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BIRP! Indie Playlist September - Download Torrent/Zip - Stream - Best Indie Rock, Pop, Folk, Electro | BIRP! Top Hits of /Top Songs of · 1. Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye featuring Kimbra · 2. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen · 3. We Are Young - Fun.

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2012 pop playlist torrent

2012 pop playlist torrent

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It sounds off at first, but as the strings quiver and the unquantized drums tick along, every instance of the word becomes a knowing wink, a flash of intimacy. The song includes a spoken word intro in Spanish, along with violin, viola, contrabass, sitar, multiple guitars, horns, synths—even a Curtis Mayfield sample. With these words, Jordan builds a scarecrow outline of her relationship just to torch it all to the ground. For a virtuoso whose music explores the outer reaches of funk, yacht rock, and astral jazz, Thundercat has always shown a sensitive undercurrent.

In his first two solo albums, he slowed down a George Duke love anthem, sang adoringly about his cat, and composed a heart-wrenching tribute to a late friend. Then, in an interlude, his trusty bass falls away and he sings some ethereal oooohs , pinpointing a sweet spot between boldness and fragility.

This was the music video that launched a thousand pearl-clutching critiques, along with about as many think pieces about its radical significance. In it, Rihanna nonchalantly threatens her accountant with a phrase often wielded by men. In the process, she kidnaps and tortures his wife, before taking a chainsaw to his neck. There are umteen ways to read into the politics of this video: What kind of violence are we sensitized to, and what makes us squirm? What does it look like for a woman to be powerful and angry while also being feminine?

How are white women complicit in and benefitting from the bad behavior of white men? But ultimately, determining whether this video is Good and Feminist or Bad and Cancelled is futile; what freedom looks like for any woman cannot be simplified into one set of rules. Since the storm hit, Segarra continuously tried to find her way back to her ravaged ancestral homeland in a way that would allow her to give without taking.

She finally made it in December But Yorke never abandoned the studio version, eventually forgoing the experimental synthesizers and Rhodes piano he kept trying to make work in favor of soft piano chords. May the gods protect the DJ who cut away from the weepy grand pianos before the beat change—that switch-up is the point, the gas pedal.

Then, for extra horror-core effect, he adds a blood-curdling scream every few bars. The three-part, minute hyperspace cruise through time, styles, and cool-eyed character observations offered monumental proof that he was capable of miracles. Egyptian pharaohs, Las Vegas sex workers, uncredited John Mayer guitar solos—somehow, he made all of it sound like it belonged.

When Japandroids frontman Brian King graduated college, he watched his friends from small town British Columbia, Canada quickly settle into normalcy—weddings, mortgages, babies—and thought, Well, fuck that. So he started a band with drummer Dave Prowse and dreamed up a song about teenage abandon, blooming lust, and jumping out of bed to grab a beer with your best friend.

But the alliance that had seemed to foreshadow many more seasons of Cash Money primacy instead dissolved rather quickly, and all three artists have feuded with each other on and off ever since. Charli XCX is sonic science fiction. At her best, which she is here, Charli XCX cracks a key pop music code: doing as much with as little language as possible.

Kelela was an easy sell as an underground icon: Her vocals flexed with all the acrobatic skill her generation had learned from Janet, Brandy, and Mariah, while her style whet the palates of the ultramodern Opening Ceremony devotees who run the fashion world. The beats did the rest: The handclaps that drive the track forward are a call-to-action for hips and tongues across genres, from Miami bass to baile-funk to house, drenched in a synth-bed that sounds like a sunrise let-out from a Bed-Stuy afterhours club.

On the other end are pencil-sharp female rappers dragging the genre to new edges from behind cat-eye makeup. They aren't concerned with celebrating femininity, or anything else for that matter—they simply grab for your throat, no matter how you identify. Carefree nights have been poisoned by the constant threat of nuclear warfare; her beloved Malibu is ravaged by monstrous wildfires; nothing feels like it used to, and holding onto hope no longer seems plausible.

The end of the world has never felt so assured. For four heavenly minutes, the song suspends gravity, accompanying Jeremih with production as weightless as his voice: plinking pianos, gentle swooshes, and helium-infused trap drums that float toward blue sky like a bouquet of heart-shaped balloons. But the Life of Pablo opener is a group effort: an imperiled Kelly Price, an ecstatic Chance the Rapper, a reverential Kirk Franklin, a gale-force choir.

West seems to say. I know when to shut up. And yet Kanye is there, his friends are there, he fucks up and asks forgiveness, the seasons turn. What a difference a perfect pop song can make. For a moment, he was the most hated man-child on Earth. Then came this song, and everything changed. It started off as an affectingly whiny Bieber demo before the vocals were sent to Diplo and Skrillex, who tweaked and distorted and pitch-shifted them to match their future-pop dreams.

The result was discombobulating to the point of deliriousness—a reimagining of what Justin Bieber could be, and what a Top 10 hit could sound like. Justin Bieber]. A full year before the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across the U. It begins abruptly with its sickly, skittish beat that sticks like a broken delete key. Just as swiftly, the rapper starts dropping names of then-mysterious figures— Anwar , Jasper , Syd —as he inverts rap cliches into menacing quips.

You just want to follow this guy wherever he goes, even when he eats a cockroach in the video. Singing with hoarse gravity, Adele holds every note like a steely challenge to move forward even as she looks back, rarely flickering into melisma as the piano arpeggios churn below. There are all these elongated sounds—slowly arching snares, spilt treacle synths, vocals that stretch into the horizon—that act as lines of tension, gently bracing themselves for the inevitable.

But midway, after the introduction of a drumbeat and bassline, it takes on shades of trip-hop, as though filtering Patsy Cline through a Portishead prism. Rather than leaving country behind, the songwriter has chosen to explore the limits of its territory, and to expand them. He was just 15 years old when he posted the clip, but his weathered warble suggested someone several decades older—as do the lyrics, which had Marshall pulling from his adolescence while also transcending the simple angst typical of such an age.

But the original version, rough and raw and bracing, stands up best. In , we were introduced to Tough Drake. When you have everything, do you stay on your worst behavior forever? New York needed something fresh. But for a moment, his energy and personality brought New York hip-hop back into the spotlight. Hopelessness is not a common thing to find in a pop song. Of course. Lately, Rihanna has used her platform to speak out for a number of prominent causes: for reproductive rights , for Colin Kaepernick , against the president.

Calvin Harris]. Especially at the time, this rang very true. The Atlanta rapper had an enormous year in , with the release of his Drake collaboration What a Time to Be Alive along with one of his best albums, Dirty Sprite 2. Having reinvented himself so many times, his last musical effort was to bid farewell with that same grace and eternal curiosity. Then all that remains is the man, staring straight into the unfathomable and having the wisdom to offer no answers.

He cartwheeled through the track, singing in swooning howls, and in the process coining an inimitable sound that bottled the sensation of ecstatic liberation: whawp! Swift tells a big story by freezing time and honing in on small details, the kind that could seem like background noise to others: the scarf that her ex reportedly, Jake Gyllenhaal kept as a memento, the refrigerator light that illuminated midnight dance parties.

As Staples slides from parties to shootouts, danger is courted and eluded. Death is defied and embraced. Gangster rap is disparaged; gangsters endure. Though every detail is in 4K, the screen flickers. The bass quakes and smolders; the synths blare and pulse; the claps tingle. Because he sees his city so clearly, he has no illusions: No one can run forever. Only Natasha Khan remains by her side, and in her sweetest and deadliest ballad, she dedicates every ounce of her formidable self herself to propping up her lost friend.

As the song slowly made its way toward ubiquity, eventually peaking at No. As a refreshing alternative, Guy and Howard Lawrence created a track bound to an indestructible house beat and filled with the types of chord extensions more commonly found in jazz or Steely Dan albums than standard chart fare, allowing for Sam Smith to unleash their jaw-dropping vocals.

Today, the song remains a testament to a brave new world of democratized production, one where two brothers, a laptop, and an unknown superstar can move the world. Sam Smith]. The song was released between two pivotal projects: four years after her album Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams , an almost quaint love letter to Motown, and four years before her culture-shifting political purge, A Seat at the Table.

Disoriented by the end of something irreconcilable, she sees her relationship devolve from all-night makeout sessions to total static. Since the dawn of time, women have been fed up with the patronizing antics of men in music. In , newfound fame was weighing on Kendrick Lamar. He delivered the message that Compton—and everyone else—could put their faith in him. It is almost unfair how irresistibly danceable this song is, how it articulates a desire for closeness while laid over the kind of sparse but infectious beat that practically demands bodies shifting together.

Navigating romance publicly comes with being a public figure—which can be good when it is good, and agonizing when it is agonizing. Ariana Grande has had to do this through several iterations of her career, in ways that have sometimes felt unfair. All this came to a head in the fall of , when she was mourning both the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and a broken-off engagement to Pete Davidson. The song itself works against the somewhat dismissive sentiment of the title: The twinkling chorus is steeped in a kind of corny but joyful gratitude, for the past but also for the present self.

Crooning angelically, Grande reminds the masses that we choose to love people for a reason, even if that love is brief. No more trivial accusations of retrofetishism or John Lennon idol worship; with this heavy slab of space disco, Parker decidedly broke free of any preconceived notions about his abilities.

The riff—a simple, octave-leaping groove—stands alone, but the punchy drums and elaborate synth arrangements throughout cleared the stage for Tame Impala to claim their place as true psych-rock originals. But in our actual reality, Karin and Olof Dreijer got dark with their classic Silent Shout before making their grand return seven years later by inhaling radical theory and fully metamorphosing into their namesake—something steely, cutting, dangerous when necessary.

It primes you to leave it all on the dancefloor before waking up ready to throw a brick through the patriarchy. But her character shows no bitterness for the girlfriend in question. Instead, she gently coaches her lover through breaking up with the other woman, urging him to spare her feelings.

Over a reassuring backdrop of organ and piano, her voice gathers strength as she is swept away in a flood of images, words so vivid you can feel them beating in your hand like small, frightened birds. It is a nostalgic song, shot through with a sense of loss, but it is ecstatic in its synesthetic rush, its sublime sense of everything coming on at once.

As the song begins, she could be working out a sketch in her childhood bedroom, her voice just above a whisper and hung over rumbling, muted chords. An intensely physical connection settles into something deeper, and you can hear her fighting off love until her facade starts to crack. When she drops her guard to embrace love in all of its supernatural glory, it feels as bracing as a dip in a frozen lake.

SZA baited a new lovestruck generation by presenting herself as a work-in-progress, shamelessly hooked on rash decisions. The song that made Courtney Barnett an indie rock star involves a startlingly detailed narrative about the tension of literally being unable to breathe.

In it, she sets out to garden, and after some small talk about vegetables with a neighbor, she pulls her first weed and quickly has an asthmatic episode. Someone calls an ambulance, and her first thought is about how much this shit is going to cost. It begins with him singing over sunny guitars about an ex-lover, taking bitter swipes at their character. As the track switches into a woozy trap beat, Frank plunges back into the past.

Over yawning synths and brusque, almost-industrial bass, these hip-hop hellions offer a quick peek into the vulnerabilities of the super rich and famous while allowing us to ride the wave of their incomprehensibly lofty egos. Consider our brains eaten. The proposal is simple and familiar: escape, hand-in-hand, from reality. Fueled by a yearning saxophone riff and colossal drums, Jepsen gleefully repeats her heartfelt invitation until the rest of the world melts away.

Propelled to No. Gucci Mane]. Years before their network television debut, Future Islands earned a reputation for playing raucous shows at small clubs. Channeling the bravado of a Broadway actor, Herring sang to the studio audience as if it were his last chance. Even without the visual, the song is still a triumph. After seven years away, Fiona Apple returned to a world that better understood her, and she did it with music that seemed to better understand itself, too.

On her fourth album, The Idler Wheel You can hear clenched teeth, whitened knuckles, and a throat about to be shred. So she went to work and came back with a hit that made thoughtful use of its key elements: action-movie intensity, a proven flow courtesy of Florida rapper Kodak Black, and a bottomless array of bars that were easy to parrot and pre-baked for captions. By July, it was in radio rotation. By August, all kinds of fans knew the words.

And in September, it was a verified smash, unseating Taylor Swift at No. Her victory was genuinely ground-up and people-driven. That it was possible—or inevitable, and a precursor for more success to come—still feels triumphant. Then the drive exposes a second, inner tale, of a relationship paved with good intentions but now fraught with misgivings and anxieties.

With her lover behind the wheel, Newsom addresses some regrets that haunt the romance, namely her own confusion. This is an effusive ode to her broken-in, ride-or-die, monogamous romance and a swaggy reminder of exactly what will happen to him if he ever messes around. In the decade since M. Listen: M.

How can this guy be this seriously existential—reflecting on magnificence and the hallways of his life—when he hardly seems to be saying anything at all? In , after three years without a major release, FKA twigs shared a note on her absence: six fibroid tumors had grown in her uterus, causing massive swelling and excruciating pain.

For a performer whose force lies in mastery of the self, the medical crisis posed an existential threat: Where to go when the body becomes a site of conflict? Beneath her vocal acrobatics, the lullaby piano warps and degrades without ever changing key, and its three-and-a-half minutes occupy and stretch out the brief tremor we experience when something cherished threatens to break. I have what you want , the elastic bassline promises. But you need to come a little closer.

He preserves the air of cocktail-bar elegance until the last moment, when a distant siren whooshes into the periphery. Some bliss-out tunes adapt easily to your surroundings, scaling down to soundtrack housework or a morning commute. The horror of drone warfare is that it has no constraints. Operated remotely, designed for stealth, and unburdened by national borders or human rights, drones can deliver war at any time, to any place.

Lost within those body counts, mission logs, and intelligence reports are real people. Before that, though, there was Aubrey Graham at the horizon, hungry and eager to prove his prowess. In the fall of , Drake released Nothing Was the Same , which found him at the summit of his powers. Majid Jordan]. It's the most desperately human Koenig has ever sounded, as he clings to the only thing he can still believe in. In , Kanye West was just starting to lean into his heel turn.

Its second single was a self-aware, if not quite repentant, exploration of what it means to be a chronic dickhead. His unbridled, unapologetic id became the governing force of not only his increasingly dodgy career decisions but of the nation, too, so steadily we barely even noticed.

Pusha T]. Jamie, like many of his listeners, was barely walking in that era, much less raving. Over gigantic drums and gleaming synthesizers, he unleashes a torrent of horrors pulled straight from the headlines, including but not limited to: police brutality against black people, fake news, the Syrian refugee crisis, the prison industrial complex, and the opioid epidemic. Had he delivered these realities as a long, sober list, the track would have been too grim, too exhausting.

In the early s, Chief Keef was a True Religion jeans-wearing teenager whose main concern was escaping house arrest. With its harsh, gut-wrenching street talk over a Young Chop production that incorporated thudding drums, tinny chimes, and horror-film melodies, the song established drill music as a legitimate hip-hop subgenre.

Kanye West would even tap Keef for a remix of the track, which landed on G. Lil Reese]. There is no more perfect way to describe life than as embarrassing. But embarrassing? What could be more mortifying than living earnestly in a world determined to make a joke out of everything? Ferreira, an L. At one point, he describes the final exchange between a longing crowd and a reticent performer. Later, he finds himself on a hotel bed, tuned in to a muted television. Even the instrumental, which producer TM88 recorded using an old computer and a Beats Pill, is irresistible.

For a while, few took Uzi seriously as a hitmaker. When Lana Del Rey first arrived, she was bored and glamorous, looking by turns like a queen of Old Hollywood and like she was too young to be smoking. Tolling church bells, harp arpeggios, and chilly gasps of electric air swirl around submerged hits, as Lana, low and smooth, sounds self-assured or desperate or even sarcastic. It was outright depressing, and she made it look good. It will be played endlessly, hopefully in less toxic times—not during rallies, or when a candidate walks onstage, but in quiet moments when we need to reflect, recharge, and rediscover our own beauty.

The Japanese-American indie rocker feels the pull of her heritage and the traditions her parents raised her with, and must accept they are incompatible with his. Instead, she offers rougher truths, and none wiser than in this song: Over grandly ringing arena guitars and the kind of distortion that can drown out saner thoughts, Mitski elegantly releases her love, in a sad yet prideful push, valuing herself above tempting conformity.

How did her Captain America take this? Did he object? This song is not about his experience. It was also a YouTube smash before the industry knew what to do with those. And although her personal controversies have largely overshadowed her music by now, this singular track can still raze anything that dares get in its way. On December 27th, , in the thin air of a commercial airliner flying back to Los Angeles, Frank Ocean typed a few hundred words that slowly darkened the glow of a laptop screen.

They told the story of his first love—a man—and that nameless summer longing that whistles through us all. Supreme Court would strike down the ban on same-sex marriage, but just days before he surprise-released his official debut, Channel Orange. I can hear the sky falling, too. We all have that one summer, that one love that altered the course of our lives. Though the song was thoroughly and specifically for and about black women and their unseen labor, the whole world was quick to rally behind another Bey hit.

But it will live on as a reminder of the slow, persistent, daily work of organizing and the power of resilience and protest—the importance of holding grief, anger, hope, and pride side by side. It is a place where you strap on headphones like armor and try to block out humanity. But everything changed for a few minutes on the night of March 8, Vincent to Taylor Swift to worshipfully follow.

In the seven years since Grimes released her breakout hit, increasingly outlandish cycles of outrage have engulfed the Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer born Claire Boucher. Most recently, it was her loyalty to a future A. Endurance, it assures, will ensure a more positive tomorrow.

Fighting is the only way we know forward. It was around the time people became tragically familiar with names like Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland, and when nine black people were shot and killed inside of a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina. As a cornerstone of the BlackLivesMatter canon, the song seemed like a beacon of light ushering us away from terror.

You could argue that things are worse now than they were then, that its hope was misplaced. It is a defense mechanism, pining for an aspirational future—maybe even a nonexistent one—as it helps us cope with our chaotic present.

For the entire s, from Section. Pitchfork Radio. Sugar Trap. Scorpio Music. Boy Better Know Entertainment. Quality Control. Dirty Hit. Young Turks. Third Man. Loma Vista. Drag City. La Vida. Wild Ones - Flo Rida featuring Sia Some Nights - Fun. Wide Awake - Katy Perry Good Feeling - Flo Rida Whistle - Flo Rida One More Night - Maroon 5 Drive By - Train The Motto - Drake featuring Lil Wayne Where Have You Been - Rihanna Everybody Talks - Neon Trees Take Care - Drake featuring Rihanna Titanium - David Guetta featuring Sia It Will Rain - Bruno Mars Boyfriend - Justin Bieber Too Close - Alex Clare Part of Me - Katy Perry Feel So Close - Calvin Harris Someone Like You - Adele Scream - Usher Rack City - Tyga Domino - Jessie J Gangnam Styl - PSY International Love - Pitbull featuring Chris Brown Home - Phillip Phillips Without You - David Guetta featuring Usher Wanted - Hunter Hayes Drunk On You - Luke Bryan No Lie - 2 Chainz featuring Drake Want U Back - Cher Lloyd Springsteen - Eric Church Brokenhearted - Karmin Back in Time - Pitbull Work Out - J.

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Wild Ones feat. Flo Rida. Wild Ones. Good Time. The Midsummer Station. Work Hard, Play Hard. Deluxe Version. I Won't Give Up. Jason Mraz. Justin Bieber. Believe Deluxe Edition. Mercy feat. Kanye West. The Motto feat. Lil Wayne [Bonus Track]. Take Care Deluxe Version. Part of Me. Bruno Mars. Die Young Deconstructed Mix.

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Big Sean. Turn Me On feat. Nicki Minaj [Mixed]. Good Girl. Carrie Underwood. Blown Away. The One That Got Away. Young Jae. Mesto - Leyla. Phao, Ty. Kari Garay Original Mix Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u X, Gabry Ponte - Monster Kid Ink Basstrologe - Somebody To Love SZA DaBaby Topic, A7S - Breaking Me Cardi B - Up Doja Cat Britney Spears - Gimme More ElyOtto - SugarCrash!

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Imagine Dragons - Follow You. The Weeknd - Save Your Tears. Dotan - Numb. Sam Smith - Diamonds. Shouse - Love Tonight Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits Minelli - Rampampam INNA - Flashbacks The Weeknd - Take My Breath Cassette - My Way Eneli, Monoir - 3 to 1 Unklfnkl - Oh My Darling Jason Derulo - Acapulco Kungs - Never Going Home Bulow - Revolver Rompasso - Tesla Kaii - Don't Speak Imagine Dragons - Follow You The Weeknd - Save Your Tears Dotan - NUMB Sam Smith - Diamonds Bronski Beat - Why!.

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Twocolors - Bloodstream. The Sugarhill Gang - Apache. Tom Gregory - River. Orlando - Latino Bandolero. The Morris Minor Project - 25 Years. C-Ro - Lost On You. Lost Frequencies - Rise. Gossling - Harvest Of Gold. Slayyyter - Venom. Willow - Wait A Minute!. Vlx - Chase.

Katja Krasavice - Highway. Jan Delay Und Marteria - Eule. C Arma - Yapma. Little Mix - Break Up Song. Younotus - Chucks. Nick Jonas - This Is Heaven. Michael Schulte - Stay. Olivia Rodrigo - Drivers License. Dua Lipa - Levitating. Jonas Brothers - Karol. Erika - I Don't Know. Purple Disco Machine - Fireworks.

Alex Dattilo - Azucar. Stylus Robb - Bye Bye Bye. Mark Forster - Drei Uhr Nachts. Justin Wellington - Iko Iko. Cro - Alles Dope. Jc Stewart - Break My Heart. Lokura Mira - Suelte. DJ Chama - Toca Toca. Jessie J - I Want Love. Summer Sun - Command Me. Leony - Faded Love. Atb Topic A7s - Your Love.

Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities. Monet - Spotlight. Ofenbach - Wasted Love. Loona - Dance On My Own. DJ Matrix - Fury Sax. Groove Stata - Somewhere Tonight. Milow - Asap. Major Lazer Ft. Sia - Titans. Felix Jaehn - I Just Wanna.

Firebeatz - I Wanna. Capital Bra - Blessed. Wei - White Light. Bausa And Apache - Madonna. Twice - First Time. Alesandi feat. Britney Jayy - Starlight. Addison Rae - Obsessed. Monchi - Wie Heisst Du!. Pascal Letoublon - Friendships. Glasperlenspiel - Geiles Leben Nelly Furtado - All Good Things Kidz Bop Kids - Blinding Lights Alex Megane - One Million Feelings Flo Rida vs War - Low Rida A7s - Nirvana Jennifer Lopez - Cambia El Paso Tonystar - Today Radio Mix Kevin Johnson - Happy Phantom Lorenz Bueffel - Johnny Daepp Riton - Friday Glockenbach - Redlight Enrique Iglesias - Me Pase Depeche Mode - Strangelove Zoe Wees - Girls Like Us No Angels - Something About Us Britney Spears - Change Your Mind Robin Schulz - One More Time Pietro Lombardi - Warum Magic Box - 4 Your Love Dua Lipa - Were Good Deladap - Summer Rain The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha The Adventures - Dirty Cash Bts - Butter Lil Nas - Montero Jason Derulo - Love Not War

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