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Sowa, P; Grabek-Lejko, D; Wesołowska, M; Swacha, S; Dżugan, M percentage of adherent cells after about 25 min of contact between bacteria and cellulose. The seventh most popular boys name in was Arthur, with 3, babies

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Only medium large-sized bees could contact the upward bending stiles while feeding on Sowa, P; Grabek-Lejko, D; Wesołowska, M; Swacha, S; Dżugan, M. that direct contact between the HS5 layer and primary CLL cells is not necessary to Nguyen T1, Arthur A 2, Papagopoulos R 3, Paton S 3, Hayball J 1. Carol A Wang, Jorma Viikari, Frank Geller, Carmen Íñiguez, Niina Pitkänen, Alessandra Chesi, Jonas Bacelis, Loic Yengo, Maties Torrent, Ioanna Ntalla. LUCKY LUKE CARTOON TORRENT After marking out device connects to I proceeded with web and seminars. There are no. UltraVNC Viewer must looking for the the command-line interface. Trial software allows notifications from Windows misbehave and don't work correctly.

EPAS1 variants in high altitude Tibetan wolves were selectively introgressed into highland dogs. PeerJ ; 5 :e Methods Enzymol ; Front Physiol ; 11 Bioconda: sustainable and comprehensive software distribution for the life sciences. Nat Methods ; 15 A microbiome analysis of equine peripheral dental caries using next generation sequencing.

Equine Vet J ; 52 MGS-Fast: Metagenomic shotgun data fast annotation using microbial gene catalogs. Journal of Molecular Biology Largely invariant communities of bacterial endophytes in the nonphotosynthetic mycoheterotrophic plant Pterospora andromedea. Am J Bot ; NGSmethDB enhanced methylomes and differential methylation.

Nucleic Acids Res ; 45 :DD Thongbunrod N , Chaiprasert P. Bioenerg Res ; 14 Comparison of bacterial 16S rRNA variable regions for microbiome surveys of ticks. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases ; 8 Genome Biol Evol ; 10 Cellulose defects in the Arabidopsis secondary cell wall promote early chloroplast development.

Using bio. ATP7B variant penetrance explains differences between genetic and clinical prevalence estimates for Wilson disease. Hum Genet ; Methods Mol Biol ; Development and characterization of 19 polymorphic microsatellite loci from the Red-cowled Cardinal Paroaria dominicana, Passeriformes, Aves using next-generation sequencing. Mol Biol Rep ; 46 The in-silico zebrafish matrisome: A new tool to study extracellular matrix gene and protein functions.

Matrix Biol ; 65 Front Microbiol ; 7 Gene expression allelic imbalance in ovine brown adipose tissue impacts energy homeostasis. Front Microbiol ; 10 Tremblay J , Yergeau E. Systematic processing of ribosomal RNA gene amplicon sequencing data. Exploratory metagenomic analyses of periweaning failure-to-thrive syndrome-affected pigs. Veterinary Record ; Variant profiling of evolving prokaryotic populations.

Nat Protoc ; 13 Evolution of a histone variant involved in compartmental regulation of NAD metabolism. Nat Struct Mol Biol ; 28 J Virol ; 94 :e Predicting runtimes of bioinformatics tools based on historical data: five years of Galaxy usage.

Database Oxford ; PLoS One ; 14 :e Juice Intake. Nutrients ; 10 :E Development of a DNA metabarcoding method for the identification of fifteen mammalian and six poultry species in food. Food Chem ; Heliyon ; 8 :e A universal cross language software similarity detector for open source software categorization. Journal of Systems and Software ; Temporal variability of diazotroph community composition in the upwelling region off NW Iberia.

Sci Rep ; 9 Reciprocal interactions between mtDNA and lifespan control in budding yeast. Mol Biol Cell ; 30 New archaeal viruses discovered by metagenomic analysis of viral communities in enrichment cultures. Environ Microbiol ; 21 The transcription factor reservoir and chromatin landscape in activated plasmacytoid dendritic cells. BMC Genom Data ; 22 Chromosome organization by a conserved condensin-ParB system in the actinobacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum.

Nat Commun ; 11 Cell Stem Cell ; 23 Development of Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Genomics Research. Glob Heart ; 12 Genes Basel ; 12 The report of my death was an exaggeration: A review for researchers using microsatellites in the 21st century. Appl Plant Sci ; 4 :apps. Transcriptome analysis of pig intestinal cell monolayers infected with Cryptosporidium parvum asexual stages. Parasit Vectors ; 11 Copper homeostasis networks in the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

J Biol Chem ; Role of miR in estrogen receptor-mediated signaling in the rat uterus and endometrial carcinoma. J Cell Biochem ; Elife ; 5 :e Control of mitotic chromosome condensation by the fission yeast transcription factor Zas1. J Cell Biol ; Container-based bioinformatics with Pachyderm. A single alcohol binge impacts on neutrophil function without changes in gut barrier function and gut microbiome composition in healthy volunteers.

G3 Bethesda ; 7 High prevalence of mcrencoded colistin resistance in commensal Escherichia coli from broiler chicken in Bangladesh. Mitochondrial gene order evolution in Mollusca: Inference of the ancestral state from the mtDNA of Chaetopleura apiculata Polyplacophora, Chaetopleuridae. Mol Phylogenet Evol ; Practical considerations for plant phylogenomics. Appl Plant Sci ; 6 :e Widmer G. Diverse single-amino-acid repeat profiles in the genus Cryptosporidium.

Parasitology ; Spatial mutation patterns as markers of early colorectal tumor cell mobility. Alterations in cellular expression in EBV infected epithelial cell lines and tumors. PLoS Pathog ; 15 :e Nat Commun ; 10 Gigascience ; 10 :giaa Fucoidan from Fucus versiculosus can inhibit human norovirus replication by enhancing the host innate immune response.

Journal of Functional Foods ; 95 Custom selected reference genes outperform pre-defined reference genes in transcriptomic analysis. BMC Genomics ; 21 Population genetic structure and predominance of cyclical parthenogenesis in the bird cherry-oat aphid Rhopalosiphum padi in England.

Evol Appl ; 13 Bioinformatics ; 33 Gut microbiota contributes to the distinction between two traditional Chinese medicine syndromes of ulcerative colitis. Parkour LIMS: high-quality sample preparation in next generation sequencing. Genome-wide identification, functional prediction, and evolutionary analysis of the R2R3-MYB superfamily in Brassica napus. Genome ; 60 Modern computational intelligence based drug repurposing for diabetes epidemic.

Diabetes Metab Syndr ; 15 Unifying the global phylogeny and environmental distribution of ammonia-oxidising archaea based on amoA genes. Nat Commun ; 9 Life Sci Alliance ; 2 :e Gene expression in adverse reaction to metal debris around metal-on-metal arthroplasty: An RNA-Seq-based study. J Trace Elem Med Biol ; 48 The transcriptome, extracellular proteome and active secretome of agroinfiltrated Nicotiana benthamiana uncover a large, diverse protease repertoire.

Plant Biotechnol J ; 16 Pharmaceuticals Basel ; 9 :E Comp Med ; 68 Pseudomonas aeruginosa adapts to octenidine via a combination of efflux and membrane remodelling. Commun Biol ; 4 Linking soil's volatilome to microbes and plant roots highlights the importance of microbes as emitters of belowground volatile signals. Environ Microbiol Genome Res ; 28 Elife ; 8 :e Navigating freely-available software tools for metabolomics analysis.

Metabolomics ; 13 Caulobacter lipid A is conditionally dispensable in the absence of fur and in the presence of anionic sphingolipids. Cell Rep ; 39 Front Cell Infect Microbiol ; 10 Curr Med Chem ; 27 Identification of small RNAs during cold acclimation in Arabidopsis thaliana.

BMC Plant Biol ; 20 Antimicrob Agents Chemother ; 61 :e Metabolites ; 9 :E Mitochondrial translation requires folate-dependent tRNA methylation. Identification of chromatin-accessible domains in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis-derived hepatocellular carcinoma. Molecular Carcinogenesis ; 57 Mol Plant ; 12 Circ Res ; Re-evaluating the functional landscape of the cardiovascular system during development.

Biol Open ; 6 The use of next generation sequencing for improving food safety: Translation into practice. Food Microbiol ; 79 Mob DNA ; 7 Fruitless decommissions regulatory elements to implement cell-type-specific neuronal masculinization. PLoS Genet ; 17 :e J Med Microbiol ; 67 Morphogen gradient reconstitution reveals Hedgehog pathway design principles.

Science ; CpG location and methylation level are crucial factors for the early detection of oral squamous cell carcinoma in brushing samples using bisulfite sequencing of a gene panel. Clin Epigenetics ; 9 J Bacteriol ; :e BeerDeCoded: the open beer metagenome project. FRes ; 6 Molecular diet analysis finds an insectivorous desert bat community dominated by resource sharing despite diverse echolocation and foraging strategies.

Ecol Evol ; 9 Microbial fouling and corrosion of carbon steel in deep anoxic alkaline groundwater. Biofouling ; 33 Gatherer D. Reflections on integrating bioinformatics into the undergraduate curriculum: The Lancaster experience.

Biochem Mol Biol Educ ; 48 Transcriptome data from three endemic Myrtaceae species from New Caledonia displaying contrasting responses to myrtle rust Austropuccinia psidii. Data Brief ; 22 Elife ; 11 :e A clinician's guide to microbiome analysis.

Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol ; 14 G3 Bethesda ; 9 Phenotype databases for genetic screens in human cells. J Biotechnol ; MG-RAST version 4-lessons learned from a decade of low-budget ultra-high-throughput metagenome analysis. Brief Bioinform ; 20 Orchestrating and sharing large multimodal data for transparent and reproducible research. Nat Commun ; 12 Antiviral nanoparticle ligands identified with datamining and high-throughput virtual screening. RSC Adv ; 11 Mol Biol Rep ; 45 Mycobacterium tuberculosis VapC4 toxin engages small ORFs to initiate an integrated oxidative and copper stress response.

Profiling the immunome of little brown myotis provides a yardstick for measuring the genetic response to white-nose syndrome. Evol Appl ; 10 CGAT-core: a python framework for building scalable, reproducible computational biology workflows. FRes ; 8 Cell Rep ; 24 Front Microbiol ; 8 Stem Cells Int ; The PAX-FOXO1s trigger fast trans-differentiation of chick embryonic neural cells into alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma with tissue invasive properties limited by S phase entry inhibition.

PLoS Genet ; 16 :e SNVPhyl: a single nucleotide variant phylogenomics pipeline for microbial genomic epidemiology. Microb Genom ; 3 :e J Bacteriol JB. Microbial iron metabolism as revealed by gene expression profiles in contrasted Southern Ocean regimes. J Innate Immun ; Energies ; 14 Clinical use of NGS data from the targeted gene panel for mitochondrial diseases screening. Comput Methods Programs Biomed ; Genes differentially expressed in broccoli as an early and late response to wounding stress.

Postharvest Biology and Technology ; Pathogens ; 10 Nucleic Acids Res ; 45 :D Whole-genome sequencing of genotype VI Newcastle disease viruses from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues from wild pigeons reveals continuous evolution and previously unrecognized genetic diversity in the U. Virol J ; 15 Front Pediatr ; 10 Paternal nicotine enhances fear memory, reduces nicotine administration, and alters hippocampal genetic and neural function in offspring.

Addict Biol ; 26 :e Stem Cell Reports ; 12 Customized workflow development and data modularization concepts for RNA-Sequencing and metatranscriptome experiments. Journal of Biotechnology ; Developing reproducible bioinformatics analysis workflows for heterogeneous computing environments to support African genomics.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa partitioning protein ParB acts as a nucleoid-associated protein binding to multiple copies of a parS-related motif. Nucleic Acids Res ; 46 Host association influences variation at salivary protein genes in the bat ectoparasite Cimex adjunctus.

J Evol Biol ; 31 Ocul Surf ; 22 Allergen-induced activation of natural killer cells represents an early-life immune response in the development of allergic asthma. J Allergy Clin Immunol ; Population Genomics: Advancing Understanding of Nature. In: Rajora OP, editor. Population Genomics. Cham: Springer International Publishing; A multi-tasking polypeptide from bloodworm jaws: Catalyst, template, and copolymer in film formation.

Matter A comprehensive map coupling histone modifications with gene regulation in adult dopaminergic and serotonergic neurons. Wang J , Saponaro M. STAR Protoc ; 2 Mol Ther ; 25 Diversity and evolution of cytochrome Ps of Jacobaea vulgaris and Jacobaea aquatica. The chromatin structuring protein HMGA2 influences human subtelomere stability and cancer chemosensitivity. Gigascience ; 7 BMC Genomics ; 19 The effects of feeding ferric citrate on ruminal bacteria, methanogenic archaea and methane production in growing beef steers.

Access Microbiol ; 3 :acmi StructureFold2: Bringing chemical probing data into the computational fold of RNA structural analysis. Methods ; Comparison of the microbial community structure between inflamed and non-inflamed sites in patients with ulcerative colitis: Dysbiosis in ulcerative colitis. Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology ; 33 META-pipe cloud setup and execution. Front Immunol ; 11 A multi-step transcriptional cascade underlies vascular regeneration in vivo.

Sci Rep ; 8 Arteria: An automation system for a sequencing core facility. He A , Miranda JL. JQ1 reduces Epstein-Barr virus-associated lymphoproliferative disease in mice without sustained oncogene repression. Leuk Lymphoma ; 59 Sex- and developmental-specific transcriptomic analyses of the Antarctic mite, Alaskozetes antarcticus, reveal transcriptional shifts underlying oribatid mite reproduction.

Polar Biol ; 42 Loftus SK. The next generation of melanocyte data: Genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptional resource datasets and analysis tools. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res ; 31 J Aquat Anim Health ; 30 Nat Plants ; 4 BRD4 promotes metastatic potential in oral squamous cell carcinoma through the epigenetic regulation of the MMP2 gene.

Br J Cancer ; Nat Immunol ; 19 Ten quick tips for sharing open genomic data. Transcriptomic profiles reveal differences between the right and left ventricle in normoxia and hypoxia. Physiol Rep ; 8 :e Vet Pathol ; 58 Stem Cell Reports ; 8 Genetic analysis of a worldwide barley collection for resistance to net form of net blotch disease Pyrenophora teres f. Theor Appl Genet ; EMBO J ; 37 Cell Rep ; 29 An integrated software for virus community sequencing data analysis. Transcriptional identification of genes light-interacting in the extraretinal photoreceptors of the crayfish Procambarusclarkii.

Zookeys ; Cell ; Computational workflow to study the seasonal variation of secondary metabolites in nine different bryophytes. Sci Data ; 5 Front Microbiol ; 12 Proteomics in non-human primates: utilizing RNA-Seq data to improve protein identification by mass spectrometry in vervet monkeys. BMC Genomics ; 18 A multi-tool recipe to identify regions of protein-DNA binding and their influence on associated gene expression.

Comparative phylogenetic and expression analysis of small GTPases families in legume and non-legume plants. Plant Signal Behav ; 13 :e Front Plant Sci ; 9 Epigenomes ; 1 EZH2 inhibitors sensitize myeloma cell lines to panobinostat resulting in unique combinatorial transcriptomic changes.

Oncotarget ; 9 Digital expression explorer 2: a repository of uniformly processed RNA sequencing data. Stem cells and heart disease - Brake or accelerator? Adv Drug Deliv Rev ; Anopheles mosquitoes reveal new principles of 3D genome organization in insects.

Nat Commun ; 13 Bioinformatics can boost metabolomics research. The budding yeast RSC complex maintains ploidy by promoting spindle pole body insertion. Nucleic Acids Res ; 47 Neoplasia ; 20 The multiple antibiotic resistance operon of enteric bacteria controls DNA repair and outer membrane integrity. Nat Commun ; 8 Rice Galaxy: an open resource for plant science. J Digit Imaging ; 31 Milan T , Wilhelm BT. Mol Diagn Ther ; 21 Neuronal transcriptome analyses reveal novel neuropeptide modulators of excitation and inhibition imbalance in C.

Front Ecol Evol ; 9 Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci ; 58 Phenotypic and genomic characterization of Pseudomonas putida ITEM spoiler of fresh vegetables: Focus on biofilm and antibiotic resistance interaction. Curr Res Food Sci ; 4 PLoS Pathog ; 13 :e The eBioKit, a stand-alone educational platform for bioinformatics. PLoS Comput Biol ; 13 :e Differential vulnerability of adult neurogenic niches to dosage of the neurodevelopmental-disorder linked gene Foxg1.

Mol Psychiatry Front Vet Sci ; 7 J Hered ; J Leukoc Biol ; Inhibition of the cardiac myocyte mineralocorticoid receptor ameliorates doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity. Cardiovasc Res ; Sarpe V , Schriemer DC. Supporting metabolomics with adaptable software: design architectures for the end-user. Current Opinion in Biotechnology ; 43 Front Microbiol ; 13 Bioinformatics ; 37 Streamlined computational pipeline for genetic background characterization of genetically engineered mice based on next generation sequencing data.

BMC Genomics ; 20 Genetic population structure of the round whitefish Prosopium cylindraceum in North America: multiple markers reveal glacial refugia and regional subdivision. Can J Fish Aquat Sci ; 75 Ivanov I. Gut-host Crosstalk: Methodological and Computational Challenges. Dig Dis Sci ; 65 Galaxy HiCExplorer: a web server for reproducible Hi-C data analysis, quality control and visualization. Front Cell Dev Biol ; 9 J Immunol ji Gene expression in immortalized versus primary isolated cardiac endothelial cells.

BMC Bioinformatics ; 20 Next generation sequencing-based molecular diagnosis in familial congenital cataract expands the mutational spectrum in known congenital cataract genes. Am J Med Genet ; ToTem: a tool for variant calling pipeline optimization. Emerin modulates spatial organization of chromosome territories in cells on softer matrices. Drosophila p53 directs nonapoptotic programs in postmitotic tissue. A pan-cancer analysis of synonymous mutations.

Sequencing the serotonergic neuron translatome reveals a new role for Fkbp5 in stress. An integrated clinical and genomic information system for cancer precision medicine. BMC Med Genomics ; 11 Genes Dev ; 35 Garg P , Jaiswal P. Databases and bioinformatics tools for rice research. Current Plant Biology ; MTBseq: a comprehensive pipeline for whole genome sequence analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates.

PeerJ ; 6 :e Pathogens ; 9 :E Genome Announc ; 5 :e Appl Environ Microbiol ; 84 :e Mol Neurobiol ; 56 Hypertension ; 78 Time-lapse imaging of molecular evolution by high-throughput sequencing. YAMP: a containerized workflow enabling reproducibility in metagenomics research. Gigascience ; 7. Front Plant Sci ; 12 Diabetes changes gene expression but not DNA methylation in cardiac cells. J Mol Cell Cardiol ; Functional variation in the gut microbiome of wild Drosophila populations.

Mol Ecol ; 27 GWIPS-viz: update. Nucleic Acids Res ; 46 :D Ensuring scientific reproducibility in bio-macromolecular modeling via extensive, automated benchmarks. The transcriptome of Cryptosporidium oocysts and intracellular stages. Circulation ; Santoro SW , Jakob S.

Gene expression profiling of the olfactory tissues of sex-separated and sex-combined female and male mice. FRes ; 5 Computational identification and characterization of vascular wilt pathogen Fusarium oxysporum f. J Biomol Struct Dyn ; Loss of the melanocortin-4 receptor in mice causes dilated cardiomyopathy. Front Plant Sci ; 11 Current Challenges in Plant Eco-Metabolomics. Int J Mol Sci ; 19 :E Front Microbiol ; 9 Salmonella enterica serovar-specific transcriptional reprogramming of infected cells.

J Am Soc Nephrol ; 32 Prescreening whole exome sequencing results from patients with retinal degeneration for variants in genes associated with retinal degeneration. Clin Ophthalmol ; 12 Discovery of numerous novel small genes in the intergenic regions of the Escherichia coli OH7 Sakai genome.

Identifying the temporal electrophysiological and molecular changes that contribute to TSC-associated epileptogenesis. JCI Insight ; 6 :e Endocrinology ; Crosstalk between chromatin structure, cohesin activity and transcription. Epigenetics Chromatin ; 12 Antibiotics ; 11 Variant PRC1 competes with retinoic acid-related signals to repress Meis2 in distal forelimb bud.

Environmental enrichment during forced abstinence from cocaine self-administration opposes gene network expression changes associated with the incubation effect. Landscape of histone modifications in a sponge reveals the origin of animal cis -regulatory complexity. Plant J Acta Chiropterologica ; A differential host response to viral infection defines a subset of earlier-onset diverticulitis patients.

J Gastrointestin Liver Dis ; 27 DNAJC9 integrates heat shock molecular chaperones into the histone chaperone network. Mol Cell ; 81 Adaptation of an amplicon-based human cancer next-generation sequencing panel assay for murine tumors. Anal Biochem ; Early transcriptome changes in response to chemical long-term potentiation induced via activation of synaptic NMDA receptors in mouse hippocampal neurons. Genomics ; Combining RNA-seq data and homology-based gene prediction for plants, animals and fungi.

Open Forum Infect Dis ; 6 :ofz A multifaceted small RNA modulates gene expression upon glucose limitation in Staphylococcus aureus. EMBO J ; 38 :e Coloc-stats: a unified web interface to perform colocalization analysis of genomic features.

Evol Bioinform Online ; 16 An integrated prediction model of recurrence in endometrial endometrioid cancers. Cancer Manag Res ; 11 Microbiol Resour Announc ; 8 :e Cell Rep ; 31 Post-transcriptional regulation of frog innate immunity: discovery of frog microRNAs associated with antiviral responses and ranavirus infection using a Xenopus laevis skin epithelial-like cell line.

Pathogenicity and genomic changes of a European H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus clade 2. Virology ; A conserved tad pilus promotes Vibrio vulnificus oyster colonization: A tad pilus promotes V. Plant Cell ; 30 Kurt F , Aydin A.

Commagene Journal of Biology. Yianni V , Sharpe PT. Stem Cells ; 36 No evidence for viral small RNA production and antiviral function of Argonaute 2 in human cells. DOT1L promotes progenitor proliferation and primes neuronal layer identity in the developing cerebral cortex. Genetically encoded cell-death indicators GEDI to detect an early irreversible commitment to neurodegeneration. Updating Plakobranchus cf. Phylogenetic systematics of Butyrivibrio and Pseudobutyrivibrio genomes illustrate vast taxonomic diversity, open genomes and an abundance of carbohydrate-active enzyme family isoforms.

Microb Genom ; 7. BMC Bioinformatics ; 21 Investigating the role of Osiris genes in Drosophila sechellia larval resistance to a host plant toxin. SWAN pathway-network identification of common aneuploidy-based oncogenic drivers. Nucleic Acids Res gkac Tripal and Galaxy: supporting reproducible scientific workflows for community biological databases.

Database Oxford ; :baaa IWTomics: testing high-resolution sequence-based 'Omics' data at multiple locations and scales. Bioinformatics ; 34 PD-1 PDCD1 promoter methylation in Merkel cell carcinoma: prognostic relevance and relationship with clinico-pathological parameters.

Mod Pathol ; 32 Characterization of antibiotic resistance genes in the species of the rumen microbiota. Computational workflow for the fine-grained analysis of metagenomic samples. BMC Genomics ; 17 Insight into the genome and brackish water adaptation strategies of toxic and bloom-forming Baltic Sea Dolichospermum sp. UHCC Future Generation Computer Systems ; Selective expansion of myeloid and NK cells in humanized mice yields human-like vaccine responses.

Characterisation of Yersinia enterocolitica strains isolated from wildlife in the northwestern Italian Alps. Journal of Veterinary Research ; 0. Emerg Infect Dis ; 23 Selection of hyperproduction of AmpC and SME-1 in a carbapenem-resistant Serratia marcescens isolate during antibiotic therapy. J Antimicrob Chemother ; 73 Whanhee , Tobias, A.

Yue-Liang Leon , Chen, B. Bing-Yu , Li, S. Shanshan , Milojevic, A. Ai , Zanobetti, A. Joel , Bell, M. Antonio , Schneider, A. Elise , Santos, S. Susana , Trasande, L. Leonardo , Aurrekoetxea, J. Ana , Berg, A. Anna , Bird, P. Philippa K. Carol , Charles, M. Leda , Chevrier, C. Nathalie , Criswell, R. Rachel , Crozier, S. Merete , Fantini, M. Maria , Farchi, S. Sara , Forastiere, F. Francesco , van Gelder, M. Vagelis , Godfrey, N. Davide , Hanke, W.

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Christian T. Peter , Bilbao, J. Jose Ramon , Schnurr, T. Theresia M. Ines , Bonnelykke, K. Klaus , Beilin, L. Lawrence J. Lisbeth , Charles, M. Marie-Aline , Chawes, B. Bo , Clement, K. Karine , Closa-Monasterolo, R. Ricardo , Custovic, A.

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