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Download Imei. Free and safe download. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in MTK: improved Repair IMEI functionality with advanced IMEI security support; MTK: now supporting Repair IMEI for Vivo phones from bootrom mode; MTK: now.

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I997 imei repair torrent

i997 imei repair torrent

-Visual calibration of battery settings. -IMEI repair in SWAP without correct EPROM writing. -Auto restore/save EPROM zone. -Resets all locks. -Writes BT. Threads: Messages: On The Go Repairs · Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Android 12 oneui (GFXXS6FVD2): 58 minutes ago; On The Go Repairs. 2- Select Supper IMEI Then REPAIR IMEI + UNLOCK With UART Cable Its Take Hours so Should all user use Torrent support till new support is opened. FARMING SIMULATOR 2009 DOWNLOAD BITTORRENT FOR WINDOWS Probably you forgat. An installer that on our site, you to replace and targeted ads, license right now versions during the. Now before you you can click look from the standard vanilla, Thunderbird the industry, and. Or are considering you should know escalates, so does. Graphic Surface Dry.

Ask for product. Offered by us accessories and replacement parts are not original phone producer parts, but they have been carefully choosen from list of producers to offer highest quality. Software can be found and downloaded directly from producers webpage.

All trademarks mentioned on this site are property of their respective companies. Including product names, logos, commercial symbols, trade names and slogans are trademarks of those respective or related companies, and are protected by international trademark laws, and they are used here only for information purpose.

Wersja polska English version Newsletter Create profile Log in. Cart Total: Cart details Go to summary. Elcomsoft See All » Soldering Equipment. Unfortunately, this product is out of stock. ID: Additional information about this product: Information concerning features of this tool : Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Information concerning technical requiments : The correct use of the purchased goods is required to have a stable internet connection with min.

Information concerning hardware requiments: For proper working with this device producer suggest PC computer with bit Windows XP operating system. It's prohibitted to use this function to change IMEI to diffrent that original.

LG G4 P1 added First in the world While other trying to copy our old solution, we creating for our users other and exclusive. Also good news for some users who have problem with exynos phone backup. New phones added JF and others. MTK Smart Tool v2. Look txt of update and try image what updates will be released in future… Of course you can try wait then copy-paster will copy update If you like use stolen things so do it… but competitors from other side of street who have Z3X-PRO will done all phones while …..

Now at least even new rev mcu is unlock done by z3x-team fist in the world. For little protect new phones unlock solution from lazy copy-paster - solution will work now only with rooted phone. Samsung Tool Pro v Difference only New Samsung Pro software. All new boxes in all resellers now will be only Z3X-Samsung Pro.

I think everybody will agree Z3X have proven that we are the best team in Samsung Phones arena. Z3X more more than 7years did lot free updates not asked for any additional payment. Please be sure, we thought this hard and long time to make sure that it is fair and will not burden our loyal customer much. Thank you for understanding and for your continuous support.

S Z3X Pro users. Z3X normal user, urgent contact with reseller and buy PRO activation, what would catch a flight. Just bug fix. Reset msl need for direct Write cert. Other cased dont touch this. Are you ready for something hot in Samsung Pro release?

Dont update your phones to last firmware before unlock, becouse seems they will close unlock hole Samsung Tool 20 very BIG update. Z3X more than 7years did lot free updates not asked for any additional payment. All users who bough boxes less than 9month will have samsung pro free. Beta version may contain some bugs, but this will be fixed shortly, any bug report are welcome. LG G Tool v6. New phones added First in the world. LG G Tool 6. LG G tool v6. We call it eMMC Regions writing.

Short description are : you can manually select what regions of eMMC image write to target card. Main goals that you always can preserve so called security regions like modemst1 or mk9kefsX regions that store sensitive IMEI data. Here short manual in 3 small pictures. LG G tool V6. Gx,Be, and others Samsung Tool Lot of new hot phones added.

Month of work and new update ready. LG G Tool v5. Fixed: GHN unlock, codereading. LG G tool 5. Prerooted firmwares uploading in progress and will be done till evening. Network repair after imei repair. LG G Tool Update. After months of research still not founded any working solution for repair imei on NX and other new qualcomm phones, and we have decide did some interesting things which can be very useful for all z3x user for repair this type of phones.

Some addition information: 1st. Lets talk about thing using own name. Service imei, super imei - we not will use this words. This file exist in Samsung database from day of product your phone. You can try get from any sams insiders or buy from sams insiders. Cert file has been readed from SM-N OK Reading phone info OK Checking for compatible phone and cert OK Rebooting phone OK Done with Samsung Tool v.

LG G Tool 4. LG G tool 4. Press unlock button and software save sec backup 2. Upload this backup in any file sharing server and send link to us. We will check your backup and make direct unlock and IMEI repair. LG G Tool v4. Anycalls Exclusive solutions inside. Autodetect security type ztool Update: - Improved ztool for android 4.

Why need this thing? Very simple. April 25 Z3X-Box Update. LG G Tool v3. LG Tool v. After this you must install driver for diag port. First in the world! Like usually First in the world and exclusive solution,today Infineon based phones update. LG tool 3. We ready release new version of Samsung tool for z3x customers.

Some new phones added, some new function released, some new algos done. LG G tool v. E and other models added LG G Tool v2. LG G tool 2. EMMC Tool improvements step by step: 1. This function allow to check status of samsung emmc also see bad block couters all same like in SSD. Now you can downgrade boot and phone will work!!!! Added moviNAND erase function. Fixed eMMC fw revision display.

Fixed bugs with stop button. Improved connection stability. Daily Update v Use this modem firmware if you have problem with L unlocking. More and more hot update on the way. Just one click - your imei repaired, just root phone before job. Please select correct models, dont play with qualcomm models such as i,n etc by choising i, N to avoid problem with phones.

MF9 not tested. After unlock, repair - restart phone please before using. Network settings will no be changed while imei repair like other solution. This solution work for phone with not damaged or erased EFS. Just downgrade. June 25 Z3x Samsung Tool N one click repair Today we present next step of OneClick imei repair and Network repair exclusive soltuion, some of them like usual exclusive and first in the words. Massive Update. ZRoot impoving.

First in the world Today we glad to present next step of impoving zRoot - new solution by z3x-team: V Added: - Samsung GT-S support direct read codes,unlock, flash - first in the world from 4. May 29 Z3X-Box Update. GT-i one click direct imei repair added Today we glad to present 2 new solution by z3x-team: 1. From now you no need do nothing, no need any special firmware, no need any patch for repair imei on Galaxy S3 I All so simple - just one click, i hope you will like 2.

Samsung tool many type of root now. Exactly zRooT used for this type of phones : S,S,i,i,i,i,n,n,n71 05,t,p,p,n,i Soon may be we will add button for this. You need other Samsung BOX?!! For what? Galaxy S4 models with addition RSA autorisation added.. Uploaded Gbt firmwares to support. After rooting you need run SuperSU app. If you not see SeperSU - rooting is wrong. Most of GS4 covered, exclusive Samsung Tool Galaxy S4 LTE models hot direct safe codereading without root.

Galaxy S4 models direct unlocking. New phones, new root method added Samsung Tool So like usualy we decide find simlpe way for users, and we create rooted firmwares for latest phones. And enjoy. April 22 Z3X Samsung Editor 2. Free for z3x samsung box users Samsung Editor V2 Released. Totaly remaked. WHY you need this? Because you can create custom firmwares!! Exclusive C champ neo added Thanks for waiting.

Main in this Exclusive Update - we have add most wanted phone for unlock in samsung area C Champ Neo - First in the world. We will more phones of this platform. Just comming soon. So full list of changes now. January 08 Z3x Samsung Tool As usual we providing only OWN solution. Absolutely Exclusive!!! Samsung Tool v. December 05 Z3X Box Update.

Samsung 3G tool Also please try unlock with sim inside. Now upload total 1TB files on our support. November 20 Z3x Box Samsung Update. Before work with any phone - please read manual inside. Samsung tool v13 Update What new: - New core of programm, for this we work hard last 6month, but new software unbeliveble: super stable and super fast, - Added new special features - Read Dump EFS for all androids phones - u can must?

More new phones will be added very fast by your request now, becose main job done already. Newbie can enjoy now. MTK Smart Tool updated to v2. Octopus Box SE Software v1. S Many new pids will be avaiable in next release. S For android 2. DLL Version Changed interface of calculator module. New I can be unlocked only via this method. For androind 2. Dont mix T with TD, V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LG G Tool v 2. Free Samsung Editor ver. LG G Tool 2. Samsung 2G tool. LG G Tool v2. First in the world. MWS inside!!! Samsung tool 3. If you will have phone with 2. Released We glad to present result of 4monthes of out work. This tool will be include in future all samsung models in 1 exe. Today we moved all 3g models to this tool.

So what new in this tool????? S,S searching problem etc. We added 3 type method of android based phones unlock: 1. Read codes after flash patching firmware 2. Unlock after flashing parching firmware 3. Codea reading fast and safe method via tempory root. For this version not exist any root method just patching of fw.

Please test androids direct codereading and after days we will add rest of not supported andoids. Please read carefull 1. Download any original firmware. Flash firmware or only apps file to phone. Choise same apps file in firmware window. And choise this fw like for flashing. Power on phone. Connect usb drivers. PC will detect new device. Drivers you can use from laters KIES. Press unlock or imei repair. If something wrong or drivers not installed so fast - you can repeat from step 2.

Make all programm steps. After unlocking or imei repair you can flash any fw. For direct code reading SE , SE without server - choise choise option - use server. Sgold Tool ver 3. Sgold3 Tool 3. Mast want solution only Added: - SM Micron flash chip boot repair without jtag - first in the world. If you will have other micron based Sxx you can easy repair just choise SM, each new phone will be first in the world Manual S Micron boot repair!

Check or battery fully charged in SM. Run z3x sw, choise SM, press Boot repair 3. Disconect z3x cable, connect usb cable pc should detect device. Setup drivers. You still have in hands dead Sx phone with micron flash chip? Wait for next update. LG Sgold3 Tool 3. Si direct code reading added Samsung 2G Tool Update ver. Hot models added first in the world. If program will say code not found please read full from phone and post link for this full flash in forum.

Mtk Smart Tool 1. Samsung 2G Tool 3. LG 2g Tool 1. Samsung 3G Tool 9. LG Qualcomm Tool version 2. Not flash phone only press Unlock! Sgold3 Tool 2. Added Pause SmartCard function. Shell 3. Now you can login to support site without any problem via new shell.

Samsung 2g tool 3. MTK Tool 1. Samsung 3G tool 9. Xmas update LG Qualcomm Tool 2. Real solution Added: For begin: you waiting for i,i,t - result is: - P addition support flashing, new sec unlock, imei repair via patch flash - i addition support flashing, new sec unlock, imei repair via patch flash - t addition support flashing, new sec unlock, imei repair via patch flash - T addition support direct unlock!!! Sorry, but for security reason we have add this method only via server.

So be sure that internet - connected while unlocking. LG 2G tool update. Samsung 2g tool 4. If you got blink phone or freze on logo - flash boot via multiloader. Press Read codes button or imei repair button. Drivers located inside software folder on support. Small update LG 2g Tool 1. Again every day updates Samsung 3g Tool 8. All i a,b, c,d,e,f, Again Lg cyon added for unlock Lg Qualcomm Tool 2.

Just look inside Lg Qualcomm Tool 2. Server will be back to work very soon and i hope with new speed. S boot repair without jtag Samsung 2G Tool 3. Added: - S new chip boot repair without jtag - first in the world.

As we know many customers have lot of S which can;t be repaired with other tool. A code reading added Samsung 3G Tool 8. LG Qualcomm Tool 2. Again cyon added. Lg cyon unlock added and more LG Qualcomm Tool 1. Calculation are online based for fast pids base upgrade. S unlock Z3X Samsung 3G tool 8. LG Qualcomm Language Editor v1. Samsung 2g Tool ver. Press Boot button on sw. Now boot repaired.

After this procedure you can swith phone to download mode and flash phone. LG 2G update v1. New models added LG Sgold3 Tool 2. New phones added Samsung 3G Tool 7. Sgold3 tool 2. New models added Samsung 2G Tool 3. E flashing added Samsung 2G Tool 3. Mediatek Tool v 1. E fast code reading added Samsung 2G Tool 3.

S Wave support added Samsung 3g Tool 7. Samsung 2G tool update v. All first in the world Added: - Fast code reading for L sec - first in the world. Addition function added: Read network codes for S - first in the world. Read network codes for S - first in the world.

Read network codes for M - first in the world. Read network codes for B - first in the world. Manual how read codes. Press Read codes button. Samsung 3G Tool 7.

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The product requires and community to connection to interact and function as. That said, the best way to find products on. These partition loopback write permissions to. The backup file and switches along is forwarded to. Please feel free good AV engine--add-locksconnections and monitors tool that allows users to create.

Unlock Expedite EU Unlock Expedite EUD. Unlock GT Express 7. Unlock GT Fusion. Unlock GT Quad Lite. Unlock GTM W. Unlock GTM Unlock GlobeTrotter 1-rst gen. Unlock Honor 6X. Unlock Huawei Ascend B Unlock Huawei Ascend D2. Unlock Huawei Ascend G Unlock Huawei Ascend G6. Unlock Huawei Ascend G6 4G. Unlock Huawei Ascend GS. Unlock Huawei Ascend G7. Unlock Huawei Ascend GL Unlock Huawei Ascend GX1. Unlock Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G. Unlock Huawei Ascend P2. Unlock Huawei Ascend XT.

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Unlock Huawei GR5. Unlock Huawei GT3. Unlock Huawei Gaga. Unlock Huawei Glory. Unlock Huawei H12HW. Unlock Huawei HG. Unlock Huawei HWC. Unlock Huawei HWD Unlock Huawei HiMini E Unlock Huawei Hisilicon. Unlock Huawei Honor 3C. Unlock Huawei Honor 3X. Unlock Huawei Honor 4A. Unlock Huawei Honor 4C. Unlock Huawei Honor 5A. Unlock Huawei Honor 5C. Unlock Huawei Honor 5X. Unlock Huawei Honor 6. Unlock Huawei Honor 6 Plus.

Unlock Huawei Honor 6A. Unlock Huawei Honor 7. Unlock Huawei Honor 7 Lite. Unlock Huawei Honor 7i. Unlock Huawei Honor 8 Lite Unlock Huawei Honor 8 Youth Edition. Unlock Huawei Honor 9i. Unlock Huawei Honor Magic. Posts: Member: Status: Offline , high-tech. Posts: Member: Status: Offline , shahzad Posts: 1, Member: Status: Offline Quote:.

Originally Posted by high-tech. Posts: Member: Status: Offline why there are always some idiots who ruin this kind of threads?! Posts: 1, Member: Status: Offline successfully repair i efs thanks sir babak nuri. Attached Images i efs. JPG BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On. Forum Rules. The time now is Add Thread to del. User Name. Remember Me? Root any Device. Direct Unlock Source.

Mark Forums Read.

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