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Their live sessions and sets display a wide variety of styles in techno. Dense drum loops, breaks, aggressive metals and fat basses that perform the most rhythmic and raw part of the genre with touches of IDM, industrial and electronic music from the 90s. In they started Nexe Records as their main label, adding it to the already working NX1 label with which they started the project and that they keep up to date by editing only their own material.

Container Podcast [] Savas Pascalidis. Sep 04 70 mins. Berlin-based dj and techno producer savas pascalidis has been steadily making his mark in underground electronic music circles since his first releases in the mids. He runs his own label sweatshop and spins at various clubs worldwide. Rooted in the pioneering techno innovations and influenced by the likes of Underground Resistance, West. Pure and simple. But above all he is a DJ, transformed by music, passionate about the crowd.. Yet he is also a discoverer of old and new sounds, and has an rich musical culture.

His releases earned him a reputation for being something of a dance music purist. With his over 25 years experience of playing and collecting records, with a huge vinyl collection of approximately more than 25, Records, his sets comprise a wide range of the most important currents electronic music went through over the last 25 years.

His energetic sets are based on classic hypnotic US-techno, deep and heavy grooves with a touch of stronger non-vocal house tracks. Another example of his DJ integrity is the fact that he still prefering the qualities of vinyl and has never played any kind of music in digital form Throughout a career spanning many decades he has worked to main-tain a constant flow of creativity within the house and techno sphere.

Never losing focus, he never prepare any sets upfront and everything is decided at the venue to keep everything interesting , organic and never really the same. As with his productions, his strength as a DJ is his versatility. Depending on the night and the crowd, he can throw down various styles of T echno. Stylistically, he never limited himself to any sub genre, instead, he constantly looked out for new ways of expressing himself Savas Pascalidis has released and remixed music on respected labels such as Gigolo Records, Kurbel, Non Series, Mote Evolver, Stockholm LTD, Children of Tommorow, Skudge, Figure and many more.

Jul 17 72 mins. Over the last 3 years he quickly developed and cemented his own movements in the Birmingham techno scene with a keen attitude and a taste for groovy, hard hitting music mirrored within his sets. In , he received an 8-weekly show at Fnoob techno radio, deliberately focusing on conveying real-life stories through the sound of techno. Meticulously gaining a practical understanding of the genre from Birmingham and London based nights, he has found his feet producing.

Jul 03 60 mins. After many years spent in Milan as a promoter, DJ and activist living the golden age of free parties and the rave scene, plus numerous appearances in major clubs across Italy, he moved to Berlin where he set up "Lounge Squatt", a platform that has been organizing events and parties between the German capital, Italy and the UK since On top of a number of podcasts and mixes, his sound has been heard on radio shows across the globe on stations such as Unika Fm, Fnoob Techno Radio where is hosting a regular radio show , Data Transmission,Session Faction and many more.

Founded in Milan Italy in the collective decided to move operations over to Berlin in Container Podcast [] H. Jun 28 60 mins. He began his investiture in the world of music influenced from an early age.

With only eight years old, he began to take his first steps towards music, the guitar was the first instrument to pass through their hands. At the beginning of , music began to be part of his life, when he decided to change the guitar for the dishes and another musical style, expressing its virtues and musical influences. In his year career to this day, he has experienced a wide variety of musical styles, becoming a very versatile DJ, with an intact and dynamic technique in his sets, with dark tendencies and forceful within techno.

In , he began to take an interest in the field of music production, forming and entering in this new facet and combining the work of DJ and producer. The idea and its creations consist of a style based on industrial and dark nuances, always trying to find a pure and clean style, innovating and evolving its sound day by day.

Already in they have seen their quality samples in emerging stamps. In he released his first album called '' Signs and dates '' with which he had great recognition worldwide thanks to the support he received from the best artists in the electronic scene. It is worth mentioning his first vinyl released on the Spanish label '' Subspecies '' where he edited with a great Japanese artist '' Tomohiko Sagae '' doing a track together called '' Different Species '' in addition to other great collaborations of the Spanish artists '' Kike Pravda '' and '' Delusions '' He is known in the world of production, editing, remixing and remixing by great artists and great labels.

Manager of the well-known Induxtriall Records label, which he has been holding since , which has more than 45 references in digital format, in which we can find artists of great national and international prestige. In it is presented as a great alternative to tour the best rooms and festivals in the world.

With a lot of music to be edited in both digital and vinyl that will light this year, as well as their second album which will be released mid-year on his own label '' Induxtriall Records '' in which he is involved and working from months ago. Container Podcast [] N:CK. Jun 20 60 mins.

In his performances he always tries to transmit his emotions to those in front of him,always receiving positive feedback for his musical choice and his technique. In he was invited to participate at ADE Amsterdam Dance Event with his label for a showcase during the conference.

In he joined the Mitten. As a producer he is appreciated by many artists for the quality of his productions, in particular he loves working with analogue machines, always trying to extrapolate unique and special sounds.

His secret is that he puts a lot of passion into what he does, trying to evolve and improve day by day. Jun 06 68 mins. He started producing in When he moved to Madrid two years later, he began to play. There he had different chances to play in different bars and events, until he got the opportunity to play at Cassette Club on the inauguration party followed by several times afterwards. His style was always focused on environmental and organic sounds, shifting sometimes on more minimalistic and electro tones.

The productions were always different styles because of his eclectic music taste and because he made different works for advertisements and websites. It was though when he arrived to Berlin and after meeting really inspiring friends that he developed his style into deep techno. He has also performed in many different places around Europe and Berlin, including Tresor, and his productions started to be released in Shaded Explorations, Hypnus Records and Semantica.

Antonio is currently a member of the Hypnus Records family and he is preparing more productions and EP's. Jun 02 60 mins. Whether he is playing with 4 decks and his sampler or his 2 hour live set with synths and a coffee machine, his music stretches the boundaries of techno with deep and fat bass, melancholic sounds and energetic drums. Together with Flaminia he founded Ways to Die records and Metempsychosis records in and respectively, to promote techno in various shapes and form from industrial to deep and broken and inspire people to move toward the lives they want.

Container Podcast [] Shadowcomplex. May 29 63 mins. Container Podcast [] Worg live PA. May 15 80 mins. Live set recorded at Kosmonaut - Berlin Worg is an electronic music producer, sound designer and live performer based in Rome. He explores sounds that range from experimental techno through industrial approaching deep techno.

Captivating textures, persistent rhythm and metallic discordance merge both live and during studio production. Noise, smooth pads, distortions, drones and slight and hypnotic melodies are the characteristic elements of his music, giving particular attention to search both complex and distinct sonorities which are never banal.

These heterogeneous elements give life to a deep sound enveloped in a dark gloomy haze. His attempt is to accompany the audience in a voyage through oniric and spectral soundscapes. Dystopian places and fantasies located in imaginative habitats, result in Worg's vision. Container Podcast [] Exilles. May 02 61 mins. Exilles is a project born from the alchemy of two minds, united by a common desire to undermine, compose and recompose deep techno sounds with a mystical and enigmatic imagery.

They strictly perform live, orchestrating ancestral ceremonies with analog machines and modular synthesizers, whose dark and hypnotic sounds chase the persistent in a synesthetic atmosphere. A millennial stronghold, where space and time seem to crystallize. Exilles invites you to enter the wide entrance, built with thundorous, corrosive kick and neurotic sounds. Proceed to enter a maze of tunnels, stairs, niches that emerge from the hypnotic sounds from the floor and clinging on to it, little by little, airy and seductive melodies, inviting you to go even deeper.

And then that telluric rhythms became more tight and you find yourself trapped, breathless, paralyzed: a crypt, a man. The face covered with a mask. The sound waves become ink and pervade the body, helpless, wrapped in a dream synth tangle. The assertive kick back lashing his shots, with the ritual ending.

The crossing to escape has finally opened. This is the imagination of Exilles, which with its techno built around the polarity of light and darkness, black and white, continuously keeps us poised between opposites, between consciousness and raving. Container Podcast [] Nothing is Real. Apr 25 61 mins. An Italian techno duo and one based in Berlin, Nothing Is Real is a collaboration between long-time bass music producers, D-Operation Drop and Spacedrome with a fundamentally clean-cut focus on the live facets of techno music and digital arts taking care of building up and producing 3D Video Mapping, Drawing on early influences from sub-heavy sound system culture, through the energetic UK styles of the past 20 years, and on to the pulsating techno scene in their new homecity, Nothing Is Real fuses a vast musical inspiration and with years of production experience to create dynamic, raw and driving techno.

Container Podcast [] Phooka. Apr 18 99 mins. Da quando, appena maggiorenne, si trasferisce a Bologna incomincia ad interessarsi alla musica elettronica: Warp, idm e abstract hip hop sono del resto i suoi primi amori. Container Podcast [] Ethan Fawkes. Apr 12 60 mins. Ethan's unique vision and tireless work ethic are evidenced by a growing catalogue of original EPs, LPs and remixes for top international acts as well as emerging artists. He is winning the respect of peers, the adoration of fans and the full attention of deejays and dance floors worldwide.

Growing up in the 90s he loved grunge and metal bands like Faith No More, Nirvana, or Sepultura, who inspired him to learn the bass and electric guitar. Then he got into Acid Core and had to get hardware. Today Ethan Fawkes is known for his charismatic presence and combat-ready style, comfortably playing anywhere from raves to club shows or festival stages. Container Podcast [] Andi. Apr 03 67 mins. Combining her underground s obsession with industrial, EBM, dark techno and new beat music, Andi's specific sound is sleazy, aggressive and unarguably danceable.

Container Podcast [] Anja Zaube. Mar 20 83 mins. Anja Zaube can look back on a long DJ-bio already. Her interpretation of Techno is deep, bleak, but also industrial and experimental. In January she launched her own label Nemorous Rec. A third release is already in the pipeline one with more to come. Container Podcast [] Laertes. Mar 13 52 mins. In Start new Solo project LAERTES his new solo project, Laertes, inspired by the research of electronic music through the modular synthesis and passion for live improvisation, in which reason in his live set will always find vintage analog instruments, and modern technology.

Container Podcast [] Mooz. Mar 06 53 mins. Luis Mestanza has been an active producer since the early s. A solid portfolio built up over the years. Surprisingly, on a personal level, Mestanza is refreshingly modest. He is quick to acknowledge the debt of gratitude owed to other artists, and is never boastful about his achievements, preferring to let the music speak for itself.

Feb 27 61 mins. Next episode with the Container Project founder: Pneich Pneich is the founder, dj resident and radio speaker of Container Project. Creates, refines and refines his musical taste for techno within the cathedrals of the Roman underground, and relates and follows the major exponents of the 90's capitoline scene.

In , together with Tomz. From then on, it has nothing to do with influencing, experimenting, having fun, playing around and creating interest and passion about a musical genre. A solid foundation made of industrial and acidic sounds and influences, a boundless interest in all the nuances of the techno genre, and a set-up full of alternatives make their dj sets unpredictable.

Container Podcast [] Kr:pt. Feb 20 61 mins. His international visibility starts with his fist gig in Hong Kong at OMA on december and meeting the Kameleont Crew from Sweden in , he played at Slakthuset and in the "underground stockholm" warehouse. He performed with artists such as Hintergrundrauschen Tresor. Feb 11 69 mins. Since then she regulary plays Europewide and well known clubs like Tresor, about:blank, IFZ, Arena Club or last but not least, Suicide Circus, where she is a frequent host of the widely known Rituals series.

Melania musically delights in dirty and energetic Industrial, Techno, EBM, Electro and New Wave, means heavy genres which she periodically combines with a creative touch of uplifting and emotional melodies or vocals. This sound evokes what is beyond the words, reaches directly to the heart and unleashes the soul. Each of her sets is a story with a complex plot, keeping her audience in constant suspense and anticipation. Her unique vibe releis on unpredictability and constantly being on the move.

Container Podcast [] Manuel Di Martino. Jan 24 57 mins. From the beginning, the past is part of the musical training of Manuel Di Martino, who gained his first experience with traditional analogue instruments, using vinyls and an old turntable. The diligence and perseverance in the meanwhile allow him to build a solid musical culture projected also into the future, thus arriving to the place where most of all he wanted to be: behind the consolle.

He managed, admirably, to make his way in the best clubs in Italy and releasing with important remixes: Raffaele Attanasio, Scan 7 and Dj Skull. A Techno sound, deep and gloomy at times but lively and urgent at others, he has come definitively to a fairly good point of perfecting.

Always in perpetual excitement, Manuel manages to juggle with ease between the new studio software, proposing a set of sounds that are dear to him and who influenced him throughout his musical growth.

Container Podcast [] Unbalance. Jan 16 59 mins. Techno music always was a substance, made of contrasts - it was born in Motor City, befriended man and machine, combined live emotions and technical precision. These features should be the best to describe music from young Russian producer Aleks Unbalance. Born in Siberia, Unbalance debuted in and it took a few years to create his own unique style. In his music you can find distinct symbiosis of strong emotions and industrial themes, which is eclectic and conjoins with technically accurate treatment in music story making.

When got support of techno scene old stagers, Unbalance proceed to develop his ideas, expanding a verges of techno and collaborating with a lot of significant artists in Rebalance project. In the artist's achievment list vinyl releases on such labels as A. At the moment, Aleks is a resident and one of the ideologists of the techno-association Monasterio.

In his performances Unbalance endeavors to combine a whole techno ages, gives his due to classic techno, gets inspiration in futuristic sound and mixing it with a modern techno wave, which is what he is. His style of performing is so close to his own works and it creates unique atmosphere on a dance floor, no matter is it private party or big rave in Berlin Berghain. Container podcast [] Nemrac. Jan 09 92 mins. Nemrac - set recorded at Tresor New Faces [ Nemrac, Berlin based, his great attention in collecting vintage synthesisers brought him to better develop his live set and record his first productions.

Founder of "Syncretism Records" a new label that proposes an innovative and sophisticated style of techno especially characterised by experimental arrangements. Acid sounds and melancholic melodies, influenced by current electronic, dub and EBM. Container Podcast [] Tapefeed. Jan 02 66 mins. A long period of b2b sessions culminated in the two artists merging their talents together to launch a new musical journey under the name of Tapefeed. The soundscapes reproduced by Tapefeed evoke a truly raw, deep and almost mesmerising sensation created by the blending of hypnotic ambient tones with techno-tribal percussions, heavy basslines and emotional melodies.

Their ever-evolving sound comes as the pinnacle of years of musical research shared by the duo. This merging of their passion, musical experience and innate desire to achieve new sounds allowed the duo to broaden their horizons by being the brainchilds of Tales Collective, where they are resident djs and organisers. Tales Collective aims to explore music, art and human consciousness by moving it away from its seemingly prefabricated one dimensional view and into a realm of shared, collective awareness.

Container Podcast [] Tomz. Dec 27 mins. The idea to make something happen, pushing a simple button, have ever made him crazy. In founds HSPL, crew of producers with whom he began playing in squats, raves, and clubs. In creates Provocazioni Festival, an independent art and electronic music festival, attended by more than people each edition, confirming itself as one of the best independent events in the capital, promoting italian and international artists.

Container Podcast [] Sugar Lobby. Dec 18 60 mins. Alderaan - Retina JP Enfant - Rem Phase Sleeparchive - Diving the Catch DJ Deep- New Horisont Shlomo - Styx The Hacker - Analog Blizard Border One - Drumming Viers - Nothing Changed Seph - Aces Patrik Skoog- Denial Container Podcast [] Birth Of Frequency.

Dec 05 77 mins. Nostalgic of the Techno of the nineties, passionate by this time that saw the birth of a rough Techno, purified and incisive, Birth of Frequency aims ,through music, at the expression of certain thoughts and abstract feelings. First and always a D. He daily questions himself in order to deliver services and productions increasingly more personal and refined. His music, simple and" innocent" is the picture of his character. Polegroup, Construct Re-Form, Enemy or else Granulart Ltd, as many renowned labels that have opened up to him so that he could express himself and make his music evolve.

Each record is in interaction with the others. They each bring a part of the story that Birth of Frequency wants to tell. More than a passion, a work, music is a life style for him. Nov 28 mins. As a recently emerging artist, Rommek has shown promising developments in his own sound, as well as carving his way into the current techno scene.

His extensive interest in sound design is embedded within the atmospheric, murky and textured tracks he produces. This helped to establish his position on the map. Since then, various releases on Sonntag Morgen or Dyad have proven his wide appeal through the combination of the energetic, gritty UK sound combined with deep and transcendental aspects.

From this he gained a wide range of noteworthy support and became established within the blueprint family. Following up with his second solo EP, Arcane; he experimented with new sound pallets and continued to push his creativity, whilst exploring new depths. Whilst being a resident for the promoters Dazed and Confuzed and Loose Lips, plus part of the Urbanum booking agency, Rommek can be often found DJing across Europe and beyond. Container Podcast [] Katie Rex. Nov 21 70 mins. With roots beginning in the Philadelphia rave scene, her passion for the underground has crossed genre boundaries and culminated into an in-depth knowledge of music and cultural trends after dark.

Container Project [] Luciano Lamanna. Nov 15 57 mins. Set Recorded at Ex Dogana 04 - 11 - Born in , spreading the disease since Sound engineer at Subsound studio in Roma, Italy. Authentic maverick, or better said, a free beater. His core values can be summarised in a handfull of key words: experimentation, analog synths, vinyl and love for techno. From South to North, from raves to clubs, with a constant desire to have fun and grasp the right occasions, his career has become distinct due to its unconformity with the established norms.

In the B A L A N C E project comes to light - a conceptual exhibition based on improvisation through the use of modular synthesizers, formed together with Davide Ricci. In together with Luca T. His strength thus lies in the puzzle of sounds which is the fruit of the most desperate of experiences from techno, punk, industrial, wave and electronic - all of which are knowledgeably tessellated through the art of improvisation.

Container Podcast [] Chris Koegler. Nov 07 60 mins. Chris was born in in the outskirts of Ulm, Germany. As an infant of only 12 years old, he first got in touch with music. At the age of 20, Chris visited a DJ school in Ulm, where he digged deep into a world of vinyl, literally learning the real Djing. Soon, he got his first gigs in clubs and also grew fast for bigger venues and succeeded getting his first jobs on festivals such as SEMF festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Nov 01 mins. In , he took the decision to focus on a self-titled solo project with an evolved musical direction.

These musical beginnings were founded around a deep taste for heavy sounding Metal and melancholic genres. In , the intentions become clear, a style of sound focused around the emerging post-punk movement, whilst retaining a solid home within the techno field. Container Podcast [] Shlagga. Oct 18 64 mins. By pursuing the initiative to break down the standards that separate electronic music, it proposes a cathartic experience and always surprising.

Container Podcast [] Monya. Oct 13 61 mins. Originally from Poland Monya has been based in Berlin for over a decade now. With her uncompromising live sets she built herself a reputation quickly and has been playing since then all over the world. With her enthusiasm for electronic music she continuously learns and grows every day. Stay tuned! Container Podcast [] Cristian Marras. Oct 10 66 mins. He plays solid driving contemporary Techno, creating raw, fast changing atmospheres, mixing together multiple layers, swinging from a instrumental hypnotic sound to hard grooving, acid drops ending often to industrial direction.

Showing good knowledge of the genre for someone so new in the scene, Cristian discovered his passion for electronic music during the last years of high school in east coast of USA where he started to interest himself to the first and second generation of Detroit Electronic Producers. Once back in Italy Cristian started to hang out around some of the most well known Italian clubs that were hosting techno events getting in contact with artists and promoters and he started to host events himself in his home town in Sardegna bringing local artist and promoting electronic music.

Since the last 5 years C. M dedicated himself to improve his knowledge studying electronic music production and sound design collaborating with other musicians and attending Dbs music university in Berlin. After moving to the German capital Cristian started to make his first steps in the underground scene of the city, hosting his own event Urban Tech and performing several gigs alongside some well known artist like Dave Clarke, Ancient Methods, Freddy K, Marco Bailey, P.

Container Podcast [] Lucien Biscop. Oct 03 68 mins. A love for melancholic and dark atmospheres, Lucien Biscop, on the 5th day resident, is shaping purposely his sound through a composure of bold and engaging rhythms encompassed by entrancing sounds.

Tracklist : 1. Storm King - Kodomo 2. Unreleased - Lucien Biscop 3. Horizontz Original Mix - Lewis Fautzi 5. Microorganisms Original Mix - Christian Wunsch 7. Positive Charge Original mix - Refracted Copper Variations: cv3 - Mike Parker Value Original Mix - Marco Effe Form 3 - Antonio Ruscito Container Podcast [] Lunatik.

Sep 29 57 mins. Find the point of coincidence between clutter and clarity. Born and raised in Rome, into a family of musicians, he began to approach the world of music through piano and violin and then to know what would become his true love: techno music. After several years of DJ sets decide to plunge headlong into the world of production. Shortly thereafter he becomes Absolute Records associate. On november he debut with a 4 hours dj set at Tresor Berlin. Also was in top ten underground charts on djshop.

A sound that brings out the emotions that each one has in the soul, in a language that the soul understands, but that will never translate. SC : lunatik FB : www. Container Podcast [] Diego Amura. Sep 22 53 mins. Born in Naples in , Diego developed a strong passion for electronic music as he was growing up around Neapolitan club culture as a teenager. He started mixing at the age of 16 locally, catching the eye of numerous promoters as he showed talented skills behind the decks.

In , he was chosen to be part of the infamous Nice To Be project where his collaboration granted him the possibility to grow and push the limits as an artist. Now Diego is considered one of the best new producer from Italy, and his tracks are played in all over the world. Container Podcast [] Al Ferox.

Sep 12 59 mins. Al Ferox, also named Alessandro F. He ran away from Italy to France at the age of 17, all that kept him going was his love for music. After this experience, Al Ferox discovered techno music and the rave scene. In he founded the label Kobayashi, where he produced his first techno releases, « The dream of the headless man », « Shaved trax » and « Car crash » was his biggest hits on Kobayashi.

Denza and more. Scream, his second label was an acid techno project where he produced four vinyl releases. Container Podcast [] Non Reversible. Sep 05 60 mins. With an affinity for all things music, he went on to attend the University of the Arts. The allure of the vinyl and underground club culture of Berlin sparked a keen interest in Electronic music production. His creative journey led to a close relationship with Jerome Sydenham and Apotek Records.

On this imprint, Non Reversible has honed in his skills for producing a specific and very special brand of deep hypnotic Techno. He recently joined the Knotweed Records family and the roster of Urbanum Agency to developed his unique style further. By adding many rhythmic - almost tribal - elements, as well as acid tones to his tracks, he delivered a subtle blend of old school and modern techno. As Non Reversible continues to spread his creative wings, expect nothing less than powerful unapologetic Techno.

Container Podcast [] Pleiades. Aug 29 82 mins. A project born in , London-based Pleiades was formed from the collaboration of two synchronized minds, with a kindred taste for dark and driving, melancholic sounds. This soon grew into them becoming a pillar of the night, whether opening and setting the mood, or closing with one of their deeply engaging extended sets. Outside of club spaces, the project continues to hold weight at off-the-map nights and un-promoted afterhour sessions.

No set too long, no space too small, they have embodied the movement and its evolving characteristics. Aug 22 54 mins. His constant research for new sounds will soon bring him in the darkest rooms of Electronic Music. Tribal percussions, meditative choruses, melancholic synths and all attached to powerful Dark Venues and post industrial settings that make his music highly hypnotic and sentimental. In he becomes a resident Dj at the ISF Festival and for the upcoming Summer he will be playing a one-night monthly set where the artist will present his concept and other guests will accompany him.

Container Podcast [] Joachim Spieth. Aug 15 61 mins. And that some of those releases, such as « Under pressure » have been and are still hits. I also had to mention that he has been involved in the electronic music scene for the past fifteen years; that he used to play in a band as a teenager.

I had to name some of the countries he played for: Australia, Denmark, France, Georgia, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, UK… But that being said, what really matters at the end is who he is and what he wants to express by producing music. What he has been giving to the scene. Being a shy character, he is not the type of person searching for the spotlight but someone that is evolving on the scene by pure passion and wants to communicate this passion to the others.

He created his label Affin to be as independent as possible and focus on his own vision, surrounded by artists sharing it with him. What he does not put into words is translated into sounds. Deep, solemn and at times enraged, his productions represents Techno in its purest expression. They are made to occupy our dying cathedrals of concrete, to crush the reality of our everyday life under an assumed individuality.

The elaborated basses and the echoing melodies grab our minds to throw them in a far away world, leaving the silence of a doomed society behind. Container Podcast [] K. Aug 08 59 mins. Anacleto Vitolo A. He began his musical career in as an Hip Hop DJ. Shortly after he became interested in music production, from the classical hip hop beat to the current mix of elements such as Industrial, Trip Hop, Glitch, Ambient, Noise, Experimental Electronic, Minimal and some New Wave influences.

In signs a contract as Publishing Artist with FatCat. Container Podcast [] Rekord Aug 03 mins. Alexander Babaev aka Rekord 61, Russian producer based in Moscow, owner of the label Konstruktiv and an advocate of the fluid parameters of experimental sub-genres.

His style could be interpreted as a fermentation of the techno prototype. Container Podcast [] Blush Response. Jul 25 74 mins. Blush Response is joey blush, a cuban-american artist and sound designer hailing from nyc who now resides in berlin. Container Podcast [] Mary Velo.

Jul 19 62 mins. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Mary Velo got involved in music at an early age. Container Podcast [] Tigerhead. Jul 14 53 mins. By the time she tries to unite sound with a visual art. The connection with music and fine arts was always her main subject.

Through her focus on avant garde she dives into a lot of experimental bands mainly created in Berlin as a protest against the political situation. As the regime was a long-lasting issue afflicting her country, that is among many other mainly artistic reasons were her strong connection to the German capital stems from.

It is the year , in her early twenties, already known as a strong persona who exactly knows where to lead musically she fully focuses on a music production of her first EP. Container Podcast [] Fire at Work. Jul 11 49 mins. FIRE AT WORK is an electronic music combo based in Rome , founded by Fabrizio Rossi and Fabio Recchia in and focused on experimental and industrial electronic music ; the aim is to violate perimeters between different genres , but always keeping same deep dark and mental atmospheres.

Passarani, D'Arcangelo to name a few , followed by many releases, often in collaboration with other notable artists and in constant relation and comparison with international proposals. IRE AT WORK is one of the key projects of the underground rave scene although mostly experimental oriented at the turn of the old and the new millennium. Container Podcast [] Ersin Boncaoglu. Jul 04 94 mins.

Zihni Relicta a. Container Podcast [] Gandalf. Jun 30 mins. In March he also had the opportunity to play in the most important French techno party, Concrete, and in early he had his first gig in Berlin at Griessmuhle, followed by an appearance at Karnival Der Kulturen Kreuzberg. In Summer he as been booked for the "Numa" party in Tokyo, Japan, and in October he was guest of the infamous "Staub" party in Berlin before returning at About Blank for the "Away meets Genau" party in and at Kosmonaut in His style is made of a mixture of energetic and traveling tracks, deconstructed and re-constructed through the aid of digital technologies he was one of the first Italian djs to realize the potential of digital djing and he is well known as a dj that can really understand and become sympathetic with the dancefloor in front of him.

Container Podcast [] Benales. Jun 27 57 mins. An avid record collector and enthusiast of Techno and House, his DJ sets and tracks combine the raw, minimal and deep elements of these musical forms with a firm nod in the direction of Detroit. He is also resident parties in Paris. Container Podcast [] Agnosia. Jun 21 60 mins.

Agnosia, a duo formed by Eric and Miguel, producers with a long way behind the decks and productions. Now, with this project, they want to explore the atmospheric side of music. Always walking between techno, shoegaze or post-rock, they started to produce 5 years ago, trying to show his personal way of music. The music of Agnosia wants to innovate in the techno fields, adding some new ways with new elements and architectures in the compositions they do.

Progressive to the end tracks, forcefulness and deep kicks and basslines, and some guitar distortions and effects to made epic the melodies they build. Focused in the experimentation with drones, textures and atmospheres but mixed with really forcefulness hypnotic grooves. Scott Monteith - Ghazal 1 [Field Records] 4. Mechanist - Isak [Black String Records] 8. Hiroaki Iizuka - Frost [Subosc] Alfredo Mazzilli - Nuvole [Weekend Circuit] Takaaki Itoh - Terraria [Informa Records] Menrva-Holy Mountain [Lett Records] Jun 14 60 mins.

VTSS is a Warsaw based dj and live act performer. She is a member of polish Behind The Stage crew, which organises events and hosting a podcast series focused on more experimental and industrial side of techno music. In her expressive dj sets and raw distorted live acts she oscillates around techno, industrial, ebm. Container Podcast [] 3. Jun 06 65 mins. Born and raised in Athens, he is currently based in Berlin, after some years of stay in London.

The man under the code-name 3. Jun 02 59 mins. May 27 74 mins. As they gathered as a DJ team, they brought hard and intense work in the rave scene of Lyon. Beside some prominent releases they put out, and several exciting events they organized, the guys have created this Dj-Team to represent their holy principles all over the country. Whoever is playing, it's all about techno. May 21 71 mins. London-based live artist, Flaminia, grew up and lived in Rome until , drawing what inspiration she could from her hometown, before making the move to London to pursue her dream of studying electronic music.

Her style is characterised by melancholic melodies and kick drums, obscured by harsh distortion. A shadowy exploration, which goes from a densely deep and experimental ambient, to soulless industrial dark techno. In , she co-founded the label Ways to Die Records together with Train, and it was here that she started to release her own music. Where Ways to Die was founded on the principle of destruction, Metempsychosis lays out its philosophy in line with construction.

The debut of the sister came in the shape of a Various Artists, containing 4 tracks by Train, Ossa Di Mare, Tapefeed and Flaminia, spanning deep and driving techno, to less refined broken beats. May 09 61 mins. Currently he is spending a lot of time in studio and working on his debut material.

FB : www. Rec SC : www. With only eight years, began to take its first pass wet to music, the guitar was the first instrument to pass through their hands. In early the music became part of his life was when he decided to change guitar for dishes and other musical style, capturing his virtues and musical influences. In his year career today, you have experienced a wide variety of musical styles, becoming a very versatile dj, very technical and dynamic in his sets, with dark and forceful within the techno trends.

His performances have toured much of the peninsula. In , he became interested in the field of music production, forming and into this new facet and combining the work of DJ and producer. The idea and its creations consist of a system based industrial and dark shades style, always trying to find a pure, clean style, innovate and evolve their sound day.

Already in , have seen their quality samples in emerging seals, always with much support from recognized artists in the electronic music scene. With more than tracks edited in digital format and vinyl, is known in the world of production, editing, remixing and remixed by great artists. It is known label manager Induxtriall Records, which takes place since , with more than 30 references in digital format, in which we can find artists of great national and international prestige.

Container Podcast [] Pascual. Apr 11 56 mins. For nearly a decade, Pascual has developed his talents as a producer, but also as a Dj Constantly evolving in the studio, his releases in labels like CLR, Plus 8 y Drumcode Ltd, speak from themselves. With the experience and wisdom he has earned over the years, Pascual launched Ex Aequo Records which after 6 references is having a positive impact in the International panorama.

Container Podcast [] Insolate. Apr 04 65 mins. Mar 27 92 mins. In his productions he tries continually to test sounds that give to all of his tracks a mysterious feature, at times visionary, forcing the listener to make a introspective journey through a careful listening, more focused on musical details and that impinge deeply on emotive dimension. Container Podcast [] Noneoftheabove.

Mar 22 56 mins. Noneoftheabove a duo that explores the edges of the industrial techno. Container Podcast [] T-Kode. Mar 17 57 mins. Soon he discovers the Electronic music starts high school attending partys in italy, but also in Europe only a few years before the aged, even up to live in Sydney, Australia where he lived for a year. T Kode in his own production start to do a careful selection of sounds that reflect the realities of Detroit and Chicago scene, also with references to the old school acid, with modern grooves arrangements.

The groove is the thing that T Kode loves and take care of more and we like to hear. Container Podcast [] Martin Weinel. Mar 14 62 mins. Already as a kid he started listening to electronic music and a few years later he went to his first Techno party's. But just listening wasn't enough for him. He wanted to express himself through the music so he started playing his own DJ sets to tell the people his story.

His sound is hypnotic, dark and driving. After a decent start he catches everyone and takes the people on a unique journey with peaks and low but he still wants everybody to have a smooth end. You can feel his flow from the beginning to the ending of his set.

Container Podcast [] Aphelion. Mar 10 62 mins. His travels through the Europe underground, and gigs in the North American scene have instilled a rooted passion for hypnotic and dub techno. In he is working on an EP and playing gigs around New York.

Container Podcast [] Osclighter. Mar 07 57 mins. Modular Synths lovers, he drinks a lot of this inexhaustible sound creative source in search of depth and sonic textures with the word "limitation" out of his vocabulary. Ahead of his record label "Point of Boom" as its artistic representation he can show us exactly his particular way of understanding and making music.

Mar 01 60 mins. Discovering music by playing drums, he developed a intense passion for techno music at an early age. His live performances are powerful and subtile mixes of dynamic emotions and mind-blowing beats. Juggling between shiny mixes and darker atmospheres, Vedat tries to express himself and his environment : the Budapest nightlife.

Simultaneously to his DJ career he developed himself as a Cinema producer and director, trying to link his two arts as much as he can. Digging deeper and deeper in the art of sound his only purpose is to share and feel the joy of your shaking heads and dancing feet. Container Podcast [] DE vs. Feb 27 56 mins. DE vs.

Troit is a duo project founded in in Berlin. Born in Italy, developed in the capital of Germany. Following their own musical concept with pure Detroit-Berlin Techno influences. Container Podcast [] Stephanie Sykes. Feb 23 61 mins.

Stephanie Sykes is an artist on Fullpanda Records. She is a resident for Jaded after hours in London and also a resident for Khidi in Tbilisi. Container Podcast [] ArchivOne. Feb 17 53 mins. DJ, producer and remixer. Begins to approach the music at age 8, he started playing drums, guitar and piano. Since then, his life has revolved around its ultimate goal: demonstration of his musical vision in the form of DJ Set as well as his productions.

ArchivOne is a musically versatile artist who likes to get lost in the sound worlds, taking all kinds of influences from different genres and incorporates them into his productions. Despite this, his heart beats fast for Techno, is the heartbeat of his city that inspired him so generously. In he founded together with his friend his first Label : Off the White Records, with its first two releases was a great success. Container Podcast [] WarinD. Feb 10 41 mins. WarinD depicts the desire to experience something new and obscure in electronic music, through space and distortions.

Feb 03 59 mins. FJAAK, the Berlin-based trio of hardware heads, have been constantly making a name for themselves over the last half a decade. The trio first cut their teeth in the electronic music scene by organizing illegal raves in and around Berlin, which eventually led them to run their own techno series — Machine Vibes.

The start of a promising collaboration which saw them release five critically acclaimed EPs on the label within one and a half years, whilst incessantly travelling the world. Despite their young age FJAAK have played over live shows, spreading their elaborate analogue sound all around the globe. Traits to name the trio one of her Future 12 Artists. Over the years the young trio has gained an impressive experience and routine and has much more that is yet to come Container Podcast [] Dos Lokos.

Jan 20 76 mins. Dos Lokos, the minds behind Erratic, are a pair of fine techno purveyors and connoisseurs who have been active deejaying since the inception of their emblem in On a personal level, they are long time friends who share a genuine passion towards the arts and techno, found and manifested within the scenes of the underground. On a professional level, they aim to infuse and catalyze these experiences into a unique and energetic style, a back-to-back dj set —represented by equal amounts of shrewdness, depth, and artistry.

Having played both opening and headlining slots, short sets and all-night marathons, they know how to work their crowd, constantly stimulating the minds and moving the feet, and always keeping them coming back for more. Jan 12 68 mins. Find the point of coincidence between the disorder and clarity. Lunatik Alessandro Giustini offers a mental and emotional sound, sounds and synths are unison to convey something that is closer to a "feeling" than a thrill.

Born and raised in the eternal Rome, into a family of musicians, he began to approach the world of music through piano and violin and then to know what would become his true love: techno. After several years of Dj set he decides to plunge headlong into the world of production. Soon becomes absoute Record partner. A sound that brings out the emotions that each has in the soul, in a language that the soul understands, but that will never translate SC : soundcloud.

Container Podcast [] Boyd Schidt. Jan 03 90 mins. Dec 20 57 mins. Isnt - Founder of the Behind The Stage project which is focused on the experimental and industrial side of techno music. In addition of being in charge of the formal visual aspect of BTS as well as being a DJ and producer by her own, she sets up and conducts many events in Poland.

Performing on stage since , her productions and DJ sets are a mix of hypnotic sounds. Container Podcast [] B R 1 0 0 2. Dec 15 59 mins. They met each other working for Ribbon club in Terracina and having the same musicals tastes they decided to work to this collaboration searching for the perfect sound.

Container Podcast [] Jay Coen. Dec 01 57 mins. He also has an alias named 'Dionysian Rituals'. Container Podcast [] Sept. Nov 16 61 mins. Behind the name Sept stands Warsaw based music producer, SLAP member, who describe his music as eclectic, hypnotic and powerful. Now he is working on his debut album. Nov 08 49 mins. Vincenzo Pizzi is Italian and although young, he has already been in the musical scene for a few years. He is the owner of Pyteca. His music is a mix of IDM, experimental, while not excluding techno influences and romanticism.

Container Podcast [] E. Nov 04 68 mins. Container Podcast [] AnD. Oct 28 55 mins. Container Podcast [99] OWL. Oct 03 51 mins. Mirko Peschiaroli is a young artist born in Rome. At the age of 16 he discovers his passion for electronic music that brings him to the world of clubbing and electronic music.

Some years later he finds his identity in the dark and mysterious side of techno. He gains experience playing in several clubs in Rome and in he gets the dj residency at Algoritmo, a solid party in Roma.

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Edit Mai Tai - Body And Soul Lee Marrow - Mr. Fantasy - 10 Alan Barry - Come On William King - Robin Hood Xain 2 - Astral Tunnel Paul Mazzolini - Master Piece Tarkan - Sevdam Tek Nefes Loni Cash - Back In Time Charly Danone Ed Io Ti Trovero Fancy - Slice Me Nice Bodybangers - Sunglasses At Night Spagna - Every Girl And Boy - 10 Tom Hooker - Looking For Love Jock Hattle Band - Crazy Family Mirage 25 - Woman Ryan Paris - Fall In Love Funny Twins - You And Me - 10 Lou Sern - Swiss Boy Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair Roy - Destiny Time Patto - D.

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