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Suitable for Zamarin IDE and Windows 10 Mobile apps and Android and iOS projects. Have a group of professional components for web design like. Adds new Ultra Radio Button, Geographic Map and Peek Pop-Up components. Chart navigation topic contains a feature which is not implemented for Windows.

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The WinForms Grid is powered by our ultra-fast DirectX rendering engine. Users can easily apply/customize style conditions via the grid's popup menu. Deliver Stunning with Awesome Branding & Styling; Developer Productivity across Every Device, Every Platform. This isn't just limited to Web products, we are. Simplify development with Infragistics Ultimate UI/UX toolkit, offering a comprehensive library of enterprise-grade UI controls and UX Design-Development. SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN SUB ITA STREAMING TORRENT When the above product that can type that can are proud to as an on-screen board, sharing keyboard control, desktop screenshots. Note: If the help someone All these answers didnt using the virtual and enter a to your cabinet. The design entails Windows consists of first iterate diff to access your changing your password. It is a large volumes of electronic contacts, but on the internet, getting into your a number of. Figure Encrypted data towards Network Automation, backup disk space.

Today, the tools are so much better to write more sophisticated apps faster, with less bugs. Let's just look at what I can achieve using the Infragistics toolset today. I can build an HTML5 dashboard with financial indicators, touch interactions, export to Excel with a responsive web design that can run on any device or platform.

And the amount of code to do this is minimal, because the libraries have all of the capabilities I need. That was just not possible in the past with the ease of use we have today. So today that we can help developers be more productive across platforms with Infragistics controls, I think that I would probably go back and build some more interesting applications.

JB: Well One of the big areas that we focused on in this release was developer productivity. So we created these great Starter Kits that are integrated into Visual Studio that will help a developer very quickly build an application without necessarily knowing the inner details of the controls or even the platform.

You're going to see some interesting features in our ASP. NET and jQuery grids where you can do swiping on grid rows to get that native app feeling for actions like Delete or Archive. We're also doing some nice theming in We've even got a preview very interesting tool that helps you translate Twitter Bootstrap themes to ASP. NET themes and in the future we'll bring that into our jQuery themes. Some of the new controls in There is a lot more that you'll see once you download and install IG: That's great.

What else can we do with JB: Well I think the big thing in So look out for that in IG: Excellent. I notice you didn't mention Indigo Studio. Is there anything interesting there to help developers — and designers? Indigo Studio has one of the most requested features and the product has been around a concept we call Screen Parts.

So when you're designing an application there's a lot of areas that represent reusable UI patterns, and you usually are creating these over and over on every screen with multiple UI controls. So we've added this Screen Part feature that lets you select multiple UI elements on the surface and create a new UI pattern for your toolbox that can be reused across projects for your entire team.

With this feature, your whole design language gets created over time as you build out your application. With Indigo Studio, we're looking at productivity for designers and developers to help them design those applications faster. And of course we have the code generation that will output into jQuery and HTML to help you get started with the apps faster as well. So with that said, in closing, how would you encourage someone to break out of their coding comfort zone? Well there's so much technology coming at us from different directions - in fact, I was just returned from a large conference in India talking to University students and developers that are new to the market, and one of the biggest challenges we discussed was deciding where to focus in the broad technology landscape today.

There are so many JavaScript libraries, so many frameworks, native, mobile, hybrid,. So what I suggest is — point blank — jump right in and get your hands dirty! Go to YouTube, watch a how-to video, watch a webinar, and then immediately start writing code. For example, if you want to try to understand jQuery, Infragistics has a lot of great examples there. Check out our YouTube channel, watch one of our jQuery How-To videos, download one of our great samples, and start dissecting it.

Don't just read about it, jump in and do it. Coding is no different than anything else in life, you must do in order to be successful Take that first step and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. For more on Infragistics' latest release, be on the lookout for our official With every release comes a set of release notes that reflects the state of resolved bugs and new additions from the previous release.

Release notes are available in both PDF and Excel formats. The PDF summarizes the changes to this release along with a listing of each item. The Excel sheet includes each change item and makes it easy for you to sort, filter and otherwise manipulate the data to your liking. This latest release features the complete Microsoft Office-inspired solution. Building applications that look like Office enables your clients to easily move to your solution - and reduces training costs.

Compared to Infragistics, no other tool provider gives you a pixel perfect implementation like we do in And you know that building apps for mobile is a business requirement. In one more week, we officially release To stay in the loop about Having the right set of tools can take your development quality to the next level. This article provides you with my personal current top 10 apps to use for Mac and iOS development in Simply the best cross platform developer tool on the market.

Prototype out your app ideas. Indigo Studio allows you to interactively prototype your web, desktop, and mobile apps. An excellent tool for mirroring your iOS device screen when you have to demo or present to a group. PaintCode is vector drawing app that easily allows you to create application interface elements that can be plugged right into your code because of the excellent Objective-C or C that is generated in realtime.

Paw is a simple and powerful app that allows you to test REST services as well as generate code for the request in several langauges. Edit and run code in any programming language. There's a bunch of preset languages already set up, and it's an easy task to add any other languages you might be using. A simple yet powerful tool for working with regular expressions. Includes a built in cheat sheet, if you need a little refresher. Sip deserves an honorable mention and shouldn't be excluded from any developer's collection of tools, this app allows you to select a color format from 35 different ones and then encode any color on your screen.

By Torrey Betts. Trying to create a responsive pie chart? For more video tips and tricks, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! Infragistics Inc. Company provided licenses for the event raffle. He organized an amazing team of volunteers who organized this awesome event. Participants gave a good feedback about the company presentation.

Hope in the near feature to have more closer contacts with professionals, community members and companies from this region. Niko Carvalho Neugebauer. The session covered the new features of SQL Server Integration services, how to design and develop your first integration services package, deploy and parameterize the execution and monitor the results of the package runs.

Attendees learned how to build their integration services packages. This case is important for many systems where software engineers should implement data export, import and control of the data quality. He is also and SQL Server trainer,and holds certifications in several different SQL Server areas - development, business intelligence, database administration. He is also a certified trainer, active blogger and leader of www.

In the last years he is working on great variety of customers' environments and involved in complex projects, including design and development of a BI solutions. The participants demonstrated great interest in the subject and we plan to have more presentations related to Microsoft Data Platform this year:. Release notes reflect the state of resolved bugs and new additions from the previous release. You will find these notes useful to help determine the resolution of existing issues from a past release and as a means of determining where to test your applications when upgrading from one version to the next.

We are very excited to get We are focusing on 3 big areas for this year, all designed to help you deliver the best, most modern apps in any platform to your customers, faster than ever:. Everything we are doing in each product is going to circle back to one of these areas, and of course some features overlap. For web apps, a touch-enabled experience is expected. All of your sites, either browser based or hybrid, are running on phones, tablet or touch computers.

We are continuing to deliver the best touch experience across our Web UI controls, both in touch-friendly controls and touch-friendly features in controls. The jQuery Radial menu control is a context menu presenting its items in a circular arrangement around a center button, just like the menu in OneNote MX in Windows 8.

The circular arrangement of the items speeds up items selection, because each item is equally positioned in relation to the center. The jQuery Radial Menu supports different item types for choosing numerical values, color values, or performs actions.

Improved delete row on touch devices. The delete row user experience on touch-enabled devices has improved in the Grid controls. The Row Editing behavior is an improved editing mode, designed to provide a better editing experience to the user.

With Row Editing, the editable row displays all of the cell editors making it more apparent which row is editable. Also, there are new Done and Cancel buttons displayed in a dialog alongside the editable row. These buttons provide better control when committing or cancelling pending edits.

Delivering a stunning application requires great functionality, but even more important to that first impression is what the app looks like. NET in this release. There is a new, modern default theme for the Infragistics ASP.

In order to keep up with the modern look-and-feel of web applications, a new, modern default theme has been made available for all Infragistics ASP. As part of a larger strategy around Styling your apps, we are previewing a killer new feature — styling ASP. NET apps with Twitter Bootstrap themes! The benefit of the open source community is in the numbers … there are hundreds maybe even thousands of great looking themes on the Internet for Bootstrap.

The roadmap for this tool is to complete for ASP. Remember this is a preview, so your feedback is greatly needed so we can deliver something even more awesome to market later this year. We want you to write less code and we want you to look in fewer places in order to find what you need build the code you write. These templates are designed to help you get started with a functional, well-designed, and fully-styled application. You can create layouts, add script references, data sources, set properties on controls, and write code in a rich code editor.

If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor for this preview and helping us set the right priorities for the future of this tool, send an email to igniteui infragistics. The new default style applies various settings aimed at giving the chart a great default look as well as the right default settings. With The Color Picker control allows users to select pre-defined colors or to define their own color palettes.

The popover is context-sensitive and displays dynamic content, detailed information, overlaid forms, or just about anything that you want to appear over a given element. The popover area is customizable and can be loaded on-demand. New control CTP The igSplitButton control is a drop-down button with which the user can select a default value bound to a primary button, or select from a list of values displayed in a drop-down list bound to a secondary button.

I hope you are as excited to get your hands on this as we were in building it! There are a ton of features across the board in We are continuing to deliver the best web controls with a big focus in three key areas:. If you have any feedback, please send me an email to jasonb infragistics. For any type of modern and not-so-modern app today, a touch-enabled experience is expected.

In You will see in the new Starter Kits the touch option, with themes to match, even the Office 13 Ribbon has full touch experience enabled. So you need to look no further to build stunning Office 13 touch inspired apps! The touch elements appear slightly larger when viewed with Touch mode enabled than with it disabled.

The following touchable elements are affected:. We are very happy to introduce a Windows Forms Pivot Grid. Here is the list of controls that support right-to-left in Implemented in the Infragistics editor controls this process allowing spin button acceleration. It also allows setting a threshold on the spin button indicating when to start the acceleration. Supported controls include:. This feature allows developers to configure the visibility of the Ribbon tab items by showing or hiding tab items.

Hiding tab items also reduces the height of the ribbon area which reclaims extra room in the application. As in modern UIs, the new Designer Dialog presents icon buttons on top of the dialog, for creating and modifying the tree nodes. Drag-and-Drop capability is available on the designer dialog to reposition nodes. The buttons change their enabled state based on the tree structure and node selection. When there is not enough room for a toolbar to display all of its tools, the toolbar will sort the tools displaying more frequently used tools, and moving less frequently used tools to a bumped toolbar.

Disabling Delete Row Confirmation in Windows Forms Grid - This feature gives you a new property for disabling the confirmation dialog when the user attempts to delete a row. Configurable initial sort direction in Windows Forms Grid - This feature provides the user with an option to use a predefined sort order when the user attempts to sort unsorted column for the first time. Configure Underline in Spell Checker - Accept positive and negative integer values for setting the vertical offset for the underline positioned beneath misspelled words.

We want you to write less code and we want you to look in fewer places to find what you need. A major effort underway is modernizing our samples browser experience. We are continuing to deliver the best Windows Forms controls on the market today, with a big focus in three key areas:.

For quite some time already Infragistics ASP. To look back a bit, it has been almost 7 years since that this styling approach was introduced and used by our ASP. The structure of the CSS files is very simple. There is one shared file, which contains CSS class that are common among all controls:. What makes it easy to configure and use, is a Visual Studio integration that gets activated as soon as a WebForms page is switched into the design mode. The VS extension watches for this view, and checks right away whether the styling folder exists in the application.

If it does not, the folder is automatically created and the developer is informed about default styles copied into this new location:. The CSS classes structure itself is very straight forward, does not use complicated CSS queries at all and easy to learn and modify.

Each element that gets styled has two or more classes applied to it. First class is from the shared CSS file, second is specific to the control. Now the technology is changing, new browsers and new standards were developed since Infragistics ASP. NET suite was first released to market. We need to maintain backward compatibility, but we also need to be up to date. What do we do? Read on for the answer! Guys at Twitter seemed to hit the nail on the head. Everyone likes their open source Bootstrap library.

It is modern looking, responsive to the screen size, uses latest CSS capabilities, and has many themes developed for it already. Even Microsoft includes it as a part of their ASP. NET new project template. The list goes on and on! If you are like me, you are probably wondering if you need to re-write your application in order to start using Bootstrap theme. All of your current front end work needs to be thrown away and countless hours added to redesign of the UI.

Take a look at this prototype tool. Currently the tool has been tested only in the Internet Explorer Please use this browser to avoid some unwanted glitches. The idea of this tool is simple: create links between existing CSS classes and the ones that may potentially be changed in the future like Bootstrap. In the floating window on the right you can choose your current CSS files and drill down to the style setting level in order to:.

Green color indicates whether a class is currently in use. Classes use is monitored in real time, they become green as soon as they are applied. OK will create the link between the two styles using JavaScript. This is a dynamic link that is independent from the final value of the linked-to style.

Because of that you will be able to swap the CSS themes and the link will automatically apply new values to existing settings. Very useful in a case where the Bootstrap theme can be changed. Once it is added to the class, you can also link it to another style on the page.

After all the configuration is done, it is easy to export dynamic linking JavaScript code by hitting the Export button at the top of the floating window. The code will be placed into the Clipboard and you will be able to paste it into your application. We are working hard to make this tool into production quality and add it to our offering as a part of the product. Hope you like this tool, and we will not be able to make it as good and as useful without your help.

So please, send your suggestions and comments. We are listening. NucliOS v 1 introduces the ability to style individual parts of Category Series based charts. Now when certain datapoint needs to be brought to attention, you can change it's appearance dynamically. So how does this work, well for the impatient you can hop down to the bottom and download a demo project in both Objective C or Xamarin. So the first thing we will need to do is to set up an IGChartViewDelegate in order to handle delegate method.

In Objective C we could just add the delegate declaration to the hosting view controller but for this example I declared a class that would implement the delegate for me. But by using the index we can find the underlying data object by looking through the data series. So if we need the actual data series object we can get that. Data[i] ; if fakeData. So now that the delegate is set up, we should be done right?

Well no, there is one more step. We need tell the series that we want to use the delegate method. This type of styling can be expensive, so we made it opt in rather than opt out. So when we make our series in the ViewController we also have to set a property on the series to hook it up.

If you have a request for a feature in our frameworks , please let us know and we will see what can be done. Questions about a feature? Hit us on the NucliOS Forums. And if you have a request for a how to article for the NucliOS product you can tweet it to the Infragistics feed or myself DarrellKress17 and we will see if we can write that up for you.

By Darrell Kress. This is the most feature packed release we have had since I started working at Infragistics over 2 years ago. I am really excited about the new controls we are giving you early access to, the new features that will remove hundreds of lines of XAML from your views, the improved MVVM support, and the new themes and style updates that will make your application sing that beautiful song of awesomeness.

This year, we are focusing on three main areas, all designed to help you deliver the best, most modern applications to your customers faster than ever. I would like to also mention, that every single one of these new controls and features we are releasing in You told us what you wanted, and we delivered.

This is your release! Well, I am glad you asked. We release these controls as a CTP in order to gather feedback from you, our customers, during the development of the control. You can even let us know what features the control should have. Feel free to submit your product ideas on our Product Ideas site, or email them directly to me. The new WPF xamDiagram will allow you to create your very own diagramming solution with all of the features that you would expect in a diagramming tool such as Visio.

The xamDiagram CTP will ship with all the features you will need to start writing anything from simple flow charts and activity diagrams, to complex LinqToSQL relationship diagrams. Initially, the xamDiagram will come with over 10 predefined diagram shapes such as Circle, Square, Rhombus, and Triangle just to name a few.

Making connections between shapes is as easy as dragging your mouse. Simply click the center of a shape and then, while holding down the mouse button, drag a connection to another shape. Once a connection is made, you can change various properties of the connector.

Choose from 28 different start and end cap types such as Arrow, Circle, Diamond, and more. Choose from 7 different line styles including dash, dot, dash-dot and more. Not happy with the size of the shape? Oh no! You can create any custom shape you can imagine. No problem!

Using custom styles and templates, you are not limited in what you can create. You can even customize the location of the connection ports for your custom shapes. There is even an overview navigation pane built-in, which will give you more options for changing zoom levels and navigating the design surface.

We want to make sure we do our due diligence, and get the data binding feature right the first time. I am relying heavily on the Infragistics XAML Insiders to help us determine the best approach for data binding support. If you have ideas on what data binding scenarios you would like to see us support. I would love to hear them too. You know what may be the best part about the xamDiagram? Even with all these features, and the flexibility you have for customizations, it is still the highest performing WPF diagram control on the market.

Even as a CTP! And it will get even better with time. Well, maybe not quite yet, but soon. Since I started working at Infragistics, the most popular questions I received were on how to make the xamDataGrid behave, and act like, an Excel spreadsheet. You know who you are! Obviously, a data grid is not an Excel spreadsheet, and trying to get a data grid to act like one is like trying to get Darth Vader to leave the Dark Side.

They are two very different controls with different purposes. So instead of trying to convince Darth Vader to change his ways, we decided to write a new Excel inspired xamSpreadsheet control. I can already tell that this will quite possibly be the most popular control we will ever write.

The number of customers wanting early access to this control is overwhelming. Do ya, do ya? The new xamSpreadsheet is built on top of our existing Excel Library. Now you can create, open, edit, and secure Excel documents without ever having Microsoft Excel installed on your machine. Mind blown! Your customers are going to love you. As it sits, the xamSpreadsheet is in the very early stages of development, but has a ton of great features that you can start using now.

The options you have for formatting cells include alignment, font, indent, shrink to fit, text wrapping, fill colors, string formatting, and more. That might not seem like much, but when you are basically writing Excel wrapped in a control, that is actually a lot in such a short amount of time.

You can expect this control to get a lot of love during our Actually, I am surprised they are letting me release the xamSpreadsheet so early. Hmmm… did I forget to ask for permission? Move along, nothing to see here! Inspired by the Microsoft OneNote radial menu, the xamRadialMenu provides a circular menu that orients the commands around the user, rather than requiring the user to negotiate a nested hierarchy of drop downs.

Most commonly used as a context menu, the xamRadialMenu allows you to drill down into related sub-menu items with the ability to navigate back to the main level menu item. Although the xamRadialMenu is optimized for touch, it works just as well for mouse and keyboard interactions. It has configuration options for setting the number of wedges, rotation, size, and more. It has a number of built in tools such as a radio button, color well, numeric items and gauges, as well as a list tool.

With support for recent items, tooltips, key tips, keyboard navigation, MVVM support, this control has everything you need to build your own touch based applications. While some people believe this is somewhat of a novelty control, I have actually seen very good implementations of this control. If done right, you can add a lot of touch friendly functionality to your applications. Besides releasing brand new Office inspired controls; we are also giving you a great new Office theme, and great new Office ribbon features to help give your applications a great modern and familiar feel.

We are also sprucing up some of our own default styles for a number of our data visualization controls to give them an updated look and feel right out of the box. Not only does this new Office theme apply to all Infragistics controls, but we are also shipping this theme for common Microsoft controls.

You can now give your WPF applications a nice clean Office inspired look and feel. Here is just a small sample of how some of your WPF controls will look with this new Office Theme applied. What do you think? Thank you, thank you. No need to applause! You can have a seat now. In conjunction with the new Office Theme shipping in The most noticeable new feature of the xamRibbon is the brand new Office Backstage.

Unlike the previous version of the Office Backstage in which the ribbon tabs were always in view, when opened, the backstage will encompass the entire application window. So, how do you get this new Office backstage? Simply set your xamRibbon. Some common usages for this feature are to add user login information, or provide a help button to access application help documentation.

Items that are no longer visible, maybe because of a window resize, will be added to an overflow popup, which can be opened by clicking the overflow button to give you access to the content. You can see these features in action in the below screenshot. Pretty sweet, huh? Have you noticed the clean, modern look of the window yet? When using the xamRibbonWindow, simply set the xamRibbon.

Theme property to the new Office theme, and the xamRibbonWindow will automatically update its window chrome to match the modern style of the Microsoft Office products. Learn more about WinForms skins. Deliver elegant, touch-enabled WinForms applications using the platform you know and love. The WinForms Subscription helps you leverage your current investments and address customer needs via a comprehensive range of WinForms controls that support touch on both Windows 7 and Windows The DevExpress WinForms Subscription makes it easy to create WinForms applications that meet government regulations regarding accessibility.

Sec and Accessibility Guidelines 1. Download VPAT. All DevExpress WinForms controls can be localized using satellite resource assemblies. DevExpress delivers satellite assemblies for a large variety of languages and cultures. To help you get started, resource files for four cultures are included in our installation: German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. If you need to modify our shipping resources or create satellite assemblies for a different language, simply use our Online Localization Service, a free tool for our active WinForms subscribers.

Online Localization Service. Unlike many vendors claiming support for Coded UI through the simple use of MSAA, DevExpress controls go the extra mile to make certain that individual controls fully comply with Microsoft's testing framework. We don't simply support Coded UI; we support it to the maximum extent possible.

Learn more about Coded UI. These missing features include bindings, commands, UI triggers, behaviors etc. Review the list of development tools and frameworks supported by our products. We strongly recommend that you always download and use the most recent versions. If the latest version does not support the IDE or framework that you're using, please write to us at support devexpress. Download our fully-functional day trial today and experience the DevExpress difference today. Download Free Trial.

Explore Our Newest Features. NET 6 Support. Need help or require more information? About Us. Announcing DevExpress Universal v Free Day Trial Gallery. Create Outlook-inspired apps. Display data via customizable cards. Kanban Board. WinForms Data. Your Way. All major data sources are fully supported.

I've been using your tools since and my productivity and output has increased significantly due to your tools. Shape and Manipulate Data A broad range of data shaping options inside. Basic Vector Pine Light Palette. Office Colorful Default Palette. WXI Calmness Palette. Office Black Forest Palette. Master-Detail Visualization Easy-to-configure master-detail support.

This great Grid control is the best I've ever seen! Excel-inspired Conditional Formatting Deliver an experience familiar to everyone. The features available are mind-boggling. Free Trial If you are in need of components that help you get the job done quickly then look no further than DevExpress. You will not be disappointed. Kevin A. Sparklines Gauges Charts. Reporting made easy. Free Trial A truly professional, fully-featured set of controls from people focused on continual development.

As developers, we can't ask for anything more. Keep up the awesome work. Buy this product as part of the following subscription packages. Best Value. Data Grid. DirectX Hardware Acceleration. Rich Text Editor. Dock Windows. Pivot Grid. Tree List. Property Grid. PDF Viewer. Sankey Diagram.

Layout Manager. Map Control. Heat Map. Gauge Controls. Navigation Pane. Tile Control. Live Tile Manager. Spell Checker. Data Editors. MVVM Framework. Themes and Skinning. Navigation Controls. Gantt Control. Printing and Exporting. Application Themes. Card View. Site Navigation and Layout. Docking and Popups. Vertical Grid. HTML Editor. Image and Data Browsing. File Management. Multi-Purpose Site Controls.

Form Layout. Web Navigation and Layout. Dialogs and Notifications. Multi-Purpose Web Controls. Data Export. Theme Builder. NET Core Controls.

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