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lfmp jeppesen charts torrent

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Kong Senior is cap- tive in his cage at the top of the screen and Junior waits at the bottom ready for action. You must help Junior swing from vine to vine to reach his father Junior's enemies on this screen are two forms of Snapjaw. Glue Snapjaws slither down the vines and then out of the game. Orange Snapjaws move up and down the vines burning to take a bite out Df Junior.

But the little ape can defend himself by sending fruits hanging on the vines whizing down at the Snap- jaws to knock them off — in much the same way as the rocks operate in Dig Dug. On this screen go out of your way to grab fruit and kill a few Snapjaws The first fruits worth plucking are the pears on the left-most wine. The toughest part of the screen is jumping up to Mario's platform Move the joystick to the left while hitting the jump button.

Make your way to the key and watch in horror as Mario moves Papa Kong and the cage away to another screen! Just one thtng — when you're climbing hang on to two vines Than you're on to the chains screen — similar to the Rivet screen in the original Kong game. Each chain has a lock positioned at the top of it. Junior must push keys up the chains to unlock the bonds that bind his big daddy On this screen the Snapjaws are joined by Nitpickers — video birds which fly across the screen, starting at the top, and descending Zifj Zag fashion.

Snapjaws move up and down the chains. Contact with any of these is, of course, deadly. One impor- tant rule for the chain screen: You should always open the locks on the outermost chains first. They are never more danger- ous than when Kong Junior is close to the edge of the screen.

For high scoring try to pluck the apple just as a Nitpicker flys across it. You'll kill this Nitpicker and the one below it. Next comes the springboard screen which features vines and chains. There are two ways to play this screen — the short way or the long way The short way starts with a jump from the springbouard to the nearest hanging vine.

The long way en- tails leaping across the platforms at the bottom of the screen and then moving up. Either way the object is to get under the apple you'll find at a higher level. Timing is critical if you take the short cut. When you reach the moving platform grab the left-most rope and lei it carry you along to the platform under the long chain. Climb the chains pluck the fruit and avoid the Nitpickers.

Then make your way to the right of the screen. You can rest safely under the two pears. Wait until a high flying Nitpicker comes through the gap and make your way to the ex- treme right hand chains, Climb them to the platform and stsnd to tha right of the gap, To jump this gap you must time your leap so Junior usi misses the tail-feath- ers of a diving Nitpicker as it turns down into the gap This will give you time to land and jump the next Nitpicker. Jump the up and grab the key.

And there's still one screen to go! The Final screen, Mario's Hide out, is a wierd and wonderful affair, it looks as if the mad carpenter has taken refuge in a sewer! But don't be deceived this is the hardest screen of the game New enemies are intro- duced called Sparks. These are similar to the Sparx from Qix and travel independent- ly about the pipes of the maze threatening Kong Junior with in- stant electric death.

The little ape can destroy them with the faithful fruits which hang from the fixtures and fittings Otherwise he'll have to jump the Sparks —just like the barrels of old. There are secret ramps, elevators and passage- ways, and players who discover secret time warps gain access to more advanced levels of play Bentley's path through the crystal castles is lined with ruby- paved roads but gathering jewels is dangerous, Hungry Gem Eaters which greedily gobble Bentley's treasures, there are scary trees which chase him and giant crys- tal balls intent on running him down.

Bentley's arch-enemy Berthilda the Witch is also out to get htm. Berthilda comes to life every fourth wave, Once at her castle, at her fortress, at her palace and then her dungeon. The Gem Eaters, caterpillar- like Creatures, are harmless and can be knocked out of the pic ture while they are swallowing gems, but they are deadly at other times Trees can be Stop- initials become "engraved" in the first castle, pad in their tracks if Bentley Points are scored by collact- leaps over them.

While wearing his magical hat Bentley is able to run right through his opponents and tem- porarily dispose qf Berthilda, But, the magic of the hat wanes, and when it disappears so does Bentley's protection As a special treat for the Bear there is also a pqt ql honey, but a swarm of bees appear every few seconds to protect it. Bentley can gain points by grabbing the honey, but getting surrounded by a swarm of bees means curtains for him.

There are ten levels of play featured in Crystal Castles, four castles or playfields per level, all in contrasting' co I ours, and there ere 16 playfields in all. Adding a magical touch to the game's cabinet is a special glow in the-dark track ball.

That's why beating the game requires Suncom from Consumer Electronics. A range of 3 quality joysticks all with arcade-style features plus Joy Sensor, the u It i mate, with precision touch- sensitive control. No stick to move, no resistance to movement.

Together with a range of CE L. Adaptor leads, they're compatible to a wide range of machines. Check them out at your dealer - they're sure fire winners. For details of your nearest stockist con tact -Consumer Electronics Limited. Tel 06V 68 2 Here at the CSVG offices we've received many letters agreeing with his comments. So we decided to look further at that subject which is obviously close to your pockets!

They would rather buy fewer more expensive items than cheaper software which cant match il for quality. He couldn't offer a glimmer of hope for British Atari own- ers on American import prices but he did add: "There's no reason why Brit- ish software shouldn't be cheaper. Issues that we cant lit under the Great Software Disasters category. Why don't you drop us a line it there's anything bothering you?

You'll find our address elsewhere in the magazine. They can also be ordered direct from us using the coupon below- please add 50p per book for postage and packing. Out Now Power along in your Death Wagon — destroy he Androids and smash She luel drums. How many can you get before you run out af fuel? In ultra smooth graphtcs with awesome sound effects. High score, 1 or 2 players and self-play mode. Best value around: contain- ing renumber, delete, freemen, search and replace.

Terror Hawks will explode onto our screens at the end of the month. From the man who brought you Thunderbirds this is the latest all action space adventure set for a prime time viewing slot at 5. Gerry Anderson's puppets first achieved international fame when characters like Jeff Tracey, Brains, and Lady Pe- nelope had an earlier generation of space fans glued to the screen every Saturday morning.

Naw a new generation of space liction addicts can enjoy the adventures of these sophisti- cated puppets. The good news for Phillips G70GQ owners is that a new Videopac based on the TV series will be launched at the same time Just like the programme itself there is plenty of action, lighting it out in deepest space with an alien empire. Also new from Phillips this month is a teach-yourself Morse Code Videopac.

The roadshow is being sponsored by CBS Colecovision and the full range of Coleco's video games will be on hand for visitors to try out- So if you are fed up with the beach or bored with eating too much candy floss, why not go and enjoy a 3D shoot-out on Zaxxon or take on Mario in Donkey Kong For video- games fans it sure beats sun- bathing 1 BUY-BACK! The scheme is based on the Buy-Back Certificate which is in- cluded with each purchase of a new game, If after 28 days of play you have tired of the game, you can send it back to the schemes organisers who will accept the returned cartridge as 80 percent of the purchase price of your nest choice.

We wonder what Atari thinks about that! It has 2k of Random Access Memory for you to write your own programs, and there is 16k of ROM controlling the compu- ter's other functions. Other special features include a built in music composer with two octaves and two channels which enables you to program your own music which can be replayed through the VCS. Game writing is facilitated by means of the Magic Easel mode which is built in and enables you to draw in up to ten colours on screen, Programs can be stored on any normal cassette recorder.

The add-on uses the Microsoft computer language — Basic, which is standard to most home computers SpectraVisions CompuMate should receive a boost now that Atari have decided to scrap their own keyboard lor the VCS due to pricing problems. The game is unique in the shoot em up category and chal- lenges you to shoot a connecting beam of laser fire to kill the aliens.

As you move the bottom ship left the top ship moves right mak- ing a diagonal line of fire when you press the red button. CAUGHT IN THE WEB Web Warp challenges you to capture the space creatures and take them through the secret door deep in space to the Trophy Room where they are proudly displayed The maximum number of crea tures you can capture is twenty, though you will have to be a real space ace to do this as it has so far eluded everyone including the games designers.

To capture the aliens you are armed with a capture stick which you can flick out at the aliens by depressing the fire button. Web Warp is one of six new games for the new Vectrex machine from Milton Bradley. Other highlights in this batch of new releases are Narzod - a second 3D style shoot em up where you have to advance up through a twisting tunnel, defeat- ing the waves of aliens that are attempting lo thwart your pro- gress. Spike is the first game from Vectrex which utilises the speech synthesis built into the machine It has to be said, however, that Vectrex's vocabul- ary is fairly limited, and the few words that are spoken have to be illustrated with comic-book style speech bubbles so that they can be understood.

The game itself is based on Donkey Kong — the evil Spud has captured Molly and its you to the rescue, Also in the range are versions of old favourites Pinball, and Soccer. The first Vectrex add-on will go on sale at the same time as the new games in the shape of a light pen.

TNs can be used to create simple moving pictures of up to nine frames, There will be a second more powerful animation package available later m the year. This will enable more frames to be fed into the Vectrex thus facilitating more movement, and also using a number of pre drawn back- ground landscapes.

Vectrex are determined that they will not allow any indepen- dent companies to produce games for their machine. They had played Phoenix at local level, Ms Pacman in the national heats, and the new Cen- tipede game at the national finals in London.

Compere for the afternoon was Keith Chegwin, of TV's the fifteen minutes given to the final Andrew takes away an Atari computer complete with soft- ware, a winners' jacket and a ticket for two to Munich where he'll represent Great Britain in the Atari world championships later this year. Last year the British champion also conquered the world at Pac- man. Let's hope that we can make it the double.

This year the world championship game will be Centipede. The heats were played in groups of eight with each con- testant given ten minutes to clack up a record score on Cen- tipede. Most finalists had brought their own well-seasoned joysticks, although this didn't al- ways seem to help.

Once all three lives were lost you weren't allowed to start again and many players found themselves being escorted from the stage m tears after only three or four minutes. This was usually put down to nerves, but may also have been due to Keith's jokes which could have put many people off their game while they tried to remem- ber how old his script actually was. He clocked up an amazing , in his allocated 15 min- utes, even though he's only been playing Centipede for just over a month.

Stuart, who reached the finals last year in Pacman, also re- ceives an Atari 8D0 computer, a silver jacket and a ticket for Munich. Stuart told me that he prac- tices for up to four hours every day, and it certainly paid off. The continual Centipede-bashing hurts his fingers but he does special exercises to keep Would-be champions Stuart's other hobbies include basketball — but he doesn't do German at school so hell have to start practising.

Perhaps he should buy the Conversational German program to run on his new Atari computer. His mum was obviously thrilled at Stuart's achievement but his dad was still in Aberdeen and hadn't heard the news when I spoke to Stuart I asked th-e champion what tactics he uses to get such mas- sive scores. He told me that the main area where points can be made is for killing the spider.

Most players kill the spider as soon as it appears but it's better tD wait as long as possible — that way you get more points for killing it. The crunchy barrel shaped treats are the creation of the Ralston Purina Company of America who claim for their pro- duct "If you like playing Donkey Kong, you're gonna love the crunch of the new Donkey Kong cereal! Not to be outdone by the ape the Franco American Food Com- pany have hit back with UFOs — an assortment of pasta aliens including galactic interceptors, and star green cheeses.

Ail you i need now is a Pac ed lunch! O «'«! But more of that later. The Starpath Supercharger is sold complete with a tape called Phaser Patrol, which we also feature in our Joystick Jury reviews section this issue. Games tapes cost around E Now read on With the demise of Atari's super system more video games players will probably be turn- ing to the Starpath Supercharger, a plug-in ex- pander for the regular VCS, to improve the capa- bilities of their home video centres.

We gave you a rundown on the new Superchar- ger a couple of months ago — but for those of you who missed it here's a brief description of this Atari accessory. The expander looks a bit like an overlarge games cartridge with a handle and plugs into the games port of the VCS. A lead connects it to a cassette recorder.

The Super- charger games all load from tape, as do computer games. The most impressive feature of the Superchar- ger is its multi-load facility. This enables several games to be stored on one cassette. This opens new vistas for graphic adventures on the VCS. Dragon stamper is a classic adventure It has hidden trea- sures nasty villains and an evil monster to overcome. The graphic displays are interesting hut not overwhelming — which is a bit disappointing since other games in the Atari Starpath Su percharger range are pretty nifty an the graphics front.

The action — all important in an Adventure, graphic or other- wise — is substantial enough to keep your interest And with three parts to this challenge you're sure to be playing for some time. The biggest criticism I've got of this otherwise good game is the graphic representation of the hero. You are shown on screen as a small yellow blob! Not very inspiring.

Come on Starparth you surely could do better lhan that Meanwhile, on with he see narm. You take the part of the heroic Dragonstomper wander- ing a land devastated by an evil Dragon, Your task is to destroy the Dragon and restore peace and tranquility to the land.

There are three scenarios to work your way through. The first is the Enchanted Countryside, haunted by evil beings such as ghouls, demons, spiders and other assorted nasties. Dragon- stomper has to travel the coun- tryside collecting the gold, weapons and other items he needs to cross the bridge mio the Oppressed Village Once over the bridge — you'll have to have the right items to Bet past the guard - you enter the village. This means loading the next part of the game from the tape — and an instruction to that effect flashes up on the screen.

In the village you have to purchase or trade for the goods and weapons and magical tokens needed be fore you enter the final phase of the game, the Dragons Cave. In the village you'll appreciate the need to gather together a good hoard of gold while in the Enchanted Countryside — those magic spelts don't come cheap! Once you've spent all your gold it's off into the Oragon's lair — where things get really tough. The joystick controls are easy to master — you just look at the read out al the bottom of the screen which gives a running commentary on what's going on.

And the multi-load feature is equally easy to cope with — again all the instructions are Hashed up on screen. But will you want to play it again once you've solved all the puzzles? It follows the familiar leaping over rolling deadly objects and avoid- ing dropping fireballs while heading toward the top of the screen along a series of plat- forms. This video game is an adequate substitute for video games centre owners — but it doesn't have the same addictive quality.

The graphics are uninspiring end the game rapidly becomes unchallenging, You can't really call it boring as it takes some time to get to grips with — and alter that there's always the chance lhat something new rnighl be behind the spinning doors that keep changing colour. Which brings us on to a brie! Once you've slugged in the cartridge you'll see a screen full of plat- forms, rolling boulders and those three colourful spinning doors — at different levels along the plat- forms.

Your aim is to reach the top where you'll be rewarded with a golden key which opens the revolving doors. Then you go on to the next screen. You are armed with a pickaxe which smashes the rolling boul- ders. But after a while this dis- appears — and yoy have to duck and ump the deadly rocks A spare pick will appear from time to time at the bottom of the screen — but you'll have to go all the way back down to take it.

Once you've got the key you can enter any one of the three doors — the grey one 3eads into an invisible mate. You score points — and add to your golden hoard — by evading boulders, smashing boulders, getting a new pickaxe, getting a key and getting through the door There are supposed to be nine levels of play — but to me most of the arrangements of the plat- form looked remarkably similar THE VERDICT Not the best game for the Philips system.

This is the tape you'll get if you fork out for a Supercha rger as it comes with the add-on package. Once you've loaded up the tape — and it couldn't be easier — you're off into deep space where the awesome Dracon armada of battle cruisers awaits. Your object is simple — just blast them out of the skies! You are provided with a star-map of the area which your patrol cov- ers. It shows the enemy ships, friendly star-bases and unknown sectors.

Your screen display gives you a read Out Of the condition of al! A really nice feature of the game is the defence screen, You can turn this on and off at will during the game — unless it's destroyed by a Dracon blast. When you turn the Shield on two grey translucent panels gra- dually slide into place over your view of space. When it gets dam- aged a gap appears. Armour Attack is the Vec- trex owner's answer to those tank battle games featured on early arcade machines — and a good adaptation it is.

And you can't always assume that a tank is dead once you've blasted it. You have to hit those things twice before they give up the fight. Hit a tank only once and they can still fire back despite being crippled, The graphic representation of the tanks and your armoured car is fairly average, but the helicop- ter is a small masterpiece — with whirling blades and a realistic hovering action.

When you blast a choppp' it spins off the screen with bits missing in a satisfactory fashion. And the graphics for the des- troyed tanks are quite neat, too There are three skill levels and a two player option, too. All in all a nice package for the Vectrex. Worth taking a look at. The car- tridge is a fair reproduction of the original game, faithfully reproducing most of Mission X's graphics.

The giame consists of bombing fifteen or so moving and station- ary targets including bridges, railways, cargo ships and enemy aircraft positioned on a constant- ly moving background of open sea, river valleys, a mountain scene and an airport runway Sound and graphics are up to the I nte Hi vis ion's usual high stan- dard but the movement ol the bomber is often erratic and diffi- cult to control.

It can be very frustrating when the plane doesn't go in the direction you want. I have always thought that the fire buttons on the Intellivision were a little stiff, and after only a short time playing Mission X I can assure you that your fingers get very sore.

T r This is definitely not a game for conservationists, budwatch- m or anyone who likes oui feathered friends — particularly ducks. If you count yourself in any of those groups dont read on Turn the page and save your feelings. Right, those of you that are left must be a bloodthirsty bunch.

Definitely not candidates for the League Against Cruel Sports. The aim of the game is to shoot poor defenceless little ducks out of the sky. You manipulate a gun-barrel at the bottom of the screen. The "Shift" and "Repeat" keys move the gun left and right while the space bax fires the deadly bullet, The program as listed utilises graphics mode Z; by deleting all the comments the program will fit into 3k plus the mode Z graphics requirement.

The symbol ":" on line should be typed in as a shifted backslash the Atom's OR operator. LDfl 9S. OR DEC. Hewett, M. Senior Teacher Adviser, Ashford Mathematics Centre Over the next six months Shiva will be publishing a new series of eleven computer tapes and a supporting series of books, intended as the child's introduction to mathematics.

It is a carefully graded programme to cover the concepts and skills necessary for the child to become numerate. Each of the first four tapes, on numeracy and logic, consists of five graphically illustrated programs, complete with full documentation.

Tests have shown that children find these tapes compulsively exciting - no boring, repetitive exercises are involved! PARAS ] Dramatic all graphics reconstruction of a famous WDrld war Fl Campaign Your hand -pic Iced force has dropped behind enemy lines to capture a strategic rFver crossing 2 versions of the game with ten levels of play The Martians are coming irvtnis superb all-graphics battle, you re In command of land forces defending London when an outbreak of semi sentient Redweed threatens to Immobilize vour forces.

Fifteen levels of play. Defend your cities from the missile attari end smart bombs. You require fast action and quiet thinking to outwit them and finish the parni The game is percent machine code and HI-RES, Graphics also includes Hi -score Bnd running score.

All M. Each is a special arcade style game which will test your co-ordination to the limit. But if you are under 16 and think you can take on all-comers at the game of your choice — and end up with a top score — then we want to hear from you. Achieve the highest score you can on the game we've published for your machine and get one of your parents or a teacher to witness your score and then fill in the form on this page.

With your score duly recorded and signed hy your willing witness all that's left to do is to pop it in the post to us at Computer and Video Games to reach us before October 16th. The top three players of each game will be invited to a grand final at a venue and date yet to be fixed. We ve looked through our files and uncovered a ver- sion of the game that launched a thousand aliens. This version of the classic video game has it all. Four rows of different coloured aliens.

A mother ship which when hit registers a mystery score. Multiple bombs, six screens of varying difficulty. All this and the sound effects too! Keys to control your laser bases are 2 tor left. X for right. The space bar fires your laser. Type the program in using Mode 6. All instructions are in BBC. Microsoft Basic apart from: — 1 Function fnhft which uses the Acorn peek? IS, 1 to prevent excessive keyboard repeats.

Also, for the real enthusiast, Assembler routines to move the Mother Ship and Bullets and Bombs would give a much smoother flow to the game, overcoming even the BBC Basics slowness. If you write the routines, send me a copy, please! NT is adjusted alter shooting a full screen. Adjusts score, start line and Time loop. Not to get to the Kentucky Fried shop that's for sure! This is a version of that arcade favourite Frogger. Except this time the cute little green hopper has been replaced by flustered character of the feathered kind.

Just like the frog this chicken has to cross a busy highway to ge! Will she make it? Over to you! You get four lives to start with, and get an extra life for every points scored. There are two skill levels. The player must select which one he wishes to play at the start ol each game. You use key 5 to move left, fl to move right and 7 to go up. NS: name to be entered using high score string. SC: score. FR: number of chickens set at four. DC: number score player has to beat to get extra chicken set at AS: string containing chickens home and danger.

The chequered characters must be entered as CHRS Z: start position on POKE command. N: poke position for chicken. D: direction of chicken. C: check on position of chicken. Only the best can cope with the sweeps and swirls of the giant slalom course. You'll have to be a real cool customer to deal with the dangers that lurk under the snow — like ice or hidden rocks. You must take them all into your stride as you hurtle down the slope at break-neck speeds. Author Stephen Shaw has come up with a challenging simulation of the real thing, He says runs one to three are fairly easy — easy, for the experienced downhill skier that is!

Run four is moderately difficult — which could mean anything from almost fatal to near impossible — but after that the runs get harder! As this is an Arcade Arena game we'll want to hear about your top scores. Stephen has given us a guide to good scores on his game which we'll pass on to you. If you get over 4. If you score 6, then you are on your way to stardom. If you race your way to 8, then we want to hear from you!

Send us a postcard from the ski resort where you've been practising. This game will also run in Tl Extended Basic. Use the top row of the keyboard to control your skier. They battled it out on the games grid in high powered jet-bikes. The loser didn't come out alive! Now you can brave the challenge of me Light Cycles from the safety of your own micro. Try and send your opponent up a dead end but you'll need quick reactions as the game is very fast — and very playable.

Players must not touch the walls of the games grid or their opponents light trace. Each game consists of 25 heats. The computer keeps score and declares the winner, You must not go back on your own trail. It is best to start the game with your joystick in the neutral position so you don't get wiped out straight away. Mullipe if"p C6W0I hhi I. Km h» rti oh", nuttor ind dmamy. WJ All our programs are now available on disk, please allow i2.

The sequence from the film that parti- cularly caught my fancy is the one where Flynn reconstructs a Recogniser ship destroyed in battle from its consti- tuent parts that happen to be lying around. He then proceeds to knock bits off it again as he flies it into all sons of obstacles on his way to rescue Tron! Of course, the graphics capabilities on the average micro cannot match those that the makers of Tron used. Hardware or software available to people like us is nowhere near as sophisticated.

The diagram shows the initial shape of the ship. It distintegrates into four parts when a key is pressed and one of these parts divides again when another key is pressed. The diagram also gives the sprite numbers associated with all the fragments in the program. We could have plotted the initial spaceship as a single character and then made its frag- ments sprites all based on a single character too. But since each character is based on an 8 x 8 dot matrix, by the time the second splitting has occurred the parts will inevitably be rather small.

Giving them different velocities makes the fragments of the ship fly apart. The second fragmentation is accom- plished by deleting the sprite corres- ponding to the top left fragment and replacing it by three sprites all defined on a single character so that their com- bined shapes are equivalent to that of the one they replace. Giving these new sprites yet further different velocities causes the further disintegration The CALL POSITION subprogram is used to find the position of a sprite just before it disintegrates so that its frag- ments can initially appear in the same position.

It is necessary to use a small offset for some of the fragments since this sub- program returns to the position of the top left point of the sprite The subprog- ram GALL MOTION is used to change the motion of sprite L You mighl find it interesting to use this program as the basis of a number of variations. Six new software titles Something for everyone, from Sinclair! I believe you'll find something of interest in this latest issue.

For instance, if you're looking for the best way to begin computing, turn to our back page. If you want to add even more speed and versatility to your ZX Spectrum system, you'll be pleased to hear that the newZX Microdrive has now been officially announced Mi crod rives are being released on an order of priority basis. Spectrum owners who purchased direct from us will be sent order forms, in a series of mailings that begin with the earliest names on our list of Spectrum owners.

If you didn't buy direct from us by mail order, send us your name and address use the coupon in this Sinclair Special. We'll add your name to the list, and send you a colour brochure and details on how to order. Finally, if you're looking for more ways to use your ZX system, take a look at the software opposite.

There are programs for programmers, a space-chase and car race for arcade-game players, a brand new logic game for those who've exhausted 'the cube. All the new programs are available direct from us, through the order form in this issue. You'll see what I mean about Sinclair having something for everyone. Complete with its own storage sleeve. Contains up to 50 files, with a typical access time of 3.

Includes RS interface and local area network facility for 2 to 64 Spectrums. Attaches to the underside of your Spectrum. Sinclair have it all taped with six brand-new programs for ZX Computers! With Chequered Flag you'll need one eye on the road and one eye on the instruments, as you steer and brake to avoid hazards, and work through the gears in search of the lap or race record, This outstanding new program puts you in the drivers seat with stunning realism, and gives you a choice of fhree cars and ten different circuits.

The Cattell Scale IHA test is timed by the computer, marked immediately, and the marks standardised against , your age. Twist, turn and swap the nine Flippit pieces in search of the elusive magic square. ZX81 Sinclair ZX81 , sold so far. Touch- sensitive keyboard. Normal price E Actual title varies with avail- ability. And once you own your starter pack, there are 37 other Sinclair cassettes available plus dozens from other manufacturers.

Not available by mail order. Otters subject to availability while stocks last. Printing speed; 50 characters pe r secon d. Note that there is no postage or packing payable on Section B. Please allow 28 days for delivery. You can use the above form to send us your name and address. CITy is what we call a rei computerised better -than-i -board game. All great value at Rec. The aristocrats five in fear and many have been imprisoned in that bfeak fortress — The Bastille. Here they await their fate at the blade of Madame Guillotine!

Can you help the aristocrats escape to freedom? Lead the partisan force on a rescue mission into the heart of The Bastille — but beware the guards and booby trapped cells! If you get caught you'll lose more than your pride— the guillotine awaits any unlucky partisan captured on the mission. Fight your way the spectrum. The theme is straightforward enough You must steer your spacecraft around the universe collecting Stardust.

There is a hazard however — giant moon-rocks are whizzing around you in an extremely dangerous manner. These rocks gel ever more numerous as you move further into the game. There is also a constant battle to avoid running out of luel. To help you keep going, starbases appear randomly during the game which you must dock with if your fuel supply is to be replenished. Full instructions are included in the program. Although the game uses colour graphics it can be run using a black and white screen.

This will ensure better screen clarity. Mlir 10! Si POKE CALL 7? ALL D ; htae; 3Z! THEN ! Contains all the features of professional moni- tors found on much larger and more expensive machines. This is an incredibly fast, adrenalin pumping game that is wry addictive. There is an option to race against either another player or Die computer - hut we warn you its very very good!

Centi- pedes are attacking you from ah sides. Killer fleas are dropp- ing from the shy, and to top things off there's a venemous spider lurking in the back- ground. You only have your trusty laser cannon as defense. We dare you to accept their challenge!

This is a PURE arcade game and a must for all you alien tappers! Postern bring you the first fully 3 dimensional stereoscopic game. Compu- ter and Video Games scores another first by bringing you games that literally leap out of the screen at you! Thats why youll need the special red and blue specs on the front of this Issue. Do you have friends who groan when you eventually manage to steer the conversa- tion round to computers again, or do they just try to ignore you and hope you'll shut up?

I did manage to get a few words of waffly explanation in before the con- versation was cunningly switched to something com- pletely different. And that wasn't all! I was also promised the gift of a complete pair of red-and-blue specs, no doubt in the hope that I'd go away and play with them for a long. Us a pity the phrase ' 3D " has been so over- used in de- scribing computer programs. Really the word should be perspective'' because the display you see in all these games is just a single image on a flat, very two-dimensional screen, It's no more true 3D than a painting but.

In tact, with simple perspective, you have no way of knowing whether an object of a certain apparent a TV screen — or, indeed, a magazine cover — the prob- lem is to get each eye seeing a different picture. Normally this is impossible because the really a small object picture is on a fiat surface and size is close to or realty a large object far away In the real world, however, you can literally sense depth, Your sense of depth comes from the use of both eyes to focus on an object, At the risk of stating the obvious, if you have two eyes you see two images ol everything, one through the left eye and one through the right.

Like a drunk, you see double! Unlike a drunk, your brain processes both images of the object and mixes them into a single, solid image. If you're wearing red- and-blue specs, however, the eyes don t see the same thing The red eye will see the red parts of the picture and the blue eye will see the blue parts.

In addition, the intensities of brightness and darkness tor all these colours should ideally be the same. For example, blue should be as bright as purple through the blue lens but as dark as black through the red lens Now most colour computers have these colours available but the colour balance can be crucial The BBC, the Com- EWfl?

Our sense of depth comes from seeing two images of the world around us. The picture we see through our left eye differs slightly from the picture we see through our right eye, and from these slight differ- ences, the brain works out the depth of each object in our field of vision. A simple experiment will show what I mean, Look at the room you are in and place yourself so that some objects are very much closer to you than others, Then look at the room through one eye only, first the left and then the right, Close objects will appear to shift angle and position as you change from one eye to the other Distant objects will re- main more or less in the same position.

To create a stereo effect on Both eyes, of course, will see the purple parts of ihe picture because purple has both blue and red in it, So, all we have to do to get the stereo elfect is to superimpose two pictures on the screen, one drawn in red and one drawn in blue. Any part where the pic- tures overlap we draw in pur- ple. Simple, isn't it?

Yes, in principle, but like most ideas, putting it into prac- tice is a little more compli- cated, There are four sorts of problem involved, First of all come technical problems — what sort of computer is suit- able? Then there are the mathematical problems in- volved in drawing perspective from two different viewpoints- Having solved those, you arrive at the artistic question — yes, artistic, even though it's not a word found in most computer manuals — of com- posing the scenario.

Finally, there is the impor- tant brain -teaser of how to cre- ate a working game out of your previous labours. Of course, you don't solve these problems one by one because they all intermingle, but in the cause of clarity, let's imagine they're separate. The technical problems ars the easiest to define, You need to display two distinct pictures on a single TV screen, To do this, your com- puter needs to be able to dis- play lour different colours at once, Purple, which is equally bright to both eyes, Red, which is bright to the red eye and dark to the blue eye.

Blue, which is bright to the blue eye modore The Spectrum, however, has a blue thai verges on black and if you look through ihe red-and-blue specs a! Spectrum owners should not despair, however, be- cause I did eveniuaiiy manage to imd a special, tricky way of creating stereo 3D on that machine and the program lor it is listed further on.

Some computers, such as the T1, the Oric and the Dra- gon. I have yet to test out but if you own one of these, why not do the experiment yourself? The other technical factor involved is whether or not you can control the colour of indi- vidual pixels. It you can, you can create many more levels of depth because you can control more finely ihe separa- tion ol the red and blue im- ages If.

Of all the computers I've mentioned, the BBC Ms the easiest: programming the col- our ol individual pixels from Basic is almost child's play. It's also fairly easy on the Atari, which has a very flexible range ol colours too, but the pixels are a bit chunkier. Even on the Commodore 64 and the Vic. To see this as one image we would have to cross our eyes more and to make the eyes do this we have to print Ihe red image to the nght of the blue image.

Conversely, for an object be- hind the screen, we would have to cross our eyes less to see it as one image To enable this, we have to example, of such a series is 1 , 2, 4, 8, 1 6, 32 etc. The con- stant ratio is two — each num- ber is two times the previous one. So, the soil of statement you would need to OlMtHSIOHS lo use a very awkward multi- colour mode and to do this adequately in Basic the sod of game you could create would only be exciting to a tranquil- ised snail.

Having found out whether your chosen computer is suit- able, you then face the "mathematical" problem of how to create 3D. Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, let's state categorically that the left eye is always red, the right eye is always blue and we're using a black back- ground. There's no particular reason why the lenses shouldn't be the other way round but it's a convention that saves contusion.

As I've already said, you need to create two pictures on the screen, in red and blue, tut where do you place each of these? Some reference points are needed. Well, the best reference point is Ihe level of the screen itself. An object at the level of the screen would appear in the same screen position through both eyes and therefore we would print the red image in ihe same place as the blue image, leaving a single image in purple, The left and the right eye would then, of course, see it in the same relative position.

What about an object in print the red image to the left of the blue image. In both these cases, the greater im- age separation, the further the Object will appear in front of or behind the screen. Things get a little more com- plicated when we try to decide on the precise amounts of separation. In Moonguard, the game I've programmed for the BBC computer, the ships appear on seven different levels but with the same appa- rent distance between each level so that there are ships at yards, yards, yards and so on, with a con- stant difference of yards between each level It only looks inches in miniature, but on a big enough TV set.

You might imagine there s a likewise constant difference between the separations. Not sof Instead, there's a constant ratio between image separa- tions so that we get a geomet- ric series of separations. Finally, one more adjust- ment needs to be made so that some levels appear be- hind the screen and iome in front. To do this, we simply subtract a constant from each level's separation number In Moonguard, I his constant is equal to the separation number of level five so that level five has a final separa- tion of zero — in other words, it appears as a single purple image at the level of the screen.

This wil their screen x and y ates. If you cant do this on your own computer, you will have to make further x and y adjust- ments to mimic this. Thank goodness we've got the maths out of the way! Artistic considerations next. Early on in my experi- ments, I quickly realised that there was more to the Stereo effect than simply getting the maths right. Some attempts I made were definitely more striking than others, so the missing factor had to be pic- ture composition.

With incredible dedication to my researches. The effect is even better if the closer object partially obscures the more distant ob- ject. What's more, if you add to the whole picture a really distant background, that makes everything else stand out dramatically because the eyes are constantly aware of those distant, far-off images behind all the others. Secondly, the eyes gel bored! If the scene pod rayed is just too simple, your brain isn't really bothered about per- ceiving depth — it seems to reckon that it's not worth the effort You have to provide something worth looking at, something with enough detail to get the eyeballs spinning At the same time, you have 10 provide recognisable fea- tures otherwise the scene simply becomes too confus- ing.

In Moonguard I used the familiar device of craters as the distant background and fairly simpie geometric shapes for the ships in the foreground — enough detail but not too much Using geometric shapes in the foreground also made it not too difficult to do hidden-line removal when I wanted one ship lo partially obscure another. In theory, having an extra dimension to play with should open up endless possibilities. Those of you who manage to achieve stereo on your own computers will see straight away all that apparent extra space — the screen seems to physically grow!

The real drawback, as far as games are concerned, is speed Flat games only have to shift one image to create 'movement. In stereo games you need to shift two images to create the same movement. That, at the very least, dou- bles the time involved. Yet more complications arise from the fact that you're printing both images on the same memory map — in cop- ing with this some computers are fnendlier than others. On top of all that, you must pre- serve the two backgrounds as objects move across the screen and handle some rather awkward problems of hidden -line removal il you want to move some objects in front of others.

Commodore 64 and Vic I've programmed each of these games with two things in mind — first, to provide an enjoyable game with a genuine stereo effect and second, to give some useful tips on how to go about prog- ramming your own stereo games. The approach has to differ for each particular make of computer since they all have their own peculiarities. Moon- guard, which is the feature game, uses one or two handy tricks that are really only appropriate to the BBC. Each pixel in screen mode two has our bits ascribed 10 it which can define up to 16 programmable colours.

The static part of the screen is drawn using two of these bits only one for red and one for blue — purple when both are set , The mobile ships and lasers are drawn using the other two bits Of each pixel again prog- rammed lor red, blue and pur- ple. So, when the mobile ob- jects are deleted and reprinted elsewhere, the background is automatically preserved. Even so, movement is slow in Basic, so only one enemy ship moves at a time, progres- sing up the screen at one ol seven possible levels of depth.

Instead ol manoeuvring your ships, you simply choose one of them to fire at the enemy but you have to be careful to choose the one al the correct depth and you have to lime your firing accur- ately. It's a compromise, but one that works very effectively and it certainly tests your percep- tion of depth The programs for the other four computers take a different approach to the speed prob- lem They use character cell separation rather than pixel separation of images and most of the movement is at the level of the screen, if you re- member, this means moving only one image instead of two, a much quicker proposition, All of the games are de- signed to give an idea of what's possible with stereo 3D even in Basic and I hope most ol you will be able to use the same principles to create your own stereo games.

The stereoscopic world of compu- ter games is already wilh us 1 Have fun! Make sure there are no reflections on your TV screen You need to get the red and blue colours on your TV as pure as possible. To do this turn the colour and contrast controls on your TV up to maximum. The brilliance should be adjusted while wearing the 3D glasses which come with this magazine. Look at the screen through one eve at a time. Adjust the brilliance so that vou only see red through the red tens of the glasses Then look through the blue lens and adjust the control so you can only see blue images.

If it is not possible to do this perfectly, make the second colour you see through each lens as faint as possible. For example, if you are still seeing some red through the blue lens try to make the red as dim as possible by using the brilliance control.

The best viewing distance varies with the size of your TV screen. But somewhere between four and eight feel should be ideal You should sit directly in front of the screen to enjoy the best effect. When you first put the 3D glasses on it may take your eyes a minute or two to adjust, but after a while the two red and blue images will merge into a single stereoscopic image- Move your head from side to side while looking at the screen to convince yourself that you are looking at a true 3D game.

Objects in the foreground will appear static, but the position of objects in the background will apparently change! By following these simple rules you'll get the best out of these games. But remember, please ask your parents before you start fiddling with the TV. From this scheme, 'all the other logical colours defini- tions follow.

When drawing a line, the GCOL statement is used to OR the colour the line is being drawn in with the existing col- our on the screen al that point This means that red drawn on blue will appear as purple, When deleting a line, the GCOL statemeni is used lo AND what's on the screen wilh the opposite colour of the line to be deleted.

For example, to delete a line in blue, we draw a fresh line that ANDs red with what's on the screen This preserves any red that's already there bui deieies the blue, The full scheme Of logic- al colours can be seen in lines Also, lo simplify calcula- tions, the screen origin is shitted to the centre ol the screen see line Obscured objects The first rule in composing the picture is thai objects lurther away are drawn first, Then, as the guard ships are drawn, selective deletion of whats already on ihe screen in that position occurs The selective deletion is done for each ship by using PLOT 81, x, y which fills a triangle wilh a colour specified by GCOL, The GCOL statement is an AND wilh red or blue as appropriate.

This is so the action parts of the program can come nearer to the begin- ning ot the listing. Any loops and GOTO s will then execute slightly faster. Reverse field When a hit on the enemy is scored, the whole screen re- verses colour. The bright parts become dark and the dark parts become bright. This can be done very rapidly by just changing the actual colours ascribed to the logical colours. A complete reversal is needed, however.

Not only does purple become black and black become purple but red becomes blue and blue becomes red. This is the only way to preserve the stereo depth. Against a black back- ground, blue images will show up when seen through a blue lens but against a purple back- ground red images will show up through a blue lens.

Miscellaneous Keys are used as firing buttons. The purpose of these is simply to get rid ol what's in the keyboard buffer so that your lasers don fire more times ihan you intend them to. MOVE , ; C. The deeper the level. For reasons ol speed. I he action of Manhattan Invasion takes place In the foreground only- It is, ol course, passible Id have action In the background as well - the D Deep machine code game I've been working an tar the Spectrum see Games Newsl has swill, smooth movement at all depths - but in Basic this tends to slew the game down unbearably!

In the far distance is a background ol skyscrapers separated by dark strips ol sky. In the middle ground is a chequered wall. In the foreground Itiere are the enemy invaders plus your own missile base at the bottom ol the screen. The idea of Ihe game is to knock out the enemy invaders but il you hit one. II doesn't explode - it is just immbolised None ol your missiles can pass ihrouqh an immobile invader so it acts as a shield lor any invaders coming in above it The invaders attack Irom left In right and you only score a nil il you prevent them Irom reaching the right-hand edge ol the screen.

In each shest there are eight invaders, all Hying at riillereni heighls. The higher the invader, the higher you score il you hit il One game consists ol three screens, but il ycu manage to immobilise a whole screen of invaders, you gel a chance at an extra screen. REM rcK'tore ba.

M idk ". As I've already said elsewhere, it's important to get as pure a red and blue as possible for stereo viewing. In this respect the Atari is ideal because you can actually program the intensity — or luminance, as the manual calls it — of the colours. Thus an excellent colour balance is achieved In Space-Hog, you take-the role of a kamikaze star-pilot who just loves bumping into other spaceships! In the foreground of the scene is a mountain range and just peeping from behind it a second range of mountains deeper into the screen.

Scattered throughout the depths of space are asteroids. You pilot a ship at the left-hand edge of the screen and you can control its upward and downward motion plus movement INTO. For each ship you manage to crash into you gain fifty points — but remember your ship must be at the same depth as the victim to collide.

To get maximum screen space for the stereo action, thane's no on-screen scoring for Space-Hog- The other compromise made is to restrict movement to only two objects at a time — your ship and the victim. It is possible to put more ships on the screen at once but there is a price to pay — the game slows down considerably with each extra ship. Having said that. Before each game starts you must choose a speed to play. Program notes Lines define the red, blue and purple used on- screen.

The last number on each line defines the colour intensity. I have used values which, work well on my TV but if these colours don't come out distinctly on your own TV you should try altering the intensity appropriately. SOUND 1? G0SUE Cm. YY: X. Z coordinates of enemy ship ELX. ELZ: last X. Controls Use a joystick n port 1 of your machine. To start a game enter a speed between and 9 inclusive. When You move your joystick left you will move OUT of screen.

The trick used in Crash or Crush to speed up movement in Basic is that most of the moving objects are continually scrolling up the screen. The only object that doesn't scroll is your own "crusher" ship which is continually poked in at the lop of the screen Using this trick, it's possible to have ships moving quite quickly at all sorts of depths.

The game ends after objects have made their way up Itis screen. The drawback with the scrolling trick is that you can't have on-screen scoring so a separate display deals with this The other "odd" thing about the game is the keyboard scan routine Some of you may already be familiar with the method but if you aren't it's something worth remembering for your own games.

The Vic version of Crash or Crush runs on a 3. On both the Commodore machines, colour balance is critical if you are to see the stereo effect properly The television may need delicate lumng to get the best colour passible and judicious fiddling wiih the contrast and brilliance is usually necessary. In particular, don't get the picture loo bright.

The onfy drawback is that the image tends to look rather blurred despite the colours contrasting more! It is the only way I will be able to escape this barren planet. He has decided to stay and persue his black arts among the warrior folk. But he has told me of a time gate which will lead me back to the main time lanes and freedom- He said the gate was hidden BY A. I have uncovered some clues but not enough to lead me to the final solution. I can only keep trying But I feel that, for me at least, time is running out," The diary was found next to a small pile of oddly shaped bones deep within the heart of the pyramid.

Can yon find your way out of the pyramid and off the barren planet? You will find several rooms within the pyra- mid and several objects within those rooms which must be collected to solve the riddle of the ancient monument. The program uses the standard two word entry system and adjectives should not be entered. To move simply type in the direction yon wish to go.

An axe falls out the top of the tree. The dagger sinks to the hilt in the dragon. It's dead! Rationing the way he proposes, it may be the most logical solution for allowing everybody to survive the hole. Nevertheless, the theme aims to become a warning tale about excessive consumption, and not communist propaganda. Its theme deems not to express that capitalism is the wrong system and communism needs to be the way of the world but exposing how excess can become harmful to society.

It is crazy how this film was featured in Netflix at the same time its thematic relevance becomes bigger. As of now, and especially at the beginning of the COVID crisis , some people started acting unreasonably, hoarding resources and causing shortages.

More than imposing thee communist way to survive, the thing that we as an audience need to take on from the film is to be measured with our consumption habits, especially during situations like the one we live during the quarantine. Goreng and his new cellmate Baharat, embark a journey to ration food for each level beneath them and afterward stay inside the platform in order to travel all the way up to the very first level and send a message.

This journey becomes quite the challenge with many violent outbursts with people at other levels and ended up with deadly repercussions for many, including Baharat. After lowering themselves for some levels, a previous mentor of Baharat suggests that sending an intact plate of food would send an even stronger message, because then, for the first time ever, food would have survived the platform for the whole levels.

After enduring heavy wounds, both reach the lowest level. In there, they find the little girl that Miharu was searching for during the length of the film. In here, they realize something even bigger. The journey and the message they wanting to send was not the one they needed to give. In fact, the message was sending the child. This struck something in his mind, as if the plan was to make everybody acknowledge that the reality of the Prison is even worse.

After level , the platform descends to reach a dark pit, with no level whatsoever. In there, Goreng hallucinates Trimagasi again, where he tells Goreng that his journey is over and he needs to send back the child alone. In the last images, we get to see the child resurfacing quickly and then the screen turns black. One in which the journey to break the establishment needed his sacrifice, for it to appropriately send a message that can free the others trapped in the Hole.

If you played attention, he is sometimes called the Messiah by his own delusions in the form of Trimagasi and Imoguiri. The Messiah is precisely how Jesus was called in his time. Goreng believes this statement for himself in the close environment of the Hole. Maybe, just maybe, giving the audience a conclusion would stop them from having the lingering thematic thoughts and questions than many are having now.

The Platform demands the survival of the fittest. The ones that adapt themselves to the starving conditions and transform themselves to endure, are those who can effectively survive the Hole. For example, Goreng adapted its environment by finishing off his first partner by stabbing him and then allowing himself to be fed his human flesh in order to live long enough to try his luck for another level. Don Quixote is perhaps the most important book in Spanish history The country of origin of the film.

Written in the early 1,s by Miguel de Cervantes, the book tells the tale about a man that delusions himself into becoming a knight after reading too many books about knighthood. One of the many purposes of Don Quixote was to critic the actual society that Miguel de Cervantes was living in.

So the connection between the film and the book is precisely this: Both strive to critic the society they live in by portraying numerous behaviors and situations form their society that the authors deemed not the most appropriate for its time. For more explained endings and movie analysis be sure to check out other articles on our site. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Arcane: Just. No Sudden Move: Overly Convoluted. Our 12 Days Of Christmas Recommendations. The Trial of the Chicago 7 — Review

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