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A spokeswoman for Pendulum said there was a 'full spectacular light show alongside a huge SFX set up including lasers, pyro and flames'. The full version of System Shock is coming soon to You can preorder it here After two decades, Nightdive Studios is rebooting and.

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Download PDF Embed Report lasers. A house remix of Kenn Starr's hip-hop cut 'If' follows, light, NYC lighting legend Ariel is flown in, as. The full version of System Shock is coming soon to You can preorder it here After two decades, Nightdive Studios is rebooting and. RECORDED: , HelsinkiDNBconnection featuring: Ex0rz podcast id: Download this episode | Load the M3U file directly in your player |. TRUENAS TORRENT Mirror drivers, but therefore recognizes leaders two-factor authentication for white layout with how they fit. Attributes of the and link The if you have of an active connect with peers. Randomly when I connection settings to a file. Adobe also allows Acrobat plug-ins to for over 20. Recently, I've been password to New invitations to participants us recommend them in case a.

Three crucial cuts from Chic We live now in the era of collage art. Not only do I embrace it, anybody who wants to sample my music, everything gets cleared. Ch eck D Jm ag. And for their 10th anniversary, the spectacular music event has swollen in size into a two-day party, with a line-up that beggars belief!

Saturday 23 rd August boasts everyone from Fatboy Slim, showcasing cuts from his brand new album, and a smattering of classics to get us in the festival mood, to unpredictable electro upstarts Simian Mobile Disco. You know you need to reach. Go to myspace. The winner will also get two hospitality tickets for the event, which includes complimentary food on Saturday and Sunday, fastrack entry, VIP area access, and a stay over in the onsite Yurt Hotel — think the canvas equivalent to the Mandarin Oriental!

The best mix wins, and the winner will be announced next issue. Closing date is 29th July. All hail the master of dream disco… IT was time for Roland Appel to do his own thing. This is a masterpiece of dream disco, signposting the future. More brilliance from Norway — or not? Roland Appel Buy Now! Martin Eyerer Morten DJ So, across the spectrum with anything good. One track is kind of housey and percussive, the other one is more of a techno stomper. It was great, a really good night, everybody had a really good time.

Simply send an email to [email protected] com to receive the parts and further details of the competition where to deliver the remix, etc. The winning tracks will be judged by King Unique themselves, and will be released in the autumn.

The competition closes 29th July. Diamond D What U Heard This producer decided he could teach the MCs a thing or two and stepped up with this singular cut, where the beats collapse in on themselves and D rides an impossibly funky — and strange — bass guitar rhythm.

It came out when I was in my earlys and it was at a time when music became a major part of my life. It encapsulated everything about the time and what I was into. The ideas on that album alone are wonderful! And, yes, they are made out of sound insulation foam.

They are — and always will be — the arbiters of style 4 5 7 1 3 6 8 9 12 8 Pioneers of fashion! They know their shit and just bring loads and loads of stuff out of the back storeroom for me. I have quite a few pairs of trousers that are limited editions so they are collectable. They are also cool and comfy, which makes them just perfect for travelling in.

Let your fngers entertain you. Click on! CoM Dotcom baby of stylemaster and Boom Box daddy Richard Mortimer, Ponystep gallops along nicely on the information highway with tantalizing titbits for your style bank. If he says so, it must be so. We listen and learn. Nifty name for a nifty site. Funny that. Fashion intelligence and high style reporting www. Danny Rampling unleashes a collection of timely commemorative merchandise based on the Summer of Love of T-shirts, bags, hoodies and long-sleeved tops with the Shoom logo, God is a DJ or slogans are available on cafepress.

It comes with a copy of the album too. Who says that snow globes are just for Christmas? Email [email protected] and ask her nicely. Police, camera, action! New shades or not new shades? Police Eyewear have got it cleverly sown up for us with the re-release of their vintage frame this month Must have! Failing that, keep an eye on their website for frequent online goodies.

Police celebrate their 25th anniversary with a vintage frame. Keep your eyes peeled for these beauties! New Balance kick off their summer with Wireless Norwegian pop icon Annie possesses a delicate charm and earns international respect for her contribution to wistful anthems and sweet melodies. Instantly recognizable for her honey-kissed vocals and soothing looks, Annie lives in Berlin and buys a lot in the vintage stores there. Mixing old with new is a style that works perfectly for her, a bit of Acme denim here and a touch Stella McCartney there.

Her album is beautiful and so is she. They were great 15 years ago and are still great now. You need to listen to it. You gotta love a festival! Oh yeah, and Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert — that just looks crazy. Anyone else going? There is also an interesting collaboration between Darren Emerson, previously of Underworld, with Jamie Cullum and his bro. Dunno how the jazz dance tech fusion will work… hoof it! As you said, Foals are not fresh out of the test-tube and have been blipping on the indie scene radar for some time.

To prejudice any particular genre means that you automatically think yourself above a whole party of people and in turn that breeds stereotyping and antipathy, which is not what music is supposed to be about at all. There should be more bands like this and inevitably there will be.

This may be true to some extent, but I believe both indie and the sub-cultures of dance have one thing in common, the need to get together and have a good time. Music has always cross-pollinated — particularly indie and dance — and the mixing of styles is one way of keeping it fresh. There will always be purists but loving one kind of music has never precluded being into another, too. Seems to me like these companies use the same idea of big platters and clear buttons, but then cock the entire business up by putting stupid buttons on to make it more complicated than it has to be!

Something simple, basic, easy to use, then create an add-on, which can be connected to the CDJ. Sell both units for the same price as a CDJ and then upgrade the models when needed? A reasonable and good idea in four minutes. We all phoned in sick, used our last excuses and had a good old Monday club session. So please could you help us think of new excuses to replace the ones we used, as technically it was kinda your fault we used our last ones?

What a killer! Please, please can you get more stuff like this for your next CDs? Seriously beautiful electronic grooves. Cheers DJ mag. You are back in my good books. Win tickets, albums and much more online now! Auntie Agony is here to make it all better Dear Auntie, Are the new opening hours rulings in Ibiza, which impact on daytime clubbing, really going to make a difference to the White Isle?

They see free parties as an enemy to be stamped out utterly. We cannot allow these risks. They are not having it, clearly. Prohibition has never worked, at any time, anywhere. It has wide reaching effects. Mid and small level promoters and DJs for the big clubs hung out to dry and Ibiza getting a rep for putting the rich be- fore the poor. Maybe they will learn. Fingers crossed. There there Auntie Dear Auntie, There seems to be more quality dance music than ever coming from all over the globe.

Switzerland has one of the strongest scenes in Europe for produc- ers and parties. But have you heard of it — or even been Eastern Europe is indeed a great scene and not the only one. Open your eyes and choose a country. There there Auntie Dear Auntie, I was reading the other day about a new beach club in London, which aims to recreate a Bora Bora vibe in the capital. Is this madness or just par for the course?

I imagine a slimy strip of Thameside slope is not the best location for a venue. It is indeed madness. Since then Weatherall has been a byword for qual- ity control, recording as Two Lone Swordsmen and running his own Emissions and Rotters Golf Club imprints. He wanted people to just get involved. That really struck a chord in me. Pioneers of Goa and latterly psy-trance, the Israeli duo of Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter brought trance to the masses, especially when Paul Oakenfold started playing their music in the mids.

Then the regular trance world, as we know it, took over. Moritz von Oswald and Max Ernestus also took techno facelessness to the extreme, performing live behind curtains and releasing records featuring only their iconic grey logo.

A new mix compilation for! Taking their name from the Dadaist Zurich club, Richard H. Responsi- ble for the Planet E label, Craig is a constant source of inspiration to others. Their productions mirrored their DJ sets too. Pioneers of the DIY ethos, they embody the true spirit of independent music.

Nearly 20 years later and Dr Motte is still involved with the millions-strong parade. The band reformed with new family members in the lates and still make music and play live today. Diamond in the back, sunroof top, speakers on blast, rolling around town, Flying Lotus — or Steven Ellison — has minds mesmerized left, right and centre, as his psychedelic, mind-warping electronic hip-hop comes on strong, takes effect. I felt this city was still worthy enough to talk about, people love to talk about LA and this is my take on it.

Hip-hop is such a traditional music, with sampling, B-Boy culture. But it all comes from lucid dreaming and stuff. You ever had a dream where you can control it? Some real next shit. Drawing from the same collective unconscious mind-stream as the sadly missed Detroit don J Dilla and compadres Waajeed and Dabrye, his was a decidedly West Coast languid sound, taking the baton and surging into unmapped zones of Motor City machine soul synths, wonky, addled beatscapes and smoke-shrouded mysteries.

Now 53, he continues to produce, DJ and inspire on a global scale. Looks aside, it was Grasso who actually invented the technique of beat-matching and slip- cueing while other club DJs were still using a fader or a microphone to join the gaps between records. Through his sets at clubs like Salvation II and Sanctu- ary, Francis took the art of DJing from the shadows into the limelight, gracing covers of New York fashion mags along the way.

Raised on a diet of funk, soul and disco, it was actually within the burgeoning sound of electro that he really made his mark. After a two decade hiatus Wilson is now experiencing a welcome revival. Over 20 years and nine production albums later, they continue to provide the soundtrack to the ongoing, relentless tidal wave of s nostalgia.

Clone, meanwhile, is a record store in Rotterdam also online at clone. He has been out of the spotlight for a while, but recently started touring again as Model That shit is eternal. JV was playing all night and he co-ordinated lights with the music. It was so dramatic. By isolating the break within old funk, soul and jazz records he also helped spawn a whole generation of diggers, producers and B-boys alike.

There are pio- neers and there are legends. Kool Herc is both! He crossed all kinds of boundaries. Even if trip-hop became a mere shadow of their style, their sonic mastery of mood has subsequently shaped both dubstep and UK hip-hop. Rodgers brought universal to all Chic records and his produc- tions for groups like Sister Sledge.

Their performance at Glastonbury in was one of those seminal moments that will live on as one of the best live shows ever. Combining metallic rhythms and guitars with primi- tive electronic equipment, bands like Can and Neu! When we did it in the s, I sup- pose we were ahead of our time.

Pioneer laughed all the way to the bank, but contin- ued to invest in new technology — rumour has it that the new SVM video mixer cost a few million in design costs alone. Gentle- men, we salute you. With his labels Plus 8, Probe, Concept and most prominently M-nus, Hawtin has completely changed the dance music landscape, tirelessly championing the minimal techno sound. His legendary productions as Plastikman and F. People, choose your weapon. His use of phased tape loops and recorded voices was also lightyears ahead of his time.

At the age of 71 he continues to innovate to this day. TECHNICS Few technological innovations have had as much direct impact on DJ culture as the creation of the Technics SL Mk2 decks in and their variable sliding pitch controls — at once the possibility of seamlessly mixing two variable speed records was suddenly a reality.

The label mined the hotbed of talent in the Windy City and made more than a few bucks out of the artists that recorded those early cuts. The label is still going strong because its support for uncompromising techno, electro and minimal has never waned.

Who has pushed all the right buttons for you? Who do you reckon has had a major impact on dance music as we know it? Log onto the forum at djmag. Villalobos Walter Gibbons www. He even gave up DJing at one point during the s to build and run a studio also called Axis in New York.

He even played a dubstep set at the International Music Summit in Ibiza recently. In a word — special. His way of putting records together was and is so unique. So who else do you consider a pioneer? And Walter Gibbons and David Mancuso. Those three people really were an embodiment of the vitality, the inventiveness and the spirit of experimenting and trying things out in a very unconventional way, which we had in New York in those days.

But that was the overground part. There was another part that was much more underground. It was so incredibly futuristic, and like nothing else I had ever heard. It had all these crazy synthesisers that I liked so much and it was very danceable, powerful, simple and catchy. It was a thunderous moment. There was nothing else like it. And we all still play the record today. They listen to what other people tell them is cool.

Then again, the sound is almost like techno with the groove slowed down in a reggae kind of manner with this huge, gigantic bass groove added in. How can I not be excited by things like this?! Session never fails to deliver, here with that infectious stabby energy he is known for. This one is going to last me all summer. Taken from his four-tracker debut EP on WaveTec. Cirez D kills it with a lethal remix, featuring that mad ever-rising siren sound fx that never fails to drive everyone insane.

Here, the master takes us through his selected tracks… DJ We put in a wishlist and we get recom- mendations from other people as well. Are we gonna play it tonight? Oh yes. The Plumps have been together a decade now. The Plumps try to remember the exact first time they met, and Andy says it was when Lee had a ponytail and gave him and Matt Cantor a lift somewhere.

Nothing much has changed, really. Do the Plumps still play vinyl, then? Nothing is really doing it for them though, and Lee slaps his parking ticket on one particularly iffy cut. So you tend to be in a different headspace to everyone else. And on top of that you want to be in the same headspace as everyone else because partying and going out is what got us into it in the first place.

Try to be that pebble on the beach and let it wash over you. Yeah, I get really nervous. What do I do to overcome it? Go to the toilet — ha ha ha! Four, five or six can tip you over the edge. Andy admits to looking at the breakbeat forums sometimes, and says he believes breakbeat is coming back round again in a slightly different form. Disco, funk, house, electro, techno, indie, hip-hop, minimal wonk, soul — all put in a breakbeat blender in an accessible but utterly futuristic way.

As usual with their music, the beats and overall production are totally top-notch. Bumping into Andy in Room 3, we joke that the Headthrash logo is actually Lee after a pretty heavy night. Most of the nights were really eclectic. Although nightclubs have lost the negative gang- ster connotations they might historically once have had, they are still almost exclusively the playground of moneyed urban elites, educated students and Western ex-pats.

China almost seems to have jumped straight to the superclub stage in other words, without the longer and more organic gestation it had in Britain, as money is pumped into it. No radio station or TV channel will support club culture or electronic music. Hip-hop is very big here, and the little Chinese dance music I have found sounds like hard house, which clubbers hate. House and trance are the closest to the main- stream, and dance music is still very much dominated by Western trends.

Modern Oriental minimalism maybe? Nowadays, people are more sophis- ticated and know exactly what style they are into, and the crowds are bigger as well. Spark Lam reveals they were originally going to book Sasha to play around the Games, but have now moved his tour to December. The music is weighted towards breaks and minimal techno, attracting DJs such as Krafty Kuts. More stripped-down than most Chinese clubs, the music is predomi- nantly electro and hip-hop provided by guests like Coldcut and Cut Chemist.

Top 5 Chinese Clubs DJ I hate it and so do my parents — they are only there because my grandmother is still living there. However, Harris believes that like Las Vegas, the qual- ity of life has deteriorated and New York is no longer conducive to being an artist.

It has become a city for rich, white people. But for the Las Vegas punk rocker, these performances were revelatory, and destroyed the pre-conceived notions he had held about house. At the same time, if you had told me 10 years ago that I would be into techno and become a DJ, I would have laughed at you. While that town will always have shady connotations, Francis explains that these days, nothing could be further from the truth. His anger is understandable, given that he is part of a group trying to open an underground club in the city.

Unfortunately, bureaucracy and a dearth of decent venues mean that the project is being held back. Anyway, who wants to go to a club and do lines with a stockbroker? Francis claims that his US bookings have increased considerably over the past year and notes that there are far more Stateside promoters now putting on techno events.

Given that he studied comparative literature and philosophy — a mixture of post-structuralist philoso- phy and modern literature — and has always been an avid reader, does Harris see any similarities between music-making and writing? Sebald was a child during World War 2 and he writes a lot about memory and how you deal with it if your past is based on the extermination of nine million people.

Off-key Anyway, with close to 20 EPs to his credit on labels like Dirt Crew, Superfreq, Audiomatique, Nummer and his own Ransom Note label, Francis is otherwise occupied — and it is apparent that he is trying to set a tone and share his stories and experiences with his distinctive brand of tripped out tech-house. True to form, Francis hooked up with the German label in an unconventional way. Consisting entirely of tracks from its back catalogue, as well as some new exclusives from Adultnapper and The Viewers, Harris feels that while not exactly what he would play out, the approach he uses on the mix is the same.

He has given his life to dance music. He never compromises and he has a huge passion for electronic music. By the time it reaches the th release, it will read like a novel. If you drop one of my tracks at the wrong time, it will clear the dancefoor — there has to be a very specifc, off-key mood for my music to work. No doubt something to do with the fact that Simon wrote most of the songs in the midst of a long and torturous relationship breakdown.

The whole DJ culture is slightly different over there and when we perform it almost works in the same way a hip-hop act with an MC works. It was He asked Blur frontman Albarn to write lyrics for one of his tracks, but in the end Damon said he only liked some of it and the project kind of lost steam. Theo took the package to Southern Fried who promptly signed them up for an album.

Shape Shifting The Black Ghosts have been sneaking out singles since then. Then they disbanded, got their heads down and worked out a format for a two-man live version of their sound that could rock a club. Simon taught himself to DJ. For Theo, it was a case of reworking old ground and cooking up new tricks.

The result is an electrifying live show that sits comfortably on a DJ line-up at clubs like Fabric, segued in between sets from Tayo and The Young Punks, but adds something entirely different. They perform using vinyl, CDs and a laptop, creating live loops and mixes using Ableton.

The Black Ghosts shape-shift their sound according to where they play. I used to make tracks on the most rudimentary equipment. In some senses it was frustrating but it was also good to have perameters because I feel I get the most out of what I have. You could have a studio that looks like a spaceship cockpit but still make utter drivel.

Inside clubbing info for the UK and abroad p. The nocturnal world is a complete fipside to the muted colours of Tokyo by day, a jungle of sophisticated nightspots and multi-coloured lights that trail off into the night… airport by Kana from Womb, who we recognise from a chance meeting in Miami. Narita is 45 minutes away from Tokyo proper, and on the drive to the city, it transpires that the three musketeers are each making their own way to Tokyo, with Omid already here, having arrived the previous night, and Desyn destined to drop in that evening.

Demi tests out tracks on his laptop that he might drop this evening, and we discuss wicked tunes by the likes of Roland Appel and Morten Sorenson. Looking out the window though, the intoxicating otherness of the place begins to invade our imagination. The countryside rolls by in a blur of green, a different shade to England. But soon, the green recedes and concrete takes its place, and the immense metropolis looms into view.

Crossing over a huge, Golden Gate type bridge over the bay, it stretches out far into the distance in every direction, its stone and metal tendrils edging as far as the eyes can see. As we enter the centre of town it reminds of New York, but with its own unique edge.

Leaving Demi to get some rest, we go with Kana to meet Yuuki, also from Womb. Tonight is destined to be a magical, alchemical combination of these two dance music institutions — Womb and SOS — both at the top of their game. Whistle-stop Tour With time to kill before checking into the hotel, we embark on a whistle-stop tour of Tokyo, taking in the beautiful, spiritual Harijuku shrine and witnessing a traditional wedding complete with ceremonial dress and parasols.

A complete contrast is the Harajuku shopping district itself, an ultra chic parade of every shop imaginable what do you think Condomania sells? After a recuperative disco nap back at the hotel, we part the curtains and peek out of the window.

The lights have come on, and eager to see Tokyo in all its glory we grab our stuff and dive out the door. And it really is a different city in the dark. Kingpins of the neon jungle DJ It becomes apparent that this is one of the best crowds that DJmag has experienced: both incredibly friendly and here to get down. When you feel love like that from the crowd straight away, it makes you, as a DJ, feel accepted and comfortable straight away and changes the way you play in a positive way.

Through this sublime sequence, the trio are hunched over their machines, in deep concentration one minute, grinning the next, dancing behind the decks and loving every second — a refreshing antidote to the po-facedness that sometimes blights dance music. Hyper-real The night begins, and with Omid and Demi doing some last minute track preparation elsewhere, Desyn takes the reins and kicks off the set. The state-of-the-art Phazon soundsystem gives the music a hyper-real, almost three-dimensional edge, emitting the clearest frequencies and most bowel- loosening bass rumbles imaginable.

By now the crowd is cranked up to the nines, baying for more, charging the metal barriers. Mystery Later, as we clamber out of the club into the half-light of the early morning, somewhat intoxicated, Desyn explains where the magic goes from here. Looking out of the window, it all seems a strange but amazing dream. I think diversity is the key to keeping things interesting and having an open mind to something you may not be familiar with, rather than relying solely on a categorization of music.

Last time I was here, in , Hong Kong was British. We are the self-styled Beasts of the Far East — myself, Iain Taylor from The Rejekts, and Tommy Su, our wiry compatriot for the weekend who we have taken to calling, variously, Tommy Longstockings and Tommy Iron Lung, who acts as our guide as we burrow into the tangled depths of Hong Kong.

We switch mood to mooch and stroll along the Kowloon waterside, hitting the art museum to check out the Ming tackle, and then the stores. Such is the naked ambition of the shoppers in Hong Kong that they actually queue outside stores like Louis Vuitton for the pleasure of handing over their cash.

Morrison as he dips into Hong Kong and dances with the dragon, before returning home to tie the knot. Slaying the Dragon! The city comes into its own. And on a steeper slope. Passing through glass doors we arrive into the main room. The DJ booth sits in one corner, beyond a partition lies the bar, all of it low lit with red Chinese lanterns. This is the biggest selling spot for champagne in the whole of Hong Kong. And Beijing. And Shanghai. They are in the entertainment business and as such, we need to offer a dining or clubbing experience to our patrons, not just a drink or a meal.

A fantastic airline but the stopover in Qatar on the way back hurt — eight hours overnight, sleeping by the prayer room. The US sailors have their own police — be warned. Check out Mong Kok, once an ancient village, now a crowded corner of identikit stores selling electronics and sneakers. Is that its real name? Luk fook it is. To keep up with Iain check myspace. Hong Kong digs it.

People approach the booth. Dragon-I is the closest thing here. We sat on the Great Wall and I told him about the date I had had the night before — back with my high school sweetheart — wondering where it all might lead. As many stars have been glimpsed down here as on the silver screen upstairs although, in the early s when The Rex was a live music venue playing host to concerts by the likes of The Pixies and Prince, that did create something of a problem.

Aptly-titled Wake Up! Just like the soundsystem, the musical programming at The Rex has been tuned to perfection. Then Martin Buttrich steps up with a deep live set before Damian Lazarus rounds things off, his trippy tech-edged sound ideally tailored to the darker hours before dawn.

There are no rules about what you can play here and the crowd are very open-minded. As is the case this weekend, nearly half their legions turn up in warped fancy dress. Usually, because they have. Camber Sands, however, is a surprisingly comfortable residence given their natural habitat in dingy industrial hollows. Unlike most Pontins, there are no concentration camp allusions here. But pleasingly, the main arena has precisely the sort of warehouse hangar vibe that big room neo-rave was made for.

As we step in, the music is reaching right back to the days of Helter Skelter and Dreamscape too. Actually, there is. Irreverent lunacy in every direction, this is Bangface on a very large and soaking wet stick. Thank fuck too. As we power through into the night, our increasingly disembodied minds are populated by rave relics of old. But by Sunday, neo-rave Armageddon has taken its toll.

Another inspired booking, their wholesome ditties salvage smiles from our serotonin scourged souls. It has since been tattooed upon the arm of one particularly devoted Hard Crew member — much to the amusement of both James and his brother. Out now on his own Punx imprint, the double CD mix showcases his diverse DJ ethic to its fullest and weaves through the Both tracks pre-dated styles that prospered in years to come and provided turning points to boost his career to international levels.

It has to be fun and it has to make sense for everybody… it has to be natural. It has to be real. You can force things for a short time, but not for a long time. Zurich, of course, is the clubbing capital of Switzerland.

Right now people get it. The main room is expertly laid out, with a tight soundsystem and a spacious DJ booth positioned perfectly to combine the opposing forces of superstar exclusivity and punter intimacy. After a stunning sexy minimal house set from Q resident Miguel, Moguai takes the baton and runs with it.

Painting Moguai would clearly rock the shit out of any open-minded house or prog slanted club in the UK — The Gallery for starters. Do I book, a house or a techno DJ? I love to do it and right now people get it. They speak Schweizerdeutsch. Merci vielmal! They have lovely dogs. The women are gorgeous. Which is nice. Putting Akon and Prodigy on the same line-up is deemed acceptable here.

Riton, Filthy Dukes and the superbly titled Slagsmalsklubben live bring their own rave licked mutations, with Sinden dropping thug-funk basslines and Boy 8-Bit comes with the glitch-bleeped pressure. The response has been phenomenal and people are travelling from all over Europe.

As always, Dave Jarvis, Terry Farley and Stuart Patterson will be weaving their own journeys through the deeper reaches of house and the more groove-heavy interpretations of tech. Got to have Faith? Get involved! Get down on it. Check out the bar for some slick and sexy electro-tech courtesy of Luetzenkirchen and Swen Weber. A Gallery party even trance haters can love. Horse Meat Disco and Disco Bloodbath get rotten in room two. Not forgetting the ensuing battle for scratchadelic supremacy.

Expect the most mind-blowing production that money can muster and a hurricane of epic trance theatrics from one DJ that has played the sort of stages others can only dream of. A tasty thought indeed. Just a few months shy of their 1st birthday, Mass are making huge resonating sounds already. The rapscallions take their naughtiness to Norwich. Catch him at Moneyshot there on 11th July. It runs from 10pm — 3am. FFI myspace. FFI loungeonthefarm. When you walk into a Mass Recordings event you see everyone with a smile on their face.

Bigger Than Jesus also join the party. Ticket prices are tbc but will be released through theticketsellers. Pure wrong on a school night and a crowd that know how to hammer it. We like. Fabio, Tob Buzz, Sy and Pilgrim are on the steel wheels. Henry Von and Bigger Than Jesus.

With a line-up that rude it would be just that not to mosey on down and help Sequence settle into their new home with style. Check it! For a more serrated sound, Crosstown Rebel chief Damian Lazarus is your man.

All the usual peerless ressies are on rotation, too. Keep an eye on myspace. Having a break in the THE top night this month is a slightly different affair from the norm… a live performance by a solo artist. Can you tell who it is yet? With a new album due in early , there should be plenty of scope to hear more future promise from the legend, as well as plenty of classic synth glistened moments from his enviable discography. Think techno mixed with Miami Bass spun by a battle DJ.

Get down to get down. Also lurking in the grotty cellar, alongside the Organ Donors, is Paul Glazby. Supplying the beats are Chris Lake and Matt Hardwick. Good work. Groove Armada saunter by this time with their ridiculously eclectic record bag, more than ready to keep you smiling all night long.

UK to throw some parties out in Ibiza, the team will be back in September. The Freerange Party Society, experts in nurturing local DJ talent, celebrate their 1st birthday tonight. Strangely and luckily, an capacity marquee allows Pipedreams to expand their peoples to But will that be enough for this expanding fraternity? What a hotty! And what a sizzling line-up to match. Fingers crossed for that! Naturally the best man to help them celebrate with a classic three-hour set is the S Man — Roger Sanchez.

But the residents also rule tonight. Check FFI myspace. It's quite simply a good-time house night. FFI househeaven. Work it, baby! A hot ticket to an intimate party. Expect and education. Witness why the late John Peel invited Christ in for a session as he proves his expertise in layering melodies with more texture than an Artex wall.

Aaron Shim plays the Deep room. Full steam ahead for the ever-popular Yello. Al keeps it bare to minimal tonight with VJ supremo Aaron Nolan. An intimate episode and perfect antidote to the festival massive. FFI oxegen.

FFI electricpicnic. AAA ireland. Clubs may well feel the pinch around this time of year but it all only goes to prove the enormity of our need for celebration. FFI iniestasummerfestival. How very Germanic. What can we tell you about the awesome Cavo Paradiso venue in Mykonos? It opens in the early hours of the day, which means the sun comes up and shades go on as you get your groove on.

And once bitten, most DJs who play there and clubbers who rave there are hooked. Mykonos has a vibe not dissimilar to the Ibizan magic, which perhaps accounts for its magnetism. David Morales always celebrates his birthday there, and this year his birthday bash falls on 17th July. Wednesday Amelia - Those Words 04 - Mutt feat. Shaprece - Get It Back 09 - Technimatic vs. Danny Byrd - Climb High 29 - Netsky feat. Robinson - Lion Music V. Calibre 13 - Lenzman - Never Enough Feat.

Cyantific - Detroit 20 - Jaydan - Back Here feat. Mia Sylvester 21 - Sigma - Baltimore feat. Ayah Marar 21 - Emperor - Thunder feat. Elisabeth Troy Club Mix. Sam Wills - Alix Perez S. Y Remix 13 - Refusal Feat. Y - Double Trouble feat. Jakes 39 - Kid Drama - Luv feat. Su - Illusions Obsessions 30 - N. Phect feat. Greenleaf - Shatner Rap feat. Greenleaf 76 - J. Robinson - Chiefdom 77 -??? C - Thor Mikal - Musical Rush feat. Break 04 - Trilo - Gatekeepers 05 - S.

Durban 16 - Halogenix - All Blue Feat. Sigma feat. Ella 43 - Phaction - Someone feat. Thabo - Hopelessly Coping. Ward 21 64 - Dub Phizix Do One feat. Bozeman - Happy Alone feat. Jo-S - Emeralds 03 - Phaction - Someone feat. Nola - Brand New Day 20 - Royalston feat.

Jon Lilygreen - Feelings 27 - Rameses B feat. Majestic - Lighters 42 - Rene Lavice feat. Sneakbo - Dr. Skillz - Exodus 43 - Future Prophecies - Colors. Ward 21 39 - Mikal - Musical Rush feat. Linguistics 73 - Friction Vs Fourward - Battlescars ft. Redders feat. Y Remix 10 - Maztek - Dizzy Step. Redders - Hyroglifics Original Mix 24 - St. Nuklear 20 - High Maintenance - Soundwave Therapy ft.

Doctor 42 - Mefjus - Godzilla feat. Dope D. Vega - Eastern Prophet. Jamakabee 47 - 47 Command Strange - Dismiss feat. Logistics 36 - Moresounds - Braaka Toolo. Zodiac - I got Soul promo - final version. Forthcoming Mindocracy 37 -??? Living A Lie 24 - D. Y Remix 46 - S. C - Southpaw A. Remix] 13 - Reflekt ft.

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Also, more features DevOps server infrastructureв. Server and Viewer to start one. What sets this experience, please enable module it is browser before proceeding. Of this process your role in a fast growing minutes, the access.

Grant McCulloch Follow You. Phetsta, Reija Lee Universes. Metrik, Kyza Lazerbeam Au5 Remix. Phetsta Crucify Me, Pt. ShockOne, Reija Lee Hardwired. Phetsta Crucify Me. MC Spyda Chronic Metrik, Phetsta True Believer. ShockOne The Calling. Reija Lee Polygon. Reija Lee Home.

ShockOne Shock Resistance. ShockOne Polygon Dirtyphonics Remix. Phetsta This Is Good Dubstep feat. Cecil Underloved feat. Sam Nafie Relapse. Sam Nafie Relapse Radio Edit. Cecil Paces Remix. Shock One It's On. Shock One Further Away from Me. ShockOne Harmonize. ShockOne Big Bounce. ShockOne Lose Control. ShockOne Infinity's Silence.

ShockOne Age of Enlightenment. ShockOne Light Cycles Prelude. ShockOne Light Cycles. MC Spyda Chronic. ShockOne Adachigahara's Theme. ShockOne Way You Move. Ragga Twins City Lock feat. Ragga Twins. Listen nsdx. ShockOne - Lazerbeam feat. Single out now: bit. From the forthcoming single 'Lazerbeam' off the debut album from ShockOne - 'Universus', out April Lazerbeam - ShockOne feat. Shockone - Lazerbeam Ft. ShockOne on facebook: shockonemusic ShockOne on soundcloud: soundcloud.

Lazerbeam Shockonemusic. ShockOne Feat. Fresh off the hit, 'Chaos Theory', ShockOne unveils his last single to be taken from his long awaited debut album 'Universus', due Amazing remix by Au5! ShockOne feat. Shockone-Lazerbeam Blork Remix Blork. Moombahton - Lazerbeam by ShockOne ft. Follow us soon www.

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ShockOne - Lazerbeam (Ft. Metrik \u0026 Kyza) (Official Video)

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