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Specimens of Hausa Literature. Small 4to. Translation, Transliteration and Notes, without Facsimiles. Hausa Grammar, with exercises, readings and vocabulary. Magana Hausa. Hausa Stories and Fables collected by J. ScHON, D. Kobinson, D. Seventh thousand. In paper covers. The Missionary prospect, including a survey of Christian Missions in the past.

ILeipjte: F. STorontti: J. Mission, Zaria, the chief translator of the N. Dalziel and others who have supplied corrections and additions to the former edition. To Major Edgar I am specially indebted for many suggestions in regard to the transliteration of Hausa words, and to Dr Dalziel I am indebted for much help in compiling lists of plants and animals. The system of transliterating Hausa which has been adopted in this volume and in the fourth edition of the Hausa Grammar recently published, differs in several respects from that followed in Vol.

The changes have been made in order to render the system of transliteration uniform with that which has recently been adopted by the English Govern- ment authorities in Nigeria. It is impossible by any system of transliteration to represent the exact sounds of many Hausa words.

Thus we might almost equally well write yanka or yenka ' to cut,' kwai or kwoi ' egg,' hanya or hainya ' road,' hakiuai or hokkoi ' seven. In order to bring the system adopted in this dictionary into line with that of the books issued by the Government of Nigeria I have adopted the former alternative in each of these cases which are typical of many others. Several changes have also been made in respect of the divisions between nouns or pronouns and prepositions.

Prepositions will be found written as separate words except in cases where the words to which they are attached cannot be used as independent words apart from the prepositions. Thus we have ma shi or masa ' to him. In some cases, e. English ' forasmuch,' ' overmuch ' etc. There are many instances in which it is impossible to say whether a double consonant should be used for purposes of transliteration. In the former edition of this dictionary in such doubtful cases the second consonant was placed in a bracket, e.

As this dictionary is intended for the use of those who desire to speak the ordinary colloquial Hausa, I have omitted rare words and rare plurals or other formations. June, The letters K. For the exact meanings of the Hausa words the student is referred to the Hausa- English Dictionary. I was taken aback i. I was staggered or surprised at this wannan ya ha ni mamaki.

I was so absorbed that I for- got this na yi shagalchi har na manta wannan. Abubekr, pr. Abubakar, also contracted form Bube. See shout, accompany, tr. I am accus- tomed to this na saha da wannan, domestic animals are accustomed to men, hisashen gida sun saha da mutane.

I accustomed him to this food na sa shi shi saba da ahinchi'ii nan. Adansonia digitata the baobab or monkey-bread tree , kuka. I admitted him, periph. I saw him from a. I am a, na tun- zera, or na firgita ; he made him a. I did not do so a. I am eighteen years of a. See age 2. Allah shi ray a mu. Allah, by wallah, wallahi allay, tr. I also, adv. Amaranthus native spinach , alayafu, zakin hanza.

The following are some of the antelopes found in Hausaland. Senegal or red-fronted gazelle, barewa, pi. Hippotragus equinus gwan- ki, gwamki S. African hartebeeste kanki, pi. Mma, pi. Arab 13 arrow hantunaj kudu; a woman's a. Arab, n. Lara- bawa; the Arabic language Arabiyya, larabchi.

I have sun yi ma ni, a yi ma ni; there a. Ingredients for making arrow poison are obtained from many different plants. Arrows are made from the reed-like plants, e. Asclepias gigantea, n. Jm kumya, jin kunya. I turn a. Balanites aegyptiaca, n. See under bag. Tsdda, i or ruwan Tsdda. Hausa Gr. The fol- lowing are some of the com- monest birds in Hausaland : bishop-bird, dala, mulufi ; bustard, the lesser b.

The following have not yet been identified : a small white diving b. Dlame 29 blister 3. Jitajini or Jidda jini, constr. I boasting, n. I did not b. I broiled, past part, soyayye or i soyeye, fern, soyayya, pi. I soyayyu. Trage- laphus scriptus mazo, ganjar. The expr. Jidda, Jita with da, fishe, e.

African palm civet or genet madadashi ; wild c. I caught cold sanyi ya kama ni lit. Malapteruruselectricus mm- jiriya K. Chad, pr. China, n. Christian, a, n. Christians; to become a C nasaranta. Christianity, n.

I civil-war, basasa. Hausas who are acquainted with clocks express ' o'clock ' thus, three o'clock sa'a uku ; half past eight o'clock sa'a takwas da shashi; karife is clogs also used in describing the time, as the hours are often marked by beating iron, thus, what time is it now?

CSlose by, adv. CoiJGfure, a helmet-shaped c. I have caught c. I am combing the hair of my head ina shata gashin kaina. Some idiomatic combinations of c. I condemn, tr. I have c. I do kana so? I am going to c. I contend, tr. I cord, n. TYiashimfida ; temporary c. Wane, feui. When d. The days of the week are : Sun. I deep, adj. I defect, n. I defend, tr. I defer, tr. I desolate, to make d. Ict'ada ; what d.

V, zamna, zauna. Hna; a black d. I echo, n. English, adj. Africa is used ; an Englishman would be mutum Ingilis. I entrap, tr. Jtchi, furche, tsira, gudu, kurchi, kurche, kubche, subuche, subiche. European, n. I continue travelling till e. I faint, intr. I filth, n. I flay 93 fly flay, tr. I was forced to go na taji tilas or wajibi ne na tafi. Diakwabta: friends tsarare; my friends yan- tiwana. Fulah, pr. Fillani, Fulani; the F. Jasping, n. Germany, pr.

God, pr. Allah, the plural allohi is used of idols. I roboba, robuna ; a g. Eragrostis tremula bum- bu7'uwa, bubbuTwa; a low coarse g. I greeted the man and he accepted my greeting na gaida mutum ya karbagaisuivata ; we g. I greeted them with my hand and departed na mika ma su hannu na tafi. Arachis hypogaea gyada ; a smaller species of g. Hausa, pr. Hausawa; the H. Idfiya; in h. Idfiya and da lafiya, frequently used in salutations, e. Idfiya lau ; to be in good h.

Jidda sartse, bi-ni-da-zugu, chi-ni-da-zugu. Hejira, the, n. Grammar; these stand also for Engl, 'hers. I have not heard this dadai ban ji wannan ha ; as h. I, 1st pers. I did not see liim ban ga7i shi ba ; see H. I shall go za ni taji ; I was wounded by a gunshot aka halbe ni da bindiga. As a prefix to a verb ni expresses the fut. It was I who went or I indeed went ni na tafi ; ni is also to be used in emphatic expressions, e. I myself ni da kaina ; I alone ni kadai ; is it I?

I idler, n. To be i. I imitate him ina kokkoyonsa. Tnahaukachi ba shi warkewa. I am indebted to you iiia da bashinka. Thus, in question and answer, indeed 1 indeed! Idmi, da Idmi, babu zaki. II intelligence, n. I intended to go da za ni tajiya, had I known I would not have thrown her down on purpose da na sani da ha najefa ta da gang an ha. This sense is expr. Irrigated, garden, n.

Jerusalem judgment Jerusalem, pr. Jesus, Isa, Yasuhi, the latter form represents the original Arabic name. Jew, gent. Kano, Kano the chief com- mercial town of the W. Jitachen sariki. Lagos, the town of Iko. Jltilu, Jitilai or Jitiloli ; 1. I laud thee ina yabonka, laudation, n. V, allow hari, har ; to 1. Idsa, lashe, suda ; to 1. Up load lip, n. Gecko tsdka ; sare- kutup, sarekutu, a small black- headed 1.

I loop, in a string, n. Icdatachchiya, lalatattu ; to be 1. Protopterus annectens gaiwa. Vfiahmi- kata; mai-hauka ; a m. IQagnitude, n. Medina, Madina. Mediterranean Sea, Bahar Ilmal. It is closely re- lated to the native spinach ; cf. Idka, tabo, pi. West Indian m. Mohammed, pr. Muham- madu, Muhammnad, Ahmadu, Ahamadu, dan Amina. Monday, n. God who is m. OUth, n. Protopterus annec- tens, n. R aiche nose niche, alkuki. Niger, Hausa name for the river ; n.

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Pharme Pharmb Pharmk Pharmf Pharma Pharmd Pharmc Ajimechikol Pharmg Ahetodzutev Anhananem Abugatadzuy Aeteguruh Apa saja tips belajar Bahasa Inggris agar cepat bisa? Mengingat Bahasa Inggris masih belum dikuasai oleh banyak remaja dan orang dewasa masa kini, hal ini menarik untuk dibahas. Bahasa Inggris sudah sejak lama menjadi bahasa dunia, sehingga kemunculannya ada di berbagai urusan di dunia ini. Kita akan menemukan Bahasa Inggris bahkan di bungkus permen sekalipun, di bungkus shampo, dll barang kecil seharga kurang dari lima ratus rupiah.

Teknologi berkembang cepat dan tak satupun yang menyingkiri Bahasa Inggris sekalipun vendor-vendor pembuatnya asli Asia dengan bahasa negaranya yang bukan Inggris. Artinya, Bahasa Inggris telah menempel disemua urusan manusia selama berabad-abad.

Mengapa harus belajar Bahasa Inggris? Mengapa banyak orang mencari tips belajar Bahasa Inggris secara kilat? Jawabannya tentu mudah, yaitu seperti paparan di atas. Banyak sekali referensi kemajuan hidup kita ini yang ditulis oleh orang asing dan menyajikannya dalam bahasa yang adil untuk dipahami semua orang, yaitu Bahasa Inggris.

Sehingga menjadi keniscayaan bagi semua warga dunia, baik anak kecil, remaja hingga orang dewasa untuk memahami bahasa dunia ini. Fakta berbicara, begitu banyak orang dewasa di berbagai negara yang tidak bisa berbahasa Inggris. Ini adalah akibat pendidikan yang telah ditempuh atau proses belajar yang telah dilalui sebelumnya yang kurang menekankan pembelajaran bahasa ini. Tips Diet Sehat Untuk Wanita KarierBelajar Bahasa Inggris yang dilakukan oleh orang tua memang berbeda dengan jika hal tersebut dipelajari oleh anak-anak, yang sama-sama secara berkelanjutan.

Proses belajar pada orang tua, ibarat menggambar di air, setiap coretan yang terjadi segera hilang memecah dengan gelombangnya. Sementara, proses belajar pada anak atau remaja, ibarat melukis pada batu, goresannya tahan lama. Oleh karena itu, mempelajari Bahasa Inggris diharapkan sudah dikuatkan sejak dini, sejak usia sekolah dasar, agar kosakata dan pembentukan kalimat bisa dikuasi dengan baik, yang mana akibatnya adalah kelancaran baik tertulis written maupun berbicara oral.

Saking pentingnya, sehingga dibuka banyak program studi kuliah Bahasa Inggris, baik pendidikan, murni, maupun sastra. Ashitakakuq Yixnem Tcqnem Mavnem Qnunem Ddjnem Dqmnem Bqynem Vfvmex Kdenem Lxxnem Xexnem Chfnem Akukek Krokek Fyzkek Urvkek

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