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Discourses on sustainable forest management and their integration into climate policies in South Africa. International forestry review, 23 2 , pp. Commonwealth Forestry Association Expert-based versus data-driven flood damage models: A comparative evaluation for data-scarce regions. International journal of disaster risk reduction, 57, p. Interactions between cover crops and soil microorganisms increase phosphorus availability in conservation agriculture.

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Rethinking research processes to strengthen co-production in low and middle income countries. BMJ, , m BMJ Publishing Group Llopis, Jorge C. Ntsiva N. Year-to-year ecosystem services supply in conservation contexts in north-eastern Madagascar: Trade-offs between global demands and local needs. Ecosystem services, 48, p. Global distribution of oxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in mineral topsoils.

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In: Kogler, Raphaela ed. Raum und Bild - Strategien visueller raumbezogener Forschung pp. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer Wintzer, Jeannine Bielefeld: transcript. Benefits from high-density rain gauge observations for hydrological response analysis in a small alpine catchment.

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Ecosystems and people, 17 1 , pp. A method to reconstruct flood scenarios using field interviews and hydrodynamic modelling: application to the Suleja and Tafa, Nigeria flood. Natural Hazards, 2 , pp. Steger, Cara ; Klein, Julia A. Science with society: Evidence-based guidance for best practices in environmental transdisciplinary work. Wanner, Heinz Late-Holocene: Cooler or warmer? The Holocene, 31 9 , pp. Sage Chapter 11 Biomethylation and biovolatilization of antimony. In: Filella, Montserrat ed.

Antimony pp. De Gruyter River runoff in Switzerland in a changing climate — runoff regime changes and their time of emergence. Hydrology and earth system sciences, 25 6 , pp. Book review: Creative Methods for Human Geographers. Geographica Helvetica, 76 3 , pp. Human Ecology, 49 3 , pp. River runoff in Switzerland in a changing climate — changes in moderate extremes and their seasonality.

Proclim Flash, 74, pp. Kompendium Kleinstadtforschung. Forschungsberichte der ARL: Vol. Hannover: ARL. Pfister, Christian ; Wanner, Heinz Klima und Gesellschaft in Europa. Die letzten tausend Jahre. Bern: Haupt Verlag. Climate and Society in Europe. The Last Thousand Years. Zischg, Andreas GeoAgenda, 2 , pp.

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The Cryosphere, 15 9 , pp. Wasser und Mensch eng vernetzt [Edited Textbook]. Bern: hep Verlag. Cours d'eau: Vol. UTB M: Vol. Morisson, Arnault ; Mayer, Heike An agent of change against all odds? The case of Ledger in Vierzon, France. Local Economy, 36 5 , pp. Sage Publications Frontiers in Earth Science, 9 Frontiers Media Using a landscape ecological perspective to analyze regime shifts in social—ecological systems: a case study on grassland degradation of the Tibetan Plateau.

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Leisure studies, 41 3 , pp. Participatory modelling of upward shifts of altitudinal vegetation belts for assessing site type transformation in Swiss forests due to climate change. Applied Vegetation Science, 24 4 Wiley-Blackwell Stadtklimadaten Bern [Dataset]. In: Stadtklimadaten Bern. Bern: Climatology Group.

On the frontiers of collaboration and conflict: how context influences the success of collaboration. Schlottmann, Antje ; Wintzer, Jeannine Die Herstellung von Geographien in Sprache und Bild. Das Geographische Seminar pp. Braunschweig: Westermann.

In: Hubeli, Ernst ; Herczog, Andreas eds. Mbaabu, P. International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Climate dynamics, 58 , pp. Springer-Verlag Tuel, Alexandre ; Eltahir, Elfatih A. Mechanisms of European summer drying under climate change. Journal of Climate, 34 22 , pp. Impact of Eurasian autumn snow on the winter North Atlantic Oscillation in seasonal forecasts of the 20th century.

Weather and climate dynamics, 2 4 , pp. How do social innovations contribute to growth-independent territorial development? Case studies from a Swiss mountain region. Die Erde, 4 , pp. Local and remote atmospheric responses to soil moisture anomalies in Australia. White, Rachel H. Object-based analysis of simulated thunderstorms in Switzerland: application and validation of automated thunderstorm tracking with simulation data.

Geoscientific model development GMD , 14 10 , pp. Scharrer, Bettina ; Eyer, Philipp Intercomparison and combination of low-cost urban air temperature measurement approaches. Meteorologische Zeitschrift Borntraeger Growth independence through social innovations? An analysis of potential growth effects of social innovations in a Swiss mountain region. Post-Growth Geographies. Sozial- und Kulturgeographie: Vol. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag Telecouplings in forest frontier regions: An archetype analysis Unpublished.

Eisenack, Klaus ; Oberlack, Christoph Archetype analysis in sustainability research: an overview Unpublished. In: 4th International Research Workshop on Archetype analysis in sustainability research: an overview. Oberlack, Christoph Is environmental justice necessary for human well-being Unpublished.

Tribaldos, Theresa ; Ebneter, Laura In: 4. Tagung Parkforschung Schweiz. Oktober Earth's future, 9 11 Wiley Horton, Pascal ; Martius, Olivia Automatic input variable selection for analog methods using genetic algorithms. In: EGU Table listing all applications of hydrological models in Switzerland [Dataset].

Lieb, Gerhard K. Friedrich M. Zimmermann zum Local Environment, 26 3 , pp. Sustainability, 12 24 , pp. Wissen mal ganz konventionell unkonventionell. Tuesday, 15 December Malik, Abdul ; Nowack, Peer J. Atmospheric chemistry and physics, 20 23 , pp.

European Geosciences Union Sikorska-Senoner, Anna E. Downsizing parameter ensembles for simulations of extreme floods. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 20 12 , pp. Komposch, Nora Slivinski, L. An evaluation of the performance of the 20th Century Reanalysis version 3. Journal of Climate, 34 4 , pp. Kolocek, Michael ; Hengstermann, Andreas The myth of responsiveness. Discourse analysis on the indirect effectiveness of building orders and planning-law expropriations.

Raumforschung und Raumordnung, 78 6 , pp. Anthropocene, 32, p. Geographie heute, , pp. Wirth, Samuel ; Bandi Tanner, Monika Climate of the past, 16 6 , pp. Total column ozone in New Zealand and in the UK in the s. Atmospheric chemistry and physics, 20 22 , pp. Modelling the impact of climate change on hydrological processes in the Volta river basin Unpublished. In: 18th Swiss Geoscience Meeting. Mountain Research and Development, 40 3 , P1-P6.

International Mountain Society Lessons learnt from a blind test. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 20 11 , pp. Climate services, 20, p. Tracing devastating fires in Portugal to a snow archive in the Swiss Alps: a case study. The Cryosphere, 14 11 , pp. Burgdorf, Angela-Maria A preliminary global inventory of historical documentary evidence related to climate since the 14th century. Past Global Changes Magazine, 28 2 , pp. Pages International Project Office How flood risks shape policies: flood exposure and risk perception in Swiss municipalities.

Regional environmental change, 20 , pp. Debrunner, Gabriela ; Gerber, Jean-David The Commodification of Temporary Housing. Negotiating social differences and power geometries among healthcare professionals in a Swiss hospital. Gender, Place and Culture, 28 12 , pp. Paleoenvironments from robust loess stratigraphy using high-resolution color and grain-size data of the last glacial Krems-Wachtberg record NE Austria.

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Advances in water ressources, , p. Pedosedimentary and geoarcheological archives from clay-dominated sinkhole infillings in Middle Franconia, Germany. Catena, , p. Where to begin? Defining national strategies for implementing the Agenda: the case of Switzerland.

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Scientific reports, 10 1 Springer Nature Gerber, Jean-David ; Haller, Tobias The drama of the grabbed commons: anti-politics machine and local responses. The journal of peasant studies, 48 6 , pp. Thieme, Susan ; Tibet, Eda Elif Interface : a journal for and about social movements, 21 1 , pp. Veit, Heinz ; Groos, Alexander Warnsignal Klima: Hochgebirge im Wandel. Wissenschaftliche Auswertungen pp. Hamburg: GEO. Die Karakorum-Anomalie. Innovation in der Peripherie. In: Weissbuch Regionalpolitik pp.

Mayer, Heike ; Perren, Romario A 2-minute rainfall 12 locations and discharge time series at the Vallon de Nant catchment, Switzerland, for summer seasons [Dataset]. Holocene global mean surface temperature, a multi-method reconstruction approach. Implications of present ground temperatures and relict stone stripes in the Ethiopian Highlands for the palaeoclimate of the tropics. Earth Surface Dynamics Discussions, pp. Interview mit Saba Baer, Juni [Movie].

Interview mit Stefan Kunz, Brugnara, Yuri Oxford University Press Hitze in der Stadt. In: Einstein. Interview mit Vreni Jost, Interview mit This Rutishauser, Ali, Syed Mubashshir ; Pithan, Felix The importance of input data quality and quantity in climate field reconstructions — results from the assimilation of various tree-ring collections. Climate of the past discussions, 16 3 , pp. Lenggenhager, Sina ; Martius, Olivia Quantifying the link between heavy precipitation and Northern Hemisphere blocking—A Lagrangian analysis.

Atmospheric science letters, 21 10 , pp. Assimilating monthly precipitation data in a paleoclimate data assimilation framework [Dataset]. In: Analysis of the experiment in which precipitation amounts were assimilated. In: Analysis of the experiment in which the number of wet days were assimilated. Rayner, Nick A. Interview mit Heinz Wanner, Interview mit Christian Pfister, Ciullo, Alessio ; Kwakkel, Jan H.

Efficient or Fair? Risk analysis, 40 9 , pp. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 8 54 Frontiers Media Komposch, Nora ; Schurr, Carolin A portrait of assisted reproduction in Mexico: scientific, political, and cultural interactions. New genetics and society, 40 2 , pp. Sanchini, Andrea ; Grosjean, Martin Quantification of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b and pheopigments a in lake sediments through deconvolution of bulk UV—VIS absorption spectra.

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C, Politics and space, 38 , pp. Biogeosciences, 17 10 , pp. Early instrumental meteorological observations in Switzerland: — Earth System Science Data, 12 2 , pp. Ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from slurry storage - A review. Daniel, Desiree ; Ifejika Speranza, Chinwe Frontiers in blockchain, 3 19 Frontiers Media In: Isotope and tracer methods: flow paths characterization, catchment response and transformation processes.

Friday 08 May. Agroecology as a pathway to resilience justice: peasant movements and collective action in the Niayes coastal region of Senegal. Decolonizing ecological knowledge: transdisciplinary ecology, place making and cognitive justice in the Andes. In: Sarmiento, Fausto O. Edward Elgar Publishing Digitale Peripherie? Early human impact in a 15,year high-resolution hyperspectral imaging record of paleoproduction and anoxia from a varved lake in Switzerland.

In: Hydrological change: Regional hydrological behaviour under transient climate and land use conditions 22 p. In: HS8. Vienna, Austria: Copernicus GmbH In: Advances in river monitoring and modelling: data-scarce environments, real-time approaches, Inter-comparison of innovative and classical frameworks, uncertainties, Harmonisation of methods and good practices.

Lane May What happens when the ice is gone? A hydrological journey into the glacier forefield subsurface. Oelsmann, J. Climate of the past, 16 2 , pp. Rohrer, M. Sensitivity of blocks and cyclones in ERA5 to spatial resolution and definition. Atmosphere, 11 4 , p. Wir brauchen mehr soziale statt technische Innovationen Gastbeitrag zu neuen Wirtschaftsformen. Statistical reconstruction of daily precipitation and temperature fields in Switzerland back to American journal of physiology - lung cellular and molecular physiology, 4 , LL American Physiological Society Gerber, Jean-David Active land policy for the provision of affordable housing.

Berlin: Jovis Verlag. A coupled human and landscape conceptual model of risk and resilience in Swiss Alpine communities. In: Models and Data: Understanding and representing spatio-temporal dynamics of hydrological processes. Journal of Climate, 33 8 , pp. Geoscientific model development GMD , 13 3 , pp. Flood exposure analysis of road infrastructure — Comparison of different methods at national level.

International journal of disaster risk reduction, 47, p. Earth System Science Data, 12 1 , pp. Tracing urban wastewater contaminants into the Atlantic ocean by nontarget screening. ACS Publications Why telecoupling research needs to account for environmental justice.

Journal of land use science, 15 1 , pp. Landscape changes in the southern Amazonian foreland basin during the Holocene inferred from Lake Ginebra, Beni, Bolivia. Quaternary research, 94, pp. Cambridge University Press Gerber, Jean-David 19 February Is Land policy neoliberal? Jokela-Pansini, Maaret Complicating notions of violence: An embodied view on violence against women in Honduras.

C, Politics and space, 38 5 , pp. Evaluation of bacterial glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraether and 2H—18O biomarker proxies along a central European topsoil transect. Biogeosciences, 17 3 , pp. Hengstermann, Andreas Heinrich 12 February A comparative perspective on secondary homes policies in touristic areas - Austria, Germany and Switzerland Unpublished.

Seasonal snow ages water from alpine catchments in unexpected ways. Barton, Yannick ; Sideris, Ioannis V. International journal of climatology, 40 12 , pp. Sustainability, 12 5 , p. Assimilating monthly precipitation data in a paleoclimate data assimilation framework In Press. Climate of the past Copernicus Publications Germann, Peter Water, 12 2 , p. Crevoisier, Olivier ; Rime, Delphine Urban Studies, 58 1 , pp. SAGE Simulations of the , , and Vb cyclones over the Alps - sensitivity to model physics and cyclonic moisture flux.

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Schurr, Carolin ; Militz, Elisabeth Reproductive rights. In: Kobayashi, Audrey ed. International Encyclopedia of Human Geography pp. Meteorological applications, 27 1 Wiley Zaehringer, Julie G. The cash crop boom in southern Myanmar: tracing land use regime shifts through participatory mapping.

Ecosystems and people, 16 1 , pp. Climate of the past, 16 4 , pp. Geochronology, 2 1 , pp. Keiler, Margreth ; Fuchs, Sven In: Breiling, Meinhard ; Anbumozhi, Venkatachalam eds. Vorbrugg, Alexander ; Ouma, Stefan Physische Geographie und Humangeographie pp. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Spektrum.

Rundbrief Geographie , pp. Frontiers in sustainable food systems, 3 Frontiers Engaging national policy makers in ecosystem based disaster risk reduction through social learning: Lessons from workshops in Africa, oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean. International journal of disaster risk reduction, 45, p.

Principles for knowledge co-production in sustainability research. Nature sustainability, 3 3 , pp. The Geopolitics of Protected Areas. Geopolitics, 25 1 , pp. Instruments, Procedures, Processing, and Analyses. Two Meteorological Series from Geneva, — The Series from Geneva, — The Meteorological Series from Aarau, — Two Meteorological Series from Herisau, — The Meteorological Record from St. Gall, — Zepharovich, Elena ; Ceddia, M. Graziano ; Rist, Stephan Perceptions of deforestation in the Argentinean Chaco: Combining Q-method and environmental justice.

Ecological economics, , p. Klima und Planung Data set: Telecoupling visualizations through a network lens: a systematic review [Dataset]. Digital Periphery? Smart Village Technology. Concepts and Developments. Modeling and Optimization in Science and Technologies: Vol.

Cham: Springer Hug, Miriam Dorothea Where is the urban at the Geographical Institute in Berne? Participatory modelling for conceptualizing social-ecological system dynamics in the Bangladesh delta. Regional environmental change, 20 1 Springer ISR-Forschungsberichte: Vol. Stream temperature and discharge evolution in Switzerland over the last 50 years: annual and seasonal behaviour.

Hydrology and earth system sciences, 24 1 , pp. Water resources research, 56 1 American Geophysical Union International journal of remote sensing, 41 11 , pp. Karlsson, Anneli S. Pesticide contamination of the upper Elbe River and an adjacent floodplain area. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 20 4 , pp. Youth nightlife at home: towards a feminist conceptualisation of home.

Children's geographies, 19 1 , pp. Environmental development, 33, p. Food studies, 10 1 , pp. Common Ground Research Networks Le Cozannet, G. Ifejika Speranza, Chinwe ; Kiteme, Boniface Tool for improving food systems [Movie]. Retrospective screening of high-resolution mass spectrometry archived digital samples can improve environmental risk assessment of emerging contaminants: A case study on antifungal azoles.

Environment International, , p. A global database of Holocene paleotemperature records. Geografie - Begleitband [Edited Textbook]. Neotropical Diversification: Patterns and Processes. Fascinating Life Sciences pp. Early Holocene crop cultivation and landscape modification in Amazonia. Nature, , pp. Age and origin of leaf wax n-alkanes in fluvial sediment—paleosol sequences and implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

Hydrology and earth system sciences, 24 4 , pp. Who Makes Geographical Knowledge? The professional geographer, 72 3 , pp. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group Schurr, Carolin ; Weichhart, Peter From Margin to Center? Geographica Helvetica, 75 2 , pp. Towards a webcam-based snow cover monitoring network: methodology and evaluation. The Cryosphere, 14 4 , pp. Verlag Barbara Budrich The European journal of development research, 32 2 , pp.

Vorbrugg, A. Russian Peasant Studies, 5 1 , pp. Hydrologie anwendungsorientiert vermitteln. Geographiedidaktische Forschungen: Vol. Interactions among Sustainable Development Goals: Knowledge for identifying multipliers and virtuous cycles. Sustainable development, 28 5 , pp. A typology of compound weather and climate events. Raymond, Colin ; Horton, Radley M. Understanding and managing connected extreme events. Nature climate change, 10 7 , pp. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag. The meteorological series from the Great St.

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Scientists of the Institute of Geogrpahy publish more than journal articles per year as well as numerous book chapters and other publications.

Nyaatorrent naruto shippuden vostfr 403 On the frontiers of collaboration and conflict: how context influences the success of collaboration. Nature,pp. Early Holocene crop cultivation and landscape modification in Amazonia. Flood exposure analysis of road infrastructure — Comparison of different methods at national level. Social-ecological system approaches for water resources management.
Sabrina sato carnaval 2015 torrent Climate services, 20, p. Zurich, Switzerland. Migration and justice in the era of sustainable development goals: a conceptual framework. Selektive assistierte Reproduktion. Scientific data, 7 1 Springer Nature Spatial pattern of the urban heat island of Bern during heatwaves [Map].
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Sabrina sato carnaval 2015 torrent Vibrant Mountain Communities. Feministisches Geo-RundMail 85pp. Jayadeva, Sazana ; Thieme, Susan RWTH Geographie — Physische Geographie und Humangeographie pp. Automatic input variable selection for analog methods using genetic algorithms.
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