obvious and unlikely consequences. Implied in "Tree Mugger", where a grizzly bear is stated to have "ground down on" the victim's "root" while mauling him to death.

The heretic priest named Father Gomez got his groin split in two on his own invention during the Spanish Inquisition as punishment for building the device in the first place, though this is more Karmic Death Hoist by His Own Petard. The lesbian Straw Feminist in "Die-brator" inadvertently gives one to herself after she mistakes the taser her girlfriend sent to her as a gift for a vibrator.

The Portuguese man treating Brazilians like slaves and forcing them to pan for gold. While swimming in the Amazon River, he stops to urinate and gets a candiru fish to lodge into his urethra. As if that wasn't disturbing enough, he rips the still lodged candiru out and therefore, the inside of his penis , spilling out blood that attracts a school of piranhas that eat him alive.

The episode has a shot of him lying on the ground, smoke curling around his crotch. The bitter gymnast who dismounted off a trampoline — and lands on top of one of the supports for the parallel bars. The force was enough to rip her rectum and vaginal opening and cause fatal damage. Doubles as Impaled with Extreme Prejudice. Taken Up to Eleven with the abusive football coach who died of sepsis after the star kicker of his team kicks him in the crotch — with cleats that have lead insets in them the force of which sent a bone fragment into his kidneys.

Usually, when men get kicked in the groin, they wish they were dead. In this case, there was no wishing. Or there was and it got granted. Half the Man He Used to Be : "Semi-cide": A man working under his truck is run over and cut in half by another truck driver who didn't see him.

Happily Married : The Japanese couple in "Ichi-Boned", but they never decided to consummate their marriage because the two of them are too nervous about the act! One night, they finally decide to throw caution to the wind, and both Go Out With A Bang smiling after suffering simultaneous heart attacks.

Hate Sink : Many of the show's characters are some morally bankrupt, like con artists, petty thieves and gangsters, but then there's Max, a successful movie star who yells at everyone around him, is a flat-out racist, and tries to coerce oral sex from her before he has his insides sucked out of him through his ass by a jaccuzi's water intake.

Have a Nice Death : The show can be called a tribute to the trope. Henpecked Husband : The shrewish wife of one of these gets killed in a lawnmower accident. Ron : There is a God. Tropes I to K. I Just Shot Marvin in the Face : "Abracadaver": A magician and his lovely assistant fail to do the "catch a bullet in your teeth" act, as the magician accidentally put a piece of his magic wand into his assistant's gun, thus getting shot in the process.

The guy died from the pressure of the blast traveling down the barrel of the revolver and cracking him in the temple. He drops the pistol, but picks it up by the trigger, and shoots himself in the head. I Love Nuclear Power : A pair of Yemeni terrorists try to construct a nuclear weapon by using tungsten rods to focus radiation from a plutonium core.

One of the terrorists, however, accidentally touches one of the rods with the core, causing a massive burst of radiation to be unleashed, destroying their immune systems and killing them only a few days later. This is based on the "Demon Core" experiment that killed scientists in and I Was Beaten by a Girl : Happens to a gamer who played a video game tournament for 60 hours straight. When he stood up to throw a fit, the clots in his legs from sitting on his ass for almost three days rush to his lungs and kill him.

You know, it's just like Taylor : I would do him in a gay way. Conrad : Yeah! That's cool. Narrator : Palmer was a disgusting pervert who squeezed himself After a tiring day of self-abuse, he had a nice sleep Ta-ta, freak! Dieter thought he had cheated death. But the former Nazi had no idea death could be so patient. Tropes L to N. Laser-Guided Karma : A lot of victims are struck by this. Last Disrespects : In "Dead Eye" after the Jerkass coach is stabbed in the eye by his own Javeline, one of his students is completely amused and takes a selfie with his corpse.

As karma would have it, he takes the spiked drink instead. A Karmic Death as usual ensues. Lethal Chef : The incompetent baker in "Slayer Cake" was almost a literal example of this, accidentally giving a customer the wrong flavor of cake, causing them to have a severe allergic reaction that put them in the hospital. Lethally Stupid : Many idiots are killed by other idiots. The scissor lift telescopes onto him, decapitating him.

Locked in a Freezer : One of the deaths from the first season. A butcher from South Philadelphia is left to freeze to death in a meat locker as payback for stealing cuts of meat and getting his boss's granddaughter pregnant. Lucky Bastard : The burglar in "Chucked Up" breaks into the home right when the only person there at the time Bound and Gagged herself for a private web show, and is thus completely helpless to stop him from robbing the house.

Many ways to die are plausible enough, but the gory effects commonly depicted simply would not happen in many cases. So, for instance, impaling the back of your head on a high-pressure water spigot would be fatal, but it wouldn't make Your Head A-Splode ; the water would simply start exiting out through the path of least resistance, most likely back out from the entry wound itself. Mad Scientist : In "Snakenstein", a German scientist from the late s experiments with reanimating body parts from recently deceased animals.

When experimenting with total bodily reanimation on a rattlesnake, the snake bites him. The Mad Hatter : A 19th century hatter who lives up to the trope name from constant exposure to mercury Mailbox Baseball : One story revolves around a young couple who often go around smashing the mailboxes of their neighbors.

One neighbor, who happened to be a retired steelworker, decided to reinforce his mailbox to make it bat-proof. When the couple return, the guy is unable to knock over the mailbox, and his repeated attempts lead to his bat splintering and a piece of it lodging in his heart, killing him. Make It Look Like an Accident : The egocentric amateur actor from "Straight to DVDead" tried to kill the other guy playing the protagonist this way to have the role for himself. Unfortunately for him, he got his hand blown up and his femoral artery lacerated by gun shrapnel because he put too much gunpowder into his prop gun.

In "Lac-Toasted", a flasher does his usual routine to a group of new mothers However, it's not the beatdown they give him that kills him; it's the breast milk he drank, which contained traces of peanuts, a food he was deathly allergic to. Man on Fire : A group of huffers drug addicts who get high off the toxic fumes in common household items, like paint, glue, and anything from aerosol cans find a box containing jars of industrial solvents and one of them has the brilliant idea to soak his clothing with the chemicals.

Feeling a chill as the chemicals draw away his body heat, he then asks one of the other brain-trusts if he has a light. Appropriately, the story receives the title "Huffington Toast". Then, there's "Poi Vey," about an Orthodox Jew who moved to Hawaii and was obsessed with a hula dancer, only to get shot down by her.

The man gets drunk and stumbles into a torch ceremony — where he is burned alive. And the one about a woman from the s who gets her bouffant set on fire while smoking a cigarette with her boyfriend. It doesn't help that she slathered hairspray on it hours before the date. He is wrapped in bandages coated with flammable ointment.

But he cannot resist one more smoke, and has the nurse sneak his wheelchair outside. He lights the cigarette, and some ashes land on the bandages. They set fire to the ointment, and all the bandages burn. The flames spread to the oxygen tank, which explodes, and the man lights up for the last time in his life. The pyromaniac who accidentally set his pants on fire. He managed to put the fire out by jumping in a lake, but by then, the fire had already eaten through his muscle and cartilage and he collapsed in the water and drowned.

The coach who got set on fire in "Work of Fart" when his protege cuts one apparently didn't know stop, drop, and roll. In "Poly-Ass-Turd", a conman sets up a new age healer seminar to demonstrate walking on fire. When it didn't go too well with his clients, he demonstrates walking on fire himself. He catches himself on fire causing deep lethal burns due to his polyester suit.

The others couldn't put the fire out. Marshmallow Hell : "Ass Phyxiated", where a chubby-chasing weight-loss salesman suffocates while having sex with a fat woman. The story of the drunk insurance salesman who crashes a beauty contest for plus-sized women euphemistically called an "inner beauty pageant" and gets crushed by the three finalists who fall off a section of the stage that wasn't meant to hold pounds of anything, human or otherwise.

Mean Boss : The wannabe gangsta-rapping Chinese jewelry factory owner in "Grilled," who makes his workers keep long hours, pays them nothing, and forces them to listen to his sad attempts at rapping. The workers get their revenge on him by making him a set of fake gold teeth lined with rosary peas -- which contain the highly toxic substance, abrin. The Portuguese dude who goes to the Amazon to search for gold and abuses the natives he hired.

He then went into the river to pee, and got a candiru stuck in his junk. Pulling it out didn't help either. All it did was attract piranhas that eat him alive, much to the delight of the poor Brazilian slaves who had to deal with him. Messy Maggots : One segment is centered around a morbidly obese, wheelchair-bound con artist who lives in complete squalor. His lack of cleanliness is so bad that maggots have infested his kitchen, and have spread to the point where they're starting to feed off of his bedsores.

Surprisingly, it's not his lack of hygiene that kills him. Instead, he drops dead from massive heart failure due to his junk food diet and lack of exercise. Mile-High Club : A horny couple try to join, only for the festivities and their lives to be cut short by some bad turbulence. Misplaced Wildlife : One segment is about a drunk Russian soldier who tries to screw a raccoon. What a raccoon — which is native to North America — is doing in Russia is never explained.

Mistaken for Undead : That's not a zombie; that's just a golf-playing cemetery worker suffering from a bad allergic reaction to fungicide he sprayed on the grass in "Par For the Corpse". Mood Whiplash : At first, it seems things were going down a Downer Ending path with "Homie Invasion": Brad was dead after his wife failed to resuscitate him and the burglar got away with the stuff he stole. There's a reason this half is called "Homie's Dead". More Dakka : A hold up man who was planning to rob a jewelry store entered a gun shop by mistake.

The shop's customers and clerks — all legally armed and acting in self-defense — put several rounds of ammo into his center of mass, killing him. Can also be considered an instance of More Baka on the part of the dimwitted robber.

Mugging the Monster : Sometimes the victim dies because they pick on the wrong people. In "Suck Her Punched", a rapist attacks a male boxer, mistaking him for a woman due to the boxer wearing women's clothes to calm down after a workout , thinking "she" would be an easy mark. However, the moment the rapist calls the boxer a "lady", the boxer snaps letting the rapist know that he's no lady and gives the rapist a right cross in the temple so strong that it causes the rapist's dim brain to compress inside the skull and bleed out.

In "Wrin-Killed", a purse snatcher gets his windpipe crushed when he targets a sweet little old lady who has thirty years' experience in Tae Kwon Do. In "Lac-Toasted", a flasher decides to flash three new mothers out on a walk. These mothers happen to be MILFs Mothers I'd Like to Fight , members of an underground women-only fight club, and they gang up and beat the fuck out of him. But this isn't what kills him.

What kills him is the fact that during his 'show', he snatched some of their bottles of "mother's milk" and drinks them. One of the mothers happened to have been eating a lot of peanuts recently, and the protein found its way into her breast milk. Add in the fact that the pervert happened to have a deadly allergy to peanuts, and you can pretty much do the math.

The woman punches him in the face, causing him to fall on a tire nozzle ass-first and explode from the resulting inflation of his intestines. Mushroom Samba : Distorted senses lead to distorted judgment, such as diving into an empty pool, trying to screw a bear thinking it's a human in a fursuit, running into cacti, running into a big-screen TV, sticking your head out of a sunroof just as a bird swoops down and lands in your mouth, setting your friend or yourself on fire, staying in an overheated hot tub, mainlining glowstick fluid at a rave, microwaving a lava lamp, shocking yourself with a defibrillator, or going berserk in a grocery store and getting crushed by beer kegs.

My Beloved Smother : In Smother in Law , one of these bitch-slaps her son's wife who seriously considers stabbing the fat cow, but instead walks out of the kitchen and nags her about food. Then she tries to get some frozen pizza from the fridge Nazi Grandpa : An elderly fugitive Nazi dies in "Master E-Raced" by bumping his head on a refrigerator, causing a bullet to the head he took decades earlier to become dislodged and sever a major artery in his brain.

Nerds Are Virgins : Implied with the easily-seduced nerd in "Contact Die", who's described as "sexually inexperienced". Never Mess with Granny : A purse-snatcher in one story found this out the hard way after trying to jack the purse of an old lady who happened to be a 30 year Tae Kwon Do practitioner. Never Smile at a Crocodile : The woman whose church leader encouraged her to wade into a nearby pond to meet "brother alligator". It didn't end well. Never Trust a Title : Despite the show being called ways to die, the total number of deaths in the series overall was No Celebrities Were Harmed : The pompous, bigoted, abusive movie star named Max , who dies when his jacuzzi sucks out his guts through his anus.

This is actually based on the death of Abigail Taylor , but since the actual victim was a six-year-old girl and not many people would be cool with that , they redid the story so it happens to a Jerkass Mel Gibson Expy the narrator even says that the victim of the story wasn't a bastard of a Hollywood actor, but he was made the victim because, in the beginning, the narrator states that there are people out there who deserve to be punished by karma but haven't been.

Averted with the death of Harry Houdini, which gets the unusually high number of 14 due to his fame. Same for Jack Daniel's death from sepsis after kicking his safe in a drunken rage after finally finding the perfect recipe for his whiskey , although he is called by his birth name Jasper. Another episode also gave us Nicky "The Predicament" being ground up by a street sweeper. Remember the politician who keeled over after suffering a heart attack from bug bites containing viral fecal matter as result of his repeated trips to Brazil to hook up with his mistress?

Yeah, this guy is an Expy for South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who shamed after he disappeared for days, only to turn up in Buenos Aires, where he was cheating on his wife. The difference between this story and Real Life is Sanford is still alive. The mad hatter who died of mercury poisoning in "Hats All Folks! A dogfighter named Vick is killed by a pitbull named Michael. Ron Perlman even says Michael and Vick with the 'and' being rather quickly spoken.

One episode featured a clear expy of Phil Spector , complete with gun, reputation for ripping off all the musicians who worked with him in the s and s, and wild, curly afro. Then there's "Harley" in "Apocalypse Harley," an obvious Charlie Sheen expy so obvious that it gets a little painful. The "Hollywood Hitman" in the same segment also counts, as he's very similar to Marlon Brando — more specifically, Brando's performance of Colonel Kurtz.

The drug smuggler who tries to smuggle LSD by dying his T-shirt with it then goes nuts going through airport security and dies looks like Russell Brand. It may or may not have been a coincidence or a Take That! There's even a scene where she's shown to have crib notes written on her hand, which the real Sarah Palin was caught doing years prior. No OSHA Compliance : Some of the deaths featured on the show were on-the-job fatalities that could have been prevented if one or more of the persons involved had followed some basic, common sense safety rules.

For example, if you work in a factory that makes use of a large curing oven, always make sure nobody is in said oven before you shut the doors and turn on the timer doubly so if one of your co-workers is a narcoleptic and may have fallen asleep inside. Tropes O to S. Obfuscating Disability : "Handi-crapped" features a supervising accountant who pretends to have been paralyzed in an on-the-job injury so he can bilk millions out of the company he works for.

Obfuscating Insanity : "Goon Interrupted" is about a hitman who pretends to be crazy so that instead of going to prison, he goes to a mental hospital, which in theory would be easier to escape from. Obnoxious In-Laws : A mother-in-law from hell ends up getting crushed by a refrigerator in "Smother-in-Law". Off with His Head! He wasn't killed from lightning, the man was actually killed when a weather rocket launched in order to bring rain to drought-damaged land refused to detonate, fell back to Earth, and struck him in the chest.

When the corpse was put in the furnace, the rocket's warhead ignites and blows the hatch off with enough force to decapitate the worker. He hooks a steel cable from his bumper to the bars and drives forward, but the cable snaps and decapitates him.

Overprotective Dad : In "Dead-y Dearest", a war-vet father takes to scaring off his daughter's suitor with a gun loaded with blanks. When he tried to drive home the point that there were no real bullets by setting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger, the hot air from the blank blew through his brain.

In "Tenta-killed" there's a traditionalist Korean father who chokes to death on a live octopus while "testing" his daughter's Korean-American boyfriend's "worth". Parking Payback : A jerk surfer took a handicapped parking spot to the displeasure of a disabled veteran; a disabled rights activist said that when he sees this, he usually leaves a "nice note" on the car with his key.

The Peeping Tom : Appears in "Window Pained", when one sticks his head in a woman's window while peeping on her, and has his neck broken when the window closes on it. Subverted in "Flame Retard-Ant". The episode's subject initially seems like he's going to the woods to peep on teenagers making out, but he's actually there to start some fires. It's one of the many reasons his long-suffering employees hate him. Porn Stash : Leads to a porn addict's death when he can't navigate through his collection of porn and dies of dehydration in "Pornicated".

Present-Day Past : In the episode featuring the death of a gym teacher who impaled himself in the eye with his own javelin, the students in his class take a picture of his corpse with a camera phone before running off. The story took place in , well before the days of camera phones, and cell phones in general, being commonplace among teenagers and most of the general population. The gun store incident in which a petty thug accidentally sticks up a gun shop instead of a jewelry store and gets shot by the customers and clerks, who were all legally armed and acting in self-defense takes place in , yet there was a sign showing a Blu-ray logo, which would require the story to be set in mid at the earliest.

In "Tali-Bombed", set in , one of the terrorists says his favorite American celebrity is Miley Cyrus. The lifeguard in "Muffed Dive" comments "I can't wait for the next Olympics London, , I'm so there! Psycho Ex-Girlfriend : Ashley from "Smoke Stalked", who stalked her ex-boyfriend who was now married and wanted nothing to do with Ashley to the extreme. While the ex-boyfriend and his wife were on vacation, Ashley decided to break in by climbing through the chimney.

She gets stuck and slowly dies of dehydration, starvation, and suffocation. When the couple return, they find Ashley's lifeless, desiccated body and freak. Psychopathic Manchild : Benny, the victim from "Die-drant", is an immature asshole who likes pulling often lethal pranks on people for his own sick amusement.

Punny Name : Generally the names of just about all of the deaths. Occasionally, some of the commentary leading up to the deaths. Pyromaniac : One of these gets himself killed in "Flame Retard-Ant". When he accidentally sets himself on fire , he jumps into the water to put it out, but goes into shock due to the water's cold temperature and drowns. Unusually, the episode points out that in real life, arsonists are rarely motivated by pyromania.

Pyrrhic Victory : There are quite a number of people in this show who have won a competition, but in the process, lost their lives. The Alpha Bitch hazing sorority pledge master in "Mudder Sucked". After being pulled into a mud wrestling pit by one of the pledges, the Alpha Bitch nearly beats the pledge into unconsciousness, having the other pledges pull her out.

The Alpha Bitch was gloating over her victory, but she started to sink into the mud pit and die from suffocation. Turns out the pledges unknowingly built the mud wrestling pit on top of an underground sinkhole. The Alpha Bitch in "Gooed Riddance". After beating out her friends in "Chubby Bunny" the objective is to cram as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can while saying "Chubby Bunny" , the marshmallows melted in her mouth and formed a seal in her larynx, causing her to choke to death.

A Jerkass horse jockey in "Die-arrhea". After being evicted from his apartment, he was forced to live in the horse stables. Normally, other horse jockeys would give a helping hand, but refused to because of his history of being a bastard. He trains to win one last race as a "screw you" to the other jockeys by being bulimic, and taking illegal Chinese laxatives to be lighter. He won the race, but then he dies from renal failure, potassium deficiency, and dehydration.

The sorority pledges had to compete to see who can stay in a boiling hot sauna the longest. The winner gets to skip "Hell Week". The rich pledge prepared by eating beans and broccoli, and drove all the other contestants out with her rampant flatulence. She had no time to celebrate her victory as she dropped dead from second-degree burns, hyperthermia, and dehydration. A teenager who accidentally swallowed a lit firecracker in a game of Chicken in "Chicken Boned". The narrator even discusses what the trope actually means.

Raging Stiffie : One of the effects of the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider a. In "Erecto-phobia", a dude who gets bitten by it tries to use said stiffie to cheat on his girlfriend Rhymes on a Dime : If Ron Perlman isn't closing a death with a pun or two, expect him to finish with a quick poem. He even quotes from the Gospel of Matthew after two fake preachers die in a grain silo explosion. Rule of Cool : The show might not have the stones to admit it, but it positively subsists on this, considering the dubious nature and invoked Critical Research Failure of some of the stories told.

Carbon monoxide deaths. We started putting sulfur in the odorless gas a while ago at least for house and car emissions so that people would realize that they are in danger by the smell of rotten eggs. Absinthe isn't actually any worse than other types of alcohol.

It was banned during the temperance movement because of false scares, propaganda, and misinformation spread about it which was finally made known in the s. Granted this was acknowledged in the segment pointing out this propaganda was caused by the pesticides used on the ingredients contaminated the drinks. A couple of the stories were also disproved by MythBusters like the urban legend that peeing on a electrical fence will kill you and Snopes the explosive breast implants. Running Gag : has been used as the number of a death far too many times 7 as of July to be an oversight of the people who put the numbers on the deaths.

Russian Roulette : A group of Viet Cong veterans play and all of them live Scary Scorpions : A scam artist posing as a health inspector gets fatally stung by an Arizona bark scorpion in "Mastur-Bitten". Scary Stinging Swarm : A man shoots a hornet's nest with a paintball gun to impress his trailer trash wife, and gets stung multiple times by the enraged swarm of insects. The fact that he was allergic to hornet stings and never knew it was also a contributing factor in his death. A man in the Pacific Northwest isn't happy about a path near where he lives becoming a popular jogging trail, so he decides to scare off joggers by dressing as a bigfoot.

But this attracts the attention of a "bigfoot believer" park ranger who, thinking he's the real deal, shoots him with a tranquilizer dart — one that contains a chemical lethal to humans. Self-Damaging Attack Backfire : In "Cleane-Dead Solution" an abusive husband forces his wife to clean the house every day, after she demands the divorce he rushes to hit her but slips in the just washed floor and land on the dishwasher, where his chest collides with a knife killing him.

Series Fauxnale : "Sor-Dead Affair" was intended to be the final episode on the series, as the last segment in the episode is Way to Die "Premature Endings", which features an old man who dies in a hospital bed of natural causes next to his adult daughter, after living a long, fulfilling life and always supporting his loved ones. The narrator goes on and talks how the viewer should not act recklessly like the rest of the idiots on the show who got killed, and instead watch the show from their homes and try to die peacefully like the old man.

Unfortunately, this episode was aired as the penultimate episode, and then the show got renewed for another season. While he survives the beating they give him, he dies because during his "show", he drank breast milk laced with peanuts, which he was violently allergic to. Shock and Awe : "Lesbocution": A woman who decides to go lesbian after a string of bad relationships with men steps in a puddle He just so happens to be sitting on his metal toilet when he touches the exposed wire of the TV plug.

He cranks it up to its highest point when his girlfriend backs off. No points on what happens to him next. Unfortunately, he touches the metal bottom of the boat and gets fried. While washing the van of a perverted widower, none of the women notice that the buffer they're using has a frayed wire that's dangerously close to a puddle.

All five of them get shocked and drop dead. Fed up with the way he's doing it, she shows him the right way, unaware that she pushed the mower on top of the man's arc welder cord and ends up fried. The husband then sips her drink and says, "There is a God!

One should never grab a pickle lamp when it is lit. While preparing, he heard a hum from the speakers, and cut off the grounding prong from the plug. After stepping in the baptismal pool, he got electrocuted after picking up the ungrounded microphone. When he tries to make an escape later, he dies of a heart attack due to the shocks he was administered causing severe arrhythmia. She puts it in and electrocutes herself to death.

Shock-and-Switch Ending : Subverted. The show has a segment where the victim is a man whose home gets broken in and the thief throws him off the balcony. Then we see the usual recap and the screen that numbers and names the death: "Homie Invasion" Turns out the man suffered of Lazarus Syndrome and raised up after a moment. He wandered back into his house and, when the thief sees him alive again, he gets so scared he ends up falling over the same railing.

The screen is shown again, though now the death is renamed "Homie's Dead". The softball player who dies of a ruptured hernia in "Boweled Out" is named Casey. Slashed Throat : "Cock-A-Doodle-Die" has a cockfighter with a rooster that was outfitted with razors on his talons to get an edge in fighting. His opponent finds out and the audience encircles him which freaks out the chicken he was holding. While flapping about, the rooster slashes his owner's throat in one swoop.

Smoldering Shoes : When the terrorists from "Tali-Bombed" blow themselves up, a smoking combat boot is all that's left of one of them. Smoking Hot Sex : The sex-addicted young woman who covered her body in a month's supply of nicotine patches because her boyfriend didn't like her lighting up after sex and she wanted to quit faster.

He gets angrier than ever before, and tries to kill the ref with a broken racket. Sound-Effect Bleep : In "Pipe Snake," when the groupie throws out her ex-boyfriend's guitar, she calls him an "asshole. Soundtrack Dissonance : Some commercials promoting new episodes seem to use this technique.

For example, one commercial has two teens being decapitated by a stack of boxes The CGI quickly plays much goofier music. Space Whale Aesop : Basically the whole show in general. Any wrong-doing you commit will kill you! Spinoff : Ways To Lie about history's greatest frauds and scams. It got canceled after one episode. Stealing the Handicapped Spot : "Handi-Crapped" begins with a Jerk Jock surfer parking his convertible in a handicapped space.

When a disabled veteran gets out of his car to confront him about it, the surfer tries to drive away , but the surfboard in the backseat collides with the handicapped sign, pivots and strikes him in the neck, severing his spine. Stealth Pun : The woman who died in "Electro-cutie", which takes place in the Christmas season, is named Carol.

Stock Footage : The video game in "Game Stopped" note The one about the gamer who dies of blood clots in his legs after sitting for nearly three days trying to be the next video game master, only to be defeated by a girl is later on being played by the teen in "Hack Attack" note The one about the computer hacker who hacks into his own pacemaker and gets killed when his bratty gamer neighbor is playing video games with a wireless controller. In "Handi-crapped", the Howie scream is heard when the victim pushes through the elevator door and falls to his death.

Stocking Mask : Deconstructed in "Greased is the Word". The victim wore one of this when trying to rob a jewelry, but it blocked his vision and ended up in a gun shop instead. Stripped to the Bone : In "Catch and Decease", piranhas eat a man who abused his slaves who were forced to help him find gold in the Amazon.

By the end of the segment, his skeleton is seen flowing down the river. In "I Spy A Dead Guy", a guy goes down a garbage chute to escape a security guard, but ends up in the incinerator. With the flames being 3, degrees, it burned him right down to the bone before he could feel any pain. One of the hosts says that fourth-degree burns when the victim crashed with the oxygen tanks while still burning only leave the bone, and even then the bone will disappear if the fire isn't extinguished as soon as possible.

Stuck in a Chimney : One of the Asshole Victim casualties has an insane ex-girlfriend that kept stalking her boyfriend and his new beau, and that tried to get into the man's house via the chimney while they were away on vacation in order to live in and probably eventually catch them when they returned.

Stuff Blowing Up : "De-Throned": A Jerkass biker who routinely abuses his "maid" a waitress forced to do housework for the jerk to pay off a gambling debt , gets blown up after throwing his cigarette in the toilet after taking a dump which was filled with gasoline that he purposely spilled on the carpet for the girl to clean up, who then poured it into the toilet and forgot to flush. Considering he routinely made her time a living hell and took sadistic enjoyment in doing so, she is happy when he dies.

You can almost hear the Looney Tunes theme playing. When said teller makes her exit and uses an electronic key to unlock her door, she accidentally sets off the bomb. One guy spits his out. The other, cheering for his own victory, accidentally swallows his explosive, which then blows out his trachea. While going off on a rant, he accidentally shoots his oxygen tank. It does not end well for him.

One woman, knowing how much he loves the female posterior, goes to a Back-Alley Doctor to get her butt enlarged. She manages to get his attention with her new bottom, but she dies of an embolism shortly after thanks to the quack plastic surgeon accidentally injecting some of the caulk into her bloodstream. Sub-Par Supremacist : "Fire in the Hole" is about two neo-Nazis, one of whom is an idiot who can't stop mangling the gang's slogans.

Super Window Jump : The lawyer who jumps through the window of his building's 40 th floor to prove said windows are unbreakable. It didn't work because his watch hit the window. It does bear mentioning, though, that he'd done it multiple times before to freak out new hires.

Surprisingly Realistic Outcome : Often a factor in many of the deaths. The show frequently takes stock slapstick jokes like falling down a manhole or running into a wall painted like a tunnel and shows that the injuries would realistically seriously injure or even kill someone. But he fails to realize that there's a very good reason for the "No Live Animals" sign, and dies from hypothermia mid-flight.

A tranquilizer designed for a large animal like a bear can very easily kill a human. One misanthrope who decides to scare off joggers by dressing up as a bigfoot learns this the hard way when he's shot with a tranquilizer dart by a park ranger. At first, they have fun listening to their voices become high-pitched and squeaky One of the bullets eventually falls and kills a random man. After all, what goes up must come down.

This is also why firing a gun in the air is illegal. Since those deaths took place back when antibiotics weren't invented, the wound easily gets infected and the victims die of sepsis. Any death involving electrocution: Harmless Electrocution is averted. Getting electrocuted will kill someone because it'll cause their heart to stop. As it turns out, he couldn't see which store he walked into because the pantyhose mask was blocking his vision. Sarah Silverman Ruth as Ruth. Wes Studi Cochise as Cochise.

Evan Jones Lewis as Lewis. Aaron McPherson Ben as Ben. Rex Linn Sheriff as Sheriff …. Alex Borstein Millie as Millie. Ralph Garman Dan as Dan. Seth MacFarlane. More like this. Watch options. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Liam Neeson agreed to play the role of Clinch on the condition that he do a broad Irish accent. Goofs "Rough men" might have worn hats indoors, but dandies like Foy would observe the Victorian social norm and remove their hats indoors. Quotes Edward : Hey, dude, you really shouldn't drink and horse.

Crazy credits There is a post-credits sequence involving the gunman at the fair from the final scene. Alternate versions There is an unrated, Extended Cut available, approximately 20 minutes longer. This version also has even more footage in deleted scenes, and an alternate beginning and ending. Connections Featured in Film ' Episode dated 5 March User reviews Review. Top review. Exactly What I Expected. I'm a little surprised that so many reviews of A Million Ways follow the theme of: "pretty disappointed This movie was literally exactly what I was expecting when I sat down in the theatre and the lights began to dim.

That is to say, I've seen so much of Seth MacFarlane's work to know his sense of humour comfortably well. OK, the movie is trite and the screenplay won't win awards, but it's bright, the scenery is amazing, the timing is reasonably fast-paced, and the quick-witted chemistry between Seth and Charlize plays out fairly well for the bulk of the film. Also, there are plenty of jokes to enjoy and plenty of cameos to look out for.

Some jokes are weird, vague, or just plain dirty. But really, after twelve seasons of Family Guy, what were you expecting, Shakespeare? If you're looking for a dramatic, earth-shattering movie that will question existence and alter the way you view humanity, don't see this movie.

But, I guess, if you bought tickets to a Seth MacFarlane movie without knowing what you're getting yourself into, it's kind of your own fault now, isn't it? If, however, you're a fan of the offbeat and immature sense of humour that embodies Family Guy, this movie will most likely be a fun and easy-going way to pass two hours of your time. FAQ 1. What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut? Details Edit.

Release date May 30, United States.

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An inside job sucks the air out of the room, a lame super hero tries to fly, a filmmaker becomes part of his shoot'em up, girl wants to strangle her boss, art snob falls during toast, EMT gets a shock, blogger gets a blog clot. Death Penalties. Wedding singer gets choked up, muscle bound woman meets her maker, wanna be chef loses face, french maid gets stuck on iron maiden, mugger spills own guts, a "winning" tv star gets cancelled.

A lady puckers up one last time, a tow truck driver becomes a head banger, a waitress gets a bad tip, a food critic forgets the point, turkey gets hit with a turkey, neck massager takes a womans breath away, a dancer loses heart. Star Death: The Last Generation. Cat lady's love goes too fur, a burglar falls for his victim, a mob boss is given the finger, a nasty super model is given a dead eye, a customer is left breathless by great savings, a guy rolls over the point.

Trainer and barbells meet, a polygamist falls for his own trap, lady misses the point of marriage, a couple wine and die, cable thief gets screwed, ticket scalper doesn't beat a light, dodgeballer has to dodge more than balls. Locked And Low Dead. Socialite goes green, man with short fuse finally blows, woman high jumps to her death, crooked cop has the smell of decay, a wormy scam artist, trippy trip to the market, lame mad scientist gets burned.

Sor-Dead Affair. A man sexes up a statue, a sleep walker goes for a swim, hot headed swimming instructor gets over heated, bad parrot sitter takes a fall, rioter gets the wind knocked out of him, and a man dies with a happy ending. Customers who watched this item also watched. Write a customer review. Sorted by: Top reviews Top reviews Most recent. Shannon L. Kjornes Reviewed in the United States on October 22, I found this show by accident and it is my new favorite show.

You could call it the darwin awards, I call it karma. I am very happy they changed things up after the first season, the first season was people you felt bad for, freak accidents or their deaths caused by OTHER people being dumb jerks.

Now it is people dying for their own vices and stupidity. Which is ego man, arrogance at it's finest. Love it. Helpful Report abuse. David Reviewed in the United States on September 26, I got what I purchased!! Lots of chuckles and things that made you think.

Also some lessons on what not to do. I did enjoy. Kjornes Reviewed in the United States on October 31, This show has now become my favorite and I'm watching all the seasons from Amazon dot com. It shows we will die the way we live, so be a good person, at least don't be a freaking moron Terrance Reviewed in the United States on October 7, Love this show!!!

Onel Reviewed in the United States on January 15, Unbelievable how can someone die ways. Very informative. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products. Lineage 2: Essence. Left to Survive. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Need for Speed Most Wanted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The Sims 3 Driver: San Francisco Spin Tires Poppy Playtime. World of tanks. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare GTA - San Andreas City Car Driving 1. Fallout: New Vegas. Mafia 2 Grand theft auto IV.

Watch Dogs Blitzkrieg 3 Dishonored Definitive Edition. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Far Cry 2 GTA 5 Grand theft auto 5. CS: GO Farming Simulator 15 Prototype 2 Need for Speed: Most Wanted Hello Neighbor. GTA 5. Minecraft 1. Grid 2. Far Cry 3

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